The American Identity Movement

For those of you not familiar with the American Identity Movement, or AIM for short, it is an identitarian organization that was originally called Identity Evropa before rebranding. It is led by Patrick Casey, a young, charismatic and handsome man in his early 20s who has been with the organization since its inception. The main values of AIM are right-wing populism, identitarianism, faith, family and folk. We are about 800 deep in membership and have local chapters nationwide. There are other offshoots of AIM, such as Vanguard America and Patriot Front, but their leaders and members are known for having incredibly bad optics and calling for the overthrow of the government. They are not to be trusted as it is likely that the bulk of their ranks have been infiltrated by ANTIFA and the FBI or that it was that way from the start.

AIM has an open applications process, but you are required to give simple information about yourself so we can properly vet to make sure wignats don’t infiltrate and commit malicious acts while in our organization. Tell me, white man: do you want to fedpost on Gab and Wignat Twitter all day or join a sane, normal group and build bonds with good people? You decide.


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Bump! You guys sound really cool!

Thanks man, very cool!

No problem!

I'm sure infiltrating the Republican party will finally work! Good luck based bros and shadilay

It has, actually! We’ve had several members join local and even statewide groups and such.

I thought you guys did not advertise on the chans.

We do.

Do you take MasterCard? Also is it ok if I’m black?

Or be a man and stand up for what's right.

Prove your really part of A.I.M.

Well, as long as you’re civnats, and not beigenats…

We don’t do credit cards to avoid people getting doxed and also because we can’t process orders.

That’s exactly what we’re doing.

What sort of “proof” do you need?


Any comment on the people who lost their jobs from being doxxed protesting that book store?

How about a time stamped photo along with some A.I.M stuff.

They were already self-doxed. The whole “AIM is unsafe because people get doxed” narrative comes from wignats on Gab and Twitter who are all federal agents.

One sec.

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Uh huh. In your own words.
-and that was just half way through your pitch.
*knock* *knock*
(((You))) are a bunch of faggots.

You sound totally normal.


No, you’re wrong. Check the IDs.

Do you want your website taken down or not? Because this is how that happens.

newfag, lurk 2 years before ever posting here again

It's called re-hashing an IP address, extremely easy with TOR or any other VPN or basic programming.

Stop using terms like wignats. That is bad optics and if you want to seem reasonable to Zig Forums users you need to drop that term and leave it for fags like nick fuentes and TRS. Are you on our side as anons or do you side with the guys who want to make podcasts for the rest of their lives draining shekels from their fellow whites

We’re protected by Cloudflare. Good luck though, faggot, I’m sure you’re a leet hax0r and I should be afraid that you’re about to infiltrate the mainframe.

We call people wignats for a reason. They’re chaotic and self-destructive with no family and are all cringe and gay. We stand for family values and a normal society that doesn’t worship mass shooters.

To further fracture our already splintered and demoralized movement? I think yall ar good guys for the most part but why the hate towards some of your more radical brethren. Shouldnt that hate be reserved for our racial enemies?

Already have baphomet users looking into it. You should have left us alone.

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or put an ad in a paper
You're in the wrong neighbourhood, nigger.


Lol okay nigger

Woah buddy I thought the hard R was bad optics

You're saying it's a live one?
webm related

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The “hate” is mostly reserved for wignats

I think your recruiting efforts might be better spent on the Donald over on reddit. That is assuming you're not a shill here to make aim look bad

Are you a girl OP?

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What's the name for… The random guy in the crowd that gets picked to answer the question but he is really working with the guy on stage?
I gotta sleep soon.

Joke’s on you I live in Berkeley and my Twitter handle is @ScienceHoffman

a plant.
of course I remember the name as soon as I hit enter

In Berkeley? Maybe you an ANTIFA pretending to be an A.I.M.

Most of AIM’s members are in the general Bay Area. Patrick, I and a few dozen others are in the East Bay. You really don’t know how to dox properly do you? How are you going to take our site down? Fucking retarded nigger lmao.

Anyway, how does one join A.I.M? What's the process like?

You fill out basic information and then we email you for a scheduled interview.

Why yes, I’m sure /baph/ will do a PA for you of all people…idiot

Lol, silent after you failed to le docks me and DDOS!!! my site?

I am not trying to dox you mate, I could try if you want. I just left the thread, because my little brother wanted to show me a subreddit called /r/imsorryjon.

That’s great. Kill yourself

You don't seem like a respectable A.I.M member to me. Fellate a shot gun.

Fellate my dick and balls, faggot. You can’t even dox LMAO!!! LMAO!!!!!!! YEAH I’M REALLY SURE (((BAPH))) WILL DDOS MY WEBSITE YOU COCK WRANGLING TURD

This is bad optics I want a refund

Lazy words for lazy minds. It's all ists and isms for you braindead sacks of shit.
Why the fuck would anyone want to join the cattle?
>>>Zig Forums

Your failed dox is worse optics than I’ll ever have

The first stickied thread on your board:

The first stickied thread on your board:

You have leftism in your name you retard

Sorry you feel that way, kiddo. Pic related

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Snake s s dnkddkdkdkddm e w. Wo

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I think we broke him

fuck, time to sleep
swap for
thanks for the laughs

You couldn't even put the proper reply beneath the respective post number.

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You couldn’t even break my website and never will.



“Charismatic and handsome man in his early 20s”

Ctfu Pat you could’ve just admitted that your failure of an optics group is failing and that you’re in need of more members (since they’re all getting doxxed because of you).

Nobody has been doxed by media, they’ve all self-doxed. And I’m not Patrick.

Patrick is cute fuck you

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Are you an actual faggot?

No but at least I’m not a wignat

The FBI since the 60s has focused on DERADICALIZATION in groups like the KKK. I guarantee you that Patrick Casey is a Fed who AIMs to deradicalize pro whites so they don't go and DO SOMETHING. Nick Fuentes is jus an imbecile who buys into the optics non-sense while we go extinct.

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Nice edginess bro. Are you going to tell me we should blow up federal buildings next?

Why shouldn't we, coward?

What does AIM think about radical traditionalism or the works of Julius Evola? This question seems to get to the meat of things quickly.

Nice try fbi

Evola was gay lmao

America is done for, sonny. The traitors in congress choose mammon over America. 2020, that's where the spiral into decline begins and the ride never ends.



Kys Torpedo

You can work for the FBI and still hate the United States and want to destroy it, FYI.

Fuck you torpedo kike nigger



This whole thread reeks of shilling from leftists or random shitposters. One would hope this is a guy posing for AIM.


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We don’t use Discord anymore, we’re no Slaq.


I figured as much.

It doesn't make sense the (((media))) and feds aren't going after this.

This is their last ditch attempt to save their establishment rainbow globohomo cuck union and ZOGbies.

Stop talking to yourself Torpedo

Look at the rapid replies with the same content. One toranon struck a nerve, badly.

>It doesn't make sense the (((media))) and feds aren't going after this.

THIS. Is there a single org of this kind that isn't crawling with glowniggers?

So you don't deny it? Fantastic.


so do you still have kike police officers recruiting goyim for your "obviously not a honeypot" organization?

Patrick, go to bed.

How much are AIM members expected tobpay in dues? I hear patrick is making bank

That man is not Jewish.

I’m not Patrick

Free of charge

The AIM has connections with Zionist operatives. Avoid.
The leaders have connections with Masons and, as usual, AIM propaganda has Masonic symbology in it.

ok whatever you say, Fed

That’s an Anglo surname lmao wtf

Assuming you are sincere, I urge you to simply take over the existing parties the way the neocohens hijacked the GOP from the old right. These groups are traps and will lead nowhere. Be 'yankee white' and win elections as a dark trojan horse. Otherwise, the only alternative viable path is violence.

one quick google search is all it took to spot your lie, kike, you're not as smart as you think you are