/eco/ - Tips for turning your local ghetto in to a forrest

Let's compile some tips and guides for turning your local ghetto in to an unlivable overgrowth. I'll start:
Moss growth mixture

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Does it cause moss to grow everywhere?

From personal experience, it will be everywhere you splash it in a matter of days. Just use local moss, maybe make sure it's not gonna freeze at night but that's really about it. It also spreads like hell if you make a good bit.

Seen bomb thread?


Is there one? Maybe ctrl+f has failed me lol. But yeah if you have any good guides for those, post em.

No, I'm just asking if this will be the one. Haven't seen those for some years.

Well I guess it can be the one then lol. Anything that works.

can you post some photos of your results?

Haven't taken any, but I guess I can take some the next time I go out.

Monkeys will hide in the forest.
Its hard to shoot those monkeys when they are deep in the bush.

DO IT, i love seeing nature taking over mankind's creations.

That's fair, although from my experience the niggers tend to gravitate to the concrete forests if you turn their home in to a shithole.

Use the water gun to shoot the moss all over.

The wheels in my head are turning. Do we have any bug experts here?
What other shit could we start releasing in ghettos to literally start destroying section 8 housing? Shit that insurance does not cover. Let's face it, arson is just going to give the jew landlord a payday. We need bugs, fungi, whatever can be used to destroy these hellholes. Anyone here have an idea?

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It takes termites a few years to build up to full damage mode, but if we have an entomologist here, we could maybe build a colony pre-made in a cardboard box and just shove them under wood framed houses (crawl space, etc) as long as the house is heated they should survive and start spreading. Now is the time to do it, beginning of summer.

Of course, if enough arson attacks occurred, insurance rates would go up which would hurt the jewish landlords and insurance corporations alike.

Is there a way to load these bugs into some kind of easily dissolved container to throw long distances? Maybe some kind of hollowed out seed bomb full of termites?

We're backed into corner. We don't have options. White Genocide is openly practiced, while openly denied. This isn't a fucking joke.

It's weird, Zig Forums is the last place on the internet that I can get a laugh. Everything else is just pure suicide. At least the hate here is productive.

OR deliberately rent a house and turn it into the termite colony to spread them from! Rent in ghettos is low enough, just make the place a huge nest and they will spread to other houses, you fuck over the jewish landlord and everyone else!

Okay, I am a floridafag so we have a constant battle with these fucks. Basically, they follow a queen. When the queen sets up shop, you get a nest, then it is just however long it takes for the queen to shit out enough kids to start fucking shit up.

Both great ideas, damn.

We are talking about the ghetto, they already have vandalism and drivebys, I don't think the insurance will go up.

fire ants are better

Really? Why would that be?

it is not hard to shoot black things over a green background.

Whites are the ghettos now in America. Niggers have all the money from slinging drugs

What weed inb4 DUDE plants are destructive and grow really fast, summer is starting so now would be ideal

How to make seed bombs

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Do you know how easy it is to deforest land?
a new level of creativity in demoralization propaganda
might as well have titled it "Plant your own fairy garden!!"

Are these niggers just going to magically disappear? No. Any damage you cause will just be repaired and paid for with White taxpayer money. Kill yourselves.

house flippers

Based Kudzu-Chan.

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For driving out niggers and fucking over kike slumlords? Nothing beats black mold.


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Any ideas for planting?



Soak a sponge and leave it in a closet. Good to go in three months.

Unless they either don't notice cause their places are already filthy (negresses are over 60% obesity), or they bitch to anyone who'll listen.

Media picks it up, deez po' churrens, taxpayer gotsta buy me a new place in a nice white neighborhood. Rinse and repeat as they destroy that one too.

Hypothetically speaking you wouldn’t want to rent, you’d want to go to an open house / showing or as many as you could every weekend for years on end. Hypothetically.

Unfortunately, the Housing Choice Voucher Program has been under pressure from self-righteous "homeless advocate" negresses lately. As a result, the program happily pays to move loser nigger families into middle class white neighborhoods. Public housing turns ghetto because of the sheer concentration of niggers, while Section 8 spreads the infection into the suburbs with "too white" public schools.

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Yep. Did you expect to win without a dirty battlefield?

they grow very quickly, because of their aggressiveness they outpower most ant species, they could survive floods and are a nuisance to deal with in general

Silver lace vine.
Found this menace while trying to order Silver Vine, a kind of kiwi/catnip. Supposedly one of the fastest growing vines bar none, and a relative of the Arrowroot/knotweed that's nigh unkillable.
From my planting it doesn't like zone 5, but survived the winter well enough.
Cheap seeds, pretty too. Historically it's a relic of the Great Game, some fine plant lore here.

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Black mold (aspergillis) is very hazardous to your health.
It also won't grow unless the conditions are right.
And if the conditions are right, it will grow by itself as the spores are ubiquitous.
I honestly think that attempting to spread it is pointless.
Do not sow random flowers or trees either.
Trees take decades to reach maturity and most flowers are easily removed by landscaping crew (who will be needed either way if the property is going to be refurbished.)
Be more selective, choose the most virulent and difficult species.
>wisteria Wisteria floribunda
>kudzu Pueraria montana lobata
>(ponds and streams) Water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes
>(garden destroyer) Field Bindweed Convovulus arvensis

Another potential upshot to this project: Buzzfeed might help us spread the meme that flowers are now white supremacist dog whistles.

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Please let this happen. Would hate to be a white German-American UCSC-educated Stanford (((psychologist))) with a bunch of flowers tattooed on her right arm / shoulder when suddenly she gets pulled into the Purity Spiral™

The war has already begun in skirmishes.

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forget my images

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Thats fine.


The only danger is if they send us to that terrible Planet of the Apes. Wait a minute… statue of liberty… that was our planet. You maniacs, you blew it up. Damn you!


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Giant Hogweed

It would be nice to outfit a drone to do an aerial seed bombardment of the ghetto. I'm sure someone could outfit a seed spreader onto a commercial drone, and just go from there.



An illegal murders someone in broad daylight and walks and not a single person cared lol, it's only hilarious though because the parents of this shit are always beta cucks who never do shit to fix the problem

Seen talk of seed warfare for a decade or more now, but never seen any photos posted of successful plantations.

Because humans grow much faster and a single person can lay waste to an entire area in seconds with machines. This ain't 500 AD anymore niggers

How long would it potentially take to turn the entirety of Detroit into a new jungle?

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Iz real mang. wut in da wurl is dey be sprayin?

the original idea behind it was to reclaim abandoned properties in places like detroit
no one maintains them
with the houses gone, the neighbourhoods empty out

Reclaim it for what? Nature already does what you're doing, so what's the point?

No matter how much pesticides you throw at fire ants unless you kill the queen you always end with the same ammount of ants six months later

Problem solved

Great idea. The more green areas the less niggers spics and kikes. fuck em

Great idea sir, that is a fine rifle

Bruh, kudzu is a menace

This mixture will create a gas that will kill you. Already reported OP.

For the right way go look up the guerilla gardening thread.

they want you to post your face too

how does beer water and moss make gas

The moss reacts with the alcohol you dumb fuck that's how they made zyklon B

we eco warriors nao

Looks like you had too much of Ole' Ben yourself

Holy shit this whole thread excites me so much. White people are the humans with the closest kinship to nature and conservation. We are the closest existing beings to elves. And if we're also going the same way the elves did, wwe might as well Galadriel the shit out of the planet before we go youtube.com/watch?v=4dnhIWdW5_8

This is amazing. Pics of the after effects?

Termites are a good bet. People don't know what they are as they are usually never seen and nothing in popular culture has had them.

You usually don't know you have termites until it is too late unless you're proactively monitoring for them.


I got out of a lease early b/c of this shit and they didn't pursue me legally because I mentioned they had this (I don't know if they did but it was black and mildew/mold looking and fuck that)

These are also invasive and fuck up the land, this is to get the niggers out not to salt the earth so it is unusable forever.

shout outs for when the simpsons were good

Based /ggg/ veteran

I hope you don’t have the disease from the black mold.

This is the type of quality thread I come to Zig Forums to see. Good job m8

i'm fine, it was only like a week at most that I was there when it was found. I think it was a shower scum or mildew actually.

turn off The Gibs, wait 3 months.

Most topsoil is unfit for growing plants, much less rapid-growing ones. Mosses are great because they are resilient and grow on most surfaces. On metals, the added oxidation activity accelerates rust. On staccato or asbestos, the moss will stain. Vinyl is pretty resistant - they will just pressure wash it and it's gone.

*looks through PDF archive for material*

3 months…like niggas got three months worth of food stored or any water. They would go into full blown chimp out after 2 days.

I think you mean Stachybotrys but aspergillis is the most common and it's deadly too if you have a allergy to it.

Waste beer on niggers? Fuck off OP. To even do an acre would be expensive af. Just burn everything down.

I’m great with this. I love my environment



Termites don't destroy every kind of wood. They won't hurt good hardwood, I know this because I have a house that has been gutted by termites, they fucked up the floors and walls but the original 100ish year old hardwood timber frame is just fine. I got the house for free because of the damage and currently rebuilding.

Rats and mice are fuckers too. We got rats up North that will make nests in the engines of cars; at night you can hear them chewing through coconuts, if that gives you an idea of how powerful these things can be, if they get big enough. Another reason I got given a free house was because it's on a property that operates an abattoir, and the caretaker hadn't been burying the discarded guts and bones deep enough, and that's why I seen 30,000 mice swarming over the boneyard. My point is that you could just leave bits of meat and food around and the rats and mice will arrive, take my word. And they will grow fast, the rats will be bigger than the cats, and they will absolutely fuck everything up. Remember how rats spread the plague back in the day. I kinda like em. Use them

What will actually happen is that rich Jews will turn it into prime real estate and make more money. I've seen it happen. The niggers will be moved to another low rent residential facility. If you want to get rid of the ghetto then buy it out slowly over time.

Exactly, all you fags are doing is giving the kikes prime real estate instead of doing the white thing and buying it cheap and developing the land yourself

arson is obviously very illegal and traceable, this is more clever and hardly "vandalism" at most

Exactly Moss posting in real life is not illegal as one could easily just wash it off, but still very triggering if done right.

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Tree of Heaven AKA “ghetto palm”

They grow fast, spread like weeds, and the flowers smell like rancid cum.

Does the USA have squatter's rights? In my country [which is Australia] you will become the legal owner if you have controlled/occupied the place for 12 years [15 years in other states, 30 years if it's Crown Land, and you cannnot do this in federal territories [NT, ACT, Jervis. etc]. People have become legal owners of houses in prime real estate areas, all you have to do is find an empty house and pay the rates. You can even rent out an empty house [like after someone has died without a will etc].

Also, what about vines? Maybe just garden bomb places with vines and moss, as long as they are fast growing. When trees get big enough their roots can fracture the foundations, but that obviously takes a long time.

How so?

using an accelerate like gasoline leaves traceable evidence, they can find the exact mixture you have and narrow down geographically where you bought it then check cameras

depends on if you harm anyone with doing it or just damage property, that will determine how seriously they will look into it