People who say speech is violence

How can I resist the urge to beat these people to death while saying nothing. Quietly. Silently. Violence is violence, and people who think speech is violence, have not had enough actual violence done to them.

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A few options

laugh in their faces

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respond by saying sticks and stones

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Violence is speech.
That's why god gave us guns and america.

The defenders of race as a social construct lacked a certain savoir-faire, but behind their uncharisma was a truth rooted in what used to be known as three generation conservatism. Epigenetics fades.

As for the “speech is violence” people, responding to them with violence is imbecilic. I detested them because people who have poor speech/violence boundaries are not pacifists. Being just like them is broken shit. Defy abuse, don’t emulate it.

What's most amusing is that those who say this will often engage in anti-White speech themselves. Or to be more accurate, anti-White violence.

Judgemental words are considered violent. This is a complicated topic for this board, but consider how you can ask for the same thing two different ways and get two very different responses based on how you ask.

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Also: Live by the sword, die by the sword.

I learned pacifism by having actual violence dealt to me (and by dealing some back), but my response is rare as hen’s teeth. Most people when treated violently learn violence, not pacifism, especially if they participate. In my case I hated winning fights like I hated losing fights - I hated fights, period. I hated fights deep down in darkness even when it didn’t seem safe to speak of it. Who I was in darkness eventually started coming out in the open - relatedly, I live in peace today.

Generally people are more… adaptive on the matter than I was. They’re less automatically opinionated on the matter than I was. They adapt to whatever the conditions of life are. They reciprocate incoming patterns. They learn to find joy in whatever contests are set before them. They’re more peaceful if treated peacefully and more violent if treated violently. That’s what people are like AFAIK.

If you teach people violence by dealing violence to them, you’ll probably die violently.

I like gun rights because guns protect pacifism by increasing the hazards of conflict. Instead of learning violence, it stops being something quite so repeatable and survivable. If you try violence to a gun owner, you likely just die.

You'll die peacefully of starvation when a violent people comes demanding your resources.

Oh, hey. We disagree, but you seem different from most users of this site. For wading into the pit here with something potentially wise, thank you.

Think about how much death came from these two words: "God"+"Allah". Now think about how many billions of lives were annihilated, how much of this planet was irredeemably destroyed by the term "jew".

If it comes to that, I’ll arm up and shoot them. I have always defended myself. The only thing pathetic is being so primitive you undermine civilization by violently taking resources. People like me starve least in nightmares like that, because I would work to help people, and be helped. You would submit yourself to violence, and die on your knees.

Believe means control over others. Divine is the roadblock to understand this. Nature demands adaptation, which means knowledge. Believe demands resignation, which means ignorance.

Not pacifism
ROME literally CREATED civilization through violence.
The USA was CREATED through violence.
Continue eating cock.
rome stopped existing because they stopped being intelligent war lords who ruled and became welfare queens who demanded they not have to fight to survive. USA is going down that same path.
You're a retard and a pussy and your beliefs are not only killing yourself but destroying the civilization you claim you want to preserve.

When people say hate speech isn't free speech; remind them that the original incarnation of 'free speech' was specifically designed so that the Barons of England could threaten to murder the king, rape his daughters and defile his dynasty.

Staring is violence. Our ancestors knew this.

Violence is speech.

All actions are speech.
Therefore, speech can be, but isn't always, violence.

Say what you want and then kill them when they attack you for them. Claim justifiable self defense. You don't need a thread to tell you this.

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All speech is FREE it's the BEAT DOWN that's COSTS YA'll!!!! Beat like a step-child.

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Spit on them OP.

The real redpill is that violence is speech.

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Laugh at them and mock them. Make it as juvenile and stupid as you want. Chances are they'll fly into a frenzy and swing first giving you a free ticket. If not, you conjure up images of their past where they felt like they were persecuted and belittled, driving them insane.

Last week, I was disscusing with a friend about 4chan and Zig Forums, so I said that, they (chan's) are just a form of purging, and that's it.

So, your statment that speech is vilolence would be validated, then. It's not socially acceptable to beat or kill someone just beacause their beliefs, skin-color, sexual preference, and etc. However, ppl can come here and just express their hatred towards anything.

I'm sure that someone sometime has said that or you, anons, already knew this. But I'm just saying it

They have never experienced real violence.

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