The American Identity Movement

Hi \pol/. I’m a representative from AIM, also known as the American Identity Movement. We are the only genuine dissident right organization that you will find in the U.S., unfortunately, as all the others (Vanguard America, Patriot Front) are either compromised or have bad faith ambitions that ultimately involve violence. We seek to retake America through nonviolence in the way that MLK did for his people. Originally called Identity Evropa, our leader Patrick Casey rebranded to get away from the stigma associated with the former. We have made strides since, both online and in near space, but we could always use new recruits who can and will do whatever it takes to help us reach our goal of saving western civilization.

Join us!:

If not, you can also donate:

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America will be brown

I legitimately think a Jew could convince itself that 2 + 2 = 5.

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the more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn't help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged, they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters, and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn't help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The Jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn't remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.

How does A.I.M compare to Patriot Front?

AIM’s ideology is mostly paleoconservatism, America First nationalism and right-wing populism. Faith, family, folk. Western values. Etc. PF are known for being malcontent Nazis who make normal white Americans look bad with their optics.

Another question. I understand that your group has had several leaks which have been reported, it would seem you have been infiltrated by lefties, what is Patrick Casey doing to make sure this does not continue?

Yes, we had some issues with ANTIFA infiltrating (Alex Stein for one) but it’s been resolved. We found out who they were (about 9 of them) and are actually pressing charges. We cannot disclose the specifics as of yet, but expect something big on that end.

Nice try antifa journo, kindly fuck yourself and quit larping. You've already LARPed as anti-capitalists when you showed your true colors by endorsing BK.








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Burger King? We prefer McDonald’s, fam.

Nice ID, but they're trolling you. It's just Antifa larping as them in an attempt to smear them.

Nice DACA trips!
Speaking of which, many people on Zig Forums want to know how they can turn their DACA into American citizenship. Do you know?

Kill yourself with your wife's husband's big black dick, niggercuck.

Good. If you have indeed gotten rid of all the infiltrators I can consider joining. One last question, do you have many members in Southern California?


You do not care about the poor nor do you care about capitalism. You're a collective of posers who pretend to be someone that they're not. It's no surprise considering that you pretend to LARP as women too.

Yes, but we won’t give numbers.

We care about ALL normal Americans regardless of class. Class is a communist cope and we’re not wignats, so no we’re not communists.

LOL, context?


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We think giving endless aid to Israel while depriving our own citizens is suicidal and revealing of a larger agenda, but we don’t see anything wrong with Israel being a sovereign state.

The context is that the user is antifa trying to roleplay as an AIM member. Not only do antifa trannies pretend to be white nationalists, they also pretend to be women.


Thanks for the info.

Just go mulatto, be American

Waste of trips. If you want to do something good for your people, get yourself some followers within this group and break away to form a new one that isn't co-opted. Patrick Casey is a faggot and a coward.

So you're a bunch of based fashy shabbos goys? You're a faggot and a coward as well. SAGE


The reason why they didn't answer your question is because all leftists are fake people who have no coherent form of identity. They will never make a difference because they are no different from whom they criticize.

You’re spreading a lie made up by wignats. Kill yourself, asshole.

Kill yourself kike.

Fuck you nigger.

says the tranny

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At this point ANYTHING that is not an actual DNA-based Jew is okay with me. Literally, anything.

Would you be fine with a nigger or chink?

Take this shit to 4/pol/, alt-kike.

The only liar here is you, leftist. From your gender to your stance on capitalism. Do everyone a favor and kill yourself.

I said anything.

The only group that actually gets it regarding optics.

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Nice job outing yourself even further. Not only are you fucking stupid, you also have shitty taste in media too. Are you one of those drooling retards who spend hours binge-watching crappy shows like GoT?


1 shekel has been deposited to your account.

Your taste in media is trash and it's reflective of your ideology as a whole; fake and gay.


LOL, No.

Okay but

I unbanned you to ask following
Do you support war with Iran?

LMAO, I bet you're a dork who adopted his "anti-capitalism" stance from watching Cyberpunk media.


This alt-kike glownigger thread is still being bumped?


so suicide for you then. Black.

What time is it in Shanghai and how is your Social Credit, DingDong

You're not going to find recruits for your controlled opposition group. You are self-admitted Zionists. I'm not saying that standard political activism has no value, but we're going to mainly have to take our lands back from us through the barrel of a gun, the same way our ancestors took these lands in the first place.

Knives, rope, pipes, bats, rocks, bottles, teeth, feet, icepicks, crowbars, and fists also work if you can't get your hands on a boomboom.

this is more proof you should be killed. i'll gladly help antifa and White cops do that.

Wow you people are unhinged. Glad to say that we’ve received 3 new applications though, so thanks!

America is not an Aryan nation. Never was. Give up on your idea of America being a "White man's land" because it's not. America is not your friend. Aryans have no representation in any government on earth. Think about that. Every other race has a homeland except Aryan people.
"American" isn't even a race. It represents "everyone" meaning it represents no one.


Don't forget about gasoline.

Civcucks like OP are the only pussies that get beat up by scrawny mentally ill drug addict Antifa faggots, anyways.

Go ahead and give up, Moishe, should have posted this faggotry on 4/pol/ or /r/the_donald instead.

"American" means a white person who is from America.

Are you really scared of duhhh jooooos?

t. oil driller, Thomas Jefferson

America was pozzed from the start with it's (((Christian equality))) meme. This current environment was a foregone conclusion and it's been a steady slide downhill from the moment the (((founding documents))) were signed by the race traitors.

I'll sayit again, America is not an Aryan nation.

I am in Colorado.

No, we're not scared of you kikes. You're not invincible, there are far more of us than there are of you, and it will only take a small percentage of us to completely eradicate the jewish bloodline on earth.

Well, the revolution was mainly funded by a kike banker, so I'm sure the United States has always been a kiked entity. Even so, it was founded on nationalism, the first immigration law signed by George Washington specifically banned non-Europeans from becoming US citizens. The words "all men are created equal" are just that, meaningless words. It's also possible that Thomas Jefferson being a nigger lover was simply a smear campaign. I reject the liberal values the United States was founded on, and that is why this entity must be destroyed, but the land itself reclaimed for our race.


Lol cringe

You do realize the vast majority of this board's regular users will be shooting in your direction within a few years, correct?

To any anons about to post on this thread, don't forget to sage. OP is a faggot, and seems to thin that he is shilling on 4/pol/.

To any anons about to post on this tread, don't forget to sage. OP is a faggot who seems to forget that this isn't 4/pol.–Hemings_controversy#1998_DNA_study
America is not Aryan land, Europe is Aryan land. America belongs to its native peoples (non-Aryans). Europeans coming to America was a huge mistake. Yes, we made impressive gains in America by some metrics, but we lost our collective soul and now our women are openly being whores and racemixing while Europe burns and is being continuously sacked by the muslim invaders.

SAGes negated

You kike faggots who are attacking OP and thinking a sage counts as a downvote should all be doxed and killed. I will rape all your relatives.

Kiss my ass. This thread shouldn't be bumped because OP is a self admitted civnat, and a self admitted Zionist, and this is what the "American Identity Movement" stands for. I'd like to think that most of us on 8/pol/ don't fall for MIGAPede ideology.

You're a homo, this entire planet belongs to the white man.

Subversive (((fellow Whites))) like you are always the ones who always create internal divisions and start brother wars.
Daily reminder that Hitler was not pro-Aryan, he was pro-German, which is why so many Aryans died during the war.
Aryans only belong on European soil and anyone who is not Aryan should leave peacefully while there is still time to escape unharmed.

Fuck off faggot I’m tired of this shit

>Oy, (((my fellow whites))), abandon all the beautiful and resource rich lands that your ancestors fought and died for and leave them behind for the mongrels and shitskins, just because. I'm definitely not a glownigger kike shill.

Ugh we whites deserve replacement

You faggots are a pure, unbridled embarrassment that our stone-cold, faustian, war-hardened ancestors would spit upon.

You let yourselves become so massively shakened and utterly intimidated by antifa soyboys and journos that you changed your entire branding hoping it would fix everything, making yourselves look like massive fools and try-hards in the process. You deserve the laughter and ridicule the left throws your way.

I was tempted to call y’alls AIDS, but it would be an unfair analogy given that it’s far more productive than your polo social club.

If you want to save your race, start preparing for war. Regardless of what one may think of voting and democratic activism, this particular group has gone full civnat Zionist. They are not a pro-white organization. There is no point in shilling it here.

Demoralization makes us stronger. WHITE POWER

Couldn't have said it better myself, this thread is filled with kikery.

I'm not giving up hope, in fact, I know for certain that shit is about to go down, and if we recruit, organize and prepare it will certainly go down in our favor.

Oh yeah something’s definitely going down as a result of recruiting and organizing your altright “pool parties”. It’s gonna involve eager dudes and a lot of lube.

Dress code: polos and ONLY polos

everyone in this thread is taking a dump on it, but twiddling your fingers and shouting race war this kill israel that aren't going out in numbers and committing slaughters. You people are just spiking the punch bowl with laxatives to leave and even bigger brown smear all over the face of your nation. grow up, read a book, and consider that doing something, even if it's not putting jews in mass graves, is better than bullshit.

ya know who's gonna have the infrastructure to fuck your shit up with numbers when shit hits the fan? it sure as hell aint gonna be you larpers that couldn't hold a conversation at a pool party if you tried.

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AIDS: kills faggots

AIM: enables faggotry (not to mention perpetual confusion with a red nigger group lmaooo)


Without directed, group efforts, there will only be moments of violent derangement, whether real or manufactured, to assault the public image of those upholding the positions. To win the battle of hearts and minds, make weapons of the cellphone and closed circuit. Individuals must gather in clusters, hives, upholding their ideals and doing so in accordance with the morality of the majority of media consumers. Regimes which had been monsterous for years, decades even, have repeatedly been toppled by the live broadcast of the same actions. With this in mind, the clusters of actors must act, when together, as paragons, bringing change at the local level in the way of, essentially, community service. Multiple clusters in conjunction, having won the affection of their homes, must then work together in efforts to change the culture, still pristine in conduct one and all. This generates, by it's own accord even without active efforts to disseminate, a drive in like minded people to emulate you, causing the autonomous generation of new clusters. You must know your brothers-in-arms in your local clusters, trust them implicitly, be willing to bet your life on them. The way to foster this is found in part in these joint goals, but are bolstered by efforts to improve the self as individuals, in both body and mind. Make gym Bros your brothers in arms, make brothers in arms your gym Bros. Discuss literature, media, philosophy. Develop earnest connections. Let your cluster be a family. Develop plans, execute them. Make the space you occupy a beautiful one. Make your mind and body a temple. And in this way you will generate an army of free agents, to wage the war of the liberation of our species. And know that if you have won the heart of your homes, they will cry out if any subterfuge, sabotage, black bagging, or terrorism will not be swept under the rug. If you inspire a people, you make a nation of them

You must trust your cluster, and know ones nearby. Become informal chapters of a global lodge bound together by a genuine cause

what does this mean? are you joking?

it's really hard being that dumb.

In the context of deposed regimes, it means non-violence and nonlethal violence. If your conduct is plainly monstrous to public perception, you will have lost the war of hearts and minds from the very beginning.

The last AIM thread

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dropped! fuck you kikes!

What is the AIM stance on allowing dual citizenship for American citizens? For or against? As it stands, one can get citizenship from another nation while not needing to renounce American citizenship, assuming the other country allows dual citizenship, ala Israel.

WNs should not be confomists.

I'm all for non violence, but wasn't MLK one of the snipers who took out JFK?


The battle for hearts and minds determines whether a movement thrives.

Outed yourself immediately

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