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Turkey’s Erdogan sparks spat with Australia, New Zealand
Turkey’s president has sparked an acute diplomatic spat with far-off New Zealand and Australia, referring to a key World War I campaign and the more recent Christchurch mosque shooting as targeting Islam. Erdogan, who has been campaigning for local elections due at the end of the month, suggested this week that Australia and New Zealand had sent troops to fight in WWI’s Gallipoli campaign due to their opposition to Islam.

From Astana to Nur-Sultan: Kazakhstan renames its capital after outgoing leader of 30 years
The people of Astana woke up in another city after it was renamed in honor of its leader Nursultan Nazarbayev – despite having already had its name changed three times during his lifetime.

Radovan Karadzic Gets Life As Hague Court Upholds Genocide Conviction
Appeals judges of the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia have upheld Radovan Karadzic's conviction for genocide in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre that claimed the lives of some 8,000 Muslim men and boys.

Mexico president López Obrador signs vow that he won't seek second term
Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Tuesday put in writing a promise to never seek a second term, after critics expressed worry that a new law allowing a mid-term recall referendum could be a step toward a re-election bid.

Ontario government savages public education
Doug Ford’s right-wing populist Progressive Conservative government has unveiled a plan that in the name of education “reform” makes savage cuts to Ontario’s public education system.

A convoy carrying uranium to a nuclear plant was attacked by armed men near Rio de Janeiro
Armed men shot at members of a convoy transporting uranium to one of Brazil's two working nuclear power plants on a coastal road in Rio de Janeiro state on Tuesday, police and the company managing the plant said.

Guatemala seeks arrest of former attorney general Thelma Aldana
A judge in Guatemala has issued an arrest warrant for the country's former attorney general, Thelma Aldana, who is a current presidential candidate.Ms Aldana, 63, who is currently out of the country, is wanted on charges of embezzlement, lying and tax fraud. She has denied any wrongdoing.Ms Aldana has worked closely with a UN-backed anti-corruption commission to try to impeach President Jimmy Morales.

Sick of human politicians? 25% of Europeans would prefer AI government
Fully one in four Europeans said they were “somewhat or totally in favor of letting an artificial intelligence make important decisions about the running of their country,” a number that climbed to one in three for the Netherlands, UK, and Germany, according to a survey by the Center for the Governance of Change, a tech-focused research group from IE University in Spain.

Politician who opposes mandatory chickenpox vaccinations contracts chickenpox
A senior member of Matteo Salvini’s far-right League party who is an outspoken critic of Italy’s mandatory vaccination rules has been treated in hospital after contracting chickenpox.Massimiliano Fedriga, president of the northeastern Fruili-Venezia Giulia region, announced he spent four days under observation in a medical facility after being diagnosed with the virus last week.

Egypt tightens restrictions on media, social networks
Egypt’s top media regulator on Tuesday put into effect tighter restrictions that allow the state to block websites and even social media accounts with over 5,000 followers if they are deemed a threat to national security.

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White Nationalist Groups Increase Recruiting And Propaganda Across The West
The identitarian movement, formed in France in 2016, broadly believes that white people in Europe and North America are being displaced by non-European immigrants.Over the past few months, groups affiliated with similar ideas have protested and put up posters across college campuses in California, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Montana. Their members are mostly anonymous, and they espouse racism and hate online.

Trump Backs Public Release Of Mueller Report
Amid signs that special counsel Robert Mueller will soon complete his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, President Trump says that he looks forward to seeing the report and that it should be made public.

MoveOn asks 2020 Dems to boycott AIPAC conference
The liberal group MoveOn is calling on Democratic presidential candidates to skip this year’s AIPAC policy conference, citing its links to the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu and charging that AIPAC has flirted with Islamophobia.

California university workers in one-day strike across the state
Thousands of university workers throughout the University of California (UC) higher education system will take part in a one-day strike today across 10 campuses, five medical centers, 16 health professional schools, three national laboratories and numerous satellite facilities that comprise the largest public institution of higher learning in the world.

Judge says Trump cannot implement transgender military policy
A federal judge on Tuesday said her injunction preventing President Trump’s transgender military policy from taking effect remains in place days after the Pentagon released a memo to implement the policy.In a three-page order, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia wrote that “defendants were incorrect in claiming that there was no longer an impediment to the military’s implementation of the [transgender policy] in this case.”

68% Want to Hike Taxes on the Rich to Help the Poor, Survey of 21 OECD Nations Shows
A large majority of residents in the world's leading capitalist nations responded with a resounding "yes" to a survey asking whether they support hiking taxes on the rich to fund social programs for the poor.Most residents in all 21 countries included in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) survey published Tuesday said their governments should "tax the rich more than they currently do in order to support the poor."

The Federal Reserve just dimmed its outlook for the economy
The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged Wednesday as was widely expected and signaled that it would most likely be a while before another increase.

Poor city

What's the point?

So it had nothing to do with being provinces in the British Empire or with Churchill being an idiot who did not understand just how spectacularly stupid the entire adventure was. It was just problematic cis-het neurotypical white male shitlords hating Islam. This is your brain on identity.

Where's the lie though? Amazing that liberals and closet-liberal "leftists" have gone from crowing about the "majority-minority" future of the US, UK, France, etc to insisting that any mention of that future is a far-right talking point.


Ukania’s Great Privatization Heist
Margaret Thatcher was very good at telling tall tales. Ukania’s tragedy is that far too many Brits fell for these tales.Probably the biggest of these tales concerned the notion of a share-owning democracy.The idea here was simple, but utterly misguided – sell off the publicly-owned enterprises, and everyone will be able to buy shares in the newly privatized companies. By buying however many shares you want, you will become a part of Thatcher’s great British share-owning democracy.Many of us knew at that time that it was never going to be like this at all. As Marx noted, the stock exchange, where the shares of the newly privatized companies would of course be traded, is “where the little fish are swallowed by the sharks and the lambs by the stock-exchange wolves”.The wealthy have always used their resources to acquire a monopoly on company shares. So when the public enterprises were put on sale at rock-bottom prices by Thatcher and her cronies, the wealthy rushed to collar the majority of the share offerings, the ensuing demand drove-up the price of the shares, and in so doing put nearly all of them beyond the reach of Joe and Jill Normal.

Oil profits grease Trump administration’s move to recognize Israeli annexation of Golan
Washington last week gave another sign that the Trump administration is moving towards declaring the Golan Heights to be Israeli sovereign territory. At the heart of the move are huge anticipated US-Israeli oil profits.
In an annual human rights report, the State Department referred to the Golan Heights as “Israeli-controlled,” dropping the international norm of citing the contested area as “Israeli-occupied.” The change in wording is significant.The Golan Plateau is considered to be Syrian territory under international law, according to UN resolutions. Israel has occupied the strategically important area overlooking the Jordan Valley since the 1967 Six Day War. In 1981, Israel formally annexed the land, but the self-declared claim has never been recognized internationally.Hence, the normative term “Israeli-occupied Golan” in UN terminology, not “Israeli-controlled.”

Round Table on #AbolishICE: Blockade, Commune, Defend
In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we sat down with participants of the Abolish ICE movement from across the US, including people in Tacoma, WA, Portland, OR, Chicago, IL, and San Francisco, CA. While each of the experiences of those involved in #AbolishICE were different, they show the complexity of a period of struggle that became one of the most important political eruptions during the Trump period.

Discontent Is Brewing In Erdoğan’s t*rkey
Turkey's autocratic president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is rushing to shore up the economy ahead of this month's elections. But the economy's woes are deeper than any macroeconomic tweak can fix.

It is in the fact that the only people who are displacing white people are landlords and cops.

Aided and abetted by endless population churn fomented by mass migration

Bullshit. Mass migration is an effect, not a cause. People don't move unless shit is awful where they are.

Life in Africa is even worse now than it was in the '70s?

Feels bretty gud must admit


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Erdogan is pure clownworld funniness. he's no Ataturk but he's good for larffs.

That depends on where, doesn't it? Things are certainly worse in Libya, for example.

Nick Land is cool but I see his path line of history going to into the decline rather than high minded technocracy.