Daily reminder that if you aren't actively working out, getting over your autism and meeting women/ other good men...

Daily reminder that if you aren't actively working out, getting over your autism and meeting women/ other good men, going outside, developing skills and working toward procuring land for our future, you aren't helping.

Antifa are out in the streets. The left, the commies, the socialists, and whoever else is out DOING shit. We should be out there. We talk about how many good youths and young adults need to be redpilled but keep falling to the left. That will keep happening because that's all they see. The left does a good job of making hacker 4chong and Zig Forums the boogymen. We need to get out there and show them that we're a source of power. And that sure as shit isn't going to happen if 3 guys in anime shirts show up with AR's and waifus.

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Already at least 2 threads on this topic


Understood sir

Go away nigger

Who the fuck cares? They will just die faster.
I am waiting for collapse.

No one here is doing anything productive, it's why we're here. We're all addicted to the internet and wasting our lives away.

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Don't care. Leave.

And people still aren't listening.
Maybe we need to devote 50% of threads to helping people get over their autism and exercise.


Fucking low IQ spam.

Anons are very paranoid, which of course is understandable, I'm paranoid too, they ARE out to get us. Whether we take action in the real world or waste away shitposting on this board, they will still be out to get us. They will shut us down. We all need to realize this, if we don't take action we're fucked and our race is fucked, taking action in the real world is the only way we'll possibly succeed, and if we fail, at least we will have tried. Unfortunately, if we fail, there will be no one to remember us, the world will once again be devoid of beings capable of higher thinking, there will be no one to praise or curse us, humanity will be reduced to livestock.


t. autistic fat sacks of shit desperate for an echo chamber. Go back to /r/the_donald where you waddled in from

isnt the whole point of this site to be anonymous and not be doxxed out in the open like a retard? they have everyone on their side.

why not pray for ww3? normies mock us and call us incels so fuck them. Normies are the real problem, jews second.

I would be happy to take advice if a bunch of silicon valley hired cocksuckers stop pretending to be the residents of pol. You're not needed here shill. Get the fuck out.

didn't read op but yes for sure, always watch your powerlevel but don't be afraid to subtlely drop a bread crumb here and there to guide people into finding the truth themselves.

Good thread.

Israel has no right to exist.

If that's what you care about, make your own board. There's no reason why OP couldn't make his point in the other threads:

Heck, >>>/sig/ is it's own board already.

Techno Viking is a open homosexual, and so are you.

check 'em

dubs confirm

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All the street shills who have Soros, Rothschild, ZOG and the police on their side are DOING something.
Where are you faggots??

Well deserved bump

Kys nigger

I never leave my apartment and you're not going to get me to. I stay inside and I don't impose myself on or bother other people, so fuck off and give me the same courtesy.

The message should be less about >go out there and meet women - it should be more about >go out there and find a purpose. You weren't born to be a neet but to contribute and work, however little or significant. Find yourself a cause and put dedicate your life to it.

Work from home.

We need ten more faggot.

OP is right but it does not mean what retards are taking it to mean

OP is not saying give up your hobbies and become a normalfag, he's saying get in shape mentally and physically and securing resources for yourself

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Make a home gym, work from home, you can stay insulated and have the benefits of self improvement.

Cant imagine being this autistic.

I just got done clearing land for a veggie garden and workshop. May raise some livestock.

Meanwhile, the great indoors provides unlimited information, healthy food, and filtered climate controlled air; it is like living in a space ship.

Indoor nerds get to do navy seal body weight exercises and tai chi that improves both the body and the mind.

Indoor nerds can spend 10,000 hours to become experts.

Are you sure that you want to be an ignorant chad instead of an enlightened sage?

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I work out and play Video Games. Go Fuck Yourself. SAGE

based and cave-pilled

the problem is everyone on the right has jobs and works 50+ hours a week and then obligated to do things at home, church, etc.

"Normies" know we're right, they just keep it on the inside and lie to themselves, leftist faggots are the whites that need to be physically removed. The "normies" will fall in line when we save them.

Stop masturbating. It’s THE cult

If that were true Zig Forums wouldn't even exist.

Antifa are in the ghettoes where people don't actually care about their message.

The juice is not worth the squeeze. Dealing with normie Whites, I no longer have much desire to "save" them. My goals now are to find some cheap land somewhere, live off that land as self sufficiently as legally and humanly as possible, and watch the world burn from a safe distance.

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Fuck off glownigger

Sage and Report this low effort honeypot thread

It's Sir.

Thanks dad, I just wish you had told me years ago before I started doing this. Also, 4chimps and pigniggers are the lowest hanging fruit on the Zig Forums tree and I'll leave it at this, although I think you may know that, trying to radicalise these slovenly normalfaggots.

NO WAY! Meeting women was never encouraged before feminism. Only women's owners should be consulted and there should be no dating, relationships or marriages for love like the feminists want.

If you want to "meet women" for anything other than sex you might as well become a woman

Really? I plan on doing similar except building a world ending doomsday machine in the attic laboratory like Dexter, or probably just growing some plants up there.

Haven't decided which yet. The plants seem more likely, doomsday weapons sound expensive and dangerous.

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This is common sense. The faggots disagreeing with this will be of no use when the civil war begins and will stay inside being enormous faggots like they have been their whole lives. We get labelled incels because of these stupid faggots that are scared of the outside world while they LARP as national socialists online.

Without directed, group efforts, there will only be moments of violent derangement, whether real or manufactured, to assault the public image of those upholding the positions. To win the battle of hearts and minds, make weapons of the cellphone and closed circuit. Individuals must gather in clusters, hives, upholding their ideals and doing so in accordance with the morality of the majority of media consumers. Regimes which had been monsterous for years, decades even, have repeatedly been toppled by the live broadcast of the same actions. With this in mind, the clusters of actors must act, when together, as paragons, bringing change at the local level in the way of, essentially, community service. Multiple clusters in conjunction, having won the affection of their homes, must then work together in efforts to change the culture, still pristine in conduct one and all. This generates, by it's own accord even without active efforts to disseminate, a drive in like minded people to emulate you, causing the autonomous generation of new clusters. You must know your brothers-in-arms in your local clusters, trust them implicitly, be willing to bet your life on them. The way to foster this is found in part in these joint goals, but are bolstered by efforts to improve the self as individuals, in both body and mind. Make gym Bros your brothers in arms, make brothers in arms your gym Bros. Discuss literature, media, philosophy. Develop earnest connections. Let your cluster be a family. Develop plans, execute them. Make the space you occupy a beautiful one. Make your mind and body a temple. And in this way you will generate an army of free agents, to wage the war of the liberation of our species. And know that if you have won the heart of your homes, they will cry out if any subterfuge, sabotage, black bagging, or terrorism will not be swept under the rug. If you inspire a people, you make a nation of them

We can rebuild the family and the community and take back desecrated land.

The what now?

Antifa get scott free when they do crimes, while right wingers of even the cuckservative kind get partyv& or their bank accounts disabled.

The outdoor chad needs the indoor nerd
The indoor nerd needs the outdoor chad

I'm trying to be a little bit of both

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goddamnit, what was posted?


DMG actually helps with autism. You have to take it sublingually though. Which can be done with the foodscience "chewables" version.

That's not how it works you normalfaggot.

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Speak for yourself and stop being a faggot


Fuck that's true.
I'm 17 a white male and I don't eat shit from anyone, but I should work out more and get out of home. I stopped going out like 5y ago. I thought there were no purpose cuz I can't get any women, it's just my charisma, however, I stopped being a beta like 4 days ago and I'm elavating my charisma. It was already time for change up.
This just gives me more confidece, thanks.