Redpilling a soypilled women

well Zig Forums I think I nearly found the one for me problem is shes alt-light and I want a full on nazi. She also dresses slightly slutty but I think Ive almost got her to stop. My main goal is make her homophobic and more mostest(as in wearing mens clothing) Ive introduced her to cuckchans /gif/ but I dont think it will be enough

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have these for the final anti gay pill. once you've seen it there's no going back.

sage for low-tier cuckthread that should be in QTDDTOT

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im a newnigger what QTDDTOT?

being homophobic is the morally right thing to be and mens cloths are modest but not weird looking and cheap.

Don't push too hard. Take her to cuck/r9k for blackpilling and cringe. And to 4/news for nigger hate and subbtle redpills. Then show her some reactionary documentaries like EUROPA- THE LAST BATTLE by Europa tv on youtube.
And then the final pill, The Greatest story NEVER told.
Then 4/pol/ then 8/pol/
Then u have yourself a /ourgirl/ waifu

What a cuck lol

being newfaggot = lurk two more years
also you posted (((Brevik))) who was Zionist and advocated for supporting the (((greatest ally)))

Ive done the first few but whats the ideal time to strike

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.
Is a Big Thread the second on the top of the 1st page.

pfffftttt lol

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Go here

I still don't understand why you want your woman in mens' clothing

most women's clothes are sexualised and tight around the edges if yo catch my drift. while mes clothes dont have titty windows and skin tight edges

If you are a real man, you can shape a woman like putty in your hands. A woman should share the same views as her husband.

Not beimg a faggot is rarer in this arena.

Why do you want your men in women's clothing?

He looks like a slope head.

You look like a clown with your oversized boots, so what?

That's going to be a long battle user. You have to make sure she isn't allowed to consume mainstream media or pop culture schlopp. Be aware that her friends are going to try to recondition her into a normie

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What the fuck type of fetish is this?

Because Men designed it and look way better in it.

Tomboy/Dyke fetish.

Fagdar just pegged at, you've already scheduled your sex change operation.

Sounds pretty gay to be honest. Feminine clothes exist that aren't slutty

Sex change? No, I'm the one that makes you sex change faggot.

shes an introvert just like me and hates mainstream media with a passion, much like me

No I still want her to have womens haircuts and shave her legs I just want her to wear something modest
yeah but you cant buy them easily

Just dont push too much, too soon. Alt-lite is not bad for females and their womanly sensibilities, just be their to anchor her. Also you dont need to get here to wear men's clothing, just start to unslut her attire but transitioning to simple Jean's and tshirt tier shit at first. Also dont listen to these weirdo shills, sounds like you've got a good one that just needs a little guidance

OP from your post I get you're a marxist larper who's using internet knowledge to contact white women. marxist meaning that you're following sandnigger ideology. You're either a cia nigger, judaist, 10% jew, you name it. you're a degenerate and needs to be exterminated.

With what, words on the internet? Threats of violence? Go back to your third world shithol in Asia and try again faggot.

I've seen women wearing flannels nowadays. If that's your solution to the whore clothes question, take your mcdonalds earned cash and go to walmart for some cheap flannels.

Where do I find a woman like that?

All you do is fucking bitch, looks like you've already been converted. Now kys.

I dont know she asked me out

Says the faggot trying to fuck men while they are minding their own bjsiness and trying to get nlowjobs from them lile a faggot. Go smoke more crack you faggot gook.

You're the methed out schizo here dumbfuck. Where did I say I'm going to fuck men? Already having a stroke from what I see in your response queer, did you just cut yourself? Not Asian either, keep coping Hapa trash.

Hide antifa threads. Hide FED threads. Hide threads degenerating male-female sexual relationships.

how exactly is it degenerate to want a woman who doesn't flaunt her tits

no. just convince her you like her most in dresses. buy her modest dresses online

Sure shit I didn't read that in OP.

You also didn't read your rights nigger, get the fuck out of here. Illiterate Zoomer.

TOR posting marxist larper calling others nigger to accommodate. Zionist fucktard. You're not welcome here.Get the fuck out. While you do that deport all jews back to israel. Get the fuck out.

The only way to redpill a woman is with your dick.

And how exactly is it "red-pilled" to waste your fucking time on a woman who will just shit all over everything you do anyways? It ain't faggot, grow a fucking pair, spend your time on being a goddamn man instead of thinking with your worthless dick like a nigger

How else are White children going to be born?

to have kids with jewboy. Sorry to say

The white race doesn't want your garbage kids, might as well chuck em in a dumpster lol

Because I agree with user that I don't want a slut for a woman? k

holy shit I haven't seen glowing like this since chernobyl

lmao you want some real advice? Don't take advice from fags on image boards, that's your red-pill right there

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Why is this thread still up? This is what we allow on 8pol now?

Despite making up less than 3% of the population, gay and bi fags made up 82% of all HIV diagnostics in 2016

How are white people born then?

ivf, purchased white eggs, and SEA wives

exactly what this kike is trying to promote and cant handle the fact we aren't brain dead as 4/pol/

Sorry Im a new nigger whos made one other thread

Always good to see a new face, since you wanted your s/o to dislike the gay i thought i'd give you an easily memeable statistic that exposes how diseased they are

children develope poorly without bonding with their mother and drinking their milk for many months. These test tube babies will suffer socially and physically as they will be awkward and frail. Imagine being so spiteful to reject biology instead of just taking back male dominance by force. test tubes are expensive, rather the cheap and tried method of patriarchy. When RWDS hit the streets I wanna see the faces of the anti white mgtow's sobbing because the battery in their fuck doll runs out, mumbling something about "fucking Chad and Tyrone did this", not realizing still that it was always as simple as rounding the boys up and burning the whole system down and removing female suffrage. No idea how many times I've heard MGTOW's say they hate Whites because White women fold to their female nature and ruin the society, without coming to the conclusions that are so obvious.
Don't get me wrong, MGTOW has its virtues but not without some glaring issues considering white birthrates, race, the jews and ZOG


its patidic to see honesty, they think its exclusively women who are 90% dipshits and think all men are great when in fact most people are dipshits

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You state the goal yourself in half of your other posts. And I offer a quickly available and clear solution. I concede that your endgame of reconstituting a patriarchal system would be preferable in a simple world. However, your endgame is not so simple. Just like my plan entails convincing a SEA wife to have white kids and paying for the IVF, your plan also entails specific steps and stages, which you must confront. How will you remove women's voting rights? How will you convince them to be debt free virgins without tattoos? How will you rescind their government representation and right work. How will you do all of these things, and more, to create your patriarchy, when that same patriarchy is mandatory to change all of the above?

I insist that my proposed plan is better in the short term. I'd love to be proven wrong by a sophisticated argument detailing the solutions to the above lengthy and tedious problems.

context man this may as well be some edgy gay fiction

OP is a weirdo, he wants to politically educate his GF, and wants her to wear men's clothes?… and hate gays - sounds like a closet homosexual, or ex-homosexual to me…

equally weird are the people giving him cringeworthy advice like watch "the greatest story never told" - really? that's a joke right down to it's fake southern accent..

the only politics women need is to stick with their man - women are not intellectually inclined, nor rational, nor though/ideology driven - it's unnatural to expect them to be… women are not men.

the whole thing along with the OP and the advice givers smells like trolls to me..

You sound like a faggot butthurt because the girl of your dreams is more interested in Brad, Chad, Vlad, Mossad, and McJihad

Where the fuck do you think you are

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Yep, this place is basically cuckchan now

I can't believe nobody has posted this question yet: is she a virgin? Because if she's been with other men before you, she's not wife material and only good for a pump & dump.

shitskin spelling. wants women to dress as men.

he just pretended to be pro israel as a false flag to create negative sentiment towards jews