To all you faggots that write off women as a whole because of the absolute shit state of modern women need to watch...

To all you faggots that write off women as a whole because of the absolute shit state of modern women need to watch this. If you can watch this woman help her husband build a house with a baby on her back and still think that women can't be redeemed then fuck off.

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Only kikes and fags (little redundant but I digress) hate women.

Women and Men are equal.

This cuck made the same thread on cuckchan

seethe more

without hesitation I would genocide a billion worlds all inhabited by billions of niggers and jews to save the last white woman and her children


Nice deflection cuckchan

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all we need to know is that you hate white women

He probably loves you very much but you (((friends))) brainwashed you into being a cunt. Now if you cool it down a bit…

Trannies aren't women. They're called eunuchs.

have sex

Lurk more. A minimum of two years. If you see a shit thread ignore it. There are no cucks here. Think of shills as robots. You aren't going to change its mind. Everybody else already knows its a garbage post so you don't need to warn anybody that it is either.

And don't forget sage.

No they're not.

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Women as a whole only suck because we men have failed them and let (((them))) guide their minds.

In terms of rights under the law, men and women deserve equality. Anything else is Islam.

Or the law in all western nations pre ww2.

It certainly is easy to fall into the trap of hating modern women though, so I understand where these guys come from. When you convince a certain class that they are entitled and elevate them above the more capable you create inevitable conflict. There many great female programmers out there, but once you start conferring "greatness" on trumped up bluehairs with tattoos all over their body, men are going to have a visceral reaction and lash out against all other women, even the ones who earn their place through merit. As for the nonsense that no women belong in the work place, simply untrue. Many women are actually not well suited for motherhood, and others can balance the two. As always, hate the root cause and not the golem.

I have a bag of scorpions here, 100 in total. 99 of them are deadly venomous. I need you to reach into the bag and find the one that isn't venomous.

I bet you're the kind of trannyfaggot freak that would attempt to breastfeed a baby even though you have dude dna

Who let the jews in?

I though this jewish mgtow tripe had been thoroughly trashed and sent packing with feminism

crypto jews and maybe 5% of the traitorous upper classes that were paid by jews.

You seem to lack a grasp of reality. Here in reality MGTOW is spreading like wild fire. Feminism didn't free women, it freed men.

Which is why men kill themselves now more than ever.

I love how your brain reduces an extremely complex topic like the root causes of male suicide, completely ignoring the failing economic system, jew debt slaves, drug addiction, and cultural attacks on men (just to name a few), to it being because men don't want to marry and have kids with these disgusting whore women who have zero ability to pair bond.

You're a low IQ uneducated faggot. People like you are the real problem in this country IMO, you try to reduce every fucking problem down some simple bullshit your piss ant mind can comprehend because it simply can't operate at a level of sufficient complexity to understand the larger dynamics.

You should neck yourself.

Sperg elsewhere.

Why don't you leave the thinking to the generals and their advisers, your place in this world is as a grunt to take orders and lead as required.

Wait for the novelty and social media likes, and shares, and compliments to wear off.

If you can't get a woman to marry you then you don't have the ability to lead in the first place. I could see you as an (((adviser))) though.

"MGTOW" is a meme out of Rebel Media.
They needed a label with which to own (and commercialize) single male/bachelor behavior.
And "MGTOW" was born.
It is indeed a jew d&c/antinatalist psyop, but as with all similar ops, much of it is based on truth.
Truth with a little poison added.

On second thought, I'd have you taken out back and executed to improve the gene pool.

Lol just go talk to a woman you pussy.

I'm sure he talks to your gf every night.

Take you that long to turn your vpn on, huh?

Go FUCKING kill yourself you ACTUAL Retard Down Syndrome Dwelling mound. ITS NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM. If Vaginal AssSacks want to Be a complete societal shit stain and forfeit any form of pragmatic proper societal discourse for the sake of mental dissonance and special rights then its NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM. If I literally NEVER want any fucking remote vicinitive interaction with your entirely demoralized feeling slave lesser species degradation.

Fucking Hang Yourself and Everyone you Know. you lost cause plantation overseer Faggot.


Interaction is a two way street you fucking insufferable Freak Show.

AND I haven't seen effort for MILES. Fuck You.


Not the same user. Maybe that other user might give enough of a shit to respond. Either way, back to cuckchan with you.

Only deft free virgins without tattoos are wife material. All other women are pump and dumps.

Like anything worthwhile, the reason it is good is because it is scarce. If we all had our pure aryan virgin waifu's, we wouldn't look at them as such a valuable commodity as we currently do.

Women are not independent creatures, they require the leadership of a man. This fact manifests very clearly in female behavior, and any socially functional individual can see it evidently in their daily interactions with them.
A good partner is not going to jump into your lap, in fact, the type of woman to do that is probably not worth your time in the first place. Attract a woman, and then worry about shaping them to be the ideal traditional wife. Once upon a time, the family of these young girls would have done that, but it is a new age. Young men must recognize what their role is in a relationship, and play it. A based jew-naming woman who wants 5 kids isn't going to fall into your arms. A general socially-conditioned degenerate will, and your job is to show her the way things are meant to be.

I am not saying take in a whore, I am saying find a woman who isn't totally far gone.

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So you expect people to pay full retail price for a woman that's only been rented out enough to qualify as "isn't totally far gone". You go right on ahead and do that simp.

You've no idea what I mean by "far gone," and are taking the worst possible interpretation for the sake of being a contrarian faggot.

Why put in all that effort? If I'm going to spend that much effort on something, it's going to be killing my racial enemies. Truthfully, that's all I can care about anymore. At least a bullet in a kike's skull is a tangible difference in the world. Training a woman to "not suck quite as badly" completely lacks any sense of satisfaction. If the world is so fucked that I have to do what their parents should've done, I'd rather just burn it down. Everybody can appreciate a good fire.

Exactly why I quoted you genius. Care to define what you think "isn't too far gone" so that we can actually make a decision?

Prove him wrong with a detailed example case and accompanying example process.

This isn't some rocket sense that needs to be accompanied by mathematical substantiation. I mean that your average woman is a social-media obsessed directionless automaton whose interests don't extend past their weekend plans.This doesn't mean that they aren't worthwhile, how else are we going to get white births back to replacement levels?

ivf with white eggs and SEA wives. It requires some strength on the man's part to convince his wife to have white kids, but that convincing is orders of magnitude more reliable than completely rewriting a modern Western woman, on top of divorce culture.

All we have to do is put our women back in their place, it's not complicated. It's not that they are useless, they are a vital part of society/civilization. When they're whoring around, however, they are simply a bane to society.

You are grossly overestimating the fortitude of a woman's opinions. They live and breathe based on what their authority figure of choice tells them to. Women are weak, mentally, physically, and can be shaped, they are malleable.

next level ignorance/tardary right there, I feel embarrassed for you for having read it.

And to answer your question, it's simple. We need a reset of civilization. Women need to be put back in their place as property and men will agree to a societal set of rules and law for said property.

Your problem is that you're just ignorant. You think you're red pilled about the world, which is likely true relative to normies, but here you're like the special ed red pilled person. You don't have any sufficient level of understanding of the complex dynamics at play, and yet instead of researching and really understanding the problem you want to solve you just pitch a solution that is literally retarded in ways you're too ignorant to even realize. Most of my time in this world has been dealing with morons like you. You're never going to achieve anything in your life because you can't elevate your understanding of the world.

The thing betacuck whiteknight virgin retards don't understand is that, for someone to say that "men and women are not equal" is not the same as saying "women don't have a vitally important role" but that is what they hear anyway. The betacuck whiteknight virgin faggot responds to the conditioning of his formal progressive government "education" and recoils at the thought that the sexes are not the same. They think the only way to measure a woman's value is within the realm of responsibilities that a man excels at which ignores performance and it ignores nature.

There really is no persuading a betacuck whiteknight virgin faggot because he has no experience with women, all he knows is that his mom told him to "be a nice guy and you'll find that special someone" which unfortunately for the betacuck whiteknight virgin faggot makes women vomit because this total absence of assertiveness only communicates low value. It's a stink you can't shake, and it's why you're an incel that can't even fathom the thought of criticizing and modifying a woman's behavior.

Honest advice is you need to get some actual experience with actual women so you can at least become familiar with their nature. It's shitty that boomers didn't just hand over this knowledge readily, but its because they're the worst generation of men who retreat into "man caves" instead of actually being leaders in their own household. Sure they'll pretend that 40 years of cowering to the authority of their "wife" has proven their method superior, but do me a favor and look into their eyes… peer into their empty lives of unending concession and tell me these are "men" of any worth.

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Legalize raping whores and nationalize their wombs. Not difficult. Institute Coveture laws (aka white sharia). Not difficult. Hard part is seizing power.

Whoredom being punishable by torture and/or death, and allowing men to beat women again as long as it's for a good reason. Also, laws that force women to dress modestly in public.

Checked. I don't think we can outbreed the spics, we have to eliminate the wombs of our racial enemies.

Exactly. That's why it's more reliable to assume that role with a SEA wife than to constantly wage a war to wrest the role from the MSM, the authority figure in Western women's lives. I won't begrudge you for trying, but honor the men who pursue and propagate the more reliable course of action to have white kids.

Shut up, Mohammed-Moshe hybrid faggot.

Cool, so what exactly is wrong with the idea that modern women, by nature of being women, will take on the shape their male counterpart wants? Are you going to offer any actual rebuttal, or just sit smugly on that high horse of yours?

You almost had me going for a second, too.

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Obviously there are biological differences between male and female. I meant as human beings, they deserve equal treatment under the law. Certainly, they are equal in the eyes of our Lord who I doubt exists.

Start by proving a majority of women do this. With objective sources.

Struber, Shikole. 2010. The Effect of Marriage on Political Identification. Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse 2 (01),

You know why you roasties are so triggered? It's because deep down you know you're trash that offers nothing to humanity but a diseased hole between your legs.

Modern women are destroying civilization just as they have at any point in history they are given even a modicum of power. There's really nothing to rebut because this iteration of civilization is coming to an end. They'll be sucking dick for crackers during the happening. I'm just going to sit back and watch it unfold because I've been ready for this shit show to unfold for many, many years.

If our society had artificial womb tech and house cleaning / sex bots, what purpose does a woman serve if any at all?

Women and men both have an important role and a battlefield in which to confront that role. For women, it’s the duty of birthing and home making, which is not painless and not without risk. For this reason, women do have a fight. Just not in taking life, but giving it. Men provide the yang, they protect and kill. Both are necessary to a healthy society. Both should be honored and respected. Both have a duty to fill those roles to the best of their ability.

Waste of dubs, you're a gook loving faggot.

This has to be bait.

Women wouldn't and shouldn't have a right to vote, so the study is irrelevant. It's like doing on a study on the best way to manage a crisis on a ship that's sinking and everyone is going to die.

I'm not disagreeing with you, but that source doesn't track the opinions of the same women, before and after marriage, controlling for the views of the husband. It just makes swath claims like "married women lean more right than unmarried women" without utilizing proper control groups. You'd need to post a study with those control groups, analyzing the same female individuals before and after marriage, with another hopefully identical female group, across the same time period, to get a meaningful conclusion on the correlation/causation of marriage being the determining factor.

How will you take women out of the workforce and ballot box when they are allowed to vote?

People do this regularly.

I wouldn't be surprised.

The problem with pretending that men and women are equals is that their brains actually function differently, and are physiologically wired differently. There is a lot of science that goes into looking at he size of the corpus callosum (the connective tissue between left and right brain) but it boils down to something very simple… FEELS vs. REALS. The reason women cannot be placed in charge of decisions is because they are utterly dominated by their feelings, at all times… where as a well rounded man will always have a woman as a confidant to add to his perspective. That perspective will include "THE FEELS" that may or may not persuade or modify his position. The fact remains that the decisions making capacity of a man, ceteris paribus, is superior than a womans. They should not vote, since a man should "speak for" his household.

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Women are all a bunch of niggers and children I agree with those pictures. They have the mentality of a nigger with their brainpower and the logic of a child with autism. They are easily led and brainwashed into believing bullshit that society tells them, I am amazed at how they follow like sheep.

We need to make it legal to beat these bitches up when they do wrong so they learn from it the next time they decide to be idiots.

OP is surely a faggot.

They've known this for literally thousands of years, certainly not at the scientific level, but absolutely at the observational level.

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A fire drill is just a stress test of the building/organization's emergency management plan

Complete garbage.
No shit. Right wing in 2019 Weimerica is the left of 20 years ago.

you mean that one 'enslave women/women are evil' poster? what are the chances this isn't the same guy, playing a different angle, with the same bait?

Womyn can't be redeemed, shlomo. Nice try.

You will never be welcome here, feminist.

An actually interesting question. I don't know if this can be done politically but I think it can be done culturally. I think it will be done inevitably one way or another. Take some examples…

1) If a man is able to mold his wife and adjust her behavior, opinions, and political dispositions such that her vote follows suit with his own then he has effectively nullified women's suffrage for his household, which should be the goal. It's another matter entirely for this to happen on a population scale, but something like this would begin as men's movement… and not something explicitly political. If you attack this from an overt angle they'll (being dominated by their emotions) strictly oppose it because biology demands that they would regardless of any reasoning. The covert adoption of MRA tier viewpoints, or at least their comprehension of female nature, is their only positive attribute. Of course they go off the rails when they dive into the degeneracy of promiscuity.

2) If current economic trends persist (increased automation, mass immigration) and something like Universal Basic Income becomes reality (I oppose it, but I think its inevitable) then it could serve as further justification to incentivize women to stay out of the work force in favor of staying home to raise children. If a man is working, and both the man and woman are receiving UBI (else it wouldn't be universal) than this money could easily pay for child-rearing. Hand-me-downs make having multiple children even easier, and Mormons understand that once you get past kid four or kid five then the kids help raise future kids and it gets even easier. It's kind of a "break-even point" if you want to put it in investment terms where your effort gets less and less and the rewards get greater and greater. My friend with one kid is worried like hell about having a second and I keep trying to convince him it gets much easier. Other friends and relatives with 3+ love being parents.

3) Materialism and the enjoyment of material wealth has become a cultural cancer, and the engine for bringing about our own destruction. If you're a frugal man in this regard and can (related to #1) tamp down the lust for products of your woman, a lower standard of living is a small cost to pay for more children, and this should be the "enlightened" goal. We know that struggle is essential for building character, and we know that spoiled kids are shit… well spoiled overly-comfortable adults are also shit. "Comfies" are a meme that should be associated with rot and decay because stagnation is destruction.

Culturally we're on our way already anyway, since the single-mom or incel post-wall harpies have literally zero sexual market value… but having it spelled out helps men quite a lot I think. Date around and find a woman that recognizes your value, when you find her… mold her behavior into something acceptable. Your value can overcome her shitty behavior she's a keeper. It might take a lot of polishing but these are the times we're living in.

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t. incel that has never moved in with one

These times are coming to an end. We're at best a few years from total economic collapse. Whatever social safety nets exist will cease to exist. It won't take long for full societal breakdown after the welfare state implodes.

Yes there are many bitter incels on this board. Tis a shame.

Women can are beautiful and clever if you’re high value.

You still can't hide from the fact that it would've been done faster as a two-man crew instead. No matter how many propaganda films you spam the possible future of women being replaced with man-made wombs leading to the extinction of the female race and male (on hrt) & male relationships coming on top being the true utopia man has been searching for. No woman to soften men and the revival of a supportive role will motivate them.

You're a retarded nigger

Hope you're right, I've been saying this since the early 2000's and its been a shitty decade and a half. I'm kinda jaded about it now because kikes keep inventing (((financial instruments))) to sustain the slow boil. Collapse is the best of all outcomes right now. Your comment makes me wanna go find an econ thread and bomb it with redpill (most of the time people just stop responding because it's just too far beyond their depth tho).

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Daily reminder: Traps are gay.

high value men want high value women.
there are none, especially (((you)))

All women are whores. Your mother is a whore. All women are whores.
Women are a plague that must be completely eliminated, and replaced by artificial tools for reproduction.
Only Men are human beings.
All women are defective subhumans.
It is always ok to kill women.

Why bother? It's better if those macro faggots don't see it coming so that it maximizes their suffering.

Objectively untrue, but I understand and sympathize with the cynicism. I'm not making an accusation when I say, make sure you're not retreating into absolutism to cope with your own inadequacies and fear user.

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It beats being a slave to weak minded inferior gender that uses it's small brain power to fuel the (((80 IQ leeches that have infested our societys for countless centuries))).

No they are not. It’s not “hateful” to say this, it’s a fact

No, actually faggotry beats nothing. Enjoy your aids, faggot.

Do you even know what autism is? Autism occurs in overly masculine, born with too much testosterone. They can only think logically, and they are very good at it at the expense of other cognitive abilities. Women are the complete opposite of this, no logic whatsoever.

Imagine how many fewer car accidents there would be if women weren't allowed to drive.

chillax brotendo, but thanks for the jej

This is a strawman. There is no use in hating women.

This post is stupid and wildly unscientific. Men controlled women's sexuality successfully for thousands of years. Some cultures still do. This is all that's needed.

Women love a good dicking, no exceptions. That's why men have to control them, so they can have a good life. Giving women sexual freedom is like giving a child candy freedom. You're going to have a fat balloon child in no time. With women you get used up whores, mentally unstable, angry, unsuitable.

Women are like children, in motivations and agency. They need to lose all political and most legal rights, and we will take good care of them. Nothing is worse for women and better for Jewish capitalists than requiring women to wageslave. Expecting women to work outside the home increases production and destroys wages, and it wastes female lives in slaving for a Jewish company. Not only does it destroy the family, but male productivity also suffers from not having a trustworthy assistant in the home.

Modern women view sex as an inevitable bodily function like taking a shit. Banning abortion and next hormonal birth control is a process to enforce women's chastity again.

That’s really what 95% of feminism boils down to. Sex, and women believing they have supreme authority over it, and all that entails, at all times, and if you contradict them or oppose them in any way then you are "literally Hitler" and they will seek to destroy you in all forms to protect their power. I'm not even joking about that, if you view everything through that lens all of their actions make perfect sense and come into focus very clearly.

Women want into the work place, knowing it’s all shitty jobs and hard work for 99% of them and is usually soul crushing over all. Why? Because then they can have sex with whomever they want, whenever they want, they aren’t reliant on a husband for support so they can fuck around as they please.

Women want into colleges more and more and want more spaces for themselves creating a situation where only the athletes and the absolute smartest and hardest working men are going to be afforded spots, despite the fact the vast majority of programs these women join provide useless pieces of paper and no practical training that will amount to anything. Why? Because those degrees require damn near zero fucking effort, leaving them to spend all their time focused on the men, and that means they have insanely easy access to sex with athletic men, and have already weeded out the vast majority of men for potential "marriage material" (i.e. some loser to pay for their whoredom) so they don’t have to do all the work on their own out in society. Easy sex now, and setup for longer term situations down the line with some cuck to support them.

Women want easy and free access to birth control and abortions (while the "free" push isn’t as public at the moment, make no mistake it is coming), despite the damage it does to their bodies and the fact they're murdering the most innocent, weak, and vulnerable form of human life. Why? Because pregnancy and children make them far less appealing to fuck, and eat up much of their time and resources leaving them far less time TO fuck.

I can keep going, but that is ultimately what it all boils down to, pleasing their vaginas and keeping a stranglehold on men who wish to have access to their vaginas. Its why they both hate and fantasize about rape so much, it’s a man taking away all their power by sheer force and not submitting himself to them which they despise, but they also massively get off on the idea of being subjugated by someone standing up to them and realizing they cannot fight back and simply taking what he wants, that makes them wet, its why they write about it so god damned much that its frankly sickening.

It’s why they put each other down constantly, but never address female on female "slut shaming" and the like and only blame men for it. Because they know they do this to each other FAR more than men ever will, but they use it to try to increase their own value and may the best whore win. Its why they don’t give a fuck about "oppressed women" in the 2nd and 3rd world, because it’s never been about female freedom, it’s always been about individualistic desires to get wet and get off.

And on and on. When you stop and realize this, all female/feminist actions make much more sense. You don't have to wonder "why" they think about how they do about abortion, or pills, or college, or whatever else, the answer is ALWAYS "to please their vagina and hold power over men… basically, sex." They're very simple creatures when you get right down to it, their entire existence can be summed up in one word… pussy.

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more shaming language. you roasties are so predictable, it's boring. change tack once in a while, if only for a break in the monotony of your feeble thinking and communication skills.

Your proposals are largely answered within the linear conversation you got in on. I won't repeat the points for their own sake.

Interestingly enough, the guy who replied to you first was also around when I first got into the conversation. It seems he and I both agree to let men be simps if they endeavor to and understand the consequences.

…dude look at what I've posted before calling me a roastie.

Backtracing from your post
(the only reply/question)
(origin, responding to nobody)
What the fuck is your reply about?

you think like a roastie and communicate like one.
that means you either are a roastie, or you're the male equivalent of one, basically, a simp who cucks to roasties for validation points and access to feminist pussy.

Aids and colored skin will both be erased once genetic engineering comes in full force. The gay disease, black disease, or any disease/mutation will be wiped out and controlled.


Jews have fried your brain

Moron fashions a wind tunnel and then builds a shithole in it.

Kill yourself twat