Is China a socialism?

Who was in the wrong?

also dae think Ian is hot af?

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Nigga summarize this shit.

*hugs you in broken mandarin*

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Obviously the best choice for someone who is supposed to present the Chinese side of the argument.
He did a good job and wasn't dumb. He knew his facts.

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Literally dumb and proud

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Considering the state of this board I wasn't sure.

Yes. China is socialist.

And a choice that is tainted by relationship to China, as opposed to just being ideologically supportive.
I know who Mubarik/Mass Line is and like him somewhat fam, the only one I implied was dumb is Badmouse and everyone around for the muke/finbol/badmouse teamup should agree with that. Still no summary for a feature length debate I can't listen to at work. Stop whinging and put out.

Its a national form of socialism.
3/4 of chinese sympathise with the NZ killer after reading his manifesto.

Eh, 3/4 of the people who themselves decided to read the manifesto in a survey of 1600 people. I doubt very much this would be the number if you randomly chose 1600 people on the street and asked them to read the manifesto.

Note that China has its own internal ethnic tensions with Uyghur Muslims, exacerbated by their mostly living in the desolate and unindustrialized northwest backwaters of China, while most of China's economic development is concentrated along its southeast coast.

Yes the government does stuff, therefore it is socialist. Anything the government does is socialist, the more stuff the government does the more socialist it is.

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if by socialist you mean government promoting chinese business interests over the interests of other businesses even outside their own country, then sure, they're socialist.

Chinese are bugmen they cannot be socialist

But being a bugman is socialist

Who the fuck wouldn't do that?
China is socialist period


For real though, Huawei is so fucking succesful, makes the best phones on the market at the best price and capitalists are whining about how it's unfair that they have a socialist state supporting their business.
Whining about socialism being too overpowered for the world market is funny as hell.


Yknow actual socialists.

"Imperialism is ok unless it's from the state's they can go Fuck themselves" , right?

Say the phrase, buddy

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China is so socialist they need unions.


Capitalism, free market and globalism is only great when you are on top and no one can compete with you.
Who is this China that comes out of nowhere and outcompetes us. WTF we hate free trade now, save us daddy Trump.

shit, a Leftcomm agrees with me. game over, man.

I've always hated free trade for a long time now and I LIVE in the states

This is not about subjective feels though.
The US is basically blackmailing Germany to exclude Huawei from giving them a chance to build up 5G. They also blackmail Germany to drop North Stream 2 which would make gas extremely cheap for Germany. And here I wonder what will win. Own interests or fidelity towards her suzerain.

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you can tell china is socialist because they've completed the most important socialist task, arresting all the marxists who criticize them


Only other people's feels are subjective, nga

read Xi Jinping

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you don't get it
It's all part of the 8-D weiqi Xi is playing, don't you know these orientals are very patient players?


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Nope. Its authoritarian capitalism aka fascism.

Does anyone else feel like BM's videos have gotten more 'meh' since he stopped calling himself an anarchist?

He was never good

He was always 'meh'

His videos on anarchist history and the Paris Commune were good though.

his vids are better than ever examining actual socilisim is 20 times better then what delusional anarchists do all fucking day. i hate anarachists cause imo they make bordiga look fucking proactive bordiga at least had the decency to not do shit anarchists just come in and act like "all authority is totalitarian" its like how the fuck arent you in jail already.

bad mouse is on the rise

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Sorry Slavic Boomer, but the twentieth century is behind us.

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