Justin Trudeau promises consequences

Canada will be banning 8ch soon
Sorry guys, but since Liberal party will be suing "content providers" (ie your ISP) who do not regulate speech:

I think we had better figure out some alternate less-known means of congregations, brethren. What is this dark net I've heard about? Or would that be targeted too?

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It's a global program. I imagine they'll be doing the slow shut down in all countries, and just when the people wake up to mount an offensive, the control of these regulations will be squirrelled away to the U.N., where you will have no opportunity to change them.

right you are…

Sauce leafnigger

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The only thing that will work is real life violence in which the physical infrastructure that these communications are run on are physically seized in real life and the previous personnel overseeing and managing them are killed, turned, enslaved, or replaced.

Imagine if somehow WW3 is the United States vs. ZOG-controlled rest of planet Earth

When will John Bolton lead the US to invade Canada?
Day of the Leaf now!
love to all mapleloonies

This is related to
check it out. we can safely assume this is going to happen in all the listed countries.

*day of the rake..
autumn bonfire..

Looks like I'm going for that monster data package the next time I'm across the line. (Canadians can get US cellular and LTE / 5G / whatever for about 5 miles past the border, at least where I live.)

That and VPNs effectively mean no more posting memes on Kikebook. Which most of us left years ago.

Oh Canada, so sad

That's the opposite of what a platform does.

Yup. It's almost like these stupid governments want to be abolished.

The government sure does. Did you know TORIX is right next to the Toronto CSIS/CSEC field office at 151 Front Street? Of course you did.

Translation: this is a masonic project, just go along with it.

Logic is racist extremist terrorism, goy. Believe muh faget pilpul.

Great leaders are born, not earned through some bullshit poli sci degree.

That's more of a problem for 4chan, they have five times more Canadian users.

use VPN/proxies.

Justin Trudeau’s not even that…he’s a high school drama teacher.

i know you're luciano'ing, but it's actually true.

why do you think zognald named like that?
Truth is: he was a bust, and probably there only to devellop complacency.

fucking retard was born with a silver spoon up his ass. His father was also PM for a time. Trudeau needs to fucking go back to being some shitty teacher. He's put the country as well as people in their 20's into even more debt. Fucking clown.

nice picture

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Yeah ok faggot. Sorry about your luck, move here or go to the pedoweb.


So its a two for one. You just start at the field office first when you deliver your pizza with extra sauce.

Actually believing Zion Don will defend your free speech. You're literally one "terror attack" away from losing all of your access to "hate".

Can't think of a better way to radicalize those syrup chuggers

It's almost like these 'leaders' don't know how the internet works. I'm in the UK so we'll follow soon, won't be stopping me you bunch of nannying wankbangles. In fact I'll probably come to Zig Forums even more just out of fucking protest, cunts, worry a little more about shitskin rape/pedo gangs and a little less about how I spend time on the net.

Some of the many reasons the peasants must never find out the truth. Canadian Internet run by one megacorp with inscrutable AI is plenty good enough for Canadiens!


You could count on government stupidity in the early 2000s, because most adults broke into a sweat while trying to operate a modem, browser and search engine. The "experts" were few and far between in government agencies. Even the AOL disc "eternal summer" wasn't enough to fully ease the pain of access to most boomers.

It's CURRENT YEAR+4 now, and now governments are more than capable of understanding firewalls and hiring people to make it work for them. VPNs will buy you some time, but all it takes is some coordination with the banks to ruin most of them. You may retreat further with bitcoin payments, but ultimately, they win.

Canada is turning into something worse than China at this point. People are either too high or too dumb to care.

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This, Justin is literally a fucking cuban mutt. LOL!

Trudeau is literally a Communist…

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Most people think they're on the "right side" of anything their government does, so they blisfully accept it. "I'm using Facebook and checking the hockey scores eh? Holy smokes you guys NAZI websites? Didn't know they even had 'em. Ban the fuckers I say. No place for hate!"

OP posts a speech about Cuba from 2016

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you got in reverse its
ZOG USA vs the rest of the earth

Painfully true, I've noticed this too. It's as if no one critically thinks anymore. Thanks to the Orwellian shithole that is Silicon valley I guess?

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At no point in history has everyone, or even a simple majority, think critically. Throughout most of history your lucky to find critically thinking leaders and was a big part of all the schooling they would go thru so as to increase the likelyhood of them being able to retain rule thru knowledge and the ability to think beyond the average common pleb.

We here are likely the first exception in human history. A motley collection of critically thinking user's whom can communicate and argue among each other incessantly in order to obtain more knowledge and capabilities. Thankfully those /v/ user's brought the play to win attitude Zig Forums needed to drop the constant attempt to 'teach' the common pleb and instead use emotion and subversion to engage our enemies and their propaganda. Major improvement in our ability to push our views far beyond our site.

So quit your crying. We have never had it so fucking good. This thread just shows the worry we generate in our enemies and the real threat we are. They are desperate, and they don't even understand every move they make only makes us stronger.

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I'd like you to remember that it's illegal to sell or otherwise distribute raw cow milk in Canada. Raw means not pasteurized. If you give someone a bottle of the milk from a cow you own, you break the law.

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Yet another reason to hate this faggot.

This. So much this!. I'm literally shaking right now because of how much this there truly is. This! OMG! THIS!

Lmao, this country has been slipping from 1st to 3rd world with no steps inbetween ever since this fuckwit took office, nobody can afford to buy shit in this country, our economy has ground to a halt, the most basic government services are failing or so backlogged it might as well not matter, some of our cities are slipping into burger levels of organized crime and murder rate and the government can't even scrape together enough brainlet zogbots to fill the ranks of all the old boomers retiring from it's police, military, intelligence and other hard power institutions. GG @ the thought they have the resources of strength of will to really make a hard push on anything really.

They'll set up some sort of taskforce of the most vaginal morality grad students to go after easy marks like oblivious boomers on facebook/twitter or edgy zoomers. Can't wait to see all the mainstream idiots who actually bought the free speech meme in the country get served a fine for internet racism by the RCMP or face time in jail if they fail to comply or reoffend. Might actually cause a blowup on the right here for the first time in fucking history.

Also, suck my dick CSIS.

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Cuban herzleoislamigommunist media suppression.

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Push whatever info you have now, because soon everyone is on their our own, and that means the time for talking is over.

They do this in the US and I will go to the DNC and start blowing off heads

go back
>>>Zig Forums

You must be a bitchass Canadian…. suck my dick and tell me your sorry

The UN has no independent authority or enforcement mechanism you doorknob.

ProtonVPN is $4.00 a month.
It's excellent. Far better than Share Bear.


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Mommy Margaret Trudeau (born Sinclair) introduces her son Justin to his father Fidel

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OP is fake news.

I can't find corroborating report anywhere, and I have access to government search engines which aren't public.

That's the whole point of Zig Forums. "'nadzees we will have to ban many internet hate sites'. The Stormtards thinks they are some kind of Aryan Warrior when of fact they are useful idiot agents for the Jews.


He may type like a reddit nigger, but he's not wrong about that.

I don't believe Zion Don would defend it, no. I believe we will. Freedom of Speech and Right to Bear Arms are pillars of America. Yes we are infiltrated by kikes and pretty much world ZOG HQ but I just don't believe they will ever to take those two things away without a goddamn insurrection on their hands. Not without decades more indoctrination and propaganda. But right now? No way.

they would use Zig Forums as a boogey man whether it's controlled op or not.
what worse shit will they ban using Zig Forums?

This. This is the endgame. The only things they see as worse are shit like darkweb drug and firearm market places and CP sites. That's literally it. Also places actual terrorist attacks are planned.. oh wait that's here too

Keep up


They want to exterminate free speech, exchange of thoughts and therefore any political opposition worldwide.

All other Western nations will follow soon.

One by one.

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Checked, based, burn all churches

Watching castro's bastard lose the majority of his party's elections and then get cucked so hard by the world during the saudi arabia affair where he cried to the media canada had no friend in the world in addition to the reveal of him being a rapist and corrupt stooge was the funniest political blundering of the 21st century. I'm surprised he hasn't resigned in disgrace like his foster father prime minister.

More likely it will be that when a dozen or so non-america first world countries ban free speech on social media all the major platforms will simply comply and Americans will be defacto silenced. They don't need the UN or the US government to be complicit

Free speech is already banned on the internet weirdo


Unfortunately the Albertans are too spineless to fight for independence and incorporate Western Canada into Alberta to become a superpower nation.

This country needs to spill so much of it's own blood that the red flag becomes apt

Hi Moishe

jim operates out of canada?

See lower half for photo comparison between Trudeau and Castro
Pierre Trudeau

"If you ban Zig Forums then they win."

Stupid leafs I have to hear their shit rafdio transmissions that violate US FCC regulations with foul content and language.

To speak the truth in cy+4 is to be politically incorrect.

Checked and /thread
As per usual OP is a faggot and anons are in a bait thread.

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Everything can be solved by violence.
Every measure that you create will be countered by the jews and their paid allies.
Killing all of them is what solves all that permanently.
Stop with this whole insanity of "playing their game" and "let's outmaneuver them in their own game". They will always come back with more restrictions, aided by their resources and corruption.
Kill the jews. Kill the leftists.
That is how you win. Not by "playing their games".

No, we still need to wake our brothers up. The narrative is crumbling, people are being forced to accept reality or basically go insane with doublethink. The move to large-scale violence at the wrong time could seal our fate.

It's actually surprising how many Canadians are actually on here proportionally speaking for how small a country it is. There's definitely a real undercurrent of dissent and Whites still have a fighting chance in a lot of areas.

Did you ever think they'd make everyone that's ever had any influence on the population apologize for questioning the narrative or take away their money?

Or did you ever think you'd have to allow small children to be taught how to penetrate an anus? Perhaps it was the thought of a little boy playing dress up, obviously being molested, being held as the highest form of enlightenment.

Anywho, you already are censored so I don't know what to tell you.

The evil genius of mass migration is that western separatism becomes less likely as things get worse. My guess is that ethnic balkanization will occur on the level of neighborhoods, rather than large regions - this increasing the power of a centralized state.
This is the "strong man" scenario of multiculturalism. The loss of ethnic cohesion is compensated for by a centralized power.

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The only question remains can they hold that power together over this vast geography with so limited resources all being leveraged against their expectation of a completely pacified and lobotomized population. I'd say it's very likely.

Second true thing spoken in this thread. Canadians are coming around. The dam will break.

I mean, steel based, but I respectably disagree.

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not likely….. i never met a canadian under 50 who wasnt a huge liberal cuck stain for multiculteralism…. i wish we would nuke Canada off of our Northern border. They have been spreading their cucked world views south of the border for decades

Canada should give citizenship to all DACApedes

This is true, speeding on burger highways is easy and fun.

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If Canada have freedom to speak unrestricted then you might meet the young redpilled people in real life. The only hope for them is to stake the vampires within their circle.

you can find the quotes in thestar.com/news/canada/2019/05/16/justin-trudeau-introduces-digital-charter-to-combat-hate-speech-misinformation.html and ca.reuters.com/article/technologyNews/idCAKCN1SM26Z-OCATC he gave a speech 5 days ago

What if Canada bans using proxies that do not also block 8ch?

How was I implying that? Not everything posted on here is necessarily because it will influence USA.

Bernier is already frothing at the mouth about how Liberal Party rep Maryam Monsef called his tweet "cyberviolence" just because he called a Conservative Party woman an "entitled princess"

This was already established last year when Snopes lied their asses off trying to cover it up, but it's always good to remind the newfags.

Wasn't aware of 'otherwise distribute', thought the ban only applied to sale but there was a 'gifts' loophole allowing you or your family to consume it.

you do realize that with direct quotes you can just google a decent portion of the quote and it will show you which articles used it?

"introduces" implies she hadn't already introduced Justin to Fidel as a baby, see pics attached

nice try moysh, it's very easy to confirm those quotes

That implies Pierre actually helped raise him. I'd describe him as more of a "stepdad" since he was briefly married to Justin's mom before they separated and Margaret's degeneracy logically lead to being a single mom.

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cuckdeau is a total lolcow like how many scandals is he in now?

and then we found out no world leader or country likes him not a single one and would stand behind backwards sandniggers over him like virtue signaling doesnt make any friends lmao

Face of the enemy
Be afraid, Zig Forums

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A substitute high school drama (ie - fag musicals) teacher. Meaning he rarely had to do any work. He was groomed for the PM job since childhood. Ask yourself who groomed him; they have to be somewhat disappointed in their product, him being unable to look like anything above an imbecile. But he gleefully passes every single law (((they))) want passed. And he is going to be a major figure in the political landscape for the next 40-years unless… he somehow isn't.

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This is about fagbook and twatter, OP. Same as every other country that is shit tier when it comes to tech and is a nothing market. The jews of silicon valley will pay some lipservice to, 'do more' and if they get fined, they'll just leave the market.

Their significant presence reflects their significant suffering. Far worse than the States, probably far worse than Sweden, Canadians are being quietly driven out of their cities and their careers and their futures, en masse, because of weaponized hyper-immigration. Put it this way… if you had to drop about half a million dollars to leave your life in a large city and relocate somewhere rural (White) because that city's main interest has become populating itself with genetically-violent gimmedat niggers, all the while demonizing White males, would you be seriously fucking pissed off?>>13305408





What's with all these unnecessary ellipses? Is 8/pol/ comprised of boomers now?