Instagram is Mind Control

InstaSociety & Its Future
By Amiga_1488

(((Facebook))), as you know, was a kike's wet dream come to life: all the Goyim of the planet, volunteering all their private information, letting Zucky and his cadre of creepy perverts know who's friends with whom, who criticizes the government in their "private messages," and so on. (If you think for a second that a nose like Mark's wouldn't snort the fattest line of federal "friendship research" funding possible, go back to 4chan.)

However, it's 2019, and Facebook just ain't as hip and "with it" as it once was. Enter (((INSTAGRAM))). You may have noticed in your day-to-day life over the past years that every single person you see, everywhere, every day, is completely transfixed by their GPS-enabled Goyim Controllers, aka "smartphones." What are these retards looking at? They're looking at Instagram.

Facebook owns Instagram. They bought it when they realized (a) it's a much faster rate of information exchange than Facebook or Twitter, relying on images instead of words, (b) it offers all the same data mining and targeted advertising as the former but in a more sleek package, and (c) it is absolutely an addictive mental toxin.

Looking at Instagram and swiping on your phone is a lot like playing a slot machine. You insert your time, energy, attention, and money (buying the smartphone, paying for cell service, and so on) hoping that the blinking screen will hit that specific synapse that you don't even realize you craved, at the exact right moment.

The thing is, (((they))) know what you fucking crave, idiot. You've been volunteering your behavior and usage habits to these inhumane (possibly inhuman) shekelhoarders for years.

Targeted marketing isn't a meme; targeted content is the lifeblood of the advertising industry, and it's existed since long before your dad met your mom and produced the faggot that is you. What the Mad Men of the 60s didn't have, however, is the immense sea of data secreted from your taps, swipes, and likes. You have produced such a detailed model of who you are, down to the tiniest inconsequential details you rarely consider, that timing the perfect ad exposure to (((YOU))) is simply a matter of computer calculations. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, they have warehouses full of servers that run 24 / 7 / 365 for the sole purpose of determining how best to FUCK you out of your dignity, sanity, and – most importantly – money.

Here's a fun experiment you can try. Create a new Instagram account. Then, start adding extremely personal hashtags – add your name, your address, your fears, your first kiss, whatever it is. Then, watch as the hashtags in "Your Story" form sentences with every refresh.

Some of the interesting hashtag sequences I've seen recently have spelled out explicitly that white people are cowards, that I am an overweight, ugly, mentally ill beta loser, and – this is the real interesting one – that I should commit suicide by jumping off my roof.

For the hashtags to line up in complete sentences, one of the following must be true: (1) There is an active moderator staff at Instagram that assembles hashtags you've followed into EXTREMELY personal messages, (2) there is an algorithm or computer process(es) in place at Instagram that possesses human-level or near-human-level intelligence, and it assembles random hashtags into highly personal messages, (3) there are people and organizations all over the planet who are aggressively gaming the platform to get it to produce the desired messages to intended targets, or (4) some combination of these factors.

Either way, it's all a lie. Instagram is the Dream Machine; it is the I Ching; it is the Oracle. And it's a lie. They want you to keep your eyes glued to your feed, because you 00 the have nots – are livestock to the (((haves))). They literally call their infotoxin drip a "feed," and you don't even bat an eye. Nobody does. They can feed you Zig Forums-inspired EpIc memes to make you think that something – anything – is happening, but that's yet another kike trick.

As far as I can tell, the most sensible option is to opt out entirely. However, most jobs today require sucking Instacock / Social Media indoctrination on some level, so I think the path forward MUST be /sig/, ever-increasing self reliance, no electronics unless absolutely necessary, and finally, completely losing your fear of rejection / unemployment / homelessness. Personally, I'd rather be forgetten than remembered for giving in.

Interestingly, I can imagine that good old Uncle Ted Kaczynski is quite content with the end of his long life spent in quiet incarcerated isolation, as Industrial Society & Its Future becomes gospel with every passing refresh.

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what's so bad about seeing adds for products that actually appeal to you?

A man has as many masters as he has vices. It's not like it's difficult to ask Jewgle for advice on products, faggot.

because it's not seeing ads you like, it's advertisers seeing what methods make the most effective ads against you, and effective ads make you do something you otherwise wouldn't have whether or not you benefit from it

Hide and move on. Kike thread.

Seems like a huge waste of time when over 40 percent of browsers are running some sort of add blocking extension.

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"Instagram" is an anagram for "grim satan"
What did you expect?

80% of your time shitposting should be afk.
20% of your time shitposting should be online; places like here or facespook.
If you opt-out entirely, you cannot share what your discover in the same way.

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The pictures YOU choose to look at do what now? Nigger, how weakminded are you? Nigger tier because 'ig' is popular with monkeys.

>>The thing is, (((they))) know what you fucking crave, idiot

Oh really? What a revelation OP. Who knew that men like steaks and ass. They've really figured us out.

The problem is Communism… Blaming the Jews helps no one… The Jews are just a small faction…

Do you want Affirmative action to make it so that there are less Jews in powerful positions?

Think about it.
Socialists cause literally all of the problems that you blame on the Jews.

I'd tell you to get out of your rootless urban pozzhole and try working a real job, but you're probably a journokike anyway. Fuck off back to reddit.

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Just a tip, though: I was researching matresses, and the sheer number of fake/SEOd "consumer reports-type" websites that were really owned by matress manufacturers is staggering. Use your noodle and come loaded for kikery.

Actually and are (1) and done bots. But the common theme of all kikery is gatekeeping and control of information or whatever.

Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away, Shlomo.

Hmm… Google translate has been known to introduce anomalies when translating from Hebrew.

I don't use Faceberg anymore and I barely post on my Instagram after quickly glancing at it's similarities for Roasties to prosper on both platforms. It's disgusting what social media has done to Western women.

The problem isn't directly the ads but more so the technology behind the ads. The ads are created through algorithms that extract your personal information and location that are only legal through the contracts you're forced to sign to use the platforms. The more and more accurate for these ads to be the more privacy you'll have to sacrifice to the companies.
While yes you can do what said and use an adblock, such technology practically absent on mobile phones since the platforms run on separate apps (you can use a modified version of the software but depending on the phone company it'll be taken down in a week).

This thread reeks of boomers.

I have a really hard time understanding the appeal of Instagram. Seems like a total waste of time. But yes, seeing all the zombies glued to their goy controllers is rather grim.

Regarding hashtag messages, if you are a right winger and didn't use military/intel levels of protection for sharing your ideas and concealing your identity and "digital footprint", you are most likely being targeted by some form of psyop every time you expose yourself to internet platforms (chans are not an exception).

Good thread OP, you have attracted shillbots.


Its truely sad that we can't ban schizos and boomers on site.

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Good thread, but what can be done? I never even made a facebook account in the first place and never got the appeal of IG, though by all accounts im the right age to be in love with both of those. I don't think anything short of shutting down all internet access is going to cure this plague.

user, if youre just now figuring this out, youre going to have a bad time. Its not just instagram, and the data patterns youre seeing are only the surface. Your phone is a tracking device. It pings via wifi and cellular network using multilateration. If you use google services at all, your phone is sending packets back to google from your phone at regular interval, you can actually see the data transmitted if youre a radio-guy. Your phone is highly sensitive to light, proximity, speed, rotation, keystroke, pattern of use, pattern of proximity to other devices. The cell towers collect information from your phone which is permanently stored by nga, nsa etc. The nations of the world have pacts to spy on eachothers populations and then exchange data in a global database to circumvent any public accountability to such a vast program. The most known of these programs is five eyes. Analysis of the data, which has been stored, gives a world of information such as probability of times awake vs asleep, ability to focus, what you jerk off to, hormone cycles, network analysis such as most contacted people and order of precedence and proximity, what times you eat, if youre in a room with lights on or off, running/walking/jumping, standing or laying down etc.

Its good to be aware of stuff, but if you are surfing instagram and social media for pleasure, not desoldering smd mics and cameras off your phone and using linux, then youre a new fag. You are thinking the right way but you need to understand that things are way way worse than you know. They have a dna catalogue map of every human born in the western world since around 1960s, and that catalogue of dna of anyone born in a hospital is owned by the jews. They are conducting intergenerational eugenics programs through host governments to artificially select docility from world populations, which was first studied after darwin and galton circa 1890s. That is the reason for general generational drop in testosterone among successional generations. Its why your cities purchase t6061 aluminum processing waste repackaged and sold back to them to put into tjeir water supply as flouride for "tooth decay". As if the people bussing in millions of third wielders give a fuck if your teeth fall out.

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Plus, you retards dont need anymore honey. You already ate all the honey and sold your progeny down the river. For your apathy and obedience in the face of consequence, you shall sow destruction. You need nothing but vinegar and salt, until you like it, until you can see that the honey isn't made for the bees sake but at the bees expense.

>the problem is (((communists)))
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This thread is not about being safe from spying, it's about psychological control. We are exposed to everything that NPC's are, yet we are unaffected by it. Which means that it can be countered, no matter how much data they have. I'm sure they are using this site to try to "figure us out" (which is the only reason why free speech is allowed, it's a petri dish of sorts), and that they are collecting our DNA samples so they can find certain genetic characteristics that are to be eliminated in future population I hope you will at least have a courtesy of sending me my ancestry results, my Texan friends

Their problem is that at certain level, it's not the data that matters, but the observer. And those who want to have absolute control, their minds are weak. I don't think they truly realize the depth of this game.

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Because marketing utilizes the mightiest parts if psychology which are not fake and gay?

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it saddens me to see the board in such a state

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Thank you user. The assault will continue until the kikes apologize.

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