Happening watch thread

Half-chan's /tv/ board is about to become famous in 6 hours.
Can't wait to see all the journos freak out in 8 hours.

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Bon Jovi

Checked, but we'll see. There are far more false claims than real, and the fact that the dumbass announced it a full day before, enough time for authorities to respond, probably won't work out well for him.

Sounds like a little emo kid. He won't do anything. Remember, Tarrant trained for two years. Train if you want to make it count.

is /tv/ a redpilled board? never been there.

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Looks like another falseflag attack in my opinion.

who doesn't kill niggers at school everyday? i killed every nigger that went to my school. they called me the "academic assassin" because every nigger that shared a class with me failed because of a simple grading policy called "the bell curve".

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its so bluepilled

Dumb Fucker should stay silent and Kill like a Ninja.

1. Plan and train for killing for about a three years.
2. Make sure you at least a buck 50 or 200 pounds mostly of muscle.
3. Learn how to fight very real good. Train in boxing and MMA fight skills.
4. Learn how to make weapons like shanks before going on your killing spree.
5. Prepared to die in a shoot out or get locked up for life. Or bring a cyanide pills.
6. Train more and more on gun ranges and real life combat situations.
7. Join the White Nation be aware that you need to stay within your race once you are locked up.
8. STAY silent and never say anything about your attack.
9. Try to have a few kids before you go on the killing spree.
10. Have a few back up plans to escape the scene.
11. Try to have various helpers to carry out the large attack.
12. Stay Silent and Attack with might and make sure you kill as much people as possible. Make sure you kill no kids or women.

Amature hour and everybody wants to be a hero.
There can only be a few heros in this game of killing.

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i remember my father letting me take his S&W 500 to school for show and tell. I showed the class what would happen to Tyrone's face when I pulled the trigger – then I told Mrs Andersen to fuck off when she threatened to call the cops. Did only two years in juvy. Personally, I think only Aryan kids should kill niggers in school.

They discuss (((television programming))), how redpilled can they be? Step one: cut the cable

>They discuss (((television programming))), how redpilled can they be?
That's what I assumed. Will never visit.

muh dick

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Current year cuckchanners lack the will and balls to Minecraft niggers at school.

Also most schools are already out for summer

Don't be gullibe niggers


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In the US most schools don't let out for summer break until June 6th.

Yeah my niece is still in school right now. I know because I have to take care of her like every week 3 times a week.

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Zoomers are more atomised and more mentally ill than most of us. More cucked on average sure, but there is plenty of school shooter material in that generation.

that 4chan place is dangerous and should be shut down. who else agrees?

Can you guys give me a link to that thread?

Make sure you guys find out what happens keep us updated if the kid is arrested or if it the FBI slips up and forgets to check on this one.

I just can't believe it! I went there once and they were posting all this…. uggh, it pains me to EVEN type IT!!!! Hitler pictures! Pictures…. Of…. Hit…. LERRR!!!!!!

How would anyone that watches TV be redpilled tho?

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Good point. Still I figure this is probably just trolling

When I went to school, I mass murdered 88 niggers on my first day. It caused a few arguments amongst the teachers, as some were for, and others were against my actions. My punishment was 1,000 lines where I had to write out that "I would not mass murder niggers." This didn't last too long though, as a visiting basketball team pulled up to the school, and I threw 7 live grenades at their bus, killing most of the niggers immediately, and I used a full-auto long gun military style assault machine gun to mop up the rest. I was sent to the principles office for that, and given a letter to take home for my parents to sign. I don't know why people talk about niggers bullying white kids in schools, they never gave me any problems. If niggers were talking too loudly in the hallways, I'd just fire the sawed-off shotgun at them which I always kept in my backpack. While it was annoying to be forced to clean up the bits of dead nigger off the floor, I did notice a marked improvement in the general nigger population.

Fuck off yid.


OMG!!! I'm triggered by how triggered you are!!!

I feel unsafe in this environment.

I'm getting notes of Kike Pawn from this glass of Manure Merlot.

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We need to stop school shootings #MAGAwithDACA

As a DACApede, I want unnecessary suffering on the country that took me in #MAGAconDACA

Also, call in a misdirection or cause some kind of distraction for the police so it takes them longer to respond IN MINECRAFT. Call in a threat at a different location IN MINECRAFT. Repot a bomb or a gun on a school campus, cops will mass on whatever location you choose and it will take them longer to respond to whatever you're getting yourself up to IN MINECRAFT.

its the best half chan board

yeah man that cuckchan place is really bad it should be shut down

Whatcha doin rabi? If you think you're going to cuck The First Amendment you're going to get the war you're looking for.

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