Even in small-town Maine they wipe you out while you keep silent

Why do these stories never go viral?
Why do googling or typing their names into twitter never seem to find anything with more than 2 retweets?

Because you've accepted your demise. This happens daily across the U.S and you don't even care anymore, you don't even make a scene online let alone in real life.

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Normies have been lobotomized by the Jew.

Another thing is, I don't even see the massive Black-on-White crime thread here anymore. Colin Flaherty still does his stuff on Minds.com, but there needs to be a lot more reach.

Americans like to complain about Muslims and Mexicans but if you look at who is actually killing and raping european americans you will find it isn't them. They're completely blind to what has destroyed your communities

can anyone find her social media? i only got a private instagram

Facebook her name and you'll see her Remembering page. Her Bf looked like a really nice guy, another hopeful american white boy having his entire life ripped away from him by two hateful groups of people

why does no one archive /photos as well?

i can only see fb pages through archive.fo

Because nothing has to do with anything. Don't you know that all humans are the same, because there is only one race, the human race.

It probably took a toll on the guy who made them. All those faces, the names, the stories. Hell I get worked up just looking at them, all those girls…
Why won't somebody do something?
Why won't somebody do something?
Why don't…

… why don't I do something?

It's only really triggering when it's someone innocent, like a based girl or a working class european woman. If it's a gray girl or a SJW then it's irrelevant really, because anyone who doesn't care about their community has innocent blood on their hands. European Americans must focus more on their communities rather than their nation

you don't often see nigger clowns

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The media is owned and the people are complacent. The human spirit is not dead and any implication that it is is defeatist propaganda.

Why do certain '19 year olds' always look 35?

Mexicans do a lot of killing.

Because they already have blackface on.

Muh master race though
Muh freedoms
Muh guns
Muh still not protecting muh women gotta eat muh burgers and bitch on Zig Forums
Muh master race tho

Take the Honkpill! Don't pretend that there is some point in all this struggling. Just see the funny side in all this and honk back!

You know why you're posting this here? Because we haven't accepted shit and you're afraid of us because of it. This is obvious when one considers the abundance of demoralization shilling here, especially compared to the amount targetted at normalfags.

Nothing of value was lost

You are all gangsters until the white man takes his AR-15.

Why should us Jews fear you retards posting here every day sucking each other off and doing nothing IRL?


we should target young white roasties with these campaigns, get them on campuses and in small cities

I have already killed kikes like you and you kikes fear people like us on the Internet so much that you spend all your time censoring us.

I havent censored anyone.

You kikes censor every antisemitic, white nationalist post, every video and every group on many social networking sites.

My thread gets deleted and this one takes its place. Is it because i called out the kikebart doublestandard?

You people do realize that even in high-crime demographics most people are honest, right? Corrupt and criminal asshats work in darkness living in permanent inquisition because the only way to build their perfect shitty Eden is to drive out anyone inconveniently honest. And still most of society operates well because indeed, this effort is generally futile; it is not only because they hide that it is hard to find criminals.

You’re a victim of kikeoldry, blocked from having joy on Earth by your slavish warrior nature. Learn some disobedience and fit in to a society in rebellion to ancient criminality.

you've never killed anyone you basement dwelling incel


Kill em all then

lmaoing at your life yid

im torn between thinking you're a nigger or a jew

If you're talking about the victim, possibly alcohol abuse, poor dieting and low-quality genes

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Here you are, posting on an imageboard and doing nothing. I'd say we were successful.

This is why I keep saying nowhere in the US is safe, get out of the country while you still can

If jews didn't fear us, they wouldn't be trying to wipe us out, numbnuts.

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Wrong, it's a disgust, not a fear. Don't you nazis like to say that about "homophobia"? It's the same thing.

This isn't reddit you retard

To where though?

Anywhere US better than the US at this point besides south Africa

if we're doing nothing IRL by posting here, why do jews spend hundreds of millions annually in an attempt to silence us?

gotta switch tactics baby boy

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If ants could have Hitlers, they'd fear the ants too.

The only story they like to tell about Maine is about the tranny superhero from Maine.

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Lel, you nazis are so dumb

He attacked an ISIS mosque. ISIS was funded and trained by USA/cianiggers and worked for ZOG interests.

ISIS is israel.

muslims arent enemies of the jews, theyre weapons/tools of the jews to be used against whites.


all day*

It's going to happen sooner than you expect. Brenton was only the catalyst; his chosen purpose was to bring awareness, and force the hands of the jew.

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Except everyone's already forgotten about him but you lot

Good kike, now kill yourself.

$20 says she was a coal burner

The (((politicians))) sure haven't, they're accelerating just as he predicted.

You mean the guy who wrote in his book that all white nationalists are mentally ill?

Besides… any of you wondering why a 19 year old girl looks like 35+ woman on this photo?

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Hitler dubs. user is on point

Probably did a lot of drugs. That look of ultra-professionalism is popular among women in Maine, but that one seems to be significantly older looking than normal.

The board is dead. For every useful, important thread like that series, you have 30 4/b/-tier spam threads, pure garbage, schizophrenic ramblings, and other boards raiding. Codemonkey and his moderators are in full support of that status, too. They want this place dead, thus it is.

Dis nigga wuz a gud boi, yo jus lookitim he dindu nuffin

Burn coal pay toll apparently.

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What did I tell you. Amazing how many retards always white knight coal burners. I mean really, you can take one look at that roasties face and know the whole story of her life

It was the booger encrusted noze ring that was a dead giveaway.

And her "noiyce goy" cuck boyfren is beddahawf widdout her.

19 years old with no youthful glow left. this is what happens to whores. a woman can keep her glow into her 30s in a healthy society but these thots lose it before they even leave college. disgusting. toll paid.

She's had 35 years worth of cock in her I suppose…

Look on the bright side of it; at least she wasn't a hambeast, or so it seems. Somebody posted a HS cheerleader dance team and every one of them was a hambeast. I can remember the 60's and this kind of obesity was unheard of back then. Girls were all beautiful flowers and I was living in a lavish garden built for aristocrats in the month of May.

So? This is normal in europe as well. Why should I care about normal things?

It was the cutting edge of new abortion law; nig aborts his burrhead mulatto babby with wyte ho before it's even conceived.

The suspect looks like a white guy's face on a black guy's body.

If the white guy had Alcohol Fetal Syndrome, and hair like a Brillo Pad, yeah.

Football nigs are notorious for being bisexuals. It's not that they're gay or anything, but if there's not bitches around they'll cornhole each other, like it's just a big joke you know?

He was probably boning her pussy and then realized he'd prefer her stinky poo hole instead and so he flipped her over and started boning her butt. She was deeply offended that he'd prefer poo stabbing her to enjoying her precious pussy so she got cranky and that triggered him to crush her skull with a big rock.

So he's innocent then and the jury should just dismiss the charges against him.

fucking based.

Niggers are getting raped and killed everyday by white men, you fucking kike. Just like your tribe that was almost completely raped and killed by us Aryans!

Burn the coal…

That nigger probably had some white genes in his bloodline.

I think a lot of anons have moved "beyond" the nigger hate stage, realizing that kikes are the greatest existential threat keeping this whole system going, and essential to remove. At the same time though, nigger hate is a great recruitment tool since it's a less abstract threat that more people have had direct experience with. Time to bring back Tyrone comics, but with some jew redpills in there to help newfaggots power up.

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Yes very recent admixture. Probably a local Mainer burned the coal and delivered this blight upon his/her own land.

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Race mixing is ecological terrorism.


social media dulls the blade. its not a good thing


Uhhhhh no. No they are not. Maybe in the jewish porn fantasyland they are. But white men are not raping niggers.
The reverse is true though niggers are raping white women every day.

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Yeah, if you include those unfit for crime such as children and the elderly. If you just look at able bodied males the numbers are stunning.

Because the toll was paid in full, and we're happy about that so there's nothing to discuss.

That slag looks 70 w/ plastic surgery.


right off your list of buzzwords moshe

Why was a nigger hate thread bumplocked? Mods = Zogs

Well here's one hot off the press for you:

She was born to burn coal, alas. Where was the father?

top kek

Whites don't need perpetual organizing, only those who (((constantly meddle))) have problems with recruitment and turnover.

Most "white nationalists" are stealth spooks/bolsheviks like Spencer or actual feds. Those that aren't are likely drug dealers. White power = cocaine.

looks white enough

I think the biggest swindle recently pulled by ZOG is to pass their plan as pro-white accelerationism.
It's just that basic. They need false flags to reduce our liberties (guns, free speech, education of children, land ownership, etc.) and reinforce the War on Terror.
So an 'event' happens that precisely plays right up ZOG's alley.
Not convenient at all.
Naztards applaud Tarrant and say ZOG didn't see it coming and is panicking/sperging.
That is, Tarrant triggered the writing of the anti-liberty laws, not the (((law-makers))) triggered the excuse mosques shooting.
This is never getting old.

Slickest recent slide I saw was the thread linking Tarrant's shooting to Purim and some numerology crap these kikes love so much to rub into our faces.
You blinked, you missed it! Poof, gone!
Not sure anyone archived it.

No it's not. Niggers are getting killed every day and nigger women are getting raped and killed by white racist nationalists! And the white cops and soldiers are also killing niggers every day! Many white cops and soldiers are also racist nationalists!

Checking those Hitler dubs. One night I paid a little visit to a kike owned store, by the end of the night a kike was dead and I had my rent money for the month.

Burn the coal, pay the toll. All nigger lovers must be publicly tortured and killed.