This video will get Israel nuked

Just need to spam the Russian version which has Russians in the comment section in a rage. Spam it to the Russian military Twitter, to be specific.

Am I not right that this is possible? Or was Jewish Bolshevism a myth, well Putin admitted it on video and spat on every enslaved and dead Russian by defending Jews in the video. Armed Russians will not stand for this.

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Sounds like you want Zig Forumsacks to do your dirty work of sparking a civil war for you.

Don't you want a solution? You'll talk about killing Jews for what they're doing, yet act like a coward when presented with a solution, an easy one at that.

Is this site just for show? You want your children to be enslaved by yids?

You're glowing m8.

Nothing illegal about this. You've convinced yourself that fighting back against all that is done is illegal now. All because Jews have taken over.

Im not telling you to shoot up some kids. But to spread a video that will result in just retaliation, legally too.

If you see this post, don't just act as if you saw nothing. You will come to regret the time that you could have done something when you could have. Its still not too late. We can stop this.

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This son of a bitch just said he's okay with the Jewish takeover of Russia. Of what they did, go to the Russian link and google translate the page. You think Russians like it? It's just that their military isn't aware.

What the hell is a military good for, if not defending its own people? Tyranny? Don't ignore me Anons.

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Putin admits the Bolsheviks were Jews and he's totally fine with it.

Putin doesn't give a shit about the JQ or Russian culture. Please understand this. He's surrounded by Jewish (and non-Jewish) oligarchs and the only thing he cares about is making sure everyone can pad their offshore bank accounts, usually from public funds and the energy sector. Give him a few million dollars, a new boat, watch, etc, and Putin will gladly sell out Russians.

Any Russian who is shown this video will see just that. Showing this to the Russian military will result in some actual action for all that has been done already.

Are we all supposed to sit by and let our governments take action for the yids and not for us? Are the Russians to sit by and be enslaved yet again under the same horrific conditions?

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These same traitors run every Western Nation, don't act like this wont happen to you. You've already seen how bad it is with the Cultural Marxism today, which is said to precede a Communist revolution as it did with Germany.

Are you really going to bet they wont make the same mistakes so that there might be some resistance?

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I wont stop, don't tell me every single thread on here is just talk of doom. I wont stop until I get an admittance that you are all cowards. This is a solution, the kind that you ask for from time to time. Don't ignore me.

From the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
to him to enter the ranks of our fighting forces - Socialists, Anarchists, Communists - to whom we
always give support in accordance with an alleged brotherly rule (of the solidarity of all humanity) of
our SOCIAL MASONRY. The aristocracy, which enjoyed by law the labor of the workers, was
interested in seeing that the workers were well fed, healthy, and strong. We are interested in just the
opposite - in the diminution, the KILLING OUT OF THE GOYIM. Our power is in the chronic
shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because by all that this implies he is made the
slave of our will, and he will not find in his own authorities either strength or energy to set against our
will. Hunger creates the right of capital to rule the worker more surely than it was given to the
aristocracy by the legal authority of kings.

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Nothing can wake russians up except fear of loosing something important and population is brainwashed to think that gpvernment cares about it and what's important for them. Military is NOT excluded from that.

If Russia ever changes it will happen after middle class grows big enough, no earlier than that.
t. russian

it abdicates Russians of being communist whores.
Doesn't stop them from being rape niggers though.

Posting jet song.

Look at the comments.

Selfbump is real here…

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Im a slav with lotsa slav contacts here in jew jersey, I'll be sure to spread this

Daily remember to burn down at least one mixed race families home at least once a week.

not mind-controlled by their system ?

Don't be a dumb ass. It's tricky to navigate at the top when you are surrounded by all kinds of people with agendas.

Russia is the least controlled jewish "modern" nation. They have been working hard to remove the jewish bankers influence over the past decade. The reason they can do so is due to their Natural Gas situation and can afford it. Also since the bolsheviks literally destroyed the country they are struggling against it. Seems like peeps are mislead by MSM regarding the Russia situation even if russia is still forced to do some zionist bidding still.

Russia is the only nation which helps the last countries which are not controlled by jewish banks. Look up facts before talking.

Europa - The last Battle Documentary Brings up the bolshewiks and history of modern Russia. Clear evidence that Jews were Bolshewiks.Mind blown that native Russians not aware of this. Warning very graphic.

We must always be careful before we judge others and if we don't fully understand.

Jewish crypto religions banned in Russia:

Putin plans move against (((Central Bank of Russia))).

Rothchild banks mentioned on national TV in Russia:

Putin Bolsheviks confess its the Jews.

Russia defends Syria from (((Israeli drones)))

Israel in Syria

In 2013 Putin issued arrested warrant on George Soros

Kill jewish children and elderly. Deny them a future and guidance.
Always kill the non combatants first.
Don't wait for "muh nukes". Kill jews on a daily basis.
Those advocating for political and peaceful solutions are spies of the jews.
Violence is the permanent solution to end all jews.

Putin is a kike chaim.

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A video that will start a Holocaust and Zig Forums is silent, wow. This is truly a place for masochists. You love getting Jewed don't you.

No one losing their minds about how easy this is, just unnecessary pessimism, and i'm a pessimist.

Putin destroyed the "far-right" in Russia, its at least legal in the US to question the Holocaust, in Russia under Putin that is illegal.

god speed brother

Did you not watch the video or do you know Russian better than the subtitles?

>>"And those Jews guided by the false ideological thoughts have been arresting and repressing followers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and followers of other religions."

Its literally the "Atheist jews cause all the problems" argument that jews will put out. That only with real Judaism (((they))) wouldn't be like that or do those terrible things.

Look at the comments section here.
You think they're buying that shit? Putin just showed himself to be "I'm okay with Jews killing 60 million Russians, its only false ideological thoughts for them to do so, not all Jews, lol"

You think the Russian military which is armed will take that shit? A threat to Russian lives by enslavement and slaughter of millions? You think they'll go back to dictatorship mentality after the Jews broke that stranglehold for the time being in order for world revolution?

No, but that's why racism and anti-Semitism has fought so hard within Russia and those fights have been effective in defusing the "far-right" there like the Book of Veles is banned in Russia. I only know a little bit about the National Socialists in Russia, I wish them the best but that video is over 6 years old. Hey, I hope the video is shown more but if that video when it came out didn't start anything along with everything else, I doubt anything will happen now.

I mean you probably know about the Muslim daycare workers who have been cutting the heads off the children they were taking care of right? That didn't bring any great ire in Russia whereas in the West it definitely would.

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Yes, they will take that shit with their tiny paycheck for desert, because they are the poorest slavs in russia. Russia has always been cucks since christianity kiked them up.

Some jews here are trying to really twist the truth around about Putin.

Any other source on that claim? I remember seeing an image once, but forgot to save it. If someone could post that infographic, I would be appreciate it.

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Those represent tiny part of population

Excuse me, are you dumb or just shill? No part of article says that.

Also oligarchs like Chabad Lubavitch and his relations.


Go back to cuckchan you chicken shit

This video IS SO OLD!!! Damn user. This is like 4 years old.

Did he take his grandparents name? Makes you wonder who his father was.

Just slow down and relax. The jews are masters of mind control. You have to wake the population up, but it only happens slowly. Where you get big trouble is when a population isnt even aware to look the right direction, so they get totally blind sided by the jewish genocide via proxies. You have to make everyone suspicious of jews and the state. Only that way will people be mentally agile enough to even make a decision to fight or not when the time comes. Trying to rally a group, based on emotional anger of the masses is a mistake. Thats how communism happens. Local people organize and stand up real revolutionaries, then the jew proxies come in and murder them and take over the group.

And what's your plan to make people suspicious of jews?

We have dropped information like this for over 10 years, and some of these information have become well-known internet memes.

Yet people aren't STILL suspicious of jews?

Something has to break the conditioning of the mind control. It won't unravel until the mind control is broken.

And what is that?

inb4 I don't know, trust the plan, goy

So he's fine with the ones that worship moloch?
Hillary clinton's email line of """sacrifice a "chicken" to Moloch"""

It is different for every individual. For me it was a day when I realized that kike 'Paul the Pharisee' was lying about something. And then I understood that he was lying about everything. Then it got worse and worse until I understood the entire history of the planet and how we have been slaughtered and used and destroyed at the kikes whim and how they have always used mind control against us…once it starts you can stop waking, it is like coming out of a nightmare. BRACE FOR RAGE


care to ekaborate?

Go perform your own black ops, CIA. You don't pay me enough for this shit.

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It was a weird personal realization about planting things and that man didn't know what he was talking about. It was a hell of a day. Never had conditioning snap like that before. Was like someone snapped their fingers and the whole thing unraveled right before my eyes. Hasn't stopped growing into the hideous monstrosity nightmare either, every day I realize some NEW HORROR that the kikes have perpetrated on Earth.

are we talking Saul/Paul from the bible or someone else
were you just raging in another thread about him too?

That only works for them when people aren't specifically going for Jews. What do you think National Socialism was?

The video, come on man.

So here is my thought. If CIA is Isreal controlled. And FSB is Isreal controlled. Then why do they fight? Don’t they just suck the same cock in the end?

They needed controlled opposition to Communism for the world stage. Because the one nation that had figured out the Jews were behind it all ended up killing quite a lot of them. Que (((Cold War))), only for the Soviet Empire to "collapse", then Que the cultural marxism and kalergi plan that we are experiencing now. Which if you don't know was done to Weimer Germany before they tried a Communist revolution vs the National Socialists.

Yeah but aren’t they creating their own demise? Like if the prophecies are true doesn’t it make sense how everyone turns on Isreal when they learn what their doing? Just seems like they are stepping into their own ambush.

Because he is the serpent from the garden. Fucking lying filth. Do you know where we 'lose track' of that Pharisee fuck? In Rome, with a praetorian guard in a huge villa, under house arrest. He rules and destroys this world even today.
See the Swiss Guard protecting him while he shuts the doors of Mercy on Europe and begins to utterly destroy our nations with niggers and fucking filth? I will give you this, the one calling the shots is not the 'puppet' in the photo, but Satan's hand is so far up that man's ass that he moves his mouth with it.

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I thought the whole point of the Holohoax was that thery didn't but they should have?

have you tried looking at st peters audience hall
if not go google it and tell me what you saw

How so? You control the opposition then have it lead away from you aside from outright sabotaging it. The Communist fear in America should have lead to a holocaust. Instead you have a president during the (((Cold War))) saying that he cant talk about Jewish power even though its going to destroy the country.

The video is for you, go to 2:15.
The fags that say that just try to say the Holocaust didn't happen because they are trying to get rid of white guilt.

My bad, this was meant for you

here is your webm, cunt

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Basically here's what Hitler says.

So why did they put out all the dodgy testimonies and badly shopped images since it did happen?

I've already made the point that they had a very good reason to genocide Jews. That's not to say that Jews didn't want to guilt trip everyone, and would very well lie in places to do so. But overall the Holocaust was true, save the 6 million number and some of the hilarious execution methods. As for other things i'm still uncertain about. But after seeing every Jewish plot and how Hitler was aware of them, I see it as insane for him to not want to eradicate the kikes.

No fucking way it was true, literal mountains of evidence proving otherwise and just by Cohenincidince all camps liberated by allied forces no death camps, but all soviet liberated camps all homicidal gas chambers disguised as shower rooms. Info courtesy of the kike bolsheviks ya bud you might want to do a little more investigation

The one part I'm left struggling with is given that there were killings why don't the numbers make sense?
have there been any competent forensic excavations?

Although I have found that suspicious, its irrelevant. As for one reason they would just shoot Jews. As for the holocaust denial laws, they could be just a form of making criticizing Jews illegal with a guilt tripping spice to it. The whole "Jews made up the holocaust to guilt trip everyone" made a point for a while but once you learn WHY Hitler wanted Jews dead and see the things Jews were doing, you'd have to think Hitler was suicidal to not want to genocide Jews back. Again, that's not to say that Jews don't lie.

Hold the fuck up, you're being stupid. He just said "mountain of evidence". Why don't you review the evidence and not speak your own assumptions? You won't learn this way. You're holding yourself back. Even though something seems unlikely that says nothing about whether or not it's true. You have to investigate, even the things you already accept as true, listen to the voices of both sides. I say this to be constructive and appreciate any anti-semite btw.

The Havaara Agreement was signed for the deportation of the jews.

Take a look at Leuchter Report, he took chemical samples and proved the buildings couldnt have been used as execution facilities. The only acceptable research is a lot of research. Even listening to the jews testimony about it, they reply with a bunch of emotional fallacies, and every claim has been debunked as others have stated. I've heard others say the crematorium described in "Night" by Elie Weisel has never been found. Jews were also only referred to as displaced persons.

There's a page in General Patton's diary where he says there is a "very apparent semitic influence in the press", and that essentially they are trying to implement communism in the US, that we need to rebuild Germany to help them help us against communism before it's too late. He thought it was already too late.

Dude Hitler is not like the person you think he is. He was a real class act he would never knowingly kill Jews he went to great lengths to protect them that’s why he wanted to resettle them in Madagascar and that plan was going through fine until the war got hot. There was severe penalties for anyone in the military that harmed a Jew. It sounds to me like you don’t know much about him. Actually read Mein Kampf all the way through then move onto his second book then table talks. After that watch the greatest story never told and europa the last battle for a good timeline of important events that took place before the war. Hitler did not kill any Jews. He did not give any orders to kill Jews and neither did his high council nobody started exterminated Jews in any way shape or form. There were still 400000 Jews living in Germany not in camps during the entire course of the war that supported Hitler. He had many Jewish officers in the military. He was a very careful man and he was the furthest thing from a barbarian you could get. All he wanted was for the Jews to leave, regain land that was stolen from them at the end of ww1 and then to focus on social pursuits indefinitely war and extermination were the furthest things from his minded he repeatedly bemoaned the fact that he was forced into this war from the beginning to end. There is absolutely zero evidence Jews were gassed with zyklon b in fake shower rooms absolutely zero. Find me evidence go ahead something credible

And yes I know of he disliked Jews but that does not mean he massacred them he would never he had great restraint. Many people say that was his weakness and that he might have won if he pushed forward at Dunkirk destroyed the army there and then sent bombers to London like his council wanted him to but he refused saying it was the last thing he wanted to continue the war and to bomb the English who he considered very similar to the Germans

I thought Lechter was discredited?

you sound like those commie faggots that dismiss you until you report back from reading marx lenin and other bullshit on a list of bullshit

You're a fucking pussy who should be sterilized.

I'll see what I can do.

>This video will get Israel nuked

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It’s necessary if you really want to understand what’s going on? How does the concept of reading your own movements material offend you? What are you just an online national socialist or fascist. If you ever get into a situation in real life where you have to defend or argue your beliefs you won’t know what the fuck your talking about

That's all ill add. Still, going off-topic from the point of this thread. Either way we can agree that they deserve hell for what they are doing currently.

It will, but people actually have to help me spam it. Won't work if everyone that reads doesn't bother with such an easy plan. I tried doing it but knew I wouldn't be able to get away with it alone, ill need help. Instead everyone here is being lazy when such an easy and devastating plan is shown.

no, you're the one glowing. There's nothing illegal
They're not sending their best

If the subtitles are correct, this video is a very good sign.
Putin is more based than I thought.
He is our greatest ally, aside from God.

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I don't have to defend my beliefs to anyone.

A lot can change in six years.
A good quote from the jewtube comments:
Kill the top ten jewish families in Russia and you free the Russians
Kill the top 50 jewish families in the world and you free the world

regarding "Maria Putina Shelomova" that sounds off… Wikipedia describes her:

That would mean she was born (((Maria Ivanovna Shelomova))) and became (((Maria Ivanovna Putina))) after marriage, I think?

I think when women take a husban's name in Russian they must append an -a to the end or something.
Anyone looked into this broad? Supposedly says that he was kidnapped in 1960 but supposedly this is disproven by a 1958 photo of Maria with Vlad2

The problem I have with that is proof is: it actually doesn't disprove anything because it says:

"Back" means Vova had visited his grandparents before, and since he attended school 59-60, that likely would've been 58, so an initial encounter with Maria (pre-screening the kid they planned to steal) could've happened prior to Vlad's last moments with his real mommy Vera.

Another explanation is they could've simply faked the date on the 1958 photo and it might've been from 1961 or something. Who could tell?

So perhaps Vlad isn't the son of a Jewish, but rather a Jewess-kidnapped Goy.

Wikipedia says his father was Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (1911-1999) while current pres is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 1952)

Attached: the photo.jpg (420x290, 21.79K)

digging further into Maria Ivanovna's parents… I should've noticed "Shelomova" ended in an A, turns out that is derived from Shelomov. Example being his cousin's son Mikhail:

1881 born dad

1880 born mom

Elizaveta came from the Buyanov family… and since women are whores and cuck people all over the place, researching the maternal line is most important.

1857 mom:

1827 momФедосья-Камачкина/6000000051376945960

1794 mom is КононовнаПараскева-Прасковья/6000000078794320822

1771 mom isКсения-Аксинья/6000000078916601134

I think Putin's genius chess is that since some Jews were victimized by the USSR Bolshevik Jews, it's okay for him to name the Jew, for the benefit of the Jewish victims. It immunizes him against antisemitic labelling. Just like trump will be immunized when he finally reduces Israel's funding and stops the armies protecting them.

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qlarp has rotted your brain

What are you both on about, you don't see the rest where he outright defends them? This video is like something out of The Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion. He Straight up defends Jews enslaving Russians through communism and killing 60 million, all in front of a Jewish audience. Yet ethnic Russians get holocaust denial laws. He's gonna get necked along with the Jews, hes no hero, HE DEFENDS THEM. Why are people overlooking this.

Is no one really spamming this to the Russian military twitter? You do all realize this will start a holocaust right?

Video is more than 5 years old. Everyone who ever read any book, knows that the bolshevik revolution was a jewish idea and a jewish war on christians.

Queue queue queue
If you must overuse a verb, get the spelling right

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Never forget this brave man for writing the truth and speaking the truth. We might not see the likes of him in hundreds of years.

The brave Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian writer who has been called the "Conscience of the 20th Century," served eight long years in the Soviet Gulag prison system. Today, he is hated by top-level Jews in America and around the world because he exposed the Jewish leadership of the genocide of 66 million Communist Gulag victims. Many victims were Christians.
"Outrageous," the Critics Roared
"What did you say? God? Outrageous!" the critics roared. Immediately, the world's press began a reversal of opinion about this man they once had lionized. Some called him a "Christian fanatic." Others said Solzhenitsyn was "reactionary…right wing…a religious nut."

Then, in 2000, Solzhenitsyn released a blockbuster new book he had penned entitled Together For Two Hundred Years. The new book was a lengthy treatise, a thorough and far-reaching compilation of several decades of research by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn into the machinations for two centuries of Jews inside Russia and the Soviet Empire.

Accurate in every detail, painstakingly documented, the author showed how, over the centuries, a small band of revolutionary Jews had conspired and plotted to overthrow the Russian Czars. Their aim: seize control of Czarist Russia and establish a beachhead for a Jewish utopia on planet earth—the long sought after Kingdom of the Jews.

How much of the general public in either USA, Russia, or the world knows? Maybe .000000001%?

But they are Christcucks and Jews according to Natsoc morons

They have the means to defend themselves, the only issue is a piece of shit traitor like Putin holding them back. This video will have them kill Putin and then launch a offensive on Jewry. All it takes is one nuke, and if any Goy nations are to tell Russia to not get their revenge. They'll be at risk of nuclear annihilation. Puppets like to live too, you just need to force their hand.

This is Russian not too subtle subtext for "I'm on to you and if you step out of line you'll get the Gulag." That being said Putin has made friends with the Chabad group (group he's addressing) and they also have close ties to Trump.

See this:

Why do you type in big red text? Is your idea not strong enough on its own, you braindead yidiot?

Aren't chabad basically just a mafia?

Hasidim mob.

Trips and based

Interesting how Nixon knew but didn't fight. Maybe he thought the jews would eventually tire of living as rich and powerful mobsters.

that's a nice paste-up, really gives a farm vibe