White Patriarchy Now!

The Jewish problem was ALWAYS known but women were ALWAYS recognized as the worst evil

WAKE UP!! Hitler was not in on some big secret and neither are you. Jews were always heavily criticized, killed and expelled from European states. When Jews were allowed to live, they were often supposed to wear separate dresses so that they would be recognized. Sometimes, interacting with jews was frowned upon. Jews were regarded as the worst of MEN because of their religious teachings, but women were recognized as INHERENTLY EVIL. Hitler was a feminist and woman-worshiper. No wonder he was so abusive.

Beware of evil feminazi men who put you down when women are around. Women are not just evil, they encourage men to be evil. Alpha male, loser, nice guy/bad boy, grow a pair etc. And THIS.. is the cause of most, if not all the evil in nightlife, workplaces, neighborhoods, schools & families

- Women claim to want equality, but make sport of men as their ATMs and slaves.
- In private, they argue viciously because they want to make you feel bad and question your own sanity.
- All "traditional women" want to make you their workhorses.
- They turn men against their friends, brothers and parents.
- They also turn boys against their fathers and indoctrinate them to become feminazis.
-They play the husband's victim even though they've been leeching off him and treating him like a slave.
-80-91% divorces are filed by women because they don't care about the emotions of their sons nor about family.
-Women's liberation is the root cause of loneliness today.
-They all support the ongoing oppression of men in one way or another.
-They will never approach you because they want to hold the power and make it seem as if you need them more than they need you.
-WOMEN KNOW NOTHING OF MORALITY. They make your life hell in marriage because they can't control their urge to make you feel bad.
-They lie shamelessly about rape, what they said/meant, violence, their height/appearance etc.
-They claim they don't want to be objectified yet without patriarchy to keep them in check they'll start wearing tight/short/revealing clothes to entice you.
-They are the source of constant problems and sorrows.
-Women were always known to be highly evil if not the root of all evil.

Women should be sold, married off, traded and even captured like always. A man should have nothing to do with his wife except when he needs food or sex. Men have always been ill advised to keep the company of women, and rightfully so! Women of all ethnicities belong to the SAME EVIL RACE and this has ALWAYS BEEN known

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So.. You want to end affirmative action… except you want to reduce the amounts of Jews in powerful positions based on their DNA, and you think that Whites are superior… Even though Asians and Jews score higher on every test… and Jews get to the top of everything without any cheating… Jews are naturally racist because of their DNA, but White people are not Racist… White people are all intelligent except for the stupid white people… Black people are all stupid except for the smart black people…

Niggers < Spicks < Crackers < Chinks < Jews…

This is the Natural order of things… Only retards are racist, but facts cannot be racist.


Both "The Left" and "The Right" are retarded….


Very true all the wickedness in men actually stems from women. Just imagine a world without any women. There would be little to no evil because men would not feel the need to be "cool", "alpha" or any of that shit.
This is the most unfortunate thing in the world. We need them to continue mankind
Also true. Your mother only "loves" you because you are hers. She objectifies you. It's not about your personality. Women's love is also impure.
It seems as if everything human ancestors have said about women is true.

Hide plantation threads and move on.

1) All humans are inherently evil. Men and women are evil in different ways.
2) All men are murderous rapists. All women are backstabbing whores.
3) If Male evil is not restrained society collapses immediately.
4)If female evil is not restrained then society dies slowly
5)Patriarchy is what restrained female evil, while civil society restrains male evil.
6) we no longer live in a Patriarchy
7) thus female evil is no longer restrained
8)thus society is dying
We must reinstate a Patriarchy in order to raise white birth rates. If you are not redpilled on the woman question then you aren't redpilled. The Woman question BTFO every other question. Yes even the jewish question. The jewish question and all the various race questions need be only answered once. However the woman question must be answered correctly every generation. Once it is answered incorrectly then all the other questions must be answered.
Yes it was jews who agitated for women's suffrage, but it was white men who actually gave it to them. If we answer the Jewish and race question but not the Woman question then the white race will slowly fade into the abyss. If we answer the woman question then all the other questions will be answered with the surplus of white population. The answer to the 14 words is to repeal the 19th.

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Wrong thread. The FACT is also that women's evil nature has ALWAYS BEEN known. And that women of every nation ARE the same evil race.

However do not allow women's inferiority to cause you to hate them For if that makes you hate women then you are a faggot. Children are inferior to adults. Everyone knows this, but what parent hates their own child? A parent who thinks their child is equal to them is like to hate them since the child will be unable to preform as an adult. Recognize that women are inferior to men and change your expectations accordingly. If you are an egalitarian and witness a woman acting irrationally it is likely to annoy you. If you recognize that women are inferior then women acting irrational is not only expected, but can also be cute.

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Thats kiwi land though. I can't find stats for burgerland women anywhere

Stop this white-knight feminist copypasta. Men built civilizations, families etc. while women made divorce and destroy civilizations. Men are willing to give most women a chance, but women will only give you a chance if you're evil or can be their slave. This are just 3 examples showing women are evil of the several dozens
FACTUALLY INCORRECT. Also, Queens have always been far more warlike and cause a lot more bloodshed than kings. Women are more violent in almost every way. Also men made civilizations codifying anti-violence laws, while women promote violence during sexual selection.
Male evil is almost non-existent compared to what women do
WRONG. If females are not restrained, society dies
This is true, but a secondary objective. The main reason is to remove much evil from public and stop the oppression / severe discrimination against men / slavery of men.
You're actually a feminist who wants to make it seem like men and women are EQUALLY evil. Men and women are EQUAL in your world. Different but EQUAL.

If you want some balls and hair on your chest, read and follow Cato the Elder. Just ignore the part about drinking piss cabbage.


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How dare you equate a pure, innocent male child with a literal evil demon. Women, if hated, deserve it.
Stop white-knighting. Nobody sexually hates women. It's about hating their personalities. Women have always been hated. That's absolutely normal.
Again with this white-knight crap!
It has little to do with women's irrationality, and more to do with their evil
Only if you're sex crazed at that point

Blaming women for the trouble of temptation is a mistake and you'll end up being no different than the muzzies who lash their women 9 times a day and cover them up like a ninja. Defeat the pull of temptation from within you first, and then women aren't a problem anymore whether they are naked or covered up. You train the perception to just see them as just another human being and not a magnetic object that controls you. Whether you want to be sexually attracted to a women or not should be entirely under your control and not your baser instincts.

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Why am I not allowed to hate an oppressive group thats immoral as hell and makes men suffer a lot? Also wtf @ those shaming tactics smh

Are you a woman?

Repealing the 19th will only end a tiny fraction of feminist "reforms" and just about every problem we have today will still continue.

Gender = Race…

Women are just hormonal and driven by emotions… Only cucked retarded men who aren't really men allow their women to be evil…

Also, There is a pandemic of Communist subversion that is driving the retarded bimbos crazy. There are still good women out there, you just have to be harder working than them and invest in the relationship in a way that compels them to reciprocate.

Who's blaming women for the "trouble of temptation" anyway? Seems like you're just another female poster making false accusations like a typical woman.

Also wife-beating was always legal, and considered the right thing to do in western societies. Your shaming tactics aren't going to help save feminism. We're definitely going back to wife beating with rods. Headcovering is also a part of almost every non-Muslim, caucasoid tradition. We're also going to bring it back, feminist scum!

What do you mean "still good women" when women were always known to be evil? There were never any good women in the first place.

How can you stop your woman from being evil or save yourself from female evil when you have no rights/social support, are oppressed and these creatures are literally ruling every sphere of life, at least, as a collective?

And [email protected] "relationships"? That's all feminist bullshit. They're the ones who should work hard and wait for us to reciprocate in a marriage. And if they don't work hard they'll get the stick!

Thanks for the laugh faggot, but everyone knows you're a pussy irl and can't do shit.

What do you mean "thanks for the laugh" when these are just facts? The rod-beating laws were only outlawed in the late-19th century and in the Roman era men were allowed flagellis et fustibus acriter verberare uxorem, ie, to severely beat their wives with clubs and whips for certain offenses such as leaving the house without permission. Men also had the power of life and death during those days for things like adultery and drinking alcohol.

You're just abusive, because you're in league with evil (women)


Then consider me retarded, you fucking nigger kike.

mormons are fucking retards though

Holy fucking shit.

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I know but no one believes you can touch a women, much less beat them lmao

Ya'know, I heard that the ADL pays people to go onto dissident discussion boards and promote the most insane shit they can think of to try to make their enemies look insane.

Women love humiliating, using and somewhat enslaving men as much as they love deceiving incessantly to create a web of lies. That's why modern men live a life of perpetual humiliation and oppression.

I'd rather be a victim of usury than constant humiliation and discrimination.

You're clearly insane since you think feminism is normal. You've been driven to insanity because of your excessive childhood and indeed lifelong indoctrination /coercion by women's society

Why do you seem so happy? Do you like seeing women beat up men?

Nice false dichotomy, buddy. It doesn't work on me. Maybe it will work on someone much dumber than me.

I have no interest in creating slavery of anykind for anyone. Nor do I want to immolate women, which I know OP wants to do because we've talked before and he has said so.

I will admit, your emotional reaction does sound like the "burn your women" user's emotional reactions.
I suspect you're IP hopping.

Fucking typical white knight thinking.
Also, this whole control yourself thing is a retarded meme. I can control myself perfectly fine, I can't control my 350,000,000 people large country. If society collapses, I collapse. I don't need to do or not do anything.

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Hey don't put words in people's mouths. The fact that you support feminism makes you a feminist, but you're intolerance of patriarchal views, abuse of patriarchy supporters and false accusations (like the one you just made) is what makes you a feminazi.

And all feminists are feminazis.

It's just a description of female nature, not an "emotional reaction". Burning women is also not an emotional reaction, it is prescribed by pre-feminist legal codes and there's nothing wrong with it. You're the one who was saying people try to make their enemies insane because that's what you're doing right now and I'm sure that's what you always do because you have no FACTS on your side.

I'd say you're no better than a woman. But you are a woman so… nvm go change IPs to get someone to respond to you again

On a final note arranged marriages, abduction marriages and even wife selling have always been common. Women are our property.
Don't compare the slavery of men to the rightful place of women. Blacks were only slaves for a couple of hundred years but women have been property since the beginning of time.

Controlling women is a must for the sake of all good. It's about controlling evil, which is something enslaving non-white men is not about. They are two completely different things.

Nice try, woman.

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For the newfags:

This is a great example of pilpul.



I like how you shoehorned this in with the rest. This is actually cute and good

Its factually correct that the JQ known to Christians before feminism… Muslims too…

Also correct that women were recognized as the most evil beings by far

Yes,the anti women thread back again.
Death to women!
KILL traitors!
Death to negro apes!

There's nothing cute about it. It's about how diabolical and deceptive women are.

Men are waking up, but before they fully wake up many seem to fall for this "traditional women" crap until they realize NAWALT is a myth. NAWALT is just a diversion that buys women more time. We have to tackle it wherever we find it being propagated because it delays patriarchy

you are not wrong but…
here's where you lost me
a woman should always be subordinated to her husband, that is the natural order of things but just becos they are less than men doesn't mean i want to treat them like comodities, i wouldn't treat my dog like that, much less my mother, sister, wife or daugther

Only those who fall out of line too much or are not needed and can be disposed of. It should be stressed that


I think you forgot to take your crazy pills today OP. can you confirm?

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Oh, ok so you are the same shill/sperg that kept insisting that men can do no wrong and women farting is a war crime.
Yea ok buddy. I guess laws against murder and rape where made for fun.

Nigger what feminism was there before the 19th amendment?

It's important to understand dark aspects of female nature, however this doesn't change tribal competition. Tribes will compete for land, being woke about women is good, but its not going to make all the men come together as brothers. You have a tribe, your tribe is your team, its going to have women and men. Nothing any of us can do about that. People have to be loyal to their tribe. I support discussing women, but whatever conclusions we come to on women doesn't change the fact that our team is team white.

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A dog, especially a male dog, is much better than a woman. Dogs are a man's best friend. Also, of course people treat dogs like commodities. They confine them to spaces and trade them, much like women and cattle.

Sisters and wives are evil. Daughters are parasites and also the root of much evil. A father should always have the right to marry off his daughter and legally be the owner of his wife and daughter. That's how it's always been and that's how it's supposed to be. The reason is nothing but to control evil. You make it sound like sisters, wives and daughters are not evil and so are white-knighting. It seems like you give women special treatment like a "good boy". You're completely brainwashed.

Female choice is FACTUALLY feminist bullshit and it leads to all kinds of evil in society. Some of this is outlined in the OP

Crazy-making isn't going to change FACTS or stop the patriarchy from returning. In fact, it's going to make people hate you more

there is a difference between beating and disciplining/spanking

Who is at fault? the addict or the Drug dealer. its both. Although since women are not responsible it is a good Idea to instill mental and physical disciple especially when it come to women.

Is there any way to track these shills down and minecraft them?

You see its shit like this is why I left MGTOW. It redpilled me on women, but its filled with incels cope-posting. Not to mention cringe.


This is really the reversed truth.men are the terrible evil in the world: Arab men in particular are ruthless.they are always out to humiliate women.they tame women as workhorses, just like the domesticated nigger monkeys.

Men are evil. They oppress women.

Anyway, that's just how it is. That's just normal.

How about we hijack it into becoming a legitimate woman question thread.

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Aren't you tired of them by now? I mean it is every two weeks, and this goat fucking faggot gets frantic in every one…starts talking about burning your mother's, sister, wives and daughters or torturing them if they won't fuck him. It gets old!

Oh right, I forgot we were all discussing women's farting and not serious issues of social oppression, discrimination and destruction.
Imagine calling people niggers, and being as ignorant as niggers about white history. Feminism began to take over in the late-19th century and the 19th amendment was one of the last changes of first-wave feminism. Other stuff that changed included

-property laws
-wife beating
-women in higher education
-women having careers

etc. Also your shaming, verbal abuse and false accusations are just proving how bad and illogical you really are. It really doesn't help you. Nothing can save you now.

Tribal competition is not nearly as bad or problematic as female nature. The main expansions by colonial powers were done by women especially Queen Victoria and Queens Isabella/Joanna of Spain. Most atrocities happened and began under them.

Men just live and let other live as well. Whenever there's a Queen in power there will likely be war and conflict. Men are peaceful because we are the image of god. The supreme beings. The prime rulers of the earth! We have a divine right to rule.

People have always lived in their own tribes since the beginning of history. No big problems there unless there's a queen in power.