USA would defeated Iran in a war in just TWO strikes

"“Could we win in a war with Iran?” PBS’ “Firing Line” host Margaret Hoover asked Cotton during a recent interview.

“Yes, two strikes,” Cotton said. “The first strike and the last strike.”"

Iran stands no chance, I dont understand why so many people are freaking out like it's this scary conflict. The US military is centuries and leags ahead of Iran.

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what the fuck is english?

No one other than Jews and their slaves are freaking out. The only reason to go to war with Iran would be to eradicate every shitskin from the Earth, ONLY after Israel had been marked as the most radioactive crater on Earth.

Because while they can 2 shot it, it would not be as (((profitable))) as sending all the white men to die for isreal, all the while putting blame on whites for all the new iranian refugees who are magically now jews allies despite jews having openly hating them for decades now.

I hope guerrillas pop out of the mountains at random, picking off as many zogbots as possible and disappear unscathed to do it again. Hell, I hope the U.S. starts a draft over this and it back fires turning into an all out civil war while half the military or more is gone preferably dead.

Oh and it is spelled leagues, you worthless shitskin redditnigger.

Then their sleepers blow up parts of our grid and the nigger wyle out, giving somebody else a chance to nuke israel

Just retire already… Fuck off moshe…

Kike free OP
Remember that the only people who are saying "muh baste Aryan Iranians" are shitskins and kikes.
Iran doesn't hate Jews. They hate Israel due to geopolitical reasons but they allow Jews to serve in parliament. Their position on Jews is as kiked as that of a leftist "anti-Zionist".

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Texas court already ruled that the draft needs to be for both genders in order to be enforced.



Two scopes

If you're trying to convince me that Iranian military still hasn't studied or prepared jack shit on how to fend off US invasion by now, I'm gonna laugh at you. I'm sure the US would win it, but if I had a nickel for every time a middle eastern war was sold on the idea that it would be done in a few weeks with minimal loss of American lives (yeah those 120,000 troops would just be deployed so they can enjoy popcorn or something, right?) and was totally gonna improve human rights or shit, I would have some solid spending money. Someone got that "Mission Accomplished" pic from George? Believe it or not I actually want Trump to make good on his promise to get the US out of this whole nation-building business and stupid foreign wars and entanglements.

There's no good reason to go to war in the first place, dumbass.

That means nukes which is the most pussified way ever to fight a war. The US is a loser in terms of war. Vietnam, (((war on terror))), Korea, Afghanistan etc…
The US is is great decline, shadowing the fall of the Roman Empire. One more war will cripple the US and cause it to fall from within. Maybe this is a good thing. Israel has done so much to weaken the US/West, the coffin nail is now Iran. Just like the years preceding WWI, a new multipolar world is emerging (Russia and China) are too powerful to be pushed around anymore - and the US is threatened by their power and modern advancement.

Gee,I wonder where all these anti-Iran threads could be coming from?

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You don't think Russia would come to their aid?

The puke-heebs are in fucking hysterics about Iran. Let's hope they do something stupid and get their teeth knocked down their throats.

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Tom Cotton is a bad joke.

when i talk to people in my real life 0% of them support military action against iran. when you turn on tv though it seems as if war is inevitable. you kikes are really pushing your luck and everyone is starting to see through your bullshit.

why are we supposed to hate iran again? because moshe goldstein says so thats why

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Every prediction I've ever heard before a war starts always ends up being like 10x the length

If it comes to being drafted to fight for the jews in Iran, or shooting up a synagogue, it's pretty obvious which would be the better choice.

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Mark this day; a TORnigger speaks the truth for once.

The draft requires a registry.
But a registry violates the Third Amendment.
The draft also compels Anons to political speech.
This compelled speech violates the First Amendment.

Don't be fooled.

Cut OP some slack. He's not a native English speaker.

Just so people know, this is a different torposter.

And it looks identical in format to other torposts on the topic.

Probably just a bot designed to look for posts about the draft.

Then go ahead and invade it.
See what happens.

My fucking sides. The constitution is just a piece of paper and the time for politics is over.

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Dear CIA, please die and stay dead. Another neocon war is the only thing that could cost Trump 2020.

No you cant faggot there is a thread for the constitution and a thread for the declaration of independence and nobody is in them because I am the only human poster besides Ron and the jew who larps as every race to make jew arguments.
Fuck of back to meguca.

All female draft when?

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That assumes that the US would only be fighting Iran and not Iran + Russia. Russia will oppose any attack on Iran the same way that the US would only oppose an attack on Saudi Arabia.

Both are real but only one seeks to protect the Germanic people.

Nice try schlomo. The only folks advocating any military action on Iran by the West are jews since they are the only group in the whole world who would benefit.

Gas yourself.

Sans the use of nuclear weapons or other WMDs, there is no stratagem which the United States can employ that will quickly break Iran you bloodthirsty yid.

Consider the following:

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This is a whole new level of cope.

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A real holocaust will never be made legal in a country that's 56%. Hitler will never be elected and he will never pass legislation. If you want the jews gone, they'll have to be physically removed and fuck the law.

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Imagine believing that the Constitution will prevent white genocide and the endless expansion of the nebulous concept of freedom

We don't need anything besides the 1st and 2nd Amendments to save the White Race.

You do realize you could go out and put a bullet into a muslim or jewish skull even if you didn't have a piece of paper giving you permission, right? We just watched an Australian shitposter do it 50 times.

This is now a neocon thread
Trump will give you the White ethnostate you voted for in 2016 if you vote for him again in 2020
Let's bomb Iran guize
t. Juden Shoahberg

>All these (((organic))) anti-Iran threads.
Whoo boy, I wonder if kikes and their useful idiots are trying to lay down the ground work for a war with Iran or something. Of what benefit could such a war possibly be to whites?

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we cant have a full scale invasion of Iran. there isnt enough support, our military is stretched too thin, and people (especially libniggers) dont understand how broken and mismanaged our forces really are. There wont be a draft because people would dodge it left and right and it would be a shitshow. This country is so fucked.

america is in to many wars as it is at this moment. were taking on more then we should. divide and concor

Divide and conquer what? We're losing territory to the bean horde every day, why should anyone care about the middle east? The sad thing is I really do believe the boomers will start this war. They need to give one last FUCK YOU to their kids before plummeting down into Hell.

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That time a Marine general led a fictional Iran against the US military – and won
In 2002, the U.S. military tapped Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper to lead the red opposing forces of the most expensive, expansive military exercise in history. He was put in command of an inferior Middle Eastern-inspired military force. His mission was to go against the full might of the American armed forces. In the first two days, he sank an entire carrier battle group.

The exercise was called Millennium Challenge 2002. It was designed by the Joint Forces Command over the course of two years. It had 13,500 participants, numerous live and simulated training sites, and was supposed to pit an Iran-like Middle Eastern country against the U.S. military, which would be fielding advanced technology it didn't plan to implement until five years later.

The war game would begin with a forced-entry exercise that included the 82nd Airborne and the 1st Marine Division.

When the Blue Forces issued a surrender ultimatum, Van Riper, commanding the Red Forces, turned them down. Since the Bush Doctrine of the period included preemptive strikes against perceived enemies, Van Riper knew the Blue Forces would be cominfor him. And they did.

But the three-star general didn't spend 41 years in the Marine Corps by being timid. As soon as the Navy was beyond the point of no return, he hit them and hit them hard. Missiles from land-based units, civilian boats, and low-flying planes tore through the fleet as explosive-ladened speedboats decimated the Navy using suicide tactics. His code to initiate the attack was a coded message sent from the minarets of mosques at the call to prayer.

In less than ten minutes, the whole thing was over and Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper was victorious.

How did 19 ships and some 20,000 U.S. troops end up at the bottom of the Persian Gulf? It started with the OPFOR leadership. Van Riper was the epitome of the salty Marine Corps general officer. He was a 41-year veteran, both enlisted and commissioned, serving everywhere from Vietnam to Desert Storm. Van Riper attended the Marine Corps Amphibious Warfare School, The College of Naval Command and Staff, Army War College, and the Army's Airborne and Ranger Schools.

n fact, the three-star general had been retired for some five years by the time he led the Red Forces of Millennium Challenge. He was an old-school Marine capable of some old-school tactics and has insisted that technology cannot replace human intuition and study of the basic nature of war, which he called a "terrible, uncertain, chaotic, bloody business."

When Van Riper told the story of Millennium Challenge to journalist Malcolm Gladwell, he said the Blue Forces were stuck in their own mode of thinking. Their vastly superior technology included advanced intelligence matrices and an Operational Net Assessment that told them where the OPFOR vulnerabilities were and what Van Riper was most likely to do next out of a range of possible scenarios. They relied heavily on that. When the Blue took out Red's microwave towers and fiber optics, they expected his forces to use satellite and cell phones that could be monitored.

Not a chance. Van Riper instead used motorcycle couriers, messages hidden in prayers, and even coded lighting systems on his airfields — tactics employed during World War II.

"I struck first," he said in " Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking," written by Gladwell in 2005. "We did all the calculations on how many cruise missiles their ships could handle, so we simply launched more than that."

In fact, Van Riper hated the kind of analytical decision making the Blue Forces were doing. He believed it took far too long. His resistance plan included ways of getting his people to make good decisions using rapid cognition and analog but reliable communications.

The other commanders involved called foul, complaining that a real OPFOR would never use the tactics Van Riper used — except Van Riper's flotilla used boats and explosives like those used against the USS Cole in 2000.

"And I said 'nobody would have thought that anyone would fly an airliner into the World Trade Center,'" Van Riper said in reply. "But nobody [in the exercise] seemed interested."

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Every citizen who's gone to college is registered. Even women now for like 4 years

Also there's a pro-iran war thread up filled with kike lovers

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Iran has missiles that can sink aircraft carriers.

Iran has one of the world's best anti-aircraft defense systems/

The United States military will take some hits if they go into Iran.

But they could probably win.

What then?
Decades of fighting guerrillas to prop up a puppet government.

No muzzies were harmed in the making of this movie.

Somebody gave them the go ahead if they can convince the public.

I doubt they will be able to.

If the US and Iraq do go to war, there can only be one winner, can't there? Maybe not. This summer, in a huge rehearsal of just such a conflict - and with retired Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper playing Saddam - the US lost. Julian Borger asks the former marine how he did it

Go be #51 please

Whoa there sport, you want your opium radioactive? Although… from a chemical warfare perspective…

Q told me to trust the plan and all I got was this lousy draft notice.

We have to invade to see what’s in it

Iran would decimate an invasion force. Kikes and their golems, the (((USA))), will get their ass kicked.
Threadly reminder that the only nations in the whole world who benefit from an invasion of Iran by the kiked USA/Israel coalition are Israel itself, and Saudi Arabia. No other nations benefit from this.

No worries. Shlomi Shekelgruber will make a poll that tells people their idiot neighbors favor war.

Q told you from the beginning Iran and North Korea were owned by the CIA deepstate.
Q told you from the beginning that (You) can do regime change.

Q1558 Free Iran!!!
Regime change.
People have the power.
We stand with you.

sage for war shill thread

Have no fear; Ole mammy Pickaninny will win that war for Israel!

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The SNCO and NCO will be the hammer that crushes the jewish skull, not the officer.

Detecting sarcasm isn't your forte, is it?

What the fuck is with all these street shitters posting in their barely-English dialect? Is Jimbo hiring shitskins to keep the content rolling along?

What the journalists fail to mention was that the Blue force had to reset and enforce constraints on the scenario was because of limitations and bugs in the simulation. For example, Blue force had to turn off their missile defense systems because of bugs/limitation of the sim they were attacking civilian traffic. Blue was forced into a position they would never be in real life. Red force was abusing bugs in the sim software, allowing them to mount missiles on platforms that could never support them (ie, motorboats, Cessnas, etc).

An honest person who's interested in reality could have googled it and learned the truth in a few minutes. Someone who cares about reality as opposed to consuming propaganda to feel good and fit into Zig Forums would have had questioned such a strange outcome of a US vs Iran wargame and tried to research it.

just like the USA won in Afghanistan right OP you dumb fucking nigger?

Arabs are INCREDIBLY bad at modern warfare. This is not my opinion or something I regurgitated from a propaganda blog / youtube channel, this is something which is commonly reported on by military historians and American servicemen writing about the problems they have trying to advise and train Arab allies.

Culturally and structurally they are incapable of modern warfare. Juniors lying to superiors is commonplace, officers corps are a joke across the board, morale of enlisted is non-existent, corruption everywhere, training is bad, and they struggle with logistics and maintenance except for the simplest systems. Any time an Arab army has had success it's only been after a huge push from the government and a huge amount of rote planning.

It doesn't matter if Iran has access to Russian missile systems; unless the Russians are literally operating them and building the AD strategy for Iran they will be entirely useless. The Iranians will either turn them on to get immediately destroyed by anti-radar missiles or turn them off so they won't get destroyed. Expecting an Arab army to actually build, maintain and plan a modern, advanced layered air defense system is frankly laughable. An S-300 in Iran is only for there for propaganda, it'll just be another target to be blown up in an actual war.

I'm not the OP, but it's incredibly obvious that the US crushed the Taliban, ejected them from power and installed a client state in its place. What leads you to believe this didn't happen?

Suppose you've never seen rpg mounted in a baby stroller, or cannon vespa or machine gun horse carrige.

They are
Iranians also are not arabs you twat

They're virtually Arab at this point.

That totally explains why they are still there.

Persians are actually high-IQ in comparison to their Arabian neighbors. Pre-Khomeini Iran looked like any other Westernized holiday destination. Resorts, swimming pools, shopping centers, etc. Go check out some photos of Iran prior to the 80's.

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They don't even control 1/2 the country after 18 years, the taliban is still there, and the USA is still there. In what universe is this a win? In what universe is the 6 trillion dollar investment being paid back? If we stay there another 100 years, do you think it will be a 'win' ? Your definition of winning is

1. enemy still alive, controlling massive swathes of the country
2. an enormous and highly disproportionate use of resources fighting over essentially worthless desert in and landlocked strategicaly irrelevant country

The only ones who 'won' in Afghanistan was China, Russia and Pakistan who loves having uncle sam shovel piles of cash at it to keep it's logistical line alive

It's like saying we 'won' in Vietnam since we won lots and lots of fire fights, except, we were ultimate ejected from the country, and the second we finally pull out from Afghanistan, that puppet government will collapse.

RPGs are not threats to US Navy destroyers and aircraft carriers. The Red force was mounting 6,000lbs missiles (Termits) on motorboats for example. There's simply no way a motorboat would actually float carrying one, forget about actually firing it.

MANDATORY READING's_spiritual_home

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It took us 15 years and 5 trillion dollars to "win" in Iraq, and the country is still a clusterfuck. What do you think would happen in Iran, a country which is 4 times bigger and has the support of Russia? We would have to spend 10% of our GDP for decades to occupy it.

And it's not going to stop unless there are more Bowers and Earnests.

Maybe some ppl dont want american soldiers to die in wars for "Greater" israel. Regardless of how "easy" it will be… you are in the military right?

Imagine being so impotent that you can only think of replaying the most basic bitch strategy instead of letting your citizens do what they do best.

Stay mad bluefag. Me and my
will ruin your day.


You also have to consider the geopolitical importance of the sea route and how any disruption there will impact the global economy. The primary danger of this war isn't purely about Iran, it's the rippling effects it'll trigger in other geopolitical hot-spots. For instance I predict the South China Sea will explode into conflict weeks to months after an Iran war starts. Not to mention if anyone has been eyeing for a major move (originally suicidal to consider), would seize on the opportunity when the U.S is thinning out resources dealing with multiple conflicts at the same time.

An escalating mess that risks reaching WWIII levels.

Ho ho..didn't you hear? Pakistan cut off the logistical line of supply when Obongo bombed the Taliban in Pakistan. The supply line they use for Afghanistan is much more interesting than that. Gas for US military vehicles is like $300-$400 a gallon in Afghanistan. It's been like this for 8 years or more now. Shit's coming by rail from the Netherlands….kek

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Saging jewish thread.


Neck yourself kike lover.

Iranians listed as Asians
Iranians listed as Asians,_California#Demographics
History of the Iranian Americans in Los Angeles

Over the years, the Iranian community expanded across Southern California, with large numbers settling in Beverly Hills, the San Fernando Valley, Irvine and greater Orange County, as well as the Inland Empire.

Having lived in California ,myself, I found many areas that were truly based, not LA, not San Fran, but California has a massive rural population, and in many areas at the time it was like the old west, Wyatt Erap type days. However having lived in Irvine, one of the most based and safest cities in all of California, there were so many Iranian -Americans it seemed to be they planned and founded the entire city…………. and I met a lot of them, nice people, most of them become doctors, and I've met a lot of guys where they are in their 9th year of college education seeking placement nationwide as doctors.

Jews on the other hand? bottom feeders, making porn, dealing drugs, involved in all of the traditional vice trades.

Bump for fully explanatory whys.






agreed, jew rule is crazy and scary

the real reason why (((Trump))) got elected was so he could create a war with Iran.

ISIS = Israel's Shitty Intelligence Sockpuppets

If an Iranian calls himself "Persian" then he's an Iranian jew. Most LA Iranians are jews.

When the fuck will something happen? Is Trump just waiting till everyone forgets that it was Israel that sent the 'intelligence' about an (((imminent Iranian attack)))? Are US troops being moved yet? Are there any military movements going on at all along both sides?
Sage for halfchan OP

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There are lots of little small cold conflicts around the world that neither sides want to make hot because of fear of (((international intervention))). Examples:
Lots of countries have territorial disputes that would in the past be settled with war, but no one wants to look bad in front of the (((international community))) and possibly get fucked up by the UN (read: the US). With an all-out war in Iran the attention of everyone would be diverted away, and these impotent countries might feel free to finally get their rocks off with some sweet invasions

as if it wouldn't have happened with Hillary.

This plan has been the works for decades.


If Africa was the cradle of civilization why, after so many years of free white money, are they still ooga'd

That sea near Iran is a primary shipping lane for oil exports and any nation which depends on receiving imports from the area will be economically impacted. These impacts will ripple out thanks to globalization of markets.

There's also the issue of China acquiring a portion of their oil from Iran (which will be disrupted regardless if sea or land delivered). Combine that with the pressure of the trade war, and the strategic value of dominating the South China Sea (both in terms of natural resources and sea trade routes there); you can get the picture what China and other Asian nations might end up doing to compensate. Territorial conflicts will flare up big time.

Also this: If the U.S is tied up with the Iran war and thin themselves out, other nations with grudges will exploit that.

I think Trump is all fucked up.

On one hand he really wants to get reelected. But he won't if he stumbles into a catastrophe

On the other hand he's got jews like Sheldon Rumplestiltskin Adelson up his ass demanding full out nuclear war with Iran

On the other hand he's got his daughter and Jared who are functionally insane with greed and arrogance and delusions of grandeur.