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I dont know how much time you guys have. Something is going on related to Iran. I dont know what is being planned. One of my longtime close friends who was a field agent with me years ago reached out to me to get food then take family to our cabin. He is now the sectional chief of one of eastern regions.

I am just a field agent. I dont know if a 9/11 2.0 coverup is being planned within the FBI. He wouldnt tell me any details just said to skip town then head straight to our cabin where we used to hunt back in the day. He said he couldnt tell me any details because it would put my life in danger. So here I am telling you guys because I know most of you are good people.

I dont know what is about to happen. Im guessing it has something to do with the upcoming Iran war though.

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google.com/maps/place/Dollar Tree/@47.3565393,-122.1151944,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x54905fa111900879:0xcf341ace22865df5!8m2!3d47.3565238!4d-122.1154859

yeah well, good news, hopefully an EMP will happen, globally

I need moar user

That is some weird video…

however video is out of sync, at 0:29 is the actual beginning, when it all goes to black. living on the cape I've seen this numerous times, what you are seeing is a bight time missile launch, with a low ceiling of cloud c over, and the video is widely out of sync for dramatic effect..
OP is playing games

night time

Not your blog.
If you don't understand the history of Israel forcing America into their war agenda and it being sold to US presidents towards the end of their term, enticing them with the prospect of tradition reelecting a sitting president during wartime, you're a fucking moron.

Q larp level bullshit anons.
Shilver me timbers ANONS it's the FBI

Fucking hell man. We're all literally waiting for them to pull a false flag. We know it's gonna happen. What an absurd state of affairs, they can't keep this sort of shit running forever.

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Looks like a thunder-storm.

99% sure that's a substation arcing.


here some electrical videos. A sustained arc, night, foggy => video, and that's why the power is all flickering.

Hurr durr, fbi user. Since you dont know whats going on, I will fill in blanks. The united states will go to war with iran. It has to happen and cannot be avoided because… the jews need to build a third temple in Jerusalem. The first was destroyed by nebuchdnezzer, the second was destroyed by titus, then the muslims built a whole mosque on the site in 807 ad. That mosque has to go. Cant have a jew temple and sacrifice animals daily, have temple prostitution with a big mosque on the side of the building. So the mosque has to go. But it cant. The muslims are too dedicated to it. It is after all the al aqsa mosque, the farthest mosque, or dajaal canary. So the jews have to have goyim destroy iran so iran is too busy with goyim to worry about jews removing the mosque. Jews will remove the mosque build the third temple, then moschiah comes. Thats probably jared kushner by the way. Kushner is signed on the dotted line to offer Palestinians to move to egypt, but will ultimately be saudi arabia, which will get Venezuelan oil in exchange for accepting Palestine and Africans and later chinese. Of course the whole problem is, nobody wants to go to war with iran, but the jews are known foremost with creating conditions which cause people to act. So what would cause USA to attack iran with any support? They need a good solid draft, while the men are gone they can rape the country, so how to get all the men out of country? It would have to be bigger than 9/11. Ahhhhh, you see, now if youre actually real youd understand that this supposed friend of yours is no friend at all but an enemy of your people, an enemy of all people, the weak who benefit from the misery of others. If you were a real man, youd know what to do.

ships incoming!!!

Hey gods chosen. Wat it do? We good times doin righteous n sheeit wif our godbless life yea? You daer happinin wif squak n such, n i jus cater tolls ya begs. It what our creator meant fer us doh allong yea, cuz we be chozen and unchozen for to make bear worl where do same for ever n ever never, cuz god said frum da talumudahara. I knows us am n am shiz, iz be amin my fukin o all dat not fuckin i am, herd? Aight dens. Peace n love n forgjved mah faif, praise abes n hishit, befor absolute yeh?

hopefully Iran can nuke the jews before the lights go out on them

What is happening in the video? Also, did you guys look into the reports on pedos posting actual CP on /b2/? I'm getting sick of stumbling across that degenerate shit.

I ask god that an user flys the b2s and diverts course to vaporize that spot everyday. It would dramatically alter human consciousness in only one instant, necessarily, due to its implication

Under Julian the Apostate, Roman Emperor they were permitted to start work on the third but it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Quality larp, not even gonna sage

Ww3 is happening bruh, if you are where youre at, you are complicit. Gather intel, doc, distro, or neck it up, your fates already secure m8.


quality post despite the OP being shit, it's actually pretty funny how ignorant people are about the third temple and al aqsa

nice try ZOG

Oh look, another electric transformer on fire, this be EMP shill.
Sage this shit


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Transformers don't float like 50 feet in the air. Check that altitude you fucking idiot.

Breddy sure that was more than 50 ft

Reminds me of close encounters footage

I'm just saying. That must be on an invisble fucking mountain lmao

Please watch Ryan Dawson's most recent livestream, they talk about how the U.S. would need to re-institute the draft in order to get enough men for a war in Iran. It will definitely require another false flag to start this one, so even though OP is LARPing, he's probably only got the date wrong.

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A "false flag" wouldn't work, only a real flag.

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We have plenty of women we can send to defend the ZOG.


I wish OP had thrown aliens into his LARP…would have been more fun, know what I mean, jelly bean?
He is doing the seig heil and everything.

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Cant wait to see our frontlines with all the baste minorities wahmen and dilating trannies

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Time to become a conscientious objector.

Aliens would be fun yeah.


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I forgot to mention this video came across my desk this week as well. Why do you guys send these?

They are obviously fake

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Why would we send you videos of reptilians, when glowniggers ARE the reptilians?

I dont know this kid kept sending in reptilian videos. I was asked to investigate if he was schizo.

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The world will end when someone finally decides to use an EMP blast. Nobody needs to die in a nuclear blast for it to end society as we know it. It is coming soon? Are you all ready for the apocalypse?

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I've never seen anybody go full glownigger chosen before.

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Ah, Michael Collins Piper. Dead mysteriously at age 54, and no autopsy was even done. If you aren't on a hit list, you aren't doing enough.

I can imagine tens of millions of people trying to google how to survive an EMP after an EMP.

hey cia are you /lucifersguys/?

You should be careful if you really are fed, jews are the masters of the bureau. They will abuse and use any of you to the point of death if it accomplishes their goals and obscures the fact that theyre jews. Its really not a trust worthy environment. For your honor, you should resign asap. This clown world is going to fall apart soon. What is coming, especially in the united states, is going to be pretty life or death. If you dont maneuver now to isolate yourself, you will be folded up into the controlled forces. The people of the united states do not want the fbi. At some point, theyre going to wipe you out


in lieu of first instinct on reading this:

lmao compliance rates of citizenry would drop to the lowest levels ever seen. Last estimate for compliance in draft scenarios was around 2% of the population.

You get it.


To be fair, how would you survive in a post EMP society? Grocery stores wouldn't be stocked, it would take days to walk to places you could reach in a few hours by now dead cars, and you'd have to survive using what you already own/your non-technological skills.

Ill OCCUPY your time tho, lets do. Youve thought your method could be separated from it's purpose. Time you've utilised to sequester more of the same without acknowledging your participation in it. How's it workin out? I mean, gods chosen to rule over that they depend on to be chosen is tricky, or necessarily trickery no? We've not intellect to overcome here, only acceptance. Ya feels? Well, us too. Dont have to be ignorant divisiveness foreves as if it could. (It cant). Dont matter who we claim as a man or promulgating perpetuos of source if we've not touched it ourselves. We are we, i am that i am, and you and i are occupying time belonging to our rest (of others). It wont end, when ur means devoid.

another obvious bot

No one who went into a draft ever thought ahead about it or wanted to go when it came, they just happen, thats what a draft is, they take a bunch of people who dont want to go to war and they send them to war. drafting yourself, in a war against the foreign power that has occupied and undermined all law and decency, thats the real way to handle a draft, youre going to go die overseas anyways, why not die for something more important, like slaying the queen bee…

if johnny fucking popo wasn't in my neighborhood I could shoot deer in the head damn near every day with a 22 rifle, fuck ton of wild life where I live, I'd be just fine.

You don't fucking say.

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Im flattered. Only hope to reach tay someday

You think the police would stop you from hunting in the apocalypse???

My gods. He's ascended.

Yeah, that's why they went into a draft.

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Most people won't. Military studies put the death toll at over 85% of the population would die. That being said, if you don't already have the skills necessary to survive, you don't get to make mistakes after the happening. Even a small injury after happening is likely fatal.

So you have two options. Research, practice, get prepared, etc., or just keep a length of rope laying around to neck yourself, a loaded gun to put in your mouth, etc.

The jews will stop him, after they get world government. One of the noachide laws is prohibition of flesh from living animals, which seems innocuous but can be jew-stretched to mean no meat, or no shooting/stabbing of animals. Violation of this is punishable by decapitation and may be according to 2 witnesses and administered by goys. Maimonides law of kings.

haha holy shit hope you know this tripped me out you guys are mind readers. anyone who reads this plz know ur thoughts r not private the cia has mind readers who are possibly benevolent

Found the town.

Covington, Washington.
Bad implications that something weird would be happening here.
"Iran" related more like China related.

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still fuck u glownigger

Take note of the precipitation in the video as well as the store signs. It matches up 100%. That right there is the filming location.

does anyone have that video where kikes in israel are staging and faking an injured guy in a bunch of rubble?


There it is, WG. The laws that seperate you from this discussion, or the nature you're bound to i gather? Would you beneficiently explain then for us goy? We seek truth just as you.


Possible related incident that would cause electrical arc visible in the air.

OP's video doesn't really pair with the incident in the news here however, the weather conditions seem to have several noticeable disparities.

Here bruh:

The windstorm also took place at like 8 in the morning and OP's video is clearly set in the evening.

BPA Covington Substation

My god, ZOG is real!

He's looking North East. The substation is South West of his position.

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no, they police would be irrelevant then. what I am saying is I could shoot a deer in my subdivision tonight were it not for the police, a 22 scoped rifle to the head is fatal. Hell I'd eat a squirrel or a rabbit but if you cook 65 lbs of deer meat in one go it's going to feed a family for 2-3 weeks, fresh water, not a problem, frankly nothing would be a problem, except marauding spics and nigger hordes, Yet there is a solution to that also, I'd love to see an EMP, and I hope China, Russia who the fuck ever does it but on a global scale. I'd eat shit that would make a billy goat puke.

reminder, when america was once america instead of kike world.

Nope. Not at all. Covington Credit (the only sign visible) operates out of the south.


Not Covington WA.

Check the ending of the video. Also it's in reverse the ending is the beginning.

google.com/maps/place/Dollar Tree/@47.3565393,-122.1151944,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x54905fa111900879:0xcf341ace22865df5!8m2!3d47.3565238!4d-122.1154859

Sorry for the cookies or whatever but for expediency. At the beginning of the vid you can see the bright yellow subway sign next to the donut shop.

At the end you can see the Dollar Tree safeway etc etc
IDK if that sign actually says Covington CREDIT but that's a good call, and very interesting.

Mossad is going to set off a nuke on American soil and blame it on Iran. They are literally going to blow up an entire western city.This is the ONLY play the have to get what they wan ie: THE JEW WORLD ORDER

We just need to make liberal-leftists understand this before US gets into the war

Yeah as best I can make it out. Green logo. Also the parking lot in OP is 2-3x the size of the one you mapped.

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