How Antifa Broke The Alt-Right

How Antifa Broke The Alt-Right
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The altright is dead
Antifachan killed it

They live in a fantasy land. Pay attention to Ohio news, antifa getting btfo soon

If you define antifa as jews and the government then sure.

Yeah, organized under who? Kikes and Bush family friends. Fuck off.

It's interesting how the liberals that benefited so much from free speech and the freedom of assembly are so quick to deny it to others.

I wonder who their next target will be.

neither have ever existed on a serious scale

>Still falling for (((alt-right))) and (((left))) kike D&C
How are there people this retarded on this board? Go back >>>/4chan/

Fuck that. I’m an alt right Jew and I hate Antifa and the Bush family

You won't do anything

Antifa and other street protest shit is a mere sideshow.

Real power comes from the courts and the media. And the heart of that power is in the elite ivy league universities, which is the high ground of our civilization. I'm surprised people don't talk about this more often around here.

"Contrary to popular opinion, the most important criteria for admission to the Ivy League is not grades, nor SAT scores, nor recommendations, or even essays. The most important criteria is actually race/religion. By claiming to be Jewish, an applicant can increase his chances of admission by up to 15 fold."

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Antifa and the Alt-Right were never anything more than thesis and antithesis. The Intellectual Dark Web is the proper synthesis, and the future of Zig Forums and the world.

Someone posted that Americans are esoteric Aryans… that fat guy certainly makes me think so

What's that got to do with us?

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I don't recall that fam



Perhaps we should kill a few of (((them))) to celebrate.

Really? You broke an idea?

Okay heroes.

The Alt-Right broke itself by worshipping Jews and sodomites that sexually groom little children, and now the media is giving Antifa credit in the postmortum so they can pretend the Soros money was spent on something that bore some fruit.

The "Alt-Right" was dead the moment Zion Don revealed his true colors as the biggest kike shill this side of an actual Israeli elected official. All this low-key muh optics we Fascists nao vote Kekistani bullshit died and is staying dead. Good riddance.

If our enemies were smart, they would have funded the Alt-Right to make it too big to kill instead of getting triggered by it. But subversion is a multi-generational project and the children are not as clever or intelligent as their parents. Our one saving grace in this whole affair.

Liberalism and Communism are not systems, they are tactics. As a system, Communism has a 100% failure rate to achieve a moneyless worker's utopia. However, as a tactic to kill shitloads of white people, destroy Christianity, burn down churches, and get a small group of colluders into power, it has a 100% success rate wherever it goes.

Liberalism is similar, if more mild. Stop expecting these people to actually care about hypocracy. The middle is an illusion, a lie, it always has been. There is no "moderate" stance between the truth and a lie. The purpose of a political middle is to pacify and castrate the people. It exists for no other reason. It does not exist for principles, because it believes in none, nor does it exist to assert "rights," for even if we agreed such things exist, it compromises all of them as well in the name of it's moderate stance.

No liberal or Communist anywhere will ever act surprised and correct themselves if you point out double standards and hypocracy.

I had this exact conversation just the other day with some guy who was lamneting all the "politcally correct" garbage in Mortal Kombat 11 and how it's such a shame that a game that made it's name being edgy and rebellious is now "selling out." I called him out on this by pointing out that Mortal Kombat as a series only ever rebelled against the attitudes and virtues of the society it's creators hated: it was never an appeal to some middle stance because there IS no middle stance. It attacked Christianity and decency and European moral values because undermining and destroying those things was it's purpose, and now there are genderqueer characters and SJW bullshit in it because that's the natural end result. It hasn't "sold out," it was always on that side of the fence to start with. You were just under the impression given to you, a deliberate lie of omission, that the subversion was: A.) Reasonable and B.) Would eventually stop when some arbitrary Reasonable point had been met.

It was not reasonable and it was never going to stop. 12 will have gay nigger trannies in it. That's the way the subversion game is played. The only dupe here is you, the person who bought into the edge but now doesn't like where the train tracks are leading.

He didn't like me for saying it, but he couldn't argue against it, either. A seed was planted, I hope. The point is, there is no middle ground and you should stop assuming there is. These ideologies are tactics, not systems. They exist to get something or take something, not to serve a broader community in a sustainable manner.

Everyone knew damn well that non-violent organization was a farce. We will not be allowed to secure the existence of our people peacefully, and the enemy army is already without our borders, courtesy of the boomers. What fucking use is there in walking around carrying Nazi flags and hurring at people at a protest? Murder is the currency of politics.

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>antifa (((killed))) the alt-kike

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It's neither intellectual, nor dark, nor web. Antifa and Alt-Right were the Jewish corruption of the genuine left and right. Leading to anti-synthesis, or dethesis. Or in more plain terms, regression to the mean of faceless, Jew run slave society.

Alt-Right was a red herring cooked in Tel-Aviv since day one.

Correction faggot, we broke the aut-kike.

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we memed Trump into the white house. not bad.

The Jew must be Jewing themselves in their own minds, all the time. This MUST explain their dedication to decay, degeneracy, and failure. It is a strange tactic, but we must learn it if we are to defeat the parasite.


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you must be so proud

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Shillpiro always says to them that "facts don't care about leftist feelings" but he never says that THEIR FEELINGS don't care about the facts.

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Since the 90% of the board is made of marxist larpers replying to each other to pollute and convolute. Bunch of marxist alt-right larper plantations battling against other marxist larper plantations, now trying to pass this as news hoping people will buy this shit. Hide and move on.


Nice shilling there plantation.


Sucks for them I guess.

They've infested our board.

And even if it wasn't, the vultures sure snapped it up quick. Further proof, as if any was even needed, that cucking for the sake of "optics" does nothing.

Any organization or movement that is not explicity antisemitic will eventually be overrun with or become controlled by semites. Their obsession with optics opened the door to total subversion, even if they weren't subverted from the very beginning, which they arguably were.

Well setting aside the fag-right, we haven't gone anywhere. They're not going to magically blue pill us again, so ultimately their only option will be to use force against us. And in turn, they'll finally set us free from this waiting for the happening mindset. The only way this ends is one side destroying the other. That's how nature decides these things and it is inevitable.

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All it took was massive coordination, millions of dollars, bogus lawsuits, crooked judges, the cooperation of police departments, the silence of the President of the United States, the "Alt-Right" not really existing to begin with, and violence.
[strokes chin]
It was almost too easy.


Do we still have that website?

These niggas brag about their discord and twitter extremely online scalpings while they failed to stop Tarrant, Earnest, Bowers.

Actually it was created on a livingroom computer in Wisconsin in 2002.

Alt-right is just a meme, it never existed in the first place the Hillary campaign made it up to portray Trump voters as extremists.

You're correct user. Memetics aren't real either, nor did the Psychological Operations division of SFOD run a website called the Daily Stormer using a young Irish kid named Anglin that had a love lf Filipinas.

None of that actually happened.

This. The alt-right was never real. Kikes just had to come up with a name for the rise of populism/nationalism. They called it the alt-right to make sure no one confused it for the kosher right. Then attention whores like Implicit Dick and Milo appeared to soak up all the negative press aimed at the entirely fabricated alt-right bogeyman.

As long as the white powder and the black cock flow he's happy. Hedonistic degenerates are useful as media darlings but never that good long term. Now he's either an overt or covert intelligence asset anyway. Anyway his usefulness was past the moment Trump took office.

Okay, now you're starting to make sense.

This, something isn't real without evidence doesn't make sense.

durr hurr hurr!

Not yet but they're getting there!

Jew on, you crazy diamond.

The "alt-right" never existed. It's not a thing. There's just nothing going on right now to motivate people to action. The US 2020 election will get things kicking again.

Imagine needing to claim victory over a boogeyman term to keep morale up lmao

antifa didn't break jack shit. the alt right was demoralized from within when the e-celeb paywall brigade refused to double down in response to Charlottesville.

weev, anglin, TRS, ricky vaughn and all the amnat cowards are to blame. no other party would have been listened to.

the controlled op within the movement demonized the only effective shit we ever did.

antifa has to be paid and shipped in and then they basically do nothing unless the cops have already told them they could get away with it like they do in Charlottesville, Berkeley, and Portland.

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sup weev. kill yourself

it worked swimmingly. all activism has stopped since charlottesville.

I know right? Those people only succeeded in removing the peace activists lmao

who cares? that whole thing was just a symptom of greater and growing political divide

not bad at all on the world stage

proud as fuck, you nervous at what can be achieved?

Hate to be that guy but most countries on earth have relations with Israel. Also, Trump was better than Hillary. I voted for him personally because I want all of that power to not be in the hands of Hillary and those like her

And ALSO, the media, antifa, various federal organizations, and the alt-right itself, broke the alt-right.


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Need to update Juden Petersteins bio, his wife is jewish

There is no alt right. This is class war.

gayest thing i ever read

Peterstein shouldn't have the cross and Jones should also have a rainbow flag with a question mark.

And then one day, for no reason, everybody started to hate jews.

What is your religion? that pic dissed atheist abrahamists and homosexualists

You're so full of shit that I'm about to call FloHawks.

Fk the alt right

Remember lads when our guy comes along we have to throw all our energy behind him

He will scream kill the Jews from the mountain tops

He will double down or die, there is no other option , no cucking

We’re getting close I can feel it

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Only 5 people in that picture are considered right-wing.

the small feeling of mental pain is somewhat enjoyable sometimes

Thinks he's a white man.

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when this weekend the "klan rally" cuz i talked to a few of the higher ups few weeks ago and said the guys that were going to be in dayton were basically a bunch of larping faggots basically terrified of the realy loyal white knigts

I have learned that there is an overabundance of homosexuals in law enforcement and construction.

Joe is Whiter than you will ever be.

Thanks for sharing, ShareBlue.

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who is brenton tarrant?

Richard Spencer is a fag, just listen to his voice. He is never ever ever going to win with his strategy of taking baby steps on a treadmill, absolute countersignalling kike shill and I disavow. The reason he is so aloof and unconcerned with the world's trajectory is because he's from a rich family, and has always lived a bourgeois life, and has no intention of leaving it behind. Like Adolf, our true leader will be one of us poorfags.

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They didn't though, the FBI and a bunch of jew lawyers from JYC did that. Why do these people always lie about themselves in a desperate bid to make themselves seem more legitimate?

You're the stooges of corporate capitalism you losers, and you didn't do shit - you were used like the useful idiots that you are to create a context that allowed lawyers and LEOs to persecute your (and their) political opposition.


Not anymore its not.

We didn't really though, the aut-kike basically killed itself.
Richard Spencer was the front-runner, and it was obvious as FUCK that he was a kosher retard.
Kike Eunuch and the TRSodomite crew blew their load and then go exposed as being a bunch of kosher good goys with jewish wives and shit, and now nobody whose worth anything takes them seriously.
Daily Stormer went balls deep for Trump and lost a fuckton of people when Trump turned on White America.
Who else even is there?

Just because you are leaderless, does not mean you have ceased to exist. The Gestalt is still there, or Zig Forums would have been shut down long ago (as there would be no more natsocs to root out).

Saved. This is a good viewpoint.

This is actually the major problem. Then again, antifa hates cops for working with ICE, so maybe something will break down.

So, this is where we are now, insult-wise? Ok, I breath more air than you.

Millions of Whites are suffering from poverty, unemployment, sickness, homelessness, dispair and agony.

They have no where to go, no one to help them as Whites have no one representing them. The State tells them to fuck off because they are White. I see this first hand daily in real life.

You did this White Nationalists/Alt Right

with your larping, Nazi porn, vulgar mentally ill politics and doxing/derailing every attempt by Whites to create something that would work. You are the real enemy of Whites. You created the political climate for this to happen. And you continue to give aid and comfort to our enemies who wish to exterminate us by forever denying our right to self defense.

Everyone needs to be a gunman now. Too many retard normie cucks actually took the hook. Lets see if they take to armed resistance better.

Holy shit, libtards getting owed? My life can't get any more epic.

The alt right trolled the tone deaf too much instead of expanding and it kept them as a niche. Antifa didn't really have any significant hand in that, they are a joke and outside of the US they can't even gather more than a dozen people in one place. The mdf pose more of a threat than Antifa does, they don't hesitate to throw bricks at innocent women and children

You haven't been paying attention, white identity and nationalist movements are on the rise. Things will change in the next couple of years either through democratic means or violent uprising, it's almost inevitable

Based fellow Ohiofag, don’t disappoint me


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Very nice Schlomo.

The alt right is jewish and full of nazbol glowniggers, its death is a good thing.

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Say the nazifag that posts a beastiality cartoon.

first day on the internet?

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So you wank to 'sexy' animals and expect anyone to take you seriously?

Your Mother and Sister the same person?