Indians Elect Modi Showing Theyre Smarter Than West Europe

The entire media establishment in India was against Modi, and the Indian people did not listen because they are fighting to remain hindu, in the midst of creeping islam which has been supported by the left in India.

Currently the people of India are smarter than West Europeans. You can do all the memes you want about sanitary issues involving some of the lower classes in India, an issue that is similar to problems faced in urban America, especially San Francisco and Portland among their white and black homeless, but Indians are smarter than West Europe.

At least for now the population of India is not a bunch of retards like the majority of people in West Europe who keep voting for foreigners to replace them. Indians deserve to have more respect than West Europeans.

The entire media establishment was against Modi and he won in a landslide. Indians are not retards.

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Can Modi make the girls show bobs?

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How kiked is India at the moment?

Kill yourself shitskin India is a shithole because its filled with indians and they are retards. saged

Grats my Hindufrens.

So Modi was India's Trump?

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What if Bibi Bomber is still in power, because he gay sexes world leaders and takes pictures for black mail?

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Based because in this situation being retarded was called for

Now we have to announce cow as our sacred national animal

(Not Indian but I'll try.)

The entire left-liberal spectrum in India, who dominate the media and academia, are heavily influenced by their Western counterparts. So they have it about as bad as we do unfortuantely.

The problem facing India is demographics (isn't it always?), the Hindu population is declining and the poorer Muslim population is increasing. Those mentioned above would have Hindus simply lay down and accept this, Islam is protected from criticism, Islam is wonderful, etc. It's all pretty much all the same shit that we get here.

The danger posed by the demographic change is complemented with the spread of fundamentalist, extreme interpretations of Islam. Vast amounts of foreign money are being spent to facilitate this process. I don't think I have to explain what this leads all to.

India's future will not be a peaceful or stable one.

Poo memes aside, I'm happy for you.

The difference between their situation and ours is that India still has a massive number of the poorer, "ignorant" sort of Hindus. The kind who are very willing to fight to preserve their way of life. They are enthusiastic Hindu nationalists and strongly support Modi.

To those wondering why the global establishment are so strongly anti-Modi, here's something interesting for you. Modi's party BJP has close "ideological and organisational links" to

… RSS "an Indian right-wing, Hindu nationalist, paramilitary volunteer organisation" which was founded in 1925. A member of which was responsible for assassinating Mahatma Gandhi. It has a long and interesting history, read up about it.

Some links.

Based. Redpilled.

I like Modi because he hates Pakis

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Modi was in a picture with Trump during the forbidden 2016 Zig Forums therefore Modi BAD

Reading up on BJP and RSS.
Looks pretty promising.
I wish our Hindu brethren good luck and success.

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you totally ignore where the word aryan came from, and how India fights actual paki shitskins.

Indians are also the most assimilated immigrants (in USA atleast) or they try to be (except indian kebabs)

Read up on RSS… woah. The USA needs an RSS.

gandhis assassin doesn't belong to RSS. It was a lie spread by the main opposition leader of our country who's a retard anyway.
Also, the assassin was right. Gandhi was a pacifist peice of shit

The more I think about it, the more worthwhile it seems. Phase 2 or whatever, should be a national community service guild. It can't be explicitly National Socialist of course, but it doesn't need to be. This will take some thought.

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In literal shitholes full of shitpeople like pajeets. Little India and Little Vietnam have a people-shitting-in-streets problem. What a surprise.

A shark will never act in a manner that is against it's own self-interests. That doesn't make it intelligent. Indians are primative savages: of course the elaborate intellectual tricks of the Jews mean nothing to them. It takes a base amount of intelligence to be tricked into going against your own interests. The caveman response to a Jew is to flip the table and bash their skull in.

Daily reminder that India has a lower average IQ than the entire Middle East, all of Turkey, and most parts of Africa that aren't literal "Darkest Africa" Africa. The turkroach is objectively "smarter" than Pajeet Pumbal. Indians are borderline retarded. A neanderthal neither understands nor cares about the concept of usury, but he knows when he's been wronged and he's not afraid to use extreme violence to solve the problem. Neither is a poo. That doesn't make you smart.

A thread died so this shit-smeared pajeet could try and act like it finally has something over on the white man.

But will they

Yes, natharam godse was a former member of the RSS when he shot ghandi for being a mudshit appeasing traitor. Still could be the old tactic of having "exmembers" doing stuff so organizations have plausible deniability.

And that is why the caste system needs to be reinstalled

I hope the world is collapsing tbh

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When will pajeets realize that white people are the very gods that they worship and start with poo removal? They would make for a good army against shitskin/semitic hordes from ME and niggers. The best of them who survive would be given all the bobs and vagenes (of same ethnicity) and allowed to live as a model minority in what is to become white Brahmin India.

To say that media is against modi is the biggest joke ever. He owns them.
And he is there just to make smart people hate right wing ideologies as he is just a retard exploitating nationalist values to win elections. And in process rot the very same values .he works for jq

Jews have a lot of influence in India apparently.


if Former british India was 'wiped' from the earth tomorrow I believe nobody would really give a fuck Sanjay, maybe media coverage in the west for 3-4 days, then we would go back to which Kardashian is coal burning with who.

I guess there world could be a shorter supply of Taxi Drivers, 7/11 workers and rapists.

Found the zogbot.

Why do you care about tukey so much? someone is greek, and a turkish rape object.

Can't argue with that logic.

If he doesn't put a gun to their head and start killing muslims then there is nothing special or smart about him or their people.

Someone who will parade around and do nothing in the face of their dominant corporate masters?
Yes, I think so.

Can't say I appreciate the religious purges, but at least you have self-respect. Good on you, Pajeets.

THEY ARE ALL THE SAME FAMILY. Only you are not related. All of this is drama for your 'entertainment' because that is the only thing the jews actually do well. Tell stories. If you think that someone came to power (who is not a jew) and it not murdered you are high as fuck. There are only 'pre-approved' candidates and you get to 'pick' from one of these.

this is very auspicious. My guru in India told us that Hinduism doesn't exist. Now I don't believe him.

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Found. Modi on left, ??? on right but love image.
Also, Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is 1/2 White, having an Italian Catholic mom. Not that he does any credit to the race; the only Whites that belong in the subcontinent are descendants of the Brits and Portuguese (Goa).

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WHY in the fuck is this here?


Unironic civic nationalism coming from most likely a subhuman. We really need an alternative boys.

Why the fuck is Zig Forums filled with Pajeets?

same reason gooks and kikes come here, to subvert their superiors in the battle for world domination

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Shit flows downhill my friend.

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I think personally for the non-kike races, they just want to be redpilled or sympathize the WN movement. Some of them that is. The other side just wants to do like what you said.

To be fair, Zig Forums can be used by anybody. There's no "rule" specifying this.
sage for doubleposting


I don't mind that they are here. India is a pretty big blind spot for most of those in the west. Surely there is something else going on than operating a call centre and open defecation, and I'd rather hear an honest take from a pajeet user than some kike media analyst.

Yes. National Socialism for all.

That isn't in the plus column.



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Go rape a cow and poo in the loo

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{{{Poos}}} are the nigger jews of Asia

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Because of modernization. India has now reached the point where more and more streetshiters have a smartphone and with that access to the world wide web. Now they will begin shiting E V E R Y T H I N G up, and I mean EVERYTHING. They will crawl in all corners and niches of the internet, squat down and make what they do best, leave their shit. This is an acutall problem because the number is so great it will drown any attempt of rational discussion on here, since there are no requirements to post. Mark my words, these are just the first signs on here soon everything will float in pajeet shit.
Have a shitspray

धारा 295ए, 153ए आईपीसी Section 295A, 153A Indian Penal Code धारा 66ए सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी कानून Section 66A Information Technology Act भूत शौचालय ghost toilets गटर मछली gutter fish मुफ्त कृष्णा सनाथम्मा नायक Krishna Sannathamma Naik Arrest प्रतिबंधित मोदी कैरिएचर Banned Modi Caricatures श्रीवास्तव शिशु गिरोह बलात्कार लखनऊ Srivastava infant gang rape Lucknow बॉम्बे हिंदी 1995 Bombay 1995 ₹500 ₹1000 मणिपुर अपरिपक्वता Manipur indepence मुफ्त ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨ Free Khalistan मुफ्त भूटान Free Bhutan मुफ्त दक्षिण तिब्बत Free South Tibet मुफ्त कश्मीर Free Kashmir मुफ्त कालापानी Free Kalapani अक्साई चिन 1962 भगत रिपोर्ट Banned literature: Bhagat Report Henderson Brooks भारत का चीन युद्ध India's War Neville Maxwell निर्बाध विजय Unarmed Victory Bertrand Russell हिमालयी गलती Himalayan Blunder John Dalvi 1949 से चीन के विदेश संबंध Foreign Relations Since 1949 Alan Lawrence अमेरिकी क्रांति से ब्रिटिश साम्राज्य और राष्ट्रमंडल का विकास The Evolution of the British Empire and Commonwealth from the American Revolution Alfred LeRoy Burt जॉन एफ कैनेडी के पत्र। JFKPOF-118a-009 JFKNSF-111-016 Papers of John F. Kennedy. Presidential Papers. President's Office Files.

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Are you sure? Literally noone here knows who he is, and you said nothing.

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Great topic. Is there a good summary of what Muslims are like in India? What do you have to deal with there? Higher crime, control of organized crime, or what?

muh cush google jobz

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We wuz Tajmahals and Shit.



Jews, not Muslims, are pushing Abrahamic religion across the world.

You can bet all the leaders of "Muslim conquest" were actually Jews.

Disgusting muslims make shit in toilet and not in street. Not compatible with India way of life.

Found the shill.

Found the turkroach.