How the jews took over England

this is how the jew jew

people who want to form a counterculture against jewish influence should go through this timeline and build on it, extracting quotes and references

we can never redpill the masses, but we can form a hardcore counter culture to survive. That means we have to redpill intelligent, talented people with real information.

We have to be ready to educate people who are willing to learn. We have to prepare a new generation to survive.

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stay mad kike


Funny because England did just fine until after WWI. They managed to colonize half the fucking world

Someone's got to do something about these fucking kikes

Britain's Jewish Problem (1939) Chapter 1

I agree with this. The following generations will be harder. They will be less empathetic because they are being constantly told what a bunch of cunts they are. And that is good, we need to stop caring for people who will never stop envying us and hating us both for what we have given them that they can never reciprocate and for the achievements that they can never emulate.. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.
I can't despise the jew any more than I already do. It's always the same shit, different place' throughout history. Like niggers, they are a unevolved sub-species unable to make a productive contribution to the glorious advancement mankind. Envying all that they do not own, sullying all that is beautiful and exploiting weakness wherever it can be found or created

They've been doing that since a bunch of bandits made a pact with the sand demon for the first time. Their religious books explain how it works in detail, too bad no one bothers to read them.

Did christcucks unban jews because they wanted the second coming of jesus?


Why did it take them so long to subvert the nations morality and demographics? They owned the banks for a good while in some countries, but did nothing like they do today. I guess they knew that there was no way they could even try a fraction of what they do today. They had to spend decades if not centuries gaining power first.

LOL the french beat the shit out of the anglosaxons

They were opposed by forces unknown to most people. It was only after they banished our gods that they could banish our culture, and ultimately our race itself.
How did you get this? Do you have access to the books in that website? Damn.

truth is the european nobility was infiltrated by jews in the 1300s by this guy and his family

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The infiltration of court jews who separated from the german court jews to become merchants, thats how england got taken. The american revolutionary war was really a war against jews as expressed through their host king george 3.

Another interesting bit about rothschild house, herbert hoover was their guy. Hoover was the first student of Stanford, which is leland Stanford of pacific railroad. Hoover was picked up by rothschild and ran the belgian relief fund in ww1, much of which he was granted by rothschild to keep. Thats how he became president. Then hoover as president ordered active military led by MacArthur and eisenhower and patton to deploy on the streets of the united states to stop the bonus veteran marchers in dc. Afterwards they sent many of the gis to labor in FL in which many were killed by a hurricane. Earnest Hemingway worked on the search and rescue crew recovering bloated dead veterans in florida. Earnest Hemingway was then discovered and protoged under ezra pound, who had a life long hobby of discovering and nurturing poets as well as analyzing the construction of jewish world government, for which he was imprisoned in a mental institution.

The France and Napoleonic Wars called, they want their blame by freeing kikes from the ghettos, handing everything over to the rothschilds, and getting backstabbed by the very kikes they saved for ruining Europe back.

Imagine my shock


dont start that shit mate, its just the earliest infection vector. all other races of europeans and then american let it happen too

Fuck off.

Also not a single one of those wikipedia links supports a single point you made. At least try harder with your anti-Anglo shilling.

Someone should make a timeline of a spread of Jewish plague, starting in Babylon/ME/Judah, ending with the world of today. How did they reach every society, subvert, infiltrate, and ultimately destroy it.

Industrial revolution as a phenomenon, not industrialization as a process. They abused the fuck out of it to exploit people to death and get rich in the process, which is sold as accomplishment in contemporary history books.

This might be possible, maybe in books. Every jew menace has been covered in books by some autistic sperg for sure. You have Henry Ford books, and even Martin Luther book. Every surge of jews in any country, must have produced books in a way or another, that we would be able to trace it. The fact that they do not change their MO is also another thing that makes it easier to trace. I can literally eat books, if someone points me the way I would be happy to read everything.

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I just went to the BBC website. One of the first images I see, a story about some tranny that refuses to shave.

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>The Rothschilds: The Financial Rulers Of Nations by John Reeves

>The Rise of the Rothschild - English translation

>The Reign of the House of Rothschild

Indeed. We are all to blame. As a great man once said, our nations get the Jews it deserves.





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>One of Gilad’s most memorable lines was: “History exists to conceal our shame.” Citing Lyotard, who asserts that the real historian’s task is to unveil the shame, Gilad has analyzed such events as the Balfour Declaration. According to Gilad, the official history of the Balfour Declaration as a magnanimous gesture by the powerful British toward the oppressed Jews exists to conceal the shameful truth: It is the Britons (not to mention the Palestinians) who were and still are oppressed by the Zionist Jews, not the other way around.[1] This truth is shameful to both Britons and Jews. It is shameful to Britons that they have allowed themselves to be used in such degrading fashion. It is even more shameful that they have been unable to face the awful reality for 100 years and counting. Likewise, it is shameful to Zionist Jews that they have profited mightily by posing as the oppressed, when in truth they are the oppressor. And of course there is the shared British-Jewish shame at enabling and perpetrating the Palestinian Holocaust.

They destroyed a huge portion of books telling the real history actually, library of Alexandria being just one example. But there are many texts remaining, and various historical narratives which could be reverse-engineered so to speak, like us getting to know about certain groups only by the (((powers))) of the time slandering them and calling them very bad goyim that you should in no way listen to. Mythology and religion are other good sources, as those were harder to destroy than written accounts due to being transferred orally over generations. Their MO hasn't changed even in the slightest since day one, so we have another vector assuming that what they are doing in modern history, was done in ancient history too. This combined could give us a sort of algorithm for reconstructing the real history that they were trying to hide.

Doing that would be the root for solving the JQ, as we could learn from failings of their enemies of times long past, as well as more recent ones.

pretty lazy bait

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Well lad, they still lost their empire (almost everything really), the very thing they were trying to protect against Hitler. Consider that and the horde of shitskins karma, of which, I am sure the Hindus are smiling.

Eh, I suppose you're right there. I am only half serious but I will never forgive the English for destroying the only land and generation who had the courage to stand up to International Jewry

> But there are many texts remaining, and various historical narratives which could be reverse-engineered so to speak, like us getting to know about certain groups only by the (((powers))) of the time slandering them and calling them very bad goyim that you should in no way listen to.

Do you have examples?

I'm sorry user-kun.

Forgive us. We failed you. We'll make it better.

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Had nothing do with their retreat from god that did it in though right? LOL

I think the City of London is still the most policed and powerful financial capital of the world, but it might be Singapore now. Not sure. The English did well for so long, in spite of jewish banking, because they remained aristocratic and free. WW1 and 2 were waged, in large part to destroy the empire and it's hierarchies, by killing it's fighting age men.

For some reason I can't embed the url. Anyway, just take a look at his. Reports of 6 gorillion back to 1800 Kek

Kike spotted. Great post OP.

The nation did fine but its people suffered. Colonialism was abbeted merchants so they could trade across the globe.

So you just agreed with me that under Christianity they thrived and since they retreated from it they died out. You proved my point. Now you pagan larp cucks can fuck off back to your containment thread

jew spotted.

Who dis?


What? Did Britain have jew problems before Christianity? I don't know, probably not. Was that what you were asking? Are aristocracy and hierarchy christian inventions? No,not even close.

I'm a Christian who agrees that Christianity's decline in europe correlates with the jews rise to power, but you're denying that england was jewed since Cromwell, which is sadly the case. England was ground zero for ZOG banking, and (((parliamentarianism))). It was in England and France that the enlightement was concocted.

Daily reminder Charles should be King

In 1986 letter, Prince Charles blames ‘foreign’ Jews for Mideast turmoil. In correspondence to a friend, the heir to the throne also laments the unwillingness of US presidents to take on the 'Jewish lobby'

>In a newly revealed letter from 1986 , the UK’s Prince Charles implied that the “influx of foreign, European Jews” to Israel was to blame for fueling the Israeli-Arab conflict, and lamented that US presidents were unwilling to take on the American “Jewish lobby.”

You forgot to mention how the Nathan Rothschild used his early knowledge of the outcome of the battle of Waterloo to massively speculate in government bonds and put the British Crown into perpetual debt to them.

Bank of England wasn't even a jewish run institution.

Charles was a black man from Scotland, just like me. AMA.

Edward VIII should have stayed king. He was literally friends with Hitler and sympathetic to national socialism.

Are you retarded?

Are you? John Houblon wasn't jewish you retarded faggot.

Charles Windsor

And some directors of the Federal reserve are goys too doesn't mean it isn't a kike asset.

He abdicated due to personal love, he chose romance over country.

We're talking about the bank of england, not the federal reserve. Don't be facetious.

Point being was John Houblon was a goy (a jew would never have been able to hold that position in the 17th century) but the people who agitated for a central back, the people who backed Cromwell, the people behind the increasing power of parliament so they could act through puppets, the people who constantly try and degrade aristocracy, we're all jews.


It wasn't partially jewish, houblon was a puppet for jewish interests. Just because the face wasn't jewish didn't mean it wasn't controlled 100% by jews.

Yeah, besides the nationalized bank of Germany under Hitler you're wrong. Today every single bank is a jewish asset.

Because you say so? Claims require proof you retarded cunt.

No. Because of… who profited from his actions? Just follow the money, you are not that dumb are you?

English aristocrats, not jews.
To the bank that we were just fucking talking about or the funding of the bank back to Royal Crown?

Doing it openly would make societes reject it. Boiling the frog slowly - thats their method.

Very interesting read user. Recommended and it's only 16 pages. It shows, once again, that we've been here before.
It seems the jew avoided the inevitable backlash that was approaching in the 30s by forcing a world war and then exploiting the holohoax to give them more time to consolidate power and continue to exploit their host (the UK in this example).
We are at this point again: anti-jew feeling blamed solely on fascists (as if they had such power), jewish monopolies shutting out competition and an influx of immigrants (now encourage by the jew). "the alien minority can prosper while Britons are in want only rubs salt into the wounds of our self-respect' - a small minority wielding a disproportionate amount of influence.
Once again, attempts to hide or whitewash the jew problem only make things worse. They never assimilate and maintain a superiority complex which inevitably leads to them being hated.
"It is an unfortunate fact that the jew is often inclined to place too much reliance on the power and the purse"
We can take hope from history that this virulent tribe always over-reaches when they get too comfortable. Plus ça change..

Missed an important quote: "The fact that one should express opinions not uniformly complimentary to the jews is no reason for the taunt of Nazi"

satan's children (jews) are a test from God. to overcome the jew, we must overcome the shekel and coin, and we will. beg for your lives, materialists.

Their historical enemies and their deities being portrayed as demons, various "critiques" that Jewish, Muslim and Christian scholars had about certain groups and organizations, derogatory view of "pagans" , characters (such as kings and other rulers) that were similar to Hitler in history being portrayed as worst monsters in existence etc.

As for texts, you can try to scrap some real history from what was left of Indo-European, pre-Christian (or pre-Muslim in some regions) accounts, Egyptian, Sumerian/Babylonian, etc. You won't find it in any single text, you need to go through tons of them with the right mindset to be able to reconstruct what actually happened. Some people already did it which should make it a bit easier. Also, Jewish religious books, while being mostly them lying to themselves, expose their mentality quite a bit.

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We need to form violent militias and armies with the explicit goal of killing all jews. Not educate while the jews control finances and the media.
Kill first.
Educate others only after all the enemies are dead, so newer generations can identify traitors who behave like the enemy and kill them preemptively

Hey rabbi, whatcha doin?

We need to build a system that will leave kikes like fish on the dry. Then they would revert to their natural state of thugs, garbage collectors and petty criminals like gypsies (their cousins) are.

Book of Ezra Chapter 4 spells it right out. Gentiles are spreading a letter that allowing the rebuilding of Jerusalem will destroy all nations around it and that those who do not believe this should "search in the book of the records of thy fathers" to find it to be true.
"This is the copy of the letter that they sent unto him, even unto Artaxerxes the king; Thy servants the men on this side the river, and at such a time. Be it known unto the king, that the Jews which came up from thee to us are come unto Jerusalem, building the rebellious and the bad city, and have set up the walls thereof, and joined the foundations. Be it known now unto the king, that, if this city be builded, and the walls set up again, then will they not pay toll, tribute, and custom, and so thou shalt endamage the revenue of the kings. Now because we have maintenance from the king's palace, and it was not meet for us to see the king's dishonour, therefore have we sent and certified the king; That search may be made in the book of the records of thy fathers: so shalt thou find in the book of the records, and know that this city is a rebellious city, and hurtful unto kings and provinces, and that they have moved sedition within the same of old time: for which cause was this city destroyed. We certify the king that, if this city be builded again, and the walls thereof set up, by this means thou shalt have no portion on this side the river." -Ezra 4:11-16

Ironically the Puritan Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, used the Book of Ezra to show that jews should be allowed in and never receive persecution. Of which his biblically backed argument can be found in "The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience".

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Hi there mr FBI. I sure am ready to bomb that federal building and shoot up another synagogue/mosque/church just like you told me too.

Question for the educated:
At this stage of history the Catholic Church was well and truly jewed, to the point that it had become its own bank with its own taxes in the form of indulgences; as well as keeping its populace ignorant of their own scriptures by refusing to translate it into the native languages. All over Europe various groups emerged that would eventually be regarded as Protestants who out-right opposed the corruption of the Church and its jewish tendencies (both their 'traditions of men' and the obsession with money). Europe was then engulfed in religious war, and this is the backdrop of the political strife in England, a Protestant nation. The King was a Catholic and seemed intent on making the nation Catholic again; this in the eyes of many can be interpreted as a call back to the jewry of the Vatican; the common people of England and Scotland greatly opposed it, while the largely foreign nobility with their foreign allies and foreign armies fought for the King.

At this point you have Cromwell making a deal with the Dutch, a nominally Protestant nation, and the terms of the Dutch was to allow jews into England.

With this expanded history; the character of Cromwell becomes harder to determine. What we hate the jews for today was exemplified in the Catholic church of that era, which was persecuting the common folk - Catholics through financial extortion; Protestants through violence and execution. They used false histories and outright lies from their 'Latin interpretation' of the Bible to persuade the peasantry of all manner of things, and this isn't to say there has never been a good Catholic Preacher who sought the understanding of the Latin version, but it is to say that in this era of mass corruption it was well known for the Catholic priests to simply make stuff up. So essentially at this point the Vatican and the Jews are one-and-the-same in how they treat the common European, probably because many of the members of the Vatican were themselves jews (admittedly this is mostly speculation but there is quite a bit of evidence for it).

So again, an 'English' king with foreign sympathies wanting to make England the servant of the Vatican can easily be interpreted as an earlier play for 'judean-globalism' just as we might perceive the EU. With that in mind, is the demonisation that is so common on Zig Forums of Cromwell justified?

I know right? Race has no effect on IQ, European goys owe their success to superior Judean wisdom, without Abrahamic religion and Noahide Law they'd be like niggers!

Don't listen to their lies about Rome or Greece, those are myths. There was no mathematics, science, or architecture in ancient Greece.

why don't you crawl back to your containment board, judean vermin, and quit parasitizing Greco-Roman greatness

this is a thread where you are supposed to explain and understand history

not copy jewish media for affectatious mannerisms to stroke your delusional ego which is solely tied to the jewish system

lol yeah ok retards

fixed link

you do what they say and live your life in the system they designed

I don't think the catholic church was entirely subverted, just because they became corrupt doesn't mean they were 100% owned by jews.

It was the main international power, people would associate with it for strategic reasons solely.

I wish I could have access to books from the pre-kike era. Like the one user posted. I was reading the Ages Trilogy, from that insufferable Anglo-kike (((Hobsbawm))), pic related. It completely omits the participation of jews in history events, to the point I was becoming enraged. Anything pre-WWII can be considered product of the Age of Kike, I would say. I proceed to download CofC from McDonald so I can understand what the fuck they are doing to history events. They have the audacity to call anything that goes against their version of it as "revisionism".

They are jesuits user, it is a sect much like the templars, masons and shit alike. Just look for the list of popes and see how many of those are jesuits or studied in their schools. The protestants were in their right mind when the reform occurred, but they underestimated the powers of their enemy and were consequentially engulfed and subverted by the jewish infiltration.

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Damn, I mean post-WWII(Age of the Kike).

has this been bumped already?

ok, so I don't think this piece deserves its own thread so i'll just post this here:
1. What made the brits fall first to the jews ?
2. What made them accept their fate and not fight back ?
3. What specifics of the english society make it vulnerable to subversion and control by swindling ?

The answer is the Royal Navy.
More specifically the economic and social condition of its sailors.
Britain before the Age of Sail was a wealthy land that only had to deal with infighting.
This created a corrupted system where officers bought their post.
We can check any history book and see lengthy talks about the Anglo-Dutch wars and the reforms of Samuel Pepys.

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At the time of the reforms the royal navy had about 4000 enlisted sailors which were mostly free men, with paid wages.
The reforms presented one huge problem that every history book ignores.
How did they pay the sailors ?
Well they didn't.
Sailors were no longer recruited from the farmlands or cities, they were recruited from jails, from the pubs, and other places that breed anti-social behavior.

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The population of England during the 1600's was at about 4.5 million.
Considering that the royal navy expanded from 4000 sailors to around 40000, they would simply go bankrupt if all salaries were paid.
So instead another system was created, that of absolute discipline on board of the ship, and absolute freedom when on land.
This meant that the sailor will never integrate back into society again.
A sailor on land will spend the little money he had on booze and hookers, and while on sea will be controlled by the most ruthless officer corps ever invented by mankind.

The City of London is the center of the tumor.

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So why would the good people of England support such a developing underclass of brawlers and drunks ?
Well they were bringing in money. Back in that time England was a pirate empire, plundering trade across the Atlantic and sometimes even on the Pacific.
The English could now afford more and sometimes cheaper third rate and fourth rate ships.
Records of the time show that most English ships were inferior in quality to the Spanish, French or Dutch.
But this was not important, since now there was an endless supply of sailors and plunder.
Back at home however, people not only tolerated the brawls, the fights and occasional murders and rapes, but encouraged them.
The supply of sailors never ran out.
This society is what the jew captured.
A lower class that is violent and obedient, a middle class that is tolerant and ignorant, and an upper class that is born to rule and only respects money and power.

Also you missed the part when (few years before the WWI) the jews burned shit ton of public money on archaeological expeditions to Egypt and Palestine to prove how the jewish Bible was true. The people of England thought they gave money to prove that how Christianity wasnt just built on faity tales. They literally expected things which would show how Jesus and his deed were true.
What they didn't expected was that the jews had other plans. They used the english people's money to prove how their had rights for the lands. How Moses was real. And after that they literally stole the funds, because fuck the false prophet Jesus. Later when they stole the lands from the natives they used these "evidence" to massacre and force out people from these lands.

Tl;dr.: They tricked and robbed the whole UK, which in exchange helped to build Israel. Brits were the very first goy golem, before the CCCP and the USA.

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Wow jews suck at taking over shit, they literally have to play with money for a thousand years. Muslims just start screaming all day about stuff and that's how they take over.

White people should just follow the muslim strategy of taking stuff over, the strategy of organizing and and just being loud about stuff. Islam is a horrible religion, but they have good strategies for dominating that we should imitate.



They try to ignore this because the implications would be that World Jewry had the power, not only over the English press to convince Americans to wage war, also to manipulate the politics of a nation in which they were also about 2% of the population. They also deny the 'Stab in the Back' thesis, which is that the Jews funded the German Reich, deliberately prolonging the war (which they incidentally started) until the Bolshevik Revolution had successfully decapitated the monarchy and called quits on the battlefield. Once Russia was out of the game, the Jewish pulse switched, and in return for the Balfour Declaration, they got America to shore up the last months of the war in which France, the UK and the US defeated Germany, and then proceeded to extort her for the next 90 years (not including the Hitler interlude of liberty). That should have been that, but Hitler rose and showed the world that there was a positive alternative to the morally bankrupt New World Order, so then followed Act Two of the Great War, or perhaps it should be called the Second Thirty Years War (1914-44) to hearken back to an older time in the seventeenth century when European infighting had also destroyed

America was mostly an Agrarian society before the British subtly converted it during the what is known as the "Industrial Revolution". Since 1913, America has been a puppet to the City of London. Part of the Five Eyes.

Is this chain of posts the explanation to how the jew captured the US military too? Because the pattern is almost the same. Nigger violent soldiers being deployed on foreign lands to rape and pillage, while their wives bed jamal and breed multiple tyrones. Middle class totally ignorant and preach diversity is strength while the 1% concentrate and consolidate power&wealth in monopolies.

I don't doubt that, but I think this phenomena was concomitant with the bolshjewish revolution. They always play 2 sides, so they are never completely erased from history. They are finally taking down USA and already warming up to chinks. You can already read/hear histories on the internet that there is a lineage of chinese jews. KEK link related

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That's where my cousin moved so my uncle wouldn't molest his kids. I have no idea what they do with freemason/jew pedophiles there, but if they cane you for chewing gum, well, it can't be pleasant.