White Woman Gets Culturally Enriched by CHILDREN

How will the leftists explain this now? Even their innocent children argument is out the window now. What can be done about this?

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Why she do that yo?

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Lol @ blacks.

Bunch of faggot news people talking then a heavily censored video. I’m so used to internet standards now that this isn’t good enough for me.

She's a strong independent woman, she'll be okay. She don't need no man.

To my surprise the guy actually pronounced ambulance right. Good for that nigger. Progress.

Based and kekpilled, Shadillay my MAGApede muchacos!

SAD! Reminds of the time that little nigger dry humped a French girl. For God's sake teach aggression to your children and family, cowering before niggers will only make things first.



That's my town. That area is what would be considered the ghetto. All indians and niggers. People get stabbed/robbed/shot in broad daylight. Hookers walk the street there every night and some even during the day.

I bet the uncensored video is floating around out there somewhere. I'll see if I can find it.


Got to love youtube censorship. Must have been the word "niglet."

They're all little niglets. Canada's Young Offenders Act means they wont even get in trouble for it. No charges, no nothing. It will be like nothing happened.

They're not cowering before niggers, they're cowering before legal repercussions. White people are deathly scared of the law to the point where they won't even protect themselves. The law overrides their survival instinct. Look at England. Literal grooming gangs that entire towns know about, and people are more scared of the law than they are their children being groomed. What the fuck is the solution there? White people are the only ones that fear our laws, because they're our laws. These monkeys see them as foreign and have no regard for them. Now that our laws have been perverted to suppress us in the face of extinction, many just abide, because they're naturally inclined to believe that our way of life, which includes our laws, is to our benefit, so they trust in those laws, and fear the repercussions of breaking those laws, more than actual real life dangers. Those laws are everything to white people. We are mentally imprisoned by our legal systems.

multiply that shit by 1000 when the welfare state ends

camera guy is pretty based, instead of helping that fat pig of a women, he let that niglet troop enrich her

See this is why everyone should practice martial arts. I'm pretty sure I could beat up all of those kids. I would break all of their arms and legs and leave them crippled for life as a lesson.

oh and here, because OP is a faggot

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I'm pretty sure most adult men could.

men and "toxic masculinity" will be blamed. keep up, OP.

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single mothers are so powerful :^)

It's likely a white guy, so I can understand him not doing anything.
There's no winning in this situation if it's a white guy. He's helping, likely, someone who wouldn't appreciate it, while risking his freedom, his livelihood, and his health. This video is showing the old weapon vs. the new weapon. White women are the original weaponized voting block, while the imported shit-skin is the new weaponized voting block. Both are used to expand government powers, and any white man that goes against the grain will have the full force of that weaponized government come down on his head. And if it's outside of the scope of the government, then social media/old media will see to his life being ruined. And if it's a shit-skin, then he probably just wanted to watch some fat white woman get kicked around for laughs.


Lim guessing she said, "hey niggers stop throwing rocks at people," so I feel totally ok about this.
It is never ok to call African-canadians "nigger".

I certainly don't care if some urban slag gets her shit kicked in by nigglets. She's nothing to me.

Exactly. lol at the man just filming, so would I. I'd put it in my comedy section, with niggers killing their babies.

Whites are the new niggers according to the law, we have no rights where shitskins and actual niggers run riot.
Fuck this is hardly news with all the open calls for white genocide being ignored/praised online.

And then you would spend most of the rest of your life in prison, while these little niglets would go unpunished and would be full blown raping and murdering in a few more years once they're fully grown teenapers.

And this is because of "equality." We all have equal worth in our ability to be subservient to an agenda. White men, as a demographic, have chosen to not be, while white women, and all non-whites, male and female, have chosen to be, and thus white men get the shit end of the stick from the authority that wants to use those demographics for expansion of its power. We're a minority, so we can be treated like shit. Even in European countries, white men are a minority. White men are the be-all, end-all evil, and are open to persecution from media and government, because we're the demographic minority that is against them. White women will remain loyal, because they're dumb and emotionally dependent. Shit-skins will remain loyal, because they're tribal monkeys who are easily led with victimhood and promises of group benefit. It's just white men that can't be swayed, and thus white men must be suppressed. We're a danger to the status quo. We're the only opposition.

Well fine then, in my hypothetical fantasy scenario, I would just kill all the kids, and their parents and then myself. Prosecute my corpse you fucking cunts.

The way it should be. Make sure you kill a few zogbots too like based syrup snake did.

Why do you think liberals will ever listen to anything you say no matter how much evidence you provide? They will simply ignore it and think you're retarded for seeing biological differences in race. No amount of evidence will change a religious conviction

"Greatest country in the world"

Come on annons, how many kids could you take on a defeat?

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I actually find it kind of sad that a bunch of kids can overwhelm this woman so easily. People are so fucking out of shape. I spend so much time training to be the best killer I can be so when the time comes I can go out like a fucking viking warrior. All these weak little faggots that don't have any fight in them make me ashamed to be human.

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And white

Gosh just imagine if a white man tried to help that woman and beat up those kids.
Yes retarded kids should be beaten.We are not allowed to be men anymore.Truth be told…the game was kiked from the start

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The thing about kids is they need to be beaten on a regular basis, and the nigger ones need to go back to africa and die in a war.

Yeah they're trying hard to conceal the fact that it's moon crickets.

It's not even uncommon. Some nigger/woman starts shit in a public location, white man shuts them up, narrative becomes about how evil white men are.

Quote from the video: "She told them to stop before she was attacked". What the fuck is wrong with white people? Did she not know that intervening in black peoples bullshit might get her in this situation? Why are white people so ignorant of black people? Did she not listen to Colin flaherty podcast? whitegirlbleedalot.com/category/podcast/

The libtards simply pretend that this doesn't exist. It's easy for them because of their colossal cognitive dissonance.

What is she crying out?

The best part is that if you ask your run of the mill Canadian they will say the one filming it should have run in and beat the shit out of the kids, or that the kids should get a criminal record or serve time despite their age. Let them know they were niggers and they will slink away like a beat dog, because they know nothing will come of it, and know if they did what they claimed the witness ought to have done, he/she would be in jail in an instant.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is why white people are cucks, and hapas are superior to whites. \_(._.)_/
No hapa is retarded enough to not deal with those niggers immediately when they start shit. Instead, this fat, useless cumskin roastie decided to get on the ground, making weak, half-assed attempts at standing up. The only reason this worthless white sack of human garbage is even alive is because the niggers got bored of her weakness.
No hapa is retarded enough to make government legislation which makes it the best choice of action to stand around and do nothing as one of your own race is being attacked by disgusting foreigners. White people are cucks. You can't even deny this anymore.
No hapa is pathetic, weak and cucked enough to film an open assault on his people while standing quietly and submissively in the background, doing nothing about the infestation of filth in his own country. White people are the ONLY type of people who are willing to totally self-destruct in the name of diversity.
Anyone have the aforementioned ( ) video? I want to laugh at more useless white people today.

Still here with your shit spam?

Spam that cost me ZERO effort, and took disgusting white people several weeks to deal with.
Either way, spam or not, you can't even deny this. This is pathetic. This is comical. This is the ABSOLUTE STATE of white civilization. I hope you enjoy it, cuck.
After you fags are all dead, hapas will take over everything and purge the niggers. And before you say something snarky in response, remember that YOUR PEOPLE ARE BEING ATTACKED, SUCCESSFULLY, BY NIGLETS. Just remember that. Never forget it. Let it remain a permanent stain on your honor, for it should be.

What's your opinion on capeshit and epic reddit science posts?

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Goodness knows we tried for about 70 years now
If you continue to carry on this charade you will certainly reap the benefits.

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How dare you talk of honour! Son, you dishonour your ancestors!

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soyboy media made by soyboys for soyboys. even the most trashy anime is better than soyboy media.
they're not "reddit" posts, they appear on Zig Forums with comparable frequency with some stupid cumskin trying to explain in a "scientific" way why whites are supposedly better, using 100 year old data (or even no data at all). Pure cringe.
Examples, which you can probably find on the catalog right now:

stfu Tao Tzu Liu Lee Fao Pao Mao Gao Shi Zhu Ding Dong Ching Chong Ping Pong Deng
hapas are superior to chinks as well, but I think the inferiority of chinks is already obvious to most people so I don't bother saying it.
The japs are the only other race that I respect. They can stay, the rest of them can die and I won't give a shit.

In case you're unclear about what those benefits are, imma predict blood, pain, and rape. On the upside that includes you commie faggots because niggers can't comprehend your political pretensions, only that your skin looks white.

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stay where??

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did bignig break the neck?

*now I already regret posting that because most of our house commie faggots are busy fapping to being raped by a big nigger buck.

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All the laws of men are lies and were created to give a few control over the many. The laws of nature are the only laws that count on this earth, and religion is the roadblock that was created to hide the laws of nature behind deities, which means unquestionable believe above natural knowledge. On top of that lie, the laws of men were created.


"Man will only be free when the last jew is strangled to death with the entrails of the last christian."

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Those are just the symptoms. It's the thought process that allowed those to happen that needs to be eradicated, or else it will just happen again in a different form.

Shut up faggot. Every time I see this phrase I know there is a globohomo behind it. You faggots just can't stop blaming the innocent, can you?

What is this kike fest on Zig Forums today?
Oh, I forgot that is EVERYDAY…
Atheist piece of shit.

No hapa is held accountable either, like Whites are the kikes recognize you are a 'protected minority' due to your genetic defect (mongrelization).

You aren't 'toxic' you are apathetic. Much worse. But most of you will die struggling for Life with the people you let invade your nation so NBD.

Of course we won't be held accountable, we are not the ones responsible for importing niggers with wide-open legs. We are not the ones responsible for throwing billions of dollars to ensure their prosperity. We are not the ones degrading your civilization, nor can you blame anything on the jews. You are the sole cause of any damages to your civilization.
Of course, the typical cumskin response is to blame everything on the jews. Pathetic. Useless. Jews are a part of you now, because you accepted them. No amount of backpedalling can change the fact that jews are now simply a kind of white. They act the same, anyway, spreading degeneracy to every corner of the globe.

here's your package. enjoy the taste, joo.

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