"Aryan" master race

Imagine being so much of a fucking retard that you seriously think you're part of the master race (or even "honorary aryans"), when in reality the morons on Zig Forums (pic related: Zig Forums meetup) are a bunch of chinks, spics and wannabe-japanese degenerate otaku faggots.

If the nazis actually took over, Zig Forumsniggers would be the first to go. So much for the nordic-germanic master race.

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Either way doesn't the right wing cringe thread exist for this very purpose?

Since you feel the need to constantly say that Zig Forums aren't real nazis, do you mind explaining what a real nazi is?

Well for one you'd have to look at modern Zig Forums culture which is made up of Trump supporters, white nationalists with no ties to nat-socialism, anarcho capitalists, conservatives, imperialists, colonialists, fascists, monarchists, etc then look at the 1.4% claiming to be Nazi's.
Now you have to properly see whether or not they're larping as Nazi's for their movement or have actually read anything from people who were in the movement etc. If they've only read Mein Kampf or the 2nd book, both of which aren't really enough then they're probably not very good one's.
Point being at this point trying to detect real nazi's on Zig Forums is useless, it's why antifa is fighting trump tards now instead, they make up Zig Forums's majority now.

My fucking god, how much shit can you spew without saying anything?

Zig Forums isn't because they rarely make up Zig Forums now and those that do are larpers or have no clue what they're talking about therefore it's not worth investigation who's a real nazi there that's the point I'm trying to make

Indeed. Zig Forums has got it's own home grown cohorts of hippy Nazis into the Buddhist supposed interconnectedness of things.
We'd be better off addressing dubious claims from our own Hitler freaks when they arise here.
Capital really isn't connected to anything racial, anything in the blood.
Normies aren't blinded by the veil of illusion. Most of the time, they just want to get through the working day and forget about work with some entertainment at night.
There are gaps and breaks in reality. Dubious claims about "NazBol" gods have arisen. Well the old gods have their place, in religion worship, but they're not everywhere maaaaan.( The Greek Magical Papyri describes a goddess crossing an abyss, if she was everywhere, there would be no abyss to cross.)


Make your way back to >>>Zig Forums.

I agree.
I agree
Which is why op's post is useless, it's not related to the board and Nazbols or our local esoteric spammers, or anything leftist or socialist it's just Zig Forums bashing when the rightist cringe thread already exists for this very purpose.


Daily reminder you live in an Aryan world and are just along for the ride

What I like about this picture is the ugly motherfucker with chin scruff btfos incels. Like if a fat autistic nazi who looks like a reject from a 90's metal band can get a gf, so can you.

Just a few things my dude…
1. That's an old picture of a 4/pol/ meeting.
2. The demographics of 4/pol/ has probably changed by now and 8/pol/ demographics is not the same as 4/pol/.
3. The only people who would go to a Zig Forums meet up are the clueless normie retards who actually believe that everything on Zig Forums is actually just le irony joeke. The actual core and majority of the board doesn't even have facebook or any social media accounts because they are paranoid and try to hide their power levels. The only time they've got the courage to actually go out and show their faces was at that Unite The Right IRL meme and considering how that did go they'll never show their faces in any public demonstration ever again unless it's literally the day of the rope day.

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He has a friend group in which he had the chance to meet a girl, who was there out of common interests and sentiments, and find they like each other.
Plus he's probably not actually all that autistic, just a bit of a spurger.
People who have no such social group they get along with, can't find one, and/or have more serious mental illness probably cannot, actually, get a gf.

How do you even go outside in such thing?
What do you expect people to think about you if they recognize it?
What do you want to accomplish wearing such thing to such even? Make your friends look more beta than they are or does he really think there is a nazi dommy mommy out there for him?
My second hand shame is just immeasurable.

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8/pol/ is full of boomers now, a photo will likely look like a bunch of geriatrics.

My greatest dream is to one day reach my goal of 10% body fat and 23+ inch arms so that I can go outside dressed in a fedora wearing a hentai t shirt at a local university and try picking up the hottest girls I see just to put the whole "Looks>personality" claim made by incels to the test and record the whole thing for teh lulz.
I'll make it bros, in 5 years time I'll make it.

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After seeing the photos of DSA meetups and Chapo fans this is a "stones, glass houses" kinda thing tbh

By "aryan" do you mean the actual indo-iranian (which also includes semitic people) race? Because I can sort of agree with that statement (except for the fact that actual aryans have never settled in pre-columbian america).

If you mean the snownigger "aryan" LARPers, then… lol.

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The incels are right and I hope you realize that once you succeed in banging someone despite wearing a fedora and hentai tshirt.

Women care about looks just as much, if not more than men.

Oh, I'm not denying it I'm just saying I'll put it to the test.



Hahaha they're clearly making fun of you idiots

an ārya is a forest. āryan means forest dwelling person.

why is there a 40 year old morbidly obese woman hanging out with 20 year old boys?

Āryā means noble or honorable, retard

Yeah, people really need to start distinguishing between 4/pol/ (mainly edgy teens being edgy) and 8/pol/ (genuine broadly defined nazis who left 4chan because they couldn't stand being a fair target of disagreement and humor).

The edgy kids might be first against the wall when the nazi coup comes, but they also know full well that it won't come and the genuine nazis are currently irrelevant. So they go against what currently affects them personally - adults in positions of power in educational and government institutions, and their ridiculous social norms and taboos.

Something tells me you've never been on 8/pol/ and that's a good thing since it's so shitty.

because most are in hiding, looking for the time to strike. and many write books which YOU PROBABLY DON'T READ

Hegel said it was important to confront what you dislike and make what you can of it.

they also care a lot more about minute details of men than men do of women, there's a reason when you hear the word 'nitpicking' you tend to think of a broad.

Therefore not on Zig Forums.


so how does that disprove the theory of Germanics being the master race?