20 year old french girl, candidate for European parliament, kneels before a svastika. Medias cringe

On May the 26th, European people will elect members of European Parliament. The Nationalist movement is ahead of polls : Italia interior minister Matteo Salvini's political party might become one of the main political forces in Europe.

But there is also very small political parties.
One of them is led by french writer Renaud Camus, the guy who popularized the term "Great Replacement", which inspired Brenton Tarrent's manifesto and the Christchurch shooting. The 3rd person of Camus's list is a 20 year old girl, Fiorina, was a little famous because she lost an eye due to a rubber bullet shot during the yellow vest movement in France.

The french press released a photography of Fiorina kneeling before a svastika.

The french press will use this event to demonize the National Front, (Nationalist party in France, allied with Salvini) which was supported by Camus 2 years ago, and which aknoledges that there is a great replacement.

What is memeable should be memed.

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and redpilled

Doubleplus Based, (Random Number Generator) x Redpills

We should meme this AF.
French people already started

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A right wing board called her "our marianne". Marianne is the girl who symbolizes the French Republic.

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Really good but remove Hitler's face (he has enough recognition……. for now) and you're gold.

Was the Nazi occupation better?
Hails the Nazis…

You all ignore the fact that Socialism, not mud skins, are responsible for the economic turmoils that inspired the yellow vest protest in the first place…

The mud skins wouldn’t even be able to exist without socialist welfare handouts. Not only that, but France would still be 99% White French if it weren’t for the Socialist immigration policies…

Your entire world view is kucked… you young fools… one day you will learn.

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You managed to completely hide the swastika.


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Dominos Peiaza

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big friend of top french kikes, prolly kike itself
generation identity is a jewish meme movement

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type god.

yep. National Socialists are worse than niggers alright. So glad Hitler didn't win.

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Day of the pillow can't come soon enough

yes it was
yes they were fucked up anti christian pagans but they were still germans below that
very dignified and respectful; nothing like the american niggers and anglo jews
enslave my ass
you wanna see slavery, just you wait a few years

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Wait, was it seriously this girl?

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Imagine being this fucking stupid.

You ain't gotta tell this gril twice.

Yep it's true.
When Camus learnt about this photo, he decided to get rid off Fiona before the medias bother him. His party is left alone and they will not be elected as members of parliament.

But we can use this to talk about great replacement and reverse-migration, and to make the medias talk about great replacement and reverse-migration.

The only "nazi" are the scum AshkeNAZIm jews like you.


Keep the faith


Yes, it's her. She lost an eye in december due to a rubber-bullet shot.

It's in the french medias. They will use it to say that the great repalcement theory is nazi blabla.

But Fiorina is Drawing attention. Her video made 23 days ago about reverse-migrating rap-singging niggers has been seen 70k times.


Pretty cheap old publicity porn she's got herself there.. Didn't even have to buy paint and cardboard for fucks sake. cum dump for sure

How do we know for sure this isn't some larp. Is there footage with her eyehole ? Does she wear a glass eye she can take out ? Only then will I support this woman.

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Not gonna lie, that's pretty hot

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This is why hapas are superior to whites.

Shill or newfag, either way, filtered.

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in the year of our lord 2020
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Broadly speaking, degeneracy is a behavior or concept which causes more harm than gain to society. Explain why the image you referred to is degenerate, or jewish. Oh wait you can't because you are a useless cumskin who can't back up his opinions.

Dude, get that Jewish porn out of here.

It's by based nips.

French people weren't happy to be (((liberated))) by the raping american mutts, several higher ups in the allied military said as much.

I agree.
I've been saying this since 2007, Eurasians need to take over the world.
We are the one true master race.
We will exterminate every single race and keep Europeans around as the underclass.
I am the Eurasian Adolf Hitler.

See previous post.There is absolutely nothing wrong with that picture. It's cute af and the fact that you dislike it belies your subhumanity.

American bombing destroyed several cities in the north west of France, in Normandy. The amerimutt nigger "liberators" also raped french women, while the german destructed nothing nor raped nobody.

Today, american cuckservatives see the shadow of communism everywhere, while they help Staline control 50% of Europe during WWII. And american boomer still explain to you that communism must be fought AND nazi were the bad guys. George Orwell called this "double thought"

The real danger is race-mixing, which is promoted by jews and cosmopolites.

If prophesy is true, france will be the first to awaken as their youth burns paris to the ground.

The absolute state of Zig Forums in 2019. KYS degenerate mutt.

Any actual source on the media's reaction though?

Thank you for demonstrating why nobody takes you seriously.

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Vile submen.

Shut the fuck up, subhuman.
I will use your corpse as manure for the soil that Elliot's statue will be placed on.

There is no such things as prophecies. There is only will. God will and individual will, which can be expressed through social groups.
If my people wants to fight, then we will fight. If my people wants to race-mix, then all the things we inherited from our ancestors will be lost forever.

The will to save our race is the only way to save our country.

how long until shes servicing commie cocks?

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Hapas are demi-niggers confirmed. Spics of Asia. Shameful.

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You mentally ill halfbreed subhumans will be gassed before you ever even reach a podium.

So God will?

Only one eye and she can still see clearer than 60% of Europeans

She'll wind up getting ass raped by niggers at some point, French are fags so count on it

Guys ignore the shill derailment and meme this girl, and this imagery inadvertently positive light

Your mods are white. I know for a fact they are. As usual, white problems are cause by white people.
I have already told you what degeneracy is. You do not understand what degeneracy is.

The only thing he did wrong is kill himself. He should have made a plan to get away with it.
He targeted white women. Not only is this an effective demoralization tactic, it is also targeting the breeding equipment of the white race, thus ensuring that whites will die out sooner.
Elliot Rodger was a hero, albeit a flawed one.

Gassed? Who's going to do that? Don't tell me that you, a larpsock who can't even kill the nigger next door, is going to pose a threat to the master race.

What's the source of this image?

Shut up Ghost.

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kek and yet not a single scientist of note. Centuries of noting by great men and travelers that the halfbreeds in central asia are inferior to their parent races and even scientific backing of your inferiority







Asian-white couples face distinct pregnancy risks, Stanford/Packard study finds


All hapas (white+asian) suffer from mental illness


Most congenital problems are more common on mixed-race babies:


Race mixing can trigger dental problems (in Portuguese, talking about this problem in Brazil)


Prematurity and Low Birth Weight are a lot more common in mixed-race babies


Mixed-race people have the highest mental illness rates:


Organ donations must be from person with the same race and similar genetics, due to this, mixed-race people for having peculiar genetic combinations face challenges when they try to receive organ donations


Why are you here instead of participating on a hapa board/forum? If you're superior, why do you need to convince us/anyone? You're here to waste people's time and shitpost. You know in your heart you have trash genetics. You know you're a piece of shit. You know you're wasting your precious life away writing meaningless bullshit in an obscure corner of the internet. Face it, you should just KYS degenerate mutt.


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100% Wife material.

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She has more balls than 99.9999% men these days. She didn't cuck at all, stayed true to her beliefs. Hope she gets the Chad she deserves and mothers the next saviours

I heard she unfortunately cucked on this photo, saying it was a “youthful joke” in “bad taste”.

It is the nigger bomb, the most deadly bomb on the planet.

Fuck, si elle était actuellement blanche, ce serait incroyable a voir…

Aesthetic. Oh God, we're not asking for much, just this once, stop these Jews, please.

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Are you saying she ain't white?





Not all of us have the electric jew riding their cock on Twiturd.

There are a lot of things I would call that image, but porn is not one of them.

Yes, a world where vile subhumans destroy, fuck and devour EVERYTHING in sight. We should just let the niggers take over, since there is no different between niggers and asians.

total cringe try harder next time cumskin.
No amount of mental illness and congenital defects can make white people great. There is no concealing the fact that your people are collectively suicidal, degenerate, and generally inferior.
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That what im saying, Bubba. Look at her hair, clearly Jewish or some non white admixture.

She pussed out big time already
Fuck dark eyed mutt

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That dark eyed *


There is something off about her. How tall is she? If she is around 5"1/5"3 I put all my ebin coins that she is jewish.

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I would bet she's a regular Spanish mutt, but who knows

That's disappointing. We need people to own this shit, not bitch out the second they come under a little pressure.

Absolutely abhorrent post, i bet you're a leaf.

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This event is not without historical precedent.

Keep in mind this is the motivation of kikes in their sick twisted skizo fantasies..
Joan of Arc
On 23 May 1430, she was captured at Compiègne by the Burgundian faction, a group of French nobles allied with the English. She was later handed over to the English[6] and put on trial by the pro-English bishop Pierre Cauchon on a variety of charges. After Cauchon declared her guilty she was burned at the stake on 30 May 1431, dying at about nineteen years of age.

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Maybe she is Hindus.

need to photoshop and eye patch on this 1903 engraving of Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch featured in the Figaro Illustre magazine.

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What a great woman, I hope many others will follow in her footsteps.

Were her eye not so fucked up looking she does actually resemble the Jeanne d'Arc painting, by Eugène Thirion (1876). Late 19th century images such as this often had political undertones because of French territorial cessions to Germany in 1871.
(Chautou, Church of Notre Dame) ←— as we all well know, since burned to the ground by the Muslim hordes

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Stick to the Slav angle, so much better.

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Why can't your generation just die already?

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for fuck's sake, never post here again you schizo faggot

it's less common but it certainly exists. I hate people that automatically assume everybody is a jew, jews are a tiny fraction of the population. I could see if she had a big jew nose with bat ears, frog mouth, and was acting jewish but none of that is the case

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If she bitched out, then what's this thread about exactly?