Racial Purity Is Necessary

White people cannot compromise on racial purity standards. There is already Latin societies who tolerate mixing and have a flexible definition of being White. We must reject the Latin conception of Whiteness, and base our conception of Whiteness on the North American "one drop rule model".

One drop of non-White blood makes you non-White. We must expel all non-Whites from any homeland we take as our own. We can only tolerate the social company of other purebred Whites. We must never compromise on this.

There are not many places where our kind exist in a purebred manner. We must keep the race pure, we may have to say things that make people feel uncomfortable sometimes to defend our social spaces. But we have to do it.

We have been robbed of so much in the modern world, we cannot let them also rob us of our racial purity. It is our greatest treasure, me must fight to keep it.

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Obviously there are certain traits that make one non-white, but what exactly do you constitute non-white? Are southern Europeans or eastern Europeans non-white? Or should everyone just get a DNA test?

This is so stupid even halfchan wouldn't go for it.

Cut the bullshit from calling them "mestizo" "castizo" and other unnecessary labels. Just straight up call them indios. Once a savage always a savage.

Dark gums, dark nipples and lactose intolerance are one of the many tell tale signs.


That's lovely and everything but if white people don't come together right now they will be extinct within the next couple of centuries. A divided white population will never take down the kikes. Concern for racial purity among our own should be something considered after there are no more Goldsteins, Rothschilds, Schlomos, or Moshes in our government.

This thread seems to be aiming at aztecs who think of themselves as whites. Anyone who is a direct descendant of the european people is white.

I've been shouting myself hoarse over this for a decade already. The amount of people who support the 1DR is minuscule.

The rabbit hole goes really deep when you research historical nonwhite populations in European countries. It doesn't show up on DNA tests, which is why I've speculated that the hidden purpose behind these companies is to convince true Whites that mixed race people are as pure as them, rather than the usual "Caught adding fake African DNA" conspiracy that is popular in our circles.

Iceland, for example, had a Saami/Eskimo/Mongoloid type people that was totally absorbed not too long ago. They were not expelled or genocided, nor did they dwindle to nothing without leaving a genetic impact. There are a FUCKTON of these Saami mongols throughout Scandinavia.

The original Finno-Ugric people's were not white.

The few White Greeks remaining are mostly Hellenized Slavs. 75% of Greeks are short brown people with ugly faces and wooly hair who aren't capable of advanced civilization like the Ancient Greeks, who were surely of superior stock.

The Tatars left a humongous impact on Eastern Europe. So many Poles who look like fucking William Hung stunt doubles.
Ukrainians are mostly Turkic Castizo's- my jaw dropped while watching one of their Airborne divisions on parade last year. I was like "Shit, are there even any white Ukrainians left?"

Anyways, for the future of pure white Aryan peoples, look to the various small town American Christians like the Amish, Mennonites, and especially Christian Identity/British Israelite's. Varg and his huge fanbase also give me hope. His last video that touched upon Spanish Moor's got taken down for hate speech…

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actual average spanish male

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The South is more ENF and the north is more PE.
Wake the fuck up faggots Europe became great when these hunter/warriors mixed with the farmers. It made the great Gemanic people of Central Europe.

Married to Illyrian.

Yeah they look like Nordicsh Slavs.

Stupid jew. You are not "White" but African.
Feck off.

The most important things are that their skull shape is daliocephalic and that they have blue eyes

I ran qpAdm and got this kind of results
Lithuanian 0.175020628 0.15917488 0.368048525 0.032919953 0.264836013
Norwegian 0.177876679 0.111623451 0.447831161 0.049103495 0.213565214
Eastern Europeans are not white is a shitty meme.
The real causes of phenotypic differences in Eastern and Northern Europeans are following
Proof that it is not caused by only racemixing is that Northern Russians are more depigmented, yet more racemixed with Asians.
Proof that is not only caused by racemixing is that Western Russians are genetically between Scandinavians and people from Corded Ware culture, yet Corded Ware people and Scandinavians had more narrow skull than Russians.

Most modern Europeans are similar to Bronze or Iron Age Europeans (depending where they are).

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Hey rabbi …

Racial purity is joyless psychotic retardation favored by corrupt sociopaths. It’s a way for people too stupid to live in truth to “prove” that they’re loyal to “the right people”, and the use of a metric as dumbassed as skin color is emblematic of the stupidity of trusting sociopaths.

BTW AOC is corrupt and lawless. That’s a personal comment, not a comment on her policies. It’s also epistemically weak; don’t take it too seriously just because an user said so, but give her three decades of scrutiny. I suspect she’s darkside in the way that has nothing to do with skin colors. FWIW I don’t suspect her of any particular racism at all.

Here they go …

I oppose racism because I want to live forever, by the by. Ditto for corruption. I don’t look like a happy person, but I am, deep down. Take that as a testament from nobody, right? This world contains an english-fluent person who doesn’t look happy who wants to live forever because they very much are happy. I’d like to protect everyone’s smiles. There’s no color shading that.

The people who do awful things in this world live in secret screaming suffering, despite which they often laugh a great deal. Their suffering is very sad, but it’s like… humans aren’t all or always violent, but the most suffering people often lash out hard at efforts to help them. This tendency gets worse, not better, as their apparent power increases.

Real power in this world involves a good measure of truth-seeking humility. Reals before feels.

If you want a good, pure laugh, see how people respond to me. Post peaceful kind-hearted things and you can watch this whole forum react like it’s getting bullied by world-ruling conspirators. It’s like that Fairly Oddparents sketch about the chaddish aliens who fear stuffed toys and flowers. The people here never really move on. The locals don’t have the kind of actual power I’ve exerted on the world by seeking truth rather than authority.

Check out something brightly colored. When I saw this image, flowers made a little bit more sense to me. The colors are so pastel pleasant.

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Hide and move on.

Of course now that I’ve pointed it out, the suffering posts aren’t likely to be in this thread… But, y’know. Watch the whole thing. Happy, empowered people don’t act like this.

People can feel like they’re living forever without their influence constantly dying under them if they are kind enough to be honest, reciprocated enough to be kind, and playful enough to tolerate the weakness of people without the strength to live in peace.

Haha, someone DID post in this thread! See, broken people have to constantly pretend they never saw a brighter potential.

Seek the forgiveness of others for your trespasses, and repeat them not. Be humble, rule nothing, and you will rule everything.

There is always the potential to heal.

You're mistaken, Greeks and Slavs simply share the same phenotype, Slavs didn't displace the Greeks, this relation is more ancient
Wooly hair? Really? Ever seen a Greek statue? All curly haired

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You could at least try being less obvious…

Maybe it's a bot, not even JIDF is this retarded

You forgot to include the fact that Nordics sterlized a a good percentage of their people whos skull size didn't meet a specific size createria because it disproved the notion of a Nordic race seperate from all Europe, you should read "Measuring the Master Race"

Nothing will stop segregation, it is a biological inevitability, jew.

What kind of jew logic is this?
Why are you here nigger?

Where did I say that? It simply renders all modern phenotypical comparisons null as the difference is incalculably artificial. nu/pol/ reading comprehension, gentlemen
Why don't you point me to the pro-NatSoc alternative then? Retard

Good post. Keep spreading the message. We need more people like you on Zig Forums.

There is no sin grander and more disgraceful and worthy of death, than that of betraying your blood through miscegenation.

They are inbred, genetic trash. Do your research.

Here’s the thing: let’s say you successfully break white people into bigoted warrior-slaves, incapable of defending their own interests in society henceforth. What part of that outcome makes it less than an absolute moral imperative to replace white people ASAP? Racists can’t sustain civilization!

That’s why I expect this race-shit is an argument that we need to reciprocate the firewall with the world’s largest present fascist economy. If they’re not at fault, what is China doing to keep white people white enough to not be aryans?

Race is epigenetic noise.

Go. Back. To. China!

That would have been a dumb thing to say in 1950, you absolute failure at life!

We actually know - we being people who live lightside where truth turns our thoughts - that China’s government is racially bigoted. They’ve been caught leaning on Chinese-descended people overseas to try to extract race-loyalty from them. Now, What is involved in actually learning about that?

Racial impurity!

You need to be able to stand there in receipt of people who cross racial lines. You need to be willing to protect people of other races. That’s what makes it possible for people of other races to respond to undue pressures by crossing the lines and revealing what happened.

The special superpower of white people is racial impurity at a broad, intuitive level across the population. *Most* white people will protect people of any race not as pigments, but as people. “All lives matter” is the true rallying cry of antiracism that social justice warriors preferred a footshot to acknowledging, and for which broken prideless people today continue trying to reinforce the ancestral sociopath interpretation.

Racists protect corruption and violence by assuring people that they represent the *correct* corruption and violence… because of their skin color. Hurrrrrr. It’s retarded. There’s no special rightful color of corruption. Corrupt is corrupt. You don’t want people shitting in your genepool like that.

You know why bigots don’t like the Amish? They’re the right color, aren’t they? It’s because the Amish aren’t exploitably corrupt. They don’t have enough raceturds in their genepool for racists to find them useful.

This place doesn’t stay racist because racists have actual good arguments for anything. It stays racist because “racists” are “defying” people who “suffer” because of them.

Race is epigenetic noise. It would fade in three generations or less of unstressed living. Race is therefore in the long-term sense a social construct.

We construct conditions that lead to epigenetic injury, and the yield is that superficial external traits become lineage-associated with the traits of epigenetic injury. The traits of epigenetic injury suck, as it turns out. It would be more economical to resolve them than to aggravate them.

This is why affirmative action makes sense as a policy. The world’s finite resources can be deployed to generate more long-term utility by undermining racial epigenetic stress factors.

But of course, everyone here is too dependent on suckling at the tender “white” raceteat to listen to emotionally inconvenient truths!

You’d all rather pretend anonymity is only for prideless lying. Sucks to be you.

Oh well! I’m going to live forever. Not by magic, but by science. Because racism already faded out for the vast majority of people, and the big racial conflict that the idiot left fabricated over immigration hasn’t changed the underlying truth that it wasn’t race which made people skeptical of migrants.

I feel bad for Obama, in hindsight. The media wasn’t willing to defend “legalistic” migration policy, and the right at the time was too obedient to the media, so he didn’t never got the bipartisanship buff for stepping up deportations at the border.

Just a bit of a capstone to remind the slaves to keep “taunting” about Broken Tarant: he’s literally a clinical narcissist. The people who actually rule this site are keeping his profile up so that racists don’t stop being humiliated by their association with a literal, actual clinical narcissist.

“Nobody” here cares enough about truth to read “blog” posts, lol, so I can speak to “nobody” and be heard by “nobody”.

Which is who the chans are for, really. ;)

Be not arrogant, chanlings.

If you speak like an actually supreme person - aka with humility, patience, resilience, and concern for truth - you too can annoy the truthless so profoundly they spaz out with incompetent parodies, joyless bitter responses, and desperate attempts to laugh themselves stable.

Because golly howdy, this place isn’t for people to think! If you’re here, you aren’t ever to have too much to think! People here are to be obedient liars.

Southern "Europeans" aren't white. Neither are Eastern "Europeans".
They are subhumans just like Hitler said. Expel them and burn them all. Trust in the Fuhrer.
Also kill all Japanese. They are cancer, they commit the most atrocious war crimes, and their anime industry is kike tranny propaganda.

you'd be correct if we were in 2009 and the only DNA available to compare to was modern DNA and models based on this; as of 2019, the amount of ancient DNA from all over Europe(except some poorly sampled areas like NW France and Italy) is huge, and you can now build models using ancient DNA as a reference
here is map, not even complete, of ancient DNA samples available: umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/ancient-human-dna_41837#6/42.739/14.436
with this you can at least figure out how mixed an individual may be, with the LOCAL ancient references available
services like 23&me are irrelevant at this point, unless they decide to finally implement some ancient DNA models

Spaniards/Portuguese for instance(I'm considering Iberia since it is a very well sampled region) compared to bronze/iron age Iberians are indeed mixed(more north African, more Italic/Roman/east Mediterranean), but compared to 3-4th century AD Iberians they are essentially not and the reconquista truly seems to have removed much of the mixed middle ages individuals that were found, given that as I pointed out, modern Iberians have no more north African admixture than Roman era Iberians
the only exception is Basques, they truly are a relict population from iron age Iberia, and if modern Iberians ought to compare themselves to any reference modern population, is Basques, not certainly any north European or other population

more samples from other regions will clarify the issue in those areas

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I don't know if it made that much difference in the end.
We know that Eastern European skulls have changed more but the cause of it was not racemixing (except for Finns and Northern Russians and Russians who live in east of Moscow)

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forgot to add pic related
modern Iberians compared to bronze age Iberians have thus less anatolian farmer ancestry, less western hunter gatherer ancestry, but more steppe ancestry and north African ancestry

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Tatars are Turkic/Mongoloid and can be therefore separate from Finnic people. All Northern Europeans (Scandinavians/Poles/Russians/English/Scots/Germans) have influence from Finnic people.
Tatar/Mongol influence is a myth.
Finnic influence in Scandinavians is as high as in Poles/Ukrainians/Lithuanians/Western Russians/Estonians.

meant for

Not saying skull shape makes the two people different, just an example of ridiculous criateria that they were aiming for, obviously very few phenotypes posses a large skull so the Nordics were making themselves look very different from everyone else. Most Slavic traits were deemed as racially inferor so they were the ones targeted for extermination; their intend was to look as least Slavic as possible

Here's an example of a forensic reconstruction of a Gothic skull from the Wielbark Culture (that encompassed the general area of the Vandals that succeeded them, who later migrated to Sweden to start the Vendel Period) doesn't look like your typical Nord does it

This phenotype isn't completely lost however, heres an example of a (wrongly classified, in my opinion) Nordid man exhibiting similar characheristics, some similarities are there but they're usually deeply mixed with this "Aryan" template, "purer" examples like my initial one would be deemed for extermination, thats why if you were made to guess his origin your mind would automatically group this person to the Slavs rather than Nordics, disregarding the skulls origins

Also considering the fact that many 20th century maps grouped a good portion of Northern Slavs with the Nordics the similarities would've been more pronounced before the experiment went full throttle, it's not too far off to assume that it greately widened the bridge between two people, the correlation is there

Therefore such a comparison between two peoples cannot be made in good faiths as its effects cannot be accounted for

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or accurately accounted for, rather

So you're saying miscegenation is good and proper.
You are a retard without perspective and any idea of what life is and might be outside of the frame kikes have built around you.

Are Hispanics white?

On the racemixing front, consider these facts:

• Keanue Reeves is half White / half Asian hapa
• He played the Jesus Christ figure in The Matrix movies
• Both of the formerly male producers of The Matrix have been converted into women, and celebrated for their emasculation

ZOG is matriarchy.



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The best part: at the end of the Matrix Trilogy, Jesus Hapa Christ doesn't even kill ZOG, they just shake hands and that's it. Earth is still literally ruined thanks to the CryptoZOG vs. ZOG war, but at least they agree to not call eachother names any more.

Fucking based

Early Slavs looked like this
This phenotype is known as Corded Nordic.
Nordic phenotype found mostly in Germanic people is called Hallstatt Nordic.
Hallstatt Nordic is ~50% mixture of Corded Nordic and 50% Danubian Nordic (which is similar to Gracile Mediterranean, except being depigmented)
Germanic people are no way different from everyone else. They are infact mixture of two different phenotypes

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Exactly my point, the skull I posted goes to demonstrate that, you would assume it's Slavic but it's actually Nordic. Nordics artificially changed their race, exterminating those deemed undesirable, hence the similarity isn't as noticeable between average people. Attractive Slavs (which means, those possesing "Aryan" characheristics, those that wouldnt be targeted for ethnic cleansing) are often branded as Nordics due to this passive effect influencing our preception

Another factor to consider why Nordics (usually) look different from Eastners, sorry if I didn't get my point across well enough

Anyone who thinks op is serious are missing chromosomes. "Whiteland" lol ok

why am I not surprised
Every race has its place, even the jew
But its only the jew who advocates going to foreign lands and killing its inhabitants for the sake of racial superiority and "God gave me this land"

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