Let's get this going. It should appeal to both the anti-war left and the anti-Israel right, and it could become a thing in the midst of all this talk of invading Iran. Could open some people's eyes about the JQ.

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Would be a pity if you get deported

I meant reported

There is no phase two.

Good idea indeed.

No more brother wars. Iran = Land of the aryans.

This is an excellent idea, and it could really work, it's maybe even less controversial than IOTBW because it's not race related and it's anti violence

Even if you don't like ZOGbots that serve the enemy, most everyone's heartstrings are tugged when they see images of maimed soldiers. The poor men with reconstructed faces in particular make people despair and ask themselves: Why are we fighting these pointless wars?

American Middle Eastern foreign policy is a fracture point in American political discourse that must be exploited whether you support this meme in particular or no.

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I like it. Pushing the fact that Israel is behind all the aggression against Iran (which they're barely trying to hide) is the most important issue right now. If they get their war, we have to make sure that everyone knows that it's their war.

There is no phase two

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As if you need reminding, AIPAC is one of the foremost instruments of Zionist Occupation. AIPAC is legally exempt from US law regarding the registration of lobbies of foreign powers, a fact that may be significant when you consider that the Kennedy Administration was pressuring them to register as a lobby of the Israeli govt.

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I don't approve of the IOTBW spinoffs, but this has potential. It is good optics but also a big redpill.

Maybe it should be presented in a different format that IOTBW so as not to conflate the two.


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"It's okay to criticize Jews" is 6,000,000 times better.


no, it's not. OP's idea is actually good- it combines the popular and uncontroversial (anti-war sentiment) with a massive redpill (jew/israeli influence on US foreign policy, which implies that the jews have immense power and influence)

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Saw another idea over on gab.


Leave off the last word. All the snowflakes will be just as triggered yet even less able to explain why the police need to investigate.

There is no phase two.

Try chabad. Chabad is at every state university in the united states. They have offices on most major campuses. They put out a flier for a speaking event once, I went, bad idea. They took pictures of me in the audience, I guess because they were suspicious of males over the age of 18-21. it was literally just chabad introducing a guy who had served in israeli executive government staff giving a powerpoint on how bad Palestinians were and how good israel was. It was blatantly illegal under any kind of foreign registration law that would ever exist. I called my local fbi, they acted like it was unreasonable to contact them for a report. FBI, if youre reading this, your organization is faggoty and traitorous. You should quit and separate your reputation while you still have time. Im not a nat soc, just a freedom loving man who values true free speech and actual-diversity of thought. FBI is not american.

I think Israel has a right to exist. If possible I think that all Jewish people should move there. So I don't have any problem with my government lending aid to them if it's a matter of survival. Should we step back and let the barbaric imperialist Arabs destroy yet another nation? I don't hate Jewish people but I do think they should move to Israel. Although I don't support the expansion of Israel's borders any further. No other country should or is able to fairly do that.

So you think every country has a right to exist? Even white Europeans have a right to defend their country from any invaders deemed to threaten their existence? Who will enforce these rights? Will we fight to keep the number and name of every country the same until the end of time?will this require some variety of world government? Is Israel special for any particular reason?

Don't call it a "phase two", just do it

Based and a good first step toward criticizing kikes

And something not explicitly racist or confined to either side of the current kike system

Of course going full Tarrant or bowers is better, but this is good

Oh ya and the shills will be In here hard

My recommendation is for op to just get started and anyone else who wants to join to do so

But if you’re able to, killing Jews and burning synagogues is a lot more effective

Hahahaha. No.

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You can even ascribe a leftist feel to it to gain the benefit of the doubt and possibly drag them in on it too.

The left is still a bit brainwashed though they are waking up with the Ilhan vs Aipac drama. They still believe the neocon wars were for oil/money. They need to know the wars have always ONLY been for Israel. American intelligence/MIC is owned by zionists. We need to feed the left these redpills, they'll accept it now. David Duke said the Palestine issue is the key to redpilling the world on the true nature of the jews. Israel is both their ethnostate and their kryptonite.

neither the state of israel nor the jewish race itself have a right to exist
Palestine is an arab nation that ought to be under British sovereignty

There is no phase two.

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The time to strip jews of their eternal persecution status is now!