I am going to start the thread off with 'Here Comes Whiteman!' a comic published in 1978 by George Lincoln Rockwell and written and drawn by John Patler.

After that I will be gone to work but I would encourage all of you to also contribute any Zig Forums-tier comics or National Socialist inspired comics.

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Here is the cover which I forgot to post first (basically just the first page)

I particularly like the gag ad on the last page for a Boat Trip to Africa. Good shit!

I am not sure if any other issues were published. If any anons have them please share!

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Ah found some more. The is 'White Power comes to Midvale'

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Bump you have my interest.

At work so ID gonna changw

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And here's Aryanman. Unfortunately I believe it was 3 pages and I only have 2. If anyone has the last please post

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Alright lads. I gotta get to work. I'll check in on break and if I can find more I'll post.

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I hadn't see the Whiteman comic before, thanks!

Patler shot and killed GLR in 1967, what the hell are you talking about?

"Lew Cor"
haha it's rockwell backwards.
Thanks for this gem.

Good thread and worthy of public exhibition. The ACLU will surely back it like all those jew-curated mohammet drawing contest, right???
You can post 5 images per post, cuckchanner.
I only have AWM comics to contribute

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Ah, my mistake - I believe the actual publishing date is believed to be around 1965.

I am aware and I don't even post on 4cucks. I posted one to a post for two reasons: to insure I did not mess up the page order and to give continuous bumps until the comics were fully posted.

Not sure what you have against art like this? Do you think we should he ashamed of it and hide it just because kikes and normalshits would invaribly use it against us? I don't follow your reasoning if so

Ah I realize now I misunderstood your sarcastic comments about the ACLU as genuine. My apologies user. Yes I agree they should be displayed and maybe the ACLU would back us up on that as they did for Rockwells marches

Bump for excellent content. I think this is an excellent form of propaganda; entertaining for those who already know, and in an accessible and simple format for those who have yet to be introduced to the truth.

Kill yourself moshe.

Stay mad, JIDF

Indeed, I will try to find more once I get off in a few hours

Checked. I wonder what would have became of old Rockwell had they not (((assassinated))) him?

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A book from this thread argues for the nutritional value of consuming natural amounts of blood in meat/fish. That got my platelets percolating:
Fanconi anemia in Ashkenazi Jews
Association between psychiatric disorders and iron deficiency anemia among children and adolescents: a nationwide population-based study
Maternal Iron Deficiency and the Risk of Schizophrenia in Offspring
Frequency of anemia in chronic psychiatry patients

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New England comics put out these. nicely drawn and storied except for the typos. no spin either way as far as i ccan tell. ya hafeta get em in print. not availaible on libgen. ron ledwell's the witer and artist;

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NEC also did this. should download and look at it but meh.

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Damn, these look halfway interesting

No one has scanned the SS ones?


Maybe comic book nazis are morally anti-piracy.

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hmm.. there's a couple of war titles i dont have. might be that ron ledwell is still active. The survivalist chronicles are interesting to read but i dont think you could say he's our boy.

no but all the juvenile titles are on libgen. just mail order em, they're nice to have. this is from survivalist chronicles 1, real rockin red blooded USA bangbang.

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the (((demonrats))) will choke when they find out that socialists drew such racist art!! HAHHAHAHAHAHA


What's libgen? You buy them from there? How much do they cost on average?

Sorry first day on the internet kid, you seem to be mistaking me for a google search. but use sumatra pdf viewer to handle the .cbr format, also BUY Ron Ledwell's catalogue from New England Comics (skip the juvenile titles.)

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Based, angloman would be a kike btw