Is Forex trading a good way to earn side money for Zig Forums?

Not as your primary source of income, but perhaps as a way to invest (at risk) a small chunk of your monthly disposable income. Whatever you're comfortable *potentially* losing, I guess.

So is it worth it? Can you get away with just spending 30-60 minutes on it a day? Maybe longer over weekends. A guy at my gym is getting by solely on trading (and he doesn't come from money), so he must be doing something right to get decent returns.

I think it's clearly important that we advance ourselves financially. A strong stable job is one thing, but if there's money to be made on the side… you'd be foolish not to. The question is which way forward is the best in terms of a time: money-back ratio.

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Affiliate marketing.
A few hours a month can generate a pretty nice and steady passive income.

What is affiliate marketing?

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Options trading > Forex.
Limited losses (as long as you go don't write them), unlimited gains, heavily leveraged.
Just one thing: Do not confuse CFDs and options. CFD losses aren't limited at all.
I wouldn't rely on it too much though, remember that the finance markets are all a jewish game.

Better off trading crypto… Eth is gonna boom in the coming weeks ;)

I don't think so. If you just do it on the side, your probably going to blow your stack and then never come back to it again. 90% of forex traders lose money and give up. It's definitely possible to make money at it but you have to put in so much study to do so that it's not really going to be a "side job" at that point.

You'll probably lose due to the fees.

Yes , this is what happened to my Forex career.

You’re better off playing Roulette in a casino, you’ll get margin call after margin call till you’re out, but if you need some action, day Trade stocks on Robinhood, it’s for free .

Start a service business. Trading forex is gambling unless you have inside information or are extremely high-iq.

if you think quants can predict human behavior in the markets, you're retarded.

yes, but only if done in a group of disciplined people. it's a job - you don't need to be smart but you need to be very disciplined. also the biggest stumbling block is that you have to devote at least 6 months to doing full it time before you can start with real money.

Playing the stock market its literally gambling. Anyone who says they made a consistent profit is lying to you and probably "living" off of mountains of debt.

not necessarily, it doesn't have to be gambling if you stick to correct money and risk management practices. The downside is it is no longer any fun and turns in to a real fucking chore. it really isn't for everyone, but with a good teacher and a group of friends that you can trust it is possible to be financially independent after a couple of years.

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I day trade stocks for my main income and crypto, which are easier than forex IMO. For newbies it takes ~1 year to become consistently profitable. I started out hoping to turn trading into side business for additional revenue but now i quit my previous job and started trading full time because of how difficult and time consuming it is. You can't half ass it or you will lose your money. The stock market is very manipulated and designed to make newbies lose their money, you must not underestimate that.

You’ll get wiped out. Most people trade on leverage and some moves by the central bank can dramatically move against you. Tread carefully when using leverage as you can lose more than your original investment.

yes, be very aware of what you are doing. understand what is going on. you don't want to be over-leveraged and get a margin call just because you thought it was all fun and games. place hard stops, and make sure you have a well thought out pre-planned exit strategy for every trade - and stick to it.

I have a perfectly sound set of 2 d6 dice, 7 d12 dice, and one d20 that are yielding AMAZING results, so, I'll stick with my method. However, thank you, regardless.

Then you're gambling on the upward trend in the stockmarket to continue forever. The risk/reward ratio is equated between all assets, because if it wasn't, it would be mined out by algorithms or professional traders.

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No, OP. There's been nothing going on in any of the g8 pairs for years now. Also, a lot of the places you would 'trade' on, don't even execute the trade for you. It's the dirtest of dirty jew games. ALL the shit you'll read on the internet about it is lies. YOU WILL LOSE MOST OF YOUR MONEY.

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put it in a savings account

No. Forex is fucked, they'll front run you, hunt your stops, block your trades, and wipe their dick on your lily white ass.

Buy crypto & gold and forget about it. Dollar cost average in.

If you must trade, trade crypto, the exchanges aren't as kiked as the (((established markets)))

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Own legit shares or get out.

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no lie, there is a whole lot of shadiness with the non ecn brokers.

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