Thoughts on Rockwellian/American National Socialism?

Is a uniquely American brand of National Socialism viable or indeed desirable?

Originally, George Lincoln Rockwells American Nazi Party was originally called World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS) to convey that they did not agree with privativation of some industries by the state that The Führer's brand (or true) National Socialism entails. No doubt this was influenced by the McCarthy era it was a product of with it's fanatical anti-communist ideals.

The American Nazi Party (A name I really dislike as it uses the kike slur "Nazi") still exists to this day. So that is the question: Do American anons believe a National Socialist ideology that is uniquely American and rejects the 'Socialist' aspects of it is still The Führer's National Socialism?

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Many of the classical fascist thinkers: Mussolini, Mosley and Hitler all agreed and disagreed on various things.
But one thing they did agree on though Mosley articulated it best is that fascism is not some universal set of policies.
The fascism of Britain is different from the fascism of Italy which is in turn different from Germany, Spain, etc.

All nations have their own people and their own needs/norms/desires/problems. Which the fascism of their people will reflect.

If Natsoc were to become widely popular in the US, it couldn't contain any symbolism relating to Nazi Germany. The conditioning is so ingrained into people that Nazis = demonic evil, it is just not realistic to convince them otherwise. How could an Americanized Natsoc even gain any traction with the current state of the MSM? That is such a huge fucking barrier, it's demoralizing to think about.

Americans are actually much better off with following white nationalism/racialism as advocated by William Pierce, Ben Klassen etc. They could, and should incorporate many Indo-European symbols to counter christcuckery and other Jewish symbols that currently rule over them, but I don't think that NS of WW2 Germany would be applicable to them. They can have their own version that would be a mix of the ideas of the founding fathers and NSDAP. If anything, Hitler continued where the founding fathers left off, learning from their mistakes. It's unfortunate that many people don't realize this.

"Nazi" is a perjorative used by the National Socialists enemies in Germany. It is an insult and should never be used by National Socialists

I believe abandoning The Führer and the Hakenkreuz (swastika) in order to become a more palatable version of National Socialism is a betrayal of it's very ideas and ceases to be National Socialism. We need fanatics, not normalshits who would never embrace ours ideology regardless of it's trappings.

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Millions of Whites are suffering from poverty, unemployment, sickness, homelessness, dispair and agony.

They have no where to go, no one to help them as Whites have no one representing them. The State tells them to fuck off because they are White. I see this first hand daily in real life.

You did this White Nationalists/Alt Right

with your larping, Nazi porn, vulgar mentally ill politics and doxing/derailing every attempt by Whites to create something that would work. You are the real enemy of Whites. You created the political climate for this to happen. And you continue to give aid and comfort to our enemies who wish to exterminate us by forever denying our right to self defense.

I would actually agree. The Führer did admire the American founding fathers and was also said to be a huge fan of the American Westerns, both film and novels.

(not checked due to faggotry)




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You've got me there. The alt right could have had potential if there were strong leaders brave enough to ask the JQ. None of them were willing to bring the "SJW" phenomenon to its logical conclusion.

Indeed. I also believe the "movement", such as it was, was also quickly infiltrated by kikes and Antifa who worked to destroy any real momentum it had. Also I believe from the very beginning it was filled with weak stomached faggots who were simply memeing and were never serious in their convictions or beliefs.

A good example of this was the reaction I witnessed on here and cuckchan on the night Brenton Tarrant carried out his holy crusade against the Invaders. While he was being largely celebrated here (and also called a false flag Mossad agent, but that's always a given with these things), on cuckchans Zig Forums it was literally back to back threads in the catalog with crying pepes and shit and people saying "OH GOD THOSE POOR PEOPLE. I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE. IM LEAVING. THIS IS WRONG".

Oh well, at least those things tend to weed out the spineless worms

This goes far deeper than mere admiration, he literally continued where they left off. They were both part of the same movement that was fighting the kikes and their influence since the dawn of history, the difference being that he was not deluded by enlightenment ideals knowing exactly what they would lead to. US founding fathers were less initiated, fighting them covertly by trying to create a counter-balance of power rather than overtly like Hitler. And by building a system which allows all of us to still be able to make these posts in spite of the ever-encroaching globohomo censorship. They both played their part, just in different ways, leading some of us to the point where we are now. It's up to us to become the next Hitler or Thomas Paine, continuing where they have left off.

It had a good momentum created by the original chan dwellers, then normies flooded the chans and kikes used them as golems to stop it. This is why people need proper NS education rather than just memes. They threw everything they got at us too, hoping to lead us to the wrong path, but got btfo. They had a lure for people with different interests, science, religion, occult, trying to bring them into kosher territory. Their project failed, and we have gathered much more intel on them than the other way around. Pretty embarrassing for them actually. And they hired people who are actually trained in psychological manipulation, not your typical bot or pajeet copy-pasting Jewish talking points for $1 a day.

That place sure changed a lot

Indeed. I think coalburning faggots like Milo and cuckservative kikes like Ben Shaprio being embraced and pushed by retards or active and deliberate subversives within the alt-right also didn't help… and that shit started happening realitively early. It's the same as the "based nigger" and "based kike" shit that gets thrown around there and even here sometimes just because some kike or shitskin has a negative word on Israel. Fuck out of here with that shit, they are and will always be the enemy. Their political ideology matters not one iota.

It just showed me in one moment the staggering amount of normalfags, memeing edgelords and kikes that 4/pol/ is made up of nowadays. They talk this shit constantly but then when some glorious bastards goes out and does something and livestream it no less, they shit their fucking pants and disavowed immediately. Actually I think the video itself was the primary cause of that… Had it simply been a news story then I think those same weak-willed faggots would have cheered it… But when confronted with the reality of bloodshed and the fight we will undoubtedly have to wage one day their tough talking exteriors simply melted away. I wish I had screen capped it the catalog a few times but that night was so exiciting anyway and I was so busy reading through threads here and a few there that I just forgot. I had to work at 6am that morning and stayed up the entire night. It was worth it though.

Also very insightful comments on The Führer and him continuing the work of the American Founding Fathers. I clearly have not given this idea as much thought as I should have but it is intriguing and I believe you are right.

polite double post sage, forgot to reply to that part in my first post

The swastika carrys much more meaning now than just a German symbol.

I doubt any of those individuals were any degree of redpilled, but were unironically jews who just want to create the impression that the aut-right is a sinking ship, so that the mass influx of newfaggots would have an out, so that they would feel free to doubt anything they come across and disregard it without a second thought. After all, everyone else is doing it, right?

I would argue the NSDAPs right facing Hakenkreuz was never only a German symbol, based on The Führer's own words:

It has ceased to be just a symbol used by the NSDAP and is a symbol for all of Aryan man

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Perhaps but man there were so fucking many, and just as many comments in threads. Hanging and crying pepes were everywhere - people would pop up asking "does anyone have the video?" then shortly after "oh god I shouldn't have watched this. This is horrific. those people were innocent they were just praying!" It looked and felt totally organic.

I wouldn't disagree that they were not truly redpilled, even if they themselves thought they were but this was literally only an hour or two after it happened. It was night here in the US at the time of course. It may have been shills, I am sure some were, but it looked more like a bunch of normalshits being shown the reality of the kind of shit they post all those "spicy memes brah" about all day and not liking what they saw

National Socialism in the US is impossible because NatSoc requires a long-standing, highly developed ethnic identity rooted to a limited area of land. There is no such thing in the US.

wtf kind of garbage are you spewing?
fucking dog shit

interesting point.
but do you think that the coming collapse will make the whites awake and embrace NS as the solution to surviving?

America needs to be nuked. There's no other serious answer.

There will be no collapse. This is a serious blackpill, but it was to taken. Research Modern Monetary Theory – essentially, the government can simply print money forever. When gold was threatening to crash the system years back, the system simply controlled it. If there is a seriously recession, the government simply offset it with cash injections. When the housing bubble burst the system shrugged it off. When a major ecenomic sector (auto manufacturing) was about to collapse the state simply bought them out. Inflation stayed at around 1-3% throughout all this, no collapse or even a sign of a collapse happened.

Remember the EU finance scare? How many pundits were predicting the imminent collpase of the EU because the PIGS nations were defaulting on their debts? We wer eall consuming that narrative…and no EU collpase has occured. Why? Because the EU finance nations simply propped up the PIGS. Even in a country like Greece where NatSoc IS possible was able to stabilize, and no revolution is occurring or predicted.

The economy is automated enough and internationalized enough that any weakness in the system in a particular place can be shored up. If actual white national ethnic communities in Europe can't revolutionize, it definitely won't happen in the US.

Obviously American NS would not look like German NS for they're too different folk.

There's no reason why White Americans can not be united based on a common European American identity. How do you think ethnogroups start?: through a shared identity. Germany, England, Russia, Finland, etc all have many tribes, but yet all these tribes share a common identity and have become ethnogroups. All White Americans have to do is embrace their White American identity; there's no reason why a White American ethnicity can not come about.

U first

As an Euro, Rockwell is probably one of the very few Americans I find interesting from a political point of view. From the little I read about him, he seemed a very direct, very "Spartan" and uncompromising man, I like that.

Seconded. One must put the needs of their own people first. Not squabble about what universal principles are the "true" Fascism.

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Boot, meet Face. Forever.

If you don't win over the hearts and minds of regular people, you will never attain any kind of power.

Good luck convincing autistic larpers of this.

You're wrong and people keep explaining this to you and you come back pretending like it never happened.
The government can't keep printing money forever because eventually you debase your own currency. Money is just paper but it is backed by something and that is faith that it can be exchanged for value. Once people lose faith in the value of a currency, it loses value and returns to mere paper.

It's for the benefit of the non-autistic anons that I speak.

There are several ways to respond to people who attempt to use and throw you away.
Appeasement is not one of them.
You get pushed aeound because you are a cuck. Stop being a cuck. If some guy tries to imply he owns you, laugh and walk away. Better yet, convert and fuck his daughter.

Firstly, false dichotomy, secondly, this statement is the definition of autism.

That part comes later

Inclusiveness is a pretty good value. Let’s not meddle with any natsoc nonsense. If you wish to share in a joyous NS, how about a nice game of NationStates?

American National Socialism died with Rockwell.

Normal people follow whatever the government at the time tells them to.

There is a set of universal principles.
But they don't directly dictate policy choices

Yes. Our Democracy or "mob rule" will not end well for whites. We've given the Vote to women, 18 year old know-nothings, and any penniless shitskin who shuffles across the border with his hand out.
If we are to survive we need to take control of this runaway cuckold train before it goes over the cliff.
That will not happen at the ballot box. We gave that away. Amerimutts are not capable of selecting worthy leaders. We need a Pinochet to seize control from the (((egalitarians))).

A nation is not a land mass nor is it a border. It is a self-governing ethnic community.
America 2019 is not a nation. Since 1965's jew-driven change to immigration policy it has increasingly become a mud bowl. So a 2019 American version of NatSoc would need to deal with this fly in the ointment. Balkanization? Deportation?
The USA was created by white men for white men. Once we decide we want to keep it that way then a National party committed to the well-being of our people ("socialism" in NSDAP) is viable.
Until then it's a jewed up mess.

I would prefer another Hitler before another Pinochet but I am fond of free helicopter rides for commies

Yes i only meant a strong man to take the reins from these idiotic pussies.
For the earlier poster who said the ignorant horde must be converted…are you aware of how much popular support Hitler had when he took the reins? It was not a lot. Democracy got us into this mess. What sort of brain thinks democracy will get us out of it? A brain skullfucked by Moshe since the day of his foreskin theft

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I'm an American and i formed my understanding through the works of Hitler and his allies, the only acceptable National Socialism is true National Socialism. Also as a side note, when i used to frequent nationalist discords in the hope of converting the alt-kike retards i saw that they had an oddly diluted view of National Socialism, they saw it as "Germany's nationalism" and other things along the lines of that, in other words they saw it as just another "ideology". That's when i realized the first step in converting someone to the truth is to make them understand that National Socialism isn't just some "ideology" It's the truth in its purest form.

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This is a Islamic post..
Hitler failed. Islam and Israel are both the enemy..

Once you start compromising on your stances, they start eroding them until they are gone. They saw a negative (for them) trend emerging, they subverted it and took it over by creating a false dichotomy, and once it stopped serving it's purpose or posing any danger, they have eliminated it just like any other controlled opposition group in history. All the forced memes aside, the globohomo agenda never stopped, nor was it actually challenged by any of those groups. As for 4/pol/, as some other user said ITT, those "outraged" people were mostly bots and paid shills. They did the same in here, and they were quite obvious, just like Trump shills were back in 2016. The actual amount of genuine posters is much lower than it appears. This board has less users than halfpol, and they are seasoned enough to know all the Jewish tricks, meaning it has less shills. They are tracking traffic and sending them where there is a risk of goyim starting to know or doing something about it.

That money still has to be based on some value and have some trust (or threat of force) backing it. That depends on the ability of the government to enforce it's rules (within it's borders and internationally). This is why governments with such economic models tend to become overt or covert tyrannies over time, and base all of their policies on maintaining power of a small clique regardless of context. This leads to massive erosion of freedoms (leading to literal slavery), complete detachment from people they are ruling (anyone is a good servant, regardless of background, nationality etc.) etc. This is what happened in Europe, and this is what US is being forced into as well. They are being pushed into a corner, where they will have to choose between falling apart (with their economy crashing) and becoming something like EU, giving up their constitution. The Jew has planned for this quite long ahead.

Regular people are irrelevant for the most part. It was always small groups of fanatics or subversives that shaped history. Fanaticism inspires, pandering to lowest common denominator does not.

The masses follow power. Thats why there are so many radical leftist, they group together and terrorise people until they get their way. Its power they crave. Marxism is a poison gas and must be met with poison gas.

Rockwellian National Socialism is best National Socialism.
In many cases, Hitlerian National Socialism can be accused of being nothing more than German supremacy but Rockwell, Pierce, Whitaker, etc were pro-White across the board.
Another flaw in Hitler is that he was not only soft on the jews, but he actually didn't really talk about them that much. Hitler never once articulated how the jews control England or how Churchill was influenced by jews. He just made broad statements that they did and that was enough for most people. But Pierce and Rockwell actually took the time to explain to regular people why the jews are bad. And this creates a much more lasting hatred against the jews. Also, unlike Hitler, modern American White advocates would never consider keeping the jews alive and feeding them. The best that a kike could hope for would be being shot in a ravine under Pierce or Rockwell. Others might be a little more, er… abstract in their treatment of the jews. But rest assured, there would be no more jews regardless of the way the war went.


That's ridiculous and you should read more.
Without popular support, no revolutionary army in history has succeded. Read up on Che Guevera, the Chinese Revolution, Vietnam, the American Revolution, EOKA, Rhodesia, and basically every other successful or even partially successful revolution in all of history.

All one needs to do is point to any revolution in history to prove you're naive.

It is impossible to gain power (unless you're the military) without popular support. Spend at least 1 hour contemplating revolution before you post again.

After all non-whites are permabanned on the world minecraft server, America would be better off balkanizing, at least with Dixie becoming an independent nation again

Nigger, like how the right caused all this if the number one reason why they arround are these injustices?

What America needs is simply to nationalize the Federal Reserve and break open it's Black Box system for running the economy. If the jews can't conjure up money out of thin air their entire corrupt system crumbles almost overnight.

His optics were so bad and distasteful that even the silent generation found him to be distrustful. Never forget that optics are incredibly important in the sphere of redpilling people. When you get off the computer, you begin to realize a lot of things said here, which overwhelmingly could be true, will not be palatable to the average normie due to the incompetence and stupidity of both the silent and boomer generation. If anyone here doesn't believe me, take a look at Charllotesville and how it set back the nationalists and paleocons back because of that bullshit; while the MSM had a fucking field day. Keep in mind as well that Richard Spencer likely had an escape plan and it shows considering how easily he escaped while leaving every protester behind in enemy territory where even the cops were told to stand down and very likely, arrest any rightist protester for even daring to defend themselves.

for anyone wondering what an israeli shill-post looks like…

don't forget how many of those shills and bots tried to claim that it was an alex jones-tier false flag nonsense narrative. It was surprising to me that they didn't start shilling super she-male vitality.

The majority of the New England Colonists were either neutral or loyal to King George III during the American Revolution.

even then, you haven't solved the corporatism problem that run monopolies and oligopolies where there is no real choice for consumers.

The majority were neutral or opposed the monarchy.

no, that's wrong. The rebellion's popularity was around 10% at it's height. I believe Gordon Wood stated it as such. Truthfully, I'm open to correction if you can find me the source to say I'm wrong.

Indeed, mein kamerad. Well said.

I also believe The Führer's National Socialism is the only true National Socialism. Most alt-kikes either simply meme about The Führer or outright reject it as "Socialism is for commies bro hurhurhur".

I would add further that you're correct that National Socialism is not simply another political school of thought. It is a sacred way of life. It is the only ideology worthy of the Aryan man.


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Have you actually read Mein Kampf? The Führer speaks quite a bit and in detail about the Jew. There are also many writings by other National Socialists such as Goebbels and Rosenberg who go into detail about this. Another text I would recommend within that sphere would be Eckhart's "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin"

That's Jewish narrative, of course he cared about the Germans first since they were his people (as any true European Fuhrer should do), but don't fall for the "Hitler wanted to kill all people who were not blonde and blue eyed" pilpul. He would unite Europe and treat all Indo-Europeans who were not kike puppets (or too degenerated) with respect. Third Reich was the real EU, before kikes used German corpse to create globalist, tyrannical abomination that we have today. (Proper) Germans truly are superior to many other nations in Europe, and I say that as a non-German. It's not about us vs them mentality, it's about recognizing the fact of nature.
Because people could see it with their own eyes. After WW2, they stared using cryptos, blending in more, hiding behind compound stock ownership, using political puppets more and have generally upped their game. You see, Weimar Germany was considered to be total victory for them, their perfect society. After countless centuries of jewing and with most of the world being under their control, they started thinking that they were invincible. Then something very unexpected happened. Hence why the Hitler said "They are not laughing anymore"

Of course you need popular support, but you won't necessarily get it by pampering the "democratic majority" You will never appease everyone, not even a majority by serving their whims. What you need is the support of the right type of people. The rest will get in line one way or another.

Some low IQ kike thought "Theshe goyeem are into those crazy conspiracy theories, make a narrative that would fit their environment rather than directly shilling how it's bad just because we shaay sho" I don't exclude the possibility of certain agents being involved, but the result might not be necessarily bad for us whatever their objective was, quite the contrary.
Isn't that where the (((Yankees))) started their globohomo war against the South? Can someone redpill me more on American history?

National Socialism is the only true Socialism.

Hitler very specifically explained that National Socialism in his sense was uniquely Germanic. Part of the more broadly 'National Socialist' worldview (rather than the strictly political one) is that separate Nations (meaning races of people, not just legal countries) were meant to have different societies with different rules.
He was quoted as having mocked some of the other European fascist leaders for copying him, particularly Mosley for adopting the same style uniforms and propaganda (although Mosley-ism is also a different political system from any other at the time)

White America is staunchly Republican. Not in the current political party sense, but in the sense that they support the principles of the older Republic. This is vastly different from the German model because America is a vastly different country.
Germany is a small but extremely dense industrial powerhouse surrounded on all sides by its historic enemies. It had to fight tooth and nail just to exist as a separate country, and many other major European powers made it a foreign policy goal to keep the Germanic people from uniting. In order to truly understand German National Socialism you need to also understand the founding of Germany, Bizmark, Frederick and that's really just getting yourself started.
America was founded as a mostly farming society, I think to some extent even white people that live in the suburbs still identify with that idea. Open space, opportunity and risk, self-reliance in the face of natural challenges is more in tune with the American spirit. The German spirit was more about fighting off foreign enemies (from the Gauls to the Romans to the Russians to the French to the British, etc) surrounding them on all sides, working as a group to become incredibly powerful, forming and supporting independent institutions free of foreign influence, etc.
Rockwell even once famously rebuked fascist economics, the problem being that I don't really think Rockwell even had an economic policy his own (muh sheckels is boring and gay, but it's important).

As America becomes more densely populated, more urban, and more black/mexican I think a stronger sense of racial solidarity will emerge, but it won't be along government lines. There probably will not be an explicitly 'white' government in America during our lifetimes, or even our grandchildren's lifetimes. Ours will be forming ethnic gangs, fraternities, secret business agreements, mafias, etc. Those that try to work above-ground will be destroyed while those who try to get things done in secret will have great success. For this more practical reason, rather than an ideological one, America will not adopt truly Germanic National Socialism. For white people, the government cannot be a vehicle for saving them but is instead their greatest enemy. This is the one area where I see partnership with more libertarian types. Our ideology is radically different, but we share a common enemy. The less the government can interfere, the more we can work on building our own separate white institutions that can eventually come to replace the existing government. I can even imagine a NatSoc 'party' that never formally takes government power, but instead acts as a sort of white corporate mafia whose primary goal is to protect and benefit our people. A sort of shadow government in the countries that were once ours but have been taken from us.
Americans have always had a sort of 'do it yourself' attitude, and I think that can be greatly to our advantage. The government isn't going to be fixed, our society isn't going to be fixed. It's up to us to create our own social groups.

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I'm a burger NatSoc and do NOT reject the Socialism.

Shut the fuck up spamming shill nigger. Reported.

Go kill yourself Jew supporting Nazifag


This should be done, and made global. Zig Forums will need to become a corporation, the key is preventing the kikes from using their financial and legal behemoth to take it down and preventing them from infiltrating it.

America never needed nor does need any flavor of Germanic natsoc in order to be nationalist on its own two feet. Not saying Rockwell isn’t worth preserving, nor is any nationally inclined indeology not compatible or functionally valid. I fear by making a distinction and separating yourself from your own previously established, state’s nationalist policies would be an act of giving the game away.

The American nation is ours and is as unalienable as from us as any given nation. It’s why our own histories are so distorted

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Trying to trick me by showing how based strong diverse and woke we are?
Reminder that nationalists are the true friends of diversity

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What an absolute fucking legend. Why don't we have anyone with the balls to troll journalists IRL like this and say what we truly feel? Is it because of our current communications ability (internet) making it too dangerous because people can spread this around and dox you etc? Or is everyone just pussified?

Go kill yourself Nazi fag. You are cancer of Whites for the Jews.

The Folk John Jay means are however Germanic. We're Anglian Saxons, Normans, and Celts. The swastika is just as much ours and belongs in our history too. We didn't stop being Anglo Saxon, because we conquered a new world. That's exactly what our ancestors did so famously. Jefferson wouldn't have found anything disagreeable in National Socialist Germany alone. He would have been sick, seeing Industrialization and the hordes of filthy people in the West. He was an Arcadian and Pastoralist, whereas Hamilton wanted to turn us into what we are today.

stop red texting and typing like a fag, everyone knows its you noseberg

A uniquely American from of National Socialism would have a mix of libertarian and social welfare policies. Although such was the case in the original Natsoc Germany, basically neoliberalism without the extreme and managed free trade, and without (((debt))) and (((financial chicanery))) as the Federal Reserve System would be taken over and nationalized, and the US Dollar would be based on the value of labor, not on gold, or on the word of some Jewish or shabbos goy bureaucrat saying it is so.

I like Rockwell. He had the right ideas and knew how to get publicity but I’d disagree with some of his tactics and association with degenerates and unstable people like Patler. He’s basically the father of American NatSoc though, so a lot of us are indebted to him in a way

Nose is exposed

National Socialism isn’t about worshipping Hitler and the Swastika. Hitler is one of the greatest of all time and should never be explicitly denounced, but in trying to win your own people over to NatSoc ideas it has to reflect the traditions and culture of the people. Mosley talks about how fascism is one movement finding different manifestations in different countries. It’s my belief that going around and dressing up like SA Stormtroopers and waving around Swastika flags is counterproductive. I can agree with Hitler’s basic worldview, have symbols appropriate for my culture that the people identity with and understand and still be a National Socialist

therre isn't anything wrong with socialism as long as it isn't international. you need to get passed all the neocon propaganda around it. any criticism of socialism falls apart when you're talking about people of the same ethnic family(nation). and Natsco america is impossible as America is an international state from the beginning. From many, one, is their motto. they were founded by lucifarians with the purpose of mixing the nations of the world together. look at america today. the nations don't even exist anymore there. americans divide along racial line not national ones. in another hundered years they won't even have that. if you're a true nationalist of any stripe you can not support the international experiment of america.

No international kike orgies allowed! Jewfags must pay a 'kike existence' tax to cover the reparations they owe for world-rape.

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What the fuck? I saw this the other day, it was Rockwell on a Canadian TV show…. I came to show it to a friend and its gone… Did (((they))) get to it already?

I am starting to think posting any content like this here is going to get it reported and removed by the kikes and fucking journalists lurking here.

Can't wait till people decide to start executing you faggot journos

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Fellow burgerfat here, how do you convince people to make the jump from fascism to National Socialism? It's easy to get normalfags to become fascists simply by pointing out how fucked everything is, and it's easy to make them hate kikes by pointing out who did the aforementioned fucking up, but I just have a hard time closing the deal because normalniggers get so caught up in "muh Hitler" and "muh second world war".

That flag looks a lot better than the original one ( ), by the way.

It's the Jew get out of jail free card promoted by profoundly stupid White Nationalists.

You'll never kill the Swastika, spic beaner bitch.

Yes and Mein Kampf is nowhere near what Zig Forums regularly does. Hitler speaks in broad general terms about what jews do without naming a single person in power of any note.

I really want to believe that. But have you seen today's thread?
I see a lot of IDs posting about how Slavs are subhuman and Poles in particular seem to whip them into a frothing rage.
Many of them claim to love Hitler. Are they all shills? Maybe. We can't prove one way or another. But they're clearly using Hitler as a tool to turn White children against each other.


No, the stat that you're citing is that roughly 10% openly supported the cause in some tangible way and about a third supported it morally.
It's really a rule of thumb without any great sources to back it up but I think it's accurate.

Allow me to rephrase my point so it is more understandable. Imagine that a sizeable majority of America's population believes that the US government is illegitimate, they're criminals, they have no moral or legal authority to rule.
Do you really think that they would stay in power? Of course not. The entire rotten structure that exists today would simply implode. The clever politicians would simply grab whatever wasn't nailed down and flee to IsraHell or wherever would take them. The dumber ones would be arrested when the army defected.
It's impossible to rule a public that doesn't buy into the idea that you have the right to rule them. That's the secret trick of politics.

This concept works in regions and with minorities too. This is the basic concept behind almost every civil war on earth.
Imagine that a sizeable majority of folks in, say, Scotland woke up and believed that the London government was their enemy and was oppressing their people. The region would instantly become ungovernable. Taxes could no longer be collected, judges (those that were sympathetic to London) would not be safe to administer the law, it would become unsafe just to be there. Sure, you can send in the army and directly oppress the people. But now you're only pissing everyone off even more and flushing billions of pounds down the toilet in a wasteful enterprise that gains you nothing.

This is what I have been trying to do to the US government for years.
But don't be so foolish as to think you are above the laws of power. If the people do not view your government as legitimate, then all that soft power you could wield evaporates because it's just imaginary. It's a trick.
Then you can only rely on brute force and that is the weakest form of power. Believe it or not.

And before you come back at me telling me how everything is violence and stuff, I actually agree with you sort of. But violence is not the whole picture. Terrorism works not because you have an armed thug holding a club above your head and threatening to hit you if you don't obey. It works because there is an imaginary terrorist that hangs in your thoughts all day. And violence only works for a government when they have the monopoly on violence. Once they lose that monopoly or are percieved to lose that monopoly, then a government sinks back down to the level of an armed gang.
And in truth, that's all they ever were.

See pic related? This is what happens when a region of your country is no longer convinced that your police force is the legitimate law of the land.

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The anti-christ walks among us anons

Revisionist and complete failure. Not a true National Socialist. Whatever American Third Positionism is will not be National Socialism, but probably something more similar to Integralism.

Yes, it's called White Nationalism. Killing Whites for the Jews.

White Nationalism = A Nation for Whites
Whites who oppose the White Nation = Kikes

Unironically checks out

Fuck off

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Rockwell was meh. He was the St. Peter of NS outside of Germany definitely a great man and leader but a part from that he took the S out of NS, "don't hate a man for the color of his skin…" Then drives the hate bus, Africa for Africans Asia for Asians but… America for whites. I'm pretty sure Hitler said we should go back in MK but whatever. White power was good but a bit much fear mongering for my taste TTTW was alright. Imo Michael Walsh was way better in his day, way more sound and better understanding of NS and minus all the kooks that normally get attracted to such movements like Rockwells successor (a jew)

Rockwell seems like a pretty awesome guy. Having said that, it didn't work then and I have no reason to believe that it will work now.

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What the fuck? There's literally nothing wrong with the name and it's not a kike slur. That's the actual name of the movement.
Anyways, his ideas were American in that there was a tad bit more American ideas like freedom and a tad bit of privatization.
But like says, right-wing ideologies like Fascism is different per country and that it shouldn't be based on the same principles because some countries need to solve different issues that one brand of Fascism can't solve.
It's nationalism for a reason, it puts the needs of the people in their nation first above all else.
So of course American Fascism is different from the others because it's suppose to work with the issues of America and not the same issues that plague Germany or Italy.
We're not Communists.
I actually have my own idea of National Socialism with an American twist which I posted on here ages ago, thought about writing a manifesto for it but haven't gotten around to it.