This is a book I wrote, available in PDF form for free

This is a book I wrote, available in PDF form for free.

It is argued that the Enlightenment State, while attempting to guarantee freedom of religion – a divine mandate – does not secure a freedom sufficient for godliness in the New Age. I argue that the Enlightenment State, rather than advocating separation of Church and State, buttresses three idols – security, equality, and rationality – above liberation in godliness.

Therefore, I put forward a theory of anarchy, called neo-anarchy or "anarcho-theism," which takes godliness as the basis of political activity.

I argue against the notion that anarchists must object to all hierarchies of power. For hierarchies of power are intrinsic to Nature, and this is for the sake of proper godliness, or Dharma.

I also argue against the idea of anarcho-Capitalism, that the rationally self-interested desire for property is the best basis of political activity. By contrast, I argue that, for example, one might build civilization in a "yogic" mentality, without desire for fruit of one's labors. For example, in "yogic statebuilding," one may program decentralized digital architecture, for example a library, without desire for status or monetary gain.

I also argue against anarcho-Communism. Because power hierarchies are intrinsic to Nature, and that is for the sake of godliness (by Dharma), Communism sets up a false God of human equality above human flourishing. Furthermore, the era of transhumanism is set to displace the notion of "brotherhood in the species-being," for the dialectic of the forces of production will alienate people from the species being as technology begins to fragment the human essence. In sum, anarcho-Communism relies on an arbitrary delineation of the "human moral community:" in reality, people should be able to divert their energies to any end whatsoever, including for the sake of narrower community building, including on the basis of bloodline.

To that end, anarcho-theism or neo-anarchy accommodates the basic insight of anarcho-fascism, that communities can be built on the basis of, for example, bloodline. This also relates to the idea that hierarchies of power are intrinsic to Nature. Anarcho-theism can divert some of the interest in neo-fascism into community-building based on blood. For even the neo-fascists seem to think that unity of bloodline is sufficient for the moral flourishing of the community. Thus it may not be necessary to create a fascist State in order to have a flourishing spirit of blood.

It is ultimately argued that, as we enter the New Aeon, which includes the development of transhumanism, the Enlightenment State will no longer be able to accommodate the search for godliness, which is inevitable according to the Logos of Nature. For example, the heroic mentality cannot be bred in a State which takes "security" to be the highest moral idol. Following Nietzsche, we may break the various moral tablets, as we strive to build communities in various forms of godliness.

I take "godliness" to be a synthesis of the terms, "virtue" and "godlikeness." Arguably, Judeo-Christianity, and Enlightenment materialism, suppress the god-potential of European man, by pathologizing the tacit witchcraft of the European blood. The various forms of godliness form a coherent nexus in Nature which, even when at war, rest in a state of equilibrium according to Hermetic mechanisms. It is this oscillation of Love and Strife on the quest for godliness that dictates the Necessity of political revolution.

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My book is better

As a clarification, this tacit magical potential of the European is ultimately for the sake of actively sculpting Natural Law, or the Logos, as seen in the case of transhumanism and black physics.

Thus as Logos is Fuhrer, and knowledge of the "Providential Discourse" may be sufficient for sociopolitical flourishing, we actively constitute the Logos in our free Discursive movement.

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here's an archive of the 4chan thread which was popular (200 replies)

never read e michael jones and this book stays neutral with respect to Christianity. It's argued essentially that rather than thinking of the Logos as some sort of immutable, eternal king, we as Europeans come to see the Logos as a Discourse, like Heraclitus said, so that our political aim is to sculpt ontology according to Hermetic Law in total freedom.

As it stands now the Deep State is already engaged in this high form of political activity, without civilian oversight.

Hence Steve Quayle complains that the U.S. government is doing black physics and transhumanism, challenging Natural Law in an attempt to "conquer God."

It is ultimately argued that the "Most High" is a political matter. This follows Crowley's alchemical theory of God as a succession of kings (please don't strawman this just because Crowley was influenced by Judaism.)

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Fantasizing about the future is great and all, but what about the JQ? Kinda pointless to waste time on some what if scenarios, while you're facing ethnic cleansing in your homelands. I'm sure the book in hardcover format, duct-taped to your chest would help you more than reading it.



Hitler said private property is the fundamental concept upholding the NSDAP points. He is basically a nationalist ancap, and just wants nationalist identity, which is fully compatible with AnCapism.

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AnCap bases all civilization-building on the lust for Capital, which puts the greedy and avaricious in power. Thus AnCap would be an agent of Kali Yuga. Hitler by contrast was for the restoration of Dharma, which means putting the virtuous into power. For example, the Brahman caste is marginalized by the Capitalist system, even though they are the ones who advance the spirit of man in total freedom toward godliness.

Btw it's called FÜHRER

Some of the philosophy I do here does deal with the JQ. For example, I argue that the tacit magical potential of the European blood is pathologized by Judeo-Christianity, and now materialist psychiatry. By doing this philosophical work we become self-conscious of the god-potential within us, so that we can triumph according to the Dharma of our blood.

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I see what you mean, and probably agree. But I believe AnCap can achieve that.

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Some people say that AnCap allows for the building of Civil Society for free, as in an open-source programming project.

But then it is not the accruing of property based on "rational self-interest" – which I argue to be an Enlightenment-era myth and moral idol – which drives innovation, but the magnanimous virtues of the architects. Recognition of the necessity of building for free – arguably a precondition of absolute freedom – makes anarcho-"Capitalism" a misnomer.

Neo-anarchism or anarcho-theism accommodate both the flourishing of the Brahman caste and the concerns of anarcho-Capitalists. For, first, the neo-anarchist, by denying the idol of human equality and looking to Dharma to model political action, allows for respect of power hierarchy. And second, especially in the age of cryptocurrency, lust for Capital has its place in the development of civilization.

It's just that lust to accrue property according to some mythological "rational self-interest" which orients the mythological "invisible hand" is not universal or virtuous enough to secure liberation or godliness.

A big question for me is whether anarchy can allow for the development of the sort of godliness seen in Plato's "Guardian" class, or if fascism under the spirit of a nation or bloodline is necessary for this level of achievement.

thats very interesting, I will give your book a read.

I definitely think national socialists had a good idea to achieve the platonic ideal state, but they did fail at the end to the international jewry. Thus they were lacking in capital. Fascism in itself like the Italian form was weak and very terrible.

I think something sort of like AnCap Eugenics might solve this. but who knows.

If you're going to abuse Greek pagan terms at least go deeper and start using other ones like Psychostasia.

The notions of "Logos" I employ come from Christianity, Heraclitus, and Hegel.

If Christianity is true, then the Logos is without change; Jesus Christ is the Beginning and the End, the final cause.

If Christianity is false, then perhaps since everything is becoming, the Logos is more like a Discourse.

By orienting the Discourse we change the ontological structure, and this is the key to becoming a Magus.

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Arguably the Deep State is already engaged in this high form of political activity – ontological engineering – so that clandestine operatives are essentially engaged in the project of challenging Natural Law, behind the back of the citizens.

My hypothesis is, first, these operations are a historical deconstruction of the Enlightenment State, for there is no longer any claim to Objectivity when the State is essentially capable of sculpting Natural Law. Natural Law becomes a practical, historical matter. Second, as we enter the New Aeon, the normal civilian – whom the Deep State, through ontological practice, has come to see as a plebeian – will come to engage in this high form of activity, sculpting the Natural Law through free Discursive activity.

The distinction is that, in the current case, although America feigns to stand for absolute freedom, the Discourse is arbitrarily perverted from the top-down, contrary to freedom of speech and religion. In this way, America places a limitation on the attainment of European godliness, the self-consciousness of which could be achieved by operating according to Dharmic principles in the State of Nature.

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I'll download your two books OP, can't promise to read them anytime soon though as I have a rather large backlog. Keep up the good work and don't let anyone demoralize you.

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thank you, my first book is here:

It's called "Ethics as Warfare" and basically argues that as transhumanism fractures the Discourse, ethical discussion breaks down into warfare. But the outcomes of warfare, as a continuation of the Discourse, are decided by wisdom. This gives us a Hermetic understanding of "might makes right," as triumphs are awarded by a Providential narrative. These Hermetics may be operative in biological evolution, so that transhumanism has men come to grasp and wield the Hermetic Laws which begot the species, in order to generate a new species according to free will.


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I wouldn’t touch this word salad based on what you’ve said. Transhumanism as warfare is uncompelling.


Transhumanist warfare is entailed by the fragmentation of rationality according to embodiment.

This simple insight can even be seen in the pedestrian narrative of the Terminator movie

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You seem to have gotten many concepts right, but based on your description, you seemed to have mixed many unrelated things, which led to poor execution of ideas.

It's good to see anons writing books anyhow, I hope I'll get to read it one day and give a proper commentary.

Transhumanism is a Talmudic practice trying to replace nature, chain of being/becoming and emergent order, basically an attempt by the lowest "spiritual trash" to cheat their way to godhood. It's result will be the exact opposite.

Putting aside your critique of my ability to synthesize information (which I consider to be my forte):

I think you're right that transhumanism bears some relation to Kabbalah. Because the Kabbalist is basically saying that the mind of man is capable of grasping the Mind of God, so as to orient Nature. In this sense, Crowley talks about how gods are "forces of Nature, personified."

That being said, I agree that there is a sort of "spiritual trash" in contemporary transhumanism, because the contemporary transhumanist thinks of "advancement" in solely materialistic terms.

One purpose of this first book is to situate transhumanism within the broader development of the mystical science of the New Aeon. The transhumanist, to be properly godlike, must incorporate mystical wisdom in their orientation of the human nature, or else they risk generating a base fabrication of power.

Arguably (bringing this back to the theory of anarchy) the Deep State is already performing this transhumanist innovation, for base militaristic ends. The theory of anarchy says that one day it will be our own responsibility to orient the transhumanist mutations in godliness. In fact, by taking this evolution outside of the myopic clutches of the Enlightenment State, we are able to achieve a more diverse and magnanimous tapestry of being.

Coming back to fascism, arguably, fascist oversight is perhaps more efficient at producing a stronger, albeit less diverse, godliness in man.

It is debatable whether the Deep State is capable of achieving this form of innovation in a Democracy. It seems like they are facing a tension between going forward with (Lucferian) militaristic innovation in a fascist manner, and answering to civilian (rabble) oversight.

You really love the smell of your own pseudo-intellectual farts, don't you

i'm not being intentionally obscure. to me it's simple, rigorous language that conveys the point in a concise way

The other place where the Deep State might fail (where Hitler arguably also failed) is in trying to balance Judeo-Christian ideology with innovation in mystical science. We may end up with a gimped sort of mankind with a gimped sort of technology if our development is colored by Judeo-Christian ideals, which forsake the power (wisdom) of the earth.

It is neither concise nor simple. you are obtuse and pretentious and say things in a painfully incoherent manner. You make reference to obscure and niche concepts as though they are common knowledge, and you act autistically full of yourself in defending such a superfluous use of language. It amazes me how someone can be so far up their own ass and detached from the world around them that they cannot even speak in concise and meaningful language. "mystical science of the new aeon" doesn't mean anything. Nor does "Fragmentation of rationality according to embodiment". This flower trite is entirely reliant on an exceedingly large number layers of arbitrary and increasingly abstract theory such that it no longer relates to the real world in any meaningful way, and is entirely detached the various real challenges facing us as a race and people in the 21st century.

You're entitled to your opinion but all you're saying is that you don't like to read.

They are not niche concepts they ARE the common knowledge of what we as a race have so far achieved intellectually

No, I'm not saying I "don't like to read", I'm saying you talk/write in a ludicrously obtuse and pretentious way that reeks of pseudo-intellectualism and is highly difficult to follow due to its shotgun style, world-salad-like references to obscure theories/concepts that are entirely detatched from the real world and its challenges.

This is not how an academic or an intellectual writes. Smart people express complex ideas in simple and concise language, while average/unintelligent people express simple (and often confused) ideas in complicated and obtuse language, dressing them up with the clothes of intellectualism in order to hide their otherwise hollow form.

Okay I understand your critique, but please understand that I am grappling with very difficult concepts. When I write, I am literally trying to convey the ideas in the simplest, most straightforward way conceivable. The problem is that we are dealing with complicated ideas.

Let me at least emphasize that I am NOT aiming to "sound" intellectual. I understand where you're coming from with your critique, but it just doesn't capture who I am.

The ideas are coherent, but you have to have faith that I really am trying to convey something meaningful.

I understand what you mean about philosophy being attached from reality. However, the philosophical tradition came about under divine inspiration in order to guide our action. Not everyone is called to respond to it, but my form of action in the world is philosophical

Telling you this from writer to writer.

He's right. You sound like you're just throwing words together with more thought put into how smart they sound than what they communicate to the reader, even if that's not really the case. It's not that you're too verbose as much as it is that you use too much jargon. Even if you assume the reader knows what all the jargon means, the way it's all clustered together makes your writing hard to follow.

I don't know if your books read the same as your posts, as you seem at least intelligent enough to understand the drafting and editing process that's not expected for posts on an imageboard like it is for books, but you're not making the best impression here.

I guess I might as well elaborate on the meaning of the two quotations. I hope that my longer-form work does manage to define all of its terms.

"entailed" means logically implied
"fragmentation" means to break up into pieces
"rationality" means the faculty of reason
"embodiment" means the type of body we have

insofar as the faculty of reason is grounded in the type of bodies we have, transhumanism, which changes the types of bodies we have, breaks up our "reason." In this way, through transhumanist change, eventually we start talking past each other. That is when ethics continues in the form of warfare.

This follows Crowley (sorry Zig Forums)
mystical science: part of my work is that I speculate that in the New Age, especially in quantum and AI research, science becomes more spiritual. I think one day soon we might discover "spiritual" causation.
The New Aeon: this means the New Age, according to Crowley's prophetic work. This is perhaps an obscure term today.

maybe i'm being too quick here with these posts. I sort of hate to hold the reader's hand, but I think you're right, I might be forcing complicated ideas into short snippets, using "jargon" to substitute for elaboration.

Sorry to hear that it seems like I'm "trying to sound smart." I can only tell you I don't pervert my writing in order to sound smart. Maybe I throw too much at the reader who is unacquainted with philosophy.

Hopefully my longer form writing explains things enough, but, like I said, I hate to hold the readers' hand. It is a difficult balance. Not sure if I said this, but I am trained in analytic philosophy at Cornell. Thanks for your input.

Kabbalah is not Talmud, it was an Aryan concept stolen and corrupted by kikes and their pets into an abomination that achieves the opposite purpose of what it was originally meant to be. Just like every other concept/idea that they have stolen from us over countless centuries. They will never be able to fully reproduce the original, to capture it's essence, which remains forever elusive for them. A Jew can never create, only corrupt and destroy. To understand their true role in the greater order of things, you must start seeing them as entropy personified.

Indeed, but grasping the Mind of God would also give you an insight on how to properly orient Nature towards it's greatest quality and expression. That might seem extremely fascist, racist, and anti-semitic to a contemporary (((transhumanist))). By reading their "futurist" authors, you can see how deranged Jewish mind perceives progress, in a direction opposite of God/Nature. Absolute fabrication, a Chinese bootleg copy of reality. But just like they have never managed to capture the essence of ideas, they will never manage to capture the essence of form. Because life is a far more complex chain of becoming, the one extending far beyond physical spectrum, the only one these robotic insects and their animal-men pets are capable of perceiving. "Creating" a genetically engineered species would be like taking a photograph of someone, but a photograph will never have the depth of the source, it's too "two-dimensional"

Dr E.Michael Jones is said to release a book called "The History of Logos, and the Logos of History", which might be out in the end of the year and will have 2000 pages.

Really cool post. One thing that comes to mind is how Christians take "Jesus," defined as this ultra-compassionate lamb, to be the "final goal" of everything humanity ever did. On the one hand, you could follow Nietzsche and say this is just the "slave revolt," which stagnates humanity. In that case, the "becoming" of the Earth would mean that we are to strive to achieve a form of godliness outside of Christ.

On the other hand, the Christian would say that Jesus really is the "perfection" of everything you could possibly strive for. Against the transhumanist, the Christian says that if you ran a simulation an infinite number of times, you would always come to the incarnation of the Logos as a Jewish man.

Christ (the anointed one) is what you might call a high degree of "godliness" . It's not any specific person, it's a state of being, a title if you wish. The concept predates Christianity (Jesuitism), which is a plagiarism, and a very poor one at that.

Jesus was a Jewish con-man, who tried to copy the teachings of Kristos (learned from the Magi) but failed miserably for the reasons I have mentioned in the previous post. Thus, a Jew has corrupted the ancient Aryan teaching into an abomination that would become one of poisons that have (almost) killed the Aryan race. Whenever white people feel an attraction to Christianity, it's because they can subconsciously recognize the broken fragments of their ancestral religion, their blood memory. It is also the reason why Jews have rejected it, not only did they know it's toxic nature being the ones to brew it in the first place, they were also repulsed by those Aryan elements, which were so alien and hostile to them. For whites, they only serve as a bait. Unless they alchemically remove the poison so to speak. They would end up with something quite different from contemporary Christianity (Jesuitism in all of it's forms)

Neither inside nor outside, to become one. Compassion for the deserving and the "beautiful", hatred for the deserving and the "ugly" The two snakes, the mark of Cain. Jesus was a dream of a perfect goy. An example for them to follow. The original psyop.

Nietzsche rejected the toxic elements, but threw away the fragments along with them.

It is possible to be wrong an infinite times, at least if you define it as infinite repetitions of the same. Ask Jewish "god" about it.

Ideally, we would steer evolution and development by manipulating the external conditions so that "beautiful" nature can emerge (such as selective breeding), rather than trying to "hack" something that transcends the maximum computational capacity of this universe. Jewish elders know this, which is why they are trying to destroy the white race through mixing despite having more effective methods for destroying it physically. Another way to destroy it is by offering them a "Faustian pact" of sorts, where they would accept the artificial golem bodies and children as their own, binding their immaterial essence to them.

posts like this are the reason this board exists. thank you so much

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so in the end is this just schizophrenia?

How is posting a chapter that annoys jews schizophrenia?
PS are you going to respond to my post on Zig Forums or not?

It's the opposite. What reason would Americans have to fight one another if the hundred million+ violent gibsmedats in the US became productive citizens? Especially when you consider that the government will edit baby genes to make people love niggers in the same way they will edit baby genes to make niggers love white culture

Which is your post on Zig Forums ?

Well, I guess I was being sort of reactionary. Hopefully soon we get to the point where Bible-thumping is not a valid form of argument.

I'm literally at the point where I believe that Jesus may be enthroned in heaven, yet the righteous are called to rebel against him.

This is also what is implied in the gnostic Gospel of Judas, where Jesus says that the "strong and holy" generation will inherit the Earth after the meek.

Where can i learn more about kristos and his belief system?

Civic nationalism is another great Jewish poison. To protect the idea of something as arbitrary and as unsubstantiated as "Americans", or any other civic "nation" (Talmudic concept of a state, just like transhumanism is a Talmudic concept of a body), one would need to "edit" nature to a great extent, beyond breaking point, rather than having a state that was defined by natural laws (which would be much more in line with the ideas of the Founding Fathers of the US, and to a much greater extent, those of Hitler's Germany)

Productive for (((whom)))?

Thus effectively destroying both. Having niggers accept white culture is an offense for both, an abomination that only a deranged, psychopathic Jewish mind could conceive of. Globalism is the logical conclusion of civic nationalism. Civic nationalism was only a transition from a nation state to a full-blown globohomo. The idea that you could turn a dog into a man by dressing him in a suit, the "cultural identity" , "European values" and other idiocy extended to the realm of bio-engineering. The greatest tragedy of humanity is how far these imbeciles are going to go in order to preserve their anti-natural Jewish memes rather than admitting that a dog is not a man. They have no ideas about the implications of what are they trying to achieve. Why stop at niggers? Why not create cockroach-people? Or virus-people They already exist, they are called Jews. Until you reach a state of total absurdism. I understand why Jews are striving towards this, since it's their nature to seek the absurd and hate beauty, but how come so many white people fall for it, that I cannot understand.

You can hardly find it at one place unless you have access to some very secret texts, so I'd recommend starting with gnosticism. Hinduism also has a lot of references, but they are obscured by much more primitive beliefs of brown people who have later adopted it.

Sounds awfully similar to the concept of the holy trinity, huh?
I wonder where did the idea about the (((Noah's))) ark come from …

I don't understand why she is vomiting up a dead zombie hand.

Could you elaborate on how transhumanism is a Talmudic concept of the body?

I don't mean to use up your energy or anything, so no worries if you don't feel like it's worth a response.

Ah, yes, this is what I did. The kikes and Christians call me heretic all the time. A few days ago, 'a christian' threatened to hunt me down and bomb my house and kill me because I refused to follow the jews pagan abomination. Interesting that others are dabbling in 'the cure' as well. I don't think you can cure anyone except yourself though, unfortunately. Speaking of this I feel like seeing how the 'christian's' are doing tonight. You know you are 'around christians' when they threaten to burn you at the stake, bomb your house or murder you and your family, simply because you don't think the way they do.


Attempting to bring the discussion back to anarchy:

Is anyone familiar with anarcho-fascism? Those guys tried to let anarchists communities develop according to their own national spirits. I'm open to this sort of thing too, with the spirit of blood directing the growth of communities. Would this sort of thing appeal to any neo-fascists? One thing I hoped to do with my theory is to direct some neo-Nazis to anarchy, since the attitude of liberation and rebellion is more in line with the American spirit.

I think that the godliness that could be achieved under a neo-Nazi regime is a valid form of existence, but I think that anarchy allows for a higher sense of godliness. For example, Thoth doesn't answer to a fucking nation-State when he blazes around the Cosmos.

I powered through the first quarter of barren metal, and tbh fam i think Jones is overrated. He does great research but i think he comes to strange conclusions.

Post the pdf here, I ain't clickan yah lank

whoops wrong book. that was my first book

here's logos is fuhrer:

Thanks Philip, I'll read your book

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The nsdap were the closest to defeating international jewery till they realized they are more empires at the pockets of the jews and still manage to hold them all off, I don't think something like that will be repeated for decades to come.

bump before I go to sleep

The logos IS Jesus Christ incarnated as the flesh; it's exactly what the man says and what he symbolizes if you can understand the meaning of what he says and how it effects your life.

there is an occult/scientific meaning to the logos behind freedom of speech

Certainly, it's an idea that one can artificially create life, where it equals the sum of it's parts. They only see the particle domain without seeing the frequency domain. That makes them only see a certain section of a signal, on a very narrow spectrum, and not the entire thing, creating a vessel that's very limited in it's frequency output. Making it lifeless in a true sense and easy to control. Science of the golem. It destroys the race as much as racemixing does, using artificial barriers rather than subhuman genes as a limiter. It looks nicer at least, but is far more dangerous and deceptive. It's a very complex subject that would take a short book to properly elaborate on, but this should give you a gist of it. For a Jew, as a creature lacking soul and ontological reality, the rest of the band might as well not exist. It's their reality, it's what defines them. The alchemical lead.

Of course, an external signal powerful enough could give life to a golem, or even affect the genetic structure of a natural body, but it's a whole other type of science ;) The one our Talmudic friends keep failing at (and will forever fail at it), the one giving rise to various 'anomalies' in their mapping, even confusing and infuriating their "god" . Out of frustration, and due to it being completely antithetical to their very being, they have rejected it in it's entirety. Seeking an entirely artificial world, diametrically opposed to nature, where they could enjoy their "heaven" Which would be hell in actuality.

They hate when their irrational beliefs are being questioned. Abrahamists are proto-SJW's. Dogma kills the discourse. Some people can be actually led to realize the truth, which is why you should not give up.

That's not anarchy, but self-determination. What you are looking for is the destruction of a current system so a better one could emerge. Anarchy can only be temporary. Your desire for anarchy is compelled by your "godliness" to destroy and hate the "ugly", and the world and societies that we live in became extremely disgusting. But it's not an end into itself. What we need to do is to break off from proverbial "Britain" or "Rome" and build a new Armorica. A-mor (ica). The only question is where, when the enemy seeks to control every atom on this planet. The actual endgame of (((transhumanism))) is a planet made entirely of nano-particles controlled by some form of tyraniccal, "godly" AI . Unfortunately, it's whites who give their energy to feed this, led by Jewish lies of ending suffering and immortality through physical resurrection, the same old lie under a new guise. In reality, they will be entrapped in hell that they cannot even conceive of.

You got an epub fam?

I just tried converting it to epub from PDF but the format didn't come out right. It's available on Amazon

aaaaand that's how you make a slide thread

Mystical advancement in the New Age (Aeon) is inevitable and breaking free of the Judeo-Christian stranglehold on spirituality helps the Aryan cause.

The concept of Dharma is found in the Bhagavad-Gita which is an ancient root of the Aryan spiritual moral theory.

Are you retarded?

Nobody posted a copy here?


Where to study occult?

Mix of all kind gnostic and other maindfucking shiet without any hint of common sense and, a complete lack of understanding things that you writing.

With immigrants?

no, not voodoo.

Shouldn't this go to >>>/pdf/ ?

I was referring to esoteric immigrants


Crowley's Book of Thoth, on the theory of the Tarot as a pictorial representation of the forces of Nature. Grab that along with his Thoth Tarot deck and learn Hermetic Kabbalah. This is how I started.

Some people on here will argue that Crowley's method was too Hebrew. Perhaps that is the case, so that it does not befit an Aryan mentality. Still, this is where I started. And some have argued (including in this thread) that Kabbalah is ultimately an Aryan invention. Hermetics is obviously well-suited to Aryan spirituality.

My approach to the occult is to become more like a mage than a witch. I generally avoid anything to do with demons. It's about attaining the level of self-consciousness that could allow you to have discourse with the gods in good conscience. Divination is a form of discourse with the gods, which sculpts history.

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You moron. Germany massively regulated the economic life. Being in favor of private property doesn't exclude regulations.
You're such a pathetic dicklet.
No regulation means Jews win in the end. They don't have those Aryan ethics that encumber most of us.

I too started out learning about the Kabbala. Most people assume hating something comes from not understanding it, I hate the kikes so much because I understand everything about them.