Do not join the war against Iran...

Do not join the war against Iran, instead of dying for Israel stay home and make aryan babies here in America to keep the numbers up for when the refugees resulting from the Iran war are sent here. This goes for all the euros, aussies, kiwis, and leafs as well.

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Go away. We have plenty of jew threads on this subject already. Fight there.

What's wrong with one more?

More should be made anyway for the good of the white race, there can never be a shortage of calling out the jew war with Iran.

I predict another (((locked))) thread soon

That's not going to cut it, newfaggot.
It's impossible to win a breeding war when the jews in DC have our borders open to unlimited immigration from the third world.
What you're proposing is akin to being undersiege by the Turks in Byzantium. Traitors within the city have opened the gates through which the Turks are pouring in and slaughtering the defenders and you come up and say; "Hey guys! Let's just have more children!"
Only direct action against the (((people))) who set these policies will solve this problem.
Sage because you should have lurked before posting.

End the wars for Israel!

awesome single-sentence thread, OP. Lots of new information here!


No more wars for Israel!

zoomers can never be reminded enough that dying for israel is not wise

Finally someone with some sense.

Zig Forums should be flooded with anti-iran-war threads.

Two superfluous words in that sentence.

Be a real nazi not a grammar nazi.

Zig Forums needs to redpill Q supporters on how easy it is to win the Iran war.
A lot.


==Free Iran!!!==

Q1557 Jun 19 2018
Free Iran!!!
Regime change.
People have the power.
We stand with you.

==Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran!==

Oh look a Mossadfag.


Nazi descendants are filling DACA #MAGAconDACA


I'll spell it out for you since you're thick
>No more wars for Israel!

You got the wrong guy, I'm also saying "No more wars for Israel".

We should all be at war with Israel if anything.

Read it again if you're not one yourself, and do it.

How about instead turning this around and declaring war on Jewry? Instead of sitting around, spam the Russian version of this video to the Russian military Twitter page.

Is this not a good plan?

It appears you're pro-war-with-iran, this is what Mossad is for, Mossad is likely also running Q.
I fail to see what you're getting at here, perhaps you could elaborate.

Yes, a brief moment into the video, I believe you are correct, Putin puts it out there how the bolsheviks were mainly jewish. You have won me over as a believer that you are a legitimate person and not a jew like some of the others who have posted on this thread opposing what I have posted.