The curious case of Brenton Tarrant

>His idol happens to be none other than (((Breivik))).

This guy clearly has some glaring blind spots. The kind that is typically seen in nazbol alt lite caricatures of jew approved right wing media like Breitbart and Rebel Media. We know they have a hate boner for muzzies out of all other demographics, but that's not because they threaten the west, but because they threaten the existence of israel. Tarrant would be JIDF's favorite.

So why is he shilled so heavily here?

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b8 for shitposts.

There there now.

Yes, you are.

Because he is a Saint. A god among insects. And you are a shill because you fear others following in his footsteps. Sage.

He had an esoteric (((merchant))) inscribed upon his murder-weapon. This is why jews are freaking out over this. You’d think they would love the murder of muslims, but Tarrant was deffo a straight-up lover of Whiteness.

A saint among zionists I suppose.


Tarrant was genuine. His ideological confusion on the Kike Question is a reflection of the line of the 'Right' wing of the English-speaking European Nation, the 'Right' wing of the ZOG, that Kikes are our fellow White Blood Brothers, that Israel is an outpost of 'democracy' and something called "Western Civilization."
No one ever sat down and told him that Israel used to be majority Mizrahi (Arab) Kike, because the Ashkenazi (Euro) Kikes in Israel flooded them into their country on purpose for cheap labor.

If you watch the video he referenced, the one with 16 million views that circulated among Muslims. That video made it seem like Muslims were behind the flood of immigrants. I bet the narrator was a Jew, no accent or nothing and it talked about the type of shit Jews focus on, Replacement birth rate and all that.

He is one of them.

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There's no way he didn't know about the JQ.

OP is a faggot who also happens to be an illiterate brainlet
Read the manifesto and see for yourself, Brenton Tarrant is a ~140 IQ genius. He recognizes correctly that if jews were to leave the west today we'd still be in a bind. Too cowardly to fight against invading threats due to some useless idea of "honor", which he also recognizes. If all the muslims and other invaders left, how could they jews control the populace? They wouldn't have the voters necessary to control us. Once again, the Prophet Brenton Tarrant has correctly surmised that IT'S THE BIRTHRATES! The greater threat must be fought now. Intelligence only means something when you can have sons and daughters, yet you have neither. I could go on, but it's wasted on you being a shill for yidsreal. For legitimate anons, read our Prophet's work: The Great Replacement.

Who cares if it was real or fake? You will never be able to know for sure either way

That is what kosher right wing news media like Breitbart and fox News want you to believe.

As long as the message is "FUCK JEWS" I'm 100% cool with all Brandarn Trantoart threads EBIGGGG

>His idol happens to be none other than (((Breivik))).
The entire CC psyop was built on foundations hewn from previous psyops.
>various "islamic" hoax attacks.

No shit. He was a browser of Zig Forums, and knew what the general line of the people here was.
He's also a person living in the real world, where the 'Right' wing of the ZOG has enslaved the masses of the White Nation, the English-speaking European Nation, of which Australia is a part of (and yes, that thing called "America" has actually overthrown Australian governments that defied them, google Gough Whitlam). Their line is that Jews are fellow White Blood Brothers, that Israel is a dumbocracy, that it is an outpost of "Western Civilization" up against a darky non-Christian horde.
Tarrant could have been just trying not to turn off the hordes of 'Right' leaning whites who thinks like this, to let them come to the conclusion on their on, but I doubt it. The ideological weakness the manifesto displays is an ideological weakness of its author on the question. Australia isn't as clearly controlled by Kikes and their Zionist worshipers as that thing called "America" nakedly is. He knew about Kikes, but himself was confused.
A better example is Dylan Storm Roof, who was also confused on the question, but came closer to the truth. He said that is Kikes had blue skin, there would be no Kike Question. He understood implicitly that it is the Ashkenazi (Euro) Kike's ability to pass for a white person that allows them to subvert European Nations, especially that thing called "America."


First off, he's not "shilled heavily" here. People here were posting criticism of him giving the jews a pass in his manifesto before the story even hit the news. We think its fucking hilarious that he mowed down 50 towel-heads in such style. He kept the message simple which is important because if you get really in the weeds of the JQ/holohoax/911 people are just going to focus on one or two things to dismiss you. The message was simply about birth rates and the shitskin invasion of white countries. Also the thing he pointed out would happen (assault on gun rights) happened, and continues to escalate. Gun rights are something even normie as fuck right wingers (cuckservatives) are tuned into, so any excuse the government uses to attack the second amendment will be met with resistance. Not sure if you've been paying attention recently to the NRA but it was an attempted subversion that backfired.

His only mistake is he didn't kill 50 kikes.
His only mistake was he didn't kill enough.


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The agent provocateur with the red text has shown up, retard. If you support this mass murderer you're trash.

Does this song trigger you kike?

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What year did he say he'd be out of jail again? Let's move that date up. Let's get Ted out, too.

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If you attack the jews, you're a nazi. If you attack the rapefugees, you're a racist and/or white supremacist. But both are bad, and deserve to be attacked and driven out. He probably picked an objective that was attainable by one guy working alone. Going after the ZOG is hard, they have bodyguards and don't tend to gather in large groups except for special events (e.g. Bilderberg) where there are literally hundreds of cops and snipers on rooftops. It's much easier to target their henchmen, which in this particular case he did (mosque was ISIS connected).

I come from the same town as as st tarrant..the Jewish presence in country nsw ( the regional area of northern rivers nsw, Australia)is non existent. We dont come from the u.s ,we have different problems than you do over in burger land. THIS IS WHAT A LOT OF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. I would be more concerned about his true reasons if he HAD blathered about a problem ie. The Jewish concern. We are insulated from overt ashtray problems here in Australia. We dont see them every day or even once on a year. I myself have only met one Jew in my entire life and I'm middle aged. Most Aussies have never met one. We hate what we can see and we simply cannot see it in Australia .

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He probably figured he would make better impact with muzzies because there are almost no joos in NZ so it would have come off as irrelevant

I definitely hate Islam but not as much as I hate Judaism so we've got an uneasy alliance, at least for the time being

Yeah yeah go back to voting you coward.

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(checked, however)
People are definitely awakening in Straya too though, as evidenced by the recent election. Sure they're not able to see clearly through the fog to see that the root cause is the hook-nosed menace, but the idea that "if a problem is in your face nobody can see it" is bullshit. Root cause analysis can be performed in Australia just like it can anywhere.

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i like your breakdown

That second one Cohen and the gang is based AF. These Muslims don't even have doubt about who's behind this.

Listen and listen well to it, every word he says is the truth.

Sloppy job Mossad!

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Siri, what is It's against the law to post the NZ mosque video in Australia and you're a massive retarded krikey kikey faggot with no 1st amendment to die for, and no 2nd amendment to justify it?

There were so many ways to address or even simply omit the JQ and somehow he fucked it up. Can't help but ((()))) this entire incident.

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Yeah he was a blue-pilled judeophile faggot that got New Zealanders guns taken away and another round of crack downs of internet censorship across the world…and didn’t even use the opportunity to redpill everyone on the JQ. The Pittsburgh shooter(the PittsSpurg) and the San Diego kid left no doubt about the Jewish involvement in mass Immigration. I mean, they( the PittsSpurg, got a high score) shot up a bunch of harmless jews and it was low effort, immoral and shitty…but at least they kinda pinned the tail on the right donkey.

dunecoons are just as bad as yids and need removal.
both of these groups, for as long as they existed, have attacked vicariously whites, and despite their pretense to the contrary, worked together.
Just like they have no problem working along fags, or femists, or whatever.
YOU are the reason why these groups coaslesce, and despite how much they may hate each other, their hatred for YOU is high enough to justify with other group they hate.
See: sodomy arabia and shitsrael
See also: shitsrael and isis
See also also: migrants benefitting from (((pro-migrant NGOs)))
as pointed, it's fear that motivate the kind of OP.
As we all know, behind the constant diatribe and claim to the contrary, yids are extremely cowardly, and that's why they are so terrified of us, their only potential host.
So in order to remove yids from our lands, dunecoons will have to be removed aswell.
However, that should be done in our lands, not by being a retarded zogbot getting sent in the sandbox.
Plenty of that scum here, and it's the one that cause problem.

He was just like your regular white nationalists who are fascinated by Pakistan.

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dunedu nuthin
[explosion of peace in the background]
[scream of raped children in the back ground]
[yids rubbing their hands]

that's what blast the booty of dunecoons.
reminder that hatred for kikes doesn't make you white.
you're a fucking semite all the same.

Why would we listen to muslims who invade our lands. They're not on our side. Both jews and muslims need to gtfo. They both lie a whole lot, and that "we come in peace" talk is bullshit.
Video is no-go zone in Paris. Cops were investigating a case of rapefugee raping a white girl.

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Yeah, no. DuneCoons have 90% less power in the west than jews and are an actual outside group that you can identify as problematic. Ashkenazi Jews on the other hand are a literal parasite that can blend into white society and feed for decades without their host catching on. You’re a raging faggot and should be banned.

Certainly traveling to Pakistan and North Korea absolutely would not put you on any list, and when one buys guns after traveling to said countries certainly no list would not come up. Never fear, the NZ PM is going around pleading that there is too much free communication and ideology about that is harmful to those who keep such lists and that is why they missed the guy who bought guns after traveling to watched countries. It's the current year after all, part and parcel of living in a surveillance state and Five Eyes agreements to spy on everyone for everyone. Mistakes happen!

Yeah they both need to go but your boy Tarrant don’t even mention the Jews as influencing mass immigration.

This is clearly false. New Zealand (((LEGISLATORS))) took the guns from New Zealanders, and the citizens are likely hiding what they previously owned. Sure, there are going to be faggots that turn in their guns and bow to oppression, but I don't think this constitutes the majority. Again, this was the point as he stated… subverting the slow boil.

The problem here is the same problem as always in that culturally we are prone to self-scrutinize and self-criticize (because of an excess of empathy that is ethnomasochistic) BEFORE we look at the behavior of other people while other groups of people are not like this. Celebrations across the semitic world still take place every single year on 9/11 and we're going to waste a single breathe giving a fuck about the nuances of Tarrant's ideology. Other people literally celebrate their homicidal maniacs as champions of their people. Kikes love Lenin and Mao, bug people love Genghis Khan, and mudshits love Mohammed.

Fuck towel-heads, period.

Missing the point entirely.

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test test test
=test test test=
$${\big BIGTEXT$$

Fucking scummo mussies need more than 51 of them removed from our gene pool. Theve been polluting Australian waters for more than 2decades now. Tarrant is my god. I'm sooooooo proud of boy from Grafton. So proud I could just burst out singing Serbia strong at any time .

All he did was make things harder for Aussies, Euros, Canadians and New Zealanders in purchasing firearms and speaking out against immigration. Did nothing in the US in terms of gun laws and the Jews just flailed there arms and banned some American “dissonant right wingers” from social media platforms which doesn’t really matter other than those kosher conspiracy theorists can’t collect as many shekels. So, his goal of accelerating the dotr in the US, didn’t happen. The (((global community))) did try to ban criticizing mass immigration and they did…but America declined the offer. So Tarrantstein massively failed and only made it harder for unarmed non American whites to voice any opposition to mass immigration without getting jail time.

No shit. Mossad is gleefully waiting for their beloved (((ISIS))) to train new jihadis using his videos so the West can go back to wars for Israel.

2/3 of criminals in my country are dunecoons.
and you should be gassed, and hopefully soon will.
amusingly maybe by us or maybe one of your pets.
all jews are the same to non-jews, which is how you got spotted you fucking apologetic kike.
sephardim are in fact the variant of yids in my country, and behave exactly like that aswell.
no fucking excuses anymore.

That's his point you low-IQ MDE faggot.

This is actually a pretty astute observation.
Zones of the English-speaking European Nation, the White Nation, already don't have a conjob-stitution to 'protect' their 'rights'. Lots of 'Right' wing ZOG-trash like to pretend something would happen if the "American" government simply got rid of the second amendment, but that is a lie.
The ZOG already makes it illegal to own all types of weapons. The ZOG already forces you to put yourself on a list for buying weapons. The ZOG already controls firearms to such an extend, that only people they are certain are no threat to them will ever get their hands on a gun. Yet people still pretend the removal of the second amendment is what will spark the Turner Diaries finally.

It's certainly telling.

Refusing to acknowledge even the most basic ongoing subversion of the west by zionists isn't a nuance, its giant red flag. Pilpul doesn't work here btw.

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you do nothing. you cannot complain. tarrant is someone. he donated to causes and whacked 50 invaders. fuck you nonpersona

You're claiming two pieces of knowledge here.
1) You know when the date of DOTR is.
2) Tarrant's actions didn't bring it closer.
Stupid. The only way of possibly knowing this would not only to have knowledge of the future, but to have knowledge of multiple future outcomes. Yet the goal of disrupting white placation was achieved, even if only by a small degree… the rippling of this through time has been felt.

Even Tulsi Gabbard (Bernie's running mate in 2016) was on Joe Rogan (normie of normies) talking about social media censorship and utilizing "trust busting" laws to put these companies in their fucking place.

>The (((global community))) did try to ban criticizing mass immigration and they did…but America declined the offer.
Right so they didn't, and now we have something else to point to and criticize… namely the oligarch globalist kike trying to shut it down.

Except you just admitted that "america declined the offer" so there is no increased consequence of criticizing mass immigration, and you won't get jail time you complete disinfo kike.

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Trips of truth!

You are the first person on Zig Forums who has written about this without getting banned and the post deleted… yet.

I called this after a few days thinking about it (that's how they recruited the 9/11 hijackers). I thought the Notra Dame fire was related, but it seems it was another operation

Tarrant did as much for whites as Tarantino does with his kike wet dreams

((( )))
Just like the 9/11 hijackers! They sure got revenge for what ZOG did to muslims… I'm sure the muslims totally benefited from what happened after 9/11

I'm not reinterpreting anything to change its meaning though, I'm pointing out what Tarrant said. His point was about birth rates, the perceived enemy was mudshit hoards invading white countries, and to subvert the slow boil by accelerating the oppression and subsequent agitation of normalfags (which he achieved).

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just like the 9/11 hijackers… true heroes of islam


quack quack quack
bitch cuck in his basement gonna do fuck all
tarrant 50, (((you))) -1

How hard is this?

White Man + Epic *chan memes + GoPro™ sponsorship + trained (((ISIS)))-linked crisis actors = NO MORE GUNS FOR WHITEBOIS ON PLANET EARTH.

Is the math that difficult?

No. Fuck off.

Having hordes of imported shitskins in your country is the prime indicator of having a jew problem. That jew doesn't even have to necessarily sit in your country though. I know this might be too abstract to grasp for the average beer drinking pleb, but that doesn't mean you should just ignore it.

Lol that's exactly what you're doing though.
Who brought them in? Who bombed their countries? Let me guess, Muslim controlled congress and media! I see you kike.

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So, in your little fantasy land, who is president? Hitler?

Okay, show me how literally repeating what he wrote is changing its meaning.
I know it's the fucking kikes you dipshit, that isn't what Brenton said in his manifesto though.

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Deng bro tarrant was right these dang ol muslims ruining everything bro that's why I hope we #bombiran mark my words the judeochristian alliance is the only thing saving us bro. I'm crossing state lines as we speak to pick up some ARs bro bring back some justice for 9/11 those dang ol muslims bothering jews and christians everywhere bro. Dang if only I had found jesus earlier i could have been in Iraq bro. Guns and god not gas and ghadaffi, got it?

found the muzzie sucking goats dick

My fantasy land is Zig Forums, and Hitler is Führer.

Typical fucking faggot that doesn't belong here.

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Read the op, faggot. That statement from Tarrant shows total disregard for the active onslaught of zionist subversion upon the west. Why did he dance around naming jews so much? Because he was a dumb kike.

The worst legitimately critique you can give on St. Brenton is that he is weak on the jewish problem, perhaps he hadn't fully studied the extend of their involvement in all of our problems. But to call him a fake for that is outright malicious.

Found the merchant.

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I pointed out here that we already agreed.

I pointed out here why you shouldn't give a fuck.

You think inaction and compromise and doing nothing is the only solution because you are effectively an advocate of the slow boil, and only wish to criticize anyone that acts as a shill regardless of whether that action is net/net positive… which this has been, as I've argued.

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You and I both know these people are just trying to weaponize the excess empathy of Europeans against themselves. "if you support Tarrant you're a monster!"
They're going to call us kikes because it doesn't work anymore.

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What's malicious here is you foreskin munchers thinking you are convincing anyone.

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lol told ya

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I wonder what Putin thinks of the jews killing 66 million Russians in history and then more thanks to purposely getting Russian planes and Russians killed in Syria recently. Nvm Russians are cowards they won't do shit against kikes lol.

Retarded kike.


The only reason that operation happened was to pull the general public to associate free speech with mass shootings and "racism" and to make sure the post card was from 8ch, because there are two types on /pol, those who know about judaism and jews. The jews can see that awareness of jewish world government is spreading rapidly. He didn't name the jew because if his manifesto connected jews to mass immigration and social engineering , (which judaism is soley responsible for, and author of), then normal people would be planted with that seed. By focusing on muslims, it simply furthers the jewish goal of weakening the nations using both of their enemies, precisely, the Canaanites(muslims) and amalekites (germanic), both of whom are the entire purpose of the middle east wars. Saying that tarrent was independent and not a jewish op is like saying the iraq war was independent and not a jewish op. There is literally no one that benefits except jews. It will not require terranes actions to purge muslims, the world is going to face off about it en masse when the boiling point comes. All that tarrent did was provide global jewish world government with a blank check for censorship. As if shooting muslims is a new and novel concept, we've been doing it for a long time in the wars, as a matter of policy, a jewish imposed policy of the GWOT. Id suspect everyone doing damage control of how the guy isn't a jewish-guy are literally jews. there's absolutely nothing stopping anyone from going out and copy catting. Perhaps the reason why is because people on /pol know that dropping 50 bodies of jewish slave pawns has no net effect on the massive government immigration programs. Perhaps the reason he did it, is because hes a jew and he believes in it and had the knowledge of his nations support. He did after all make trips to israel. When the situation of immigration reaches the point when the feneral public wants the muslims physically removed, then the dam will break. But even then shooting muslims for mass immigration is like using a spoon to clean up an overflowing toilet.

You and Tarant aren’t qualified in any way to try to influence some kind of accelerations in the US because:

A: you don’t understand that the right( with kike sponsorship like Breitbart and Ezra Levant, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, Crowder, Shapiro etc etc etc…can still criticize and attack Islam because it’s not the main racial group that is replacing Americans. It’s beneficial for neocohen kikes that boomer-tier kosher right wingers in America have a blood lust for killing Muslims because it facilitates the greater Israel agenda.

B: just check the American comments on Kikebart and normie conservative social media after the Tarrant thing. They were loving it and supporting it. Comments went unmoderated by the hasbara moderation teams. Then contrast that to the comments after Pittsburgh and San Diego.

C: I suspect you and Tarrant don’t know about this aspect of jew political machinations in America and therefore should be not posting and lurking irl and the internet. Certainly not trying to “own the Jew world order”

Putin's a kike puppet. This has been known for some time.

Logical conclusion is that he was a normie faggot and defo shouldn’t have been trying to do anything political on a global scale..

He doesn’t care, user.

When you're white, every single day from birth onward you must be reminded of WHITE CRIMES.

We're aware of shitty things white people have done. Now, it's time to learn about shitty things Jews have done.

Putin was, but he broke away somewhat by backing Assad. He was onboard with zog killing him initially but when Assad just kept surviving and the war threatened a massive jihadi spillover into Russia, Putin slammed on the brakes. He deserves some credit. At least more than anyone in US congress.

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tarrant was mossad, he only gets praise from the jews here

he did a fucking shithouse job at killing muzzies too, absolute fucking shithouse, if he had 2 brain cells to rub together he could've done a lot more damage

Well, welcome to the party. Im not sure where one would begin to tally, at the first temple of solomon or 1913?

This is exactly right. Everything he did was for the camera, a show, just like isis is a show, just like the gwot was a show, just like 9/11.

More like in 2013-2014 Obama couldn’t get public/congressional support for a war in Syria, Putin was like, “ ha! I guess I’ll flex on Obama now. My peasants will love this move.” Netanyahu gave him the green light because it made Obama look awful and weak…and Putin would never actually hurt or attack Israel so it was kosher safe.

Tarrant obviously did what he did to make white men look bad. If he wanted to do any damage he would have gone after people that actually hold power in our society, not some mosque full of women and children, ON A VIDEO THAT HE RECORDED NO LESS. Everything about him screams psyops and everything about the people that suck his cock on Zig Forums points towards them being kike shills for their kike loving dylan roof 2.0

Attached: hitlerpicture.jpg (660x459, 31.51K)

kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike

Really articulate, you're making this a better place.

"Jews are okay, I guess. As long as they stay in their own country."

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You need to understand where he came from to in order to understand his intentions . Regional Australia is very different even in comparison to metropolitan Australia. Conservative but generally apathetic attitudes are the norm. He is a shiny new dollar coin in a sea of tarnished brass. Addressing the jq would have belied the truth of his actions,diluting them unnecessarily. He set out to achieve some very exact goals and he did so. His main focus was our own country and our own enemies..thanks be to him and his.

Attached: 20190320_082618.jpg (4032x3024, 2.16M)

lol at actually believing bibi vs obama was anything more than a goy drama. Obama was fully owned by them. Putin absolutely did not have permission from jews to back Assad, are you kidding? Zog went full anti-Russia campaign after Putin decided to intervene. Its why they tried to resist Trump so much even though he was pro-israel, he had a slav wife and didn't want to fight Russia.

The recording was for isis to raise new jihadis. Will it work though? Looks like even muslims are getting wise to it all. See the 3rd webm here.

Sage for absolute retardation. It's almost as though you haven't been here since the exodus, unlike Tarrant the BO of Zig Forums. (which I would point out was the best run board on all of 8ch for years).

Tarrant chose the enemy purposefully to garner the maximum amount of sympathy from his own people. He certainly could have done the same to a synagogue or come to america or SA and targeted blacks. He also could have gone after treasonous politicians in any white nation and logically all of that would have been self defense against foreign invaders and their accomplices. Any of those options would have also splintered the far right between those who agree and those who disagree with the analysis of those groups as 'enemies'. Instead Tarrant chose a target whose use of political violence is publicly known and in Europe experienced daily- a group which no one could truly feel sorry for.

The result has not been the debate as to whether or not muslims deserve the sword but instead; whether the sword is an appropriate lever for displacing muslims from the West. This has been the subject for debate in just about every Tarrant thread on this board so far, and a definite undertone of any commentary on the event outside Zig Forums. The Truth is, the vast majority of white people couldn't give a shit about dead muslims and those that do have 10 other sacred cows from fags, trannies and niggers to defend.

Therefore I wouldn't go as far as has with Tarrant's IQ, but it is fair to say he struck true and hard, with exacting intent which has created the greatest shift in the overton window since we elected Trump. If that is indication of high IQ so be it.

What we are fighting for is the existence of our people. How other groups may think of us is irreverent to that goal and such the bitter truth is that the West cannot be saved without the specific and exacting use of political violence against our enemies. You can thank Tarrant for proving that point true in the real world and conversely one can easily explain the absurdly illogical mass shilling of the following points:

See above. Tarrant has shown that a white man with proper planning and execution is worth 100 shitskins while shattering illusions about what the state can, and cannot protect. I've always wondered if they distribute 'redpilled' image folders to shills here but you are certainly convincing evidence of that.

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Hitler taught me well. Your pro-tarrant pilpul stank from a while away.