Christcucks Against Niggers

A Christian pastor got 50,000 niglets to drink bleach. Does this mean that Christianity and Christcucks can be manipulated to serve our purposes?

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What a great man.

We should do more psyops under the guise of medical treatments. So many people believe drinking bleach will rid them of parasites. Why not invent our own "snake poison" to sell to shitskins?


Where is the IQ world map when you need it?

We should convince the niggers to bathe in Turpentine. Drinking paint thinner and washing yourself can turn you white!

*with it

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I don't think that's how it works in the west. It works in Uganda, because people there are fucking dumb and it's a shithole. Using his authority as a pastor, he was able to trick those imbeciles. However, in the west, people are smarter (even though niggers are still fucking dumb), and way more wary of strangers, I suppose.
What you can do is join an existing food distribution organisation and contribute poisoned food. You'll have to make sure that the recipients of your donation are almost exclusively niggers (depending on whether you are willing to risk harming whites in the process as well). On Zig Forums there is this PDF about creating botox using meat and dirt, it sounds pretty simple.
You could even poison water melons or chicken wings, lol.

just one google search away

The stupid bleach cure literally began in the U.S.

Botox is the toxin of Clostridium Botulinum, the bacteria that causes botulism. Maybe there are some anons who can recan tainted food and have it shipped off quickly?

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It's called MMS. I don't know about HIV or AIDS, but it's helped me get rid of more than one cold or flu I couldn't shake.

The Ugandans would be better off with their original pagan beliefs in which they praised blue eyed and light skinned deities from above and were happy with their station in life.

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Drinking? Fuck no, you need to take the bleach via ENEMA if you want it to be effective!

Another mensa thread at /pol

uga buga! praise odin!

Did they really?

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uga buga Mzungu

In no small words yes, but by Christianity and Islam the Africans are taught about equality in belief and told to forget the "White Gods".

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credo mutwa is a really zany guy, but i'm not trying to disprove what you're saying. he claimed he once eat the flesh of a grey alien thinking it was hallucinogenic mushrooms and had a near death level trip, he did some interviews with icke

Without the positive moral influence of Christianity and Islam, Africa would have legal abortion and widespread contraception. That would mean hundreds of millions of Africans would never have been born.

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christcucks by definition they can be manipulated.

I believe a more stealthy way to a final solution is the tiny prion. All known prion diseases in mammals affect the structure of the brain or other neural tissue; all are progressive, have no known effective treatment and are always fatal.[. Prions deserve a look

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I believe the amatoxins in galerina mushrooms could be extracted and weaponized. In their natural form they are almost 90-100% fatal. If you ingest it you are fucked.

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With amatoxins or prions delivery method needs worked out , both being oral. But shit if they will drink bleach it's going to be a walk in the park.

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mensa shit lol

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with near 100% chance of you infecting yourself unless you're going to be walking around in a bio suit.

So are Jews
Is Yahweh and Abraham /ourguy/?

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Finding a good way to carry out the final solution is important and could be seen as a kind of force multiplier. We don' t have the numbers, maybe we have the brains and the will. Don't sperg and knock off a few 60 year old kikes at a kike-erria lol. Harness the awesome powers of science and get 100+ go for the high score. Tarrant could have gotten the high score but he left the fire bombs inside the car. How do the winds blow around Silicon Valley? ??? Be a shame if forest fires burned up all that woke inovation. FIRE is power.

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I'm an ethnic Catholic

Anyone fact checked it?


Next time
the information in the article and provide an archive if possible.

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Jesus is a puppet. Shove your hand up his ass, move his lips and say whatever you want people to believe.

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africans having the foresight to use birth control.

I doubt the veracity of your claims.

This illustrates why, no matter how many niggers there are, we always have the upper hand in war. The mind is a beautiful thing, and one white man's ingenious mind beats 50,000 niggers.

They can't even afford filtered water, what the fuck are you talking about, nigger?

A box of condoms offered in Africa, that’s three fewer people drowned in the Mediterranean, a hundred thousand euros in savings for the French benefits system, two prison cells freed up and three centimetres of ice shelf preserved.”

The levels of christcuck faggotry can be ascertained by how the christcuck faggot loves seeing his own white daughter getting blacked because nigger was a christnigger.

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It will.

Context? Was this the Ebola Outbreak?

Haiti I'm pretty sure, from the earthquake. I doubt even a nigger would get that close with such skimpy protection if it were Ebola. They may think hospitals and medicine give you Ebola, but they know what it is lmao

based christcuck, he truly knows the way.