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I went outside and filmed muslims without their permission. And some other people.

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Lmao. You're singlehandedly going to get some law against this passed. 10/10 work great job in my opinion. Keep making those non Europeans as uncomfortable in public as they make others.


thanks user

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You must be a nigger , only low iq tyrones do this stupid shit

I know, that's why we're encouraging him

You're that same jew that keeps calling people niggers for anything other than being a low T cuck. kill yourself.

keep trying. it's getting better. not gonna lie your artistic still shots are boring. surveillance camera man is a classic, every video can be watched multiple times, yours not so much. keep bugging shitskins and homeless/visual crazy people and talk a little less

Hope OP has a good dental medical plan.

This isn't about IQ it's about middle eastern culture being extremely aggressive. Black Europeans are docile, but if that were an african american things would have gone down very differently, even though african americans are more white than EU niggers.

lol this

atleast youre honest anons. ill still love you for that.

yes, yes, my teeth getting kicked in etc etc.

Sandniggers have no concept of human rights. They have no concept of public spaces and freedom of press.

Also can see your face around 3:20 in the experiment 2 honk nation video. Also please stop making these videos if you're not going to apologise to people afterwards

It 1:48 sounds like turkeys at feeding time

Keep rocking that boat, man.

something about these people made me feel really sad. I just skimmed through, didnt listen, not sure what the point of this video is but their body language really bummed me out.

The pizza guy was at least cool.

"look for work"

Guy on the moped is a fucking white knight.

White knight on moped picks up fatty. You did a public service.

The rock climbers are a little weird at first but. Then they are cool.

Remarkably about about half of the people are cool with it.

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You are correct user. There is no such thing as a 'black european'.

That's a really long way of saying niggers user

So what does this have to do with politics? We're all against Jewish surveillance already, you're preaching to the choir.

Every single guy he goes to talk in the street is a foreign entity does not talk english.

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Check out russians being confronted by their own asshole driving on cameras
These are people with an actual message, calling drivers out for being fucks. While i dont agree with putting stickers on their windows, this is the kind of public shaming that needs to be brought bacl against unapologetic scofflaws.

Probably becaue you can't imagine not haviong dreams or goals or absolute self-autonomy. These people are barely people. Like dumb kids kept in the house for their whole lives with no books for any learnan.

Amazes me how many fags get this buttmad at these threads they go whining to the mods to get it taken down lol, this is Zig Forums related and if you don't think it is then you're not from this board, plain and simple

Pretty funny.

Asian guys were a bit weirded out but moved along quickly and mind their business.

Curly blond haired extremely photogenic guy at around 15 minutes doesn't seem to mind being filmed.

I'd dick her down OP. you missed your opportunity

Thanks for making content, user, and thanks for posting it on Zig Forums as it shows that there are some of us out there actually doing something. You have my support. Have a bump.

Holy shit OP this is GOLD. Thank you!!!!