War with iran

when the war with iran happens america will call for a military draft of 300 to 400 thousand civilians.

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Military draft = Civil War
Trump Re-elected = Civil War
Trump Not Re-elected = Civil War
America is "attacked" = Civil War
America isn't "attacked" = Civil War

Wondering your next move.

who here's ready to die for israel guys if you dont come home in a box your a antisemite


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If there's a draft, the Vietnam war protest violence is going to look like a fucking joke. Why? Women are now going to be drafted too.


Double trouble. I hope the politicians like being dead.

They need another war to keep the people pacified and distracted. However this might be the one which triggers the end of a certain provocateur nation causing many of the world's problems.

Fuck israel, dont fight for them, flee the allied nations and move to a place worth living/fighting for if need be.

iran is a sandnigger country and it would be great if Israel bombed them
Bomb Iran
Ethnoglobe now

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Pissraelis ARE sandniggers LMAO
Fight your own wars, you inbred heeb.

Why don't we send all homeless people to the front lines?

You can't think of anything wrong with this.

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I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.
I sure feel for Europeans and Americans who will fight against Russia-Iran.

I take it then that you've never actually interacted with the homeless then?

The homeless are either crazy or just temporarily homeless. They'd shoot their CO thinking he was a vampire before engaging the enemy. And how are you going to get honor fighting for the dishonorable ZOG anyway?

Not true at all. The election process pacifies the population.
Completely ridiculous.
No. In this event, even the soys start unfurling star spangled banners.
Maybe at some point in the future, but probably not. The population is heavily sedated with TV, alcohol & drugs, entertainment, and political distractions. The American Empire is very good at managing unrest.

As a thought exercsise and not something I'm endorsing because I'm not a terrorist glowniggers; couldn't the few of you here band together and then just bomb Israel? You were just given weaponry, vehicles and explosives along with being drafted.

EU is pretty critical of Israel. I am not sure if they even join them

That's wildly antisemetic of you, chazar. Youve had your golden age with gullible boomers, but your kvetching is no longer treated seriously. Fight your own war.

Take the brown pill matey. In your bum

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So, if/when Iraq v6.0 does happen, what's the bet way to benefit from the situation? Buy oil stocks?

>suddenly the government determines that having different physical standards for women and men is discrimination
Would be my expectation.

Too old. Can't pass drug test. Probably doesn't want the military life or would've enlisted the moment of becoming homeless.

How about we just shoot some missiles at key sites and let Israel and Saudi Arabia and maybe Iraq be part of the occupying coalition for integration purposes?


I'll believe it when I see it; there would be a humongous backlash unless if you had the mother of false flags to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

What's up with porn posting in the pol since yesterday? You think we don't recognize degenerates purposely doing it? They can't get a point across so they gotta post these mental illness. You think we're not recognizing you fucking degenerate kikes?

How about we shoot missiles AT Saudisraelia so we don't have to deal with their annoying lobbyisterrorists anymore?

What if America invades Europe again because Europeans aren't giving the jews everything (((they))) want?

Doubtful. According to all polls done on the matter Americans aren't in favor of a first strike against Iran. Expect at least one massive false flag to gain favor first.

This is unironically more likely. Recently some sandnigger attacked an old jewess in Sweden, and all of a sudden the mass media stirred up a storm over it. Meanwhile the past 5 years of it happening to Europeans went completely silent in the same media circles.

you just cant help but obsess over shit huh chaim?

I wonder why. Who owns the media in Sweden I wonder?

Dang. What a coincidence. Really makes you think.

Man they must REALLY want a civil war

Wait, wouldn't we just have to have THC in the system to get out? DUDE DRAFT LMAO

Americants won't ever rise again. Guns turned them into chumps with no balls.

I doubt jews are this stupid, but here's to hoping.

Goys, you know that Russia has an alliance with Iran?
This means nuclear war.

It requires a "registry" which violates the 3rd Amendment by involuntarily quartering soldiers in their own homes and, in addition to compelling your speech through involuntary action, is intended "to incite actions that would harm others" and is not protected by the 1st Amendment, as it is a violation of your speech.

To incite actions that would harm others (e.g., “[S]hout[ing] ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.”).
Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 47 (1919).

Fuck it. If you know you're going to be forced to fight a war and probably die, why not fight the war of your choice? Instead of fighting for Israel, let's oust Israeli interests here at home.

The second the institute a draft (which will almost be guaranteed to be in Israel's favor, like the entire GWOT and Iraq war which were to clear the region of Israel's potential threats) is the second I'm finally saying fuck it. The only thing I'm drafting is a plan.

It is self defense to kill those who seek to kill you.
Once the draft is in full force the threat againt your life has become imminent.
You should probably try to get ahead of the draft and other mindcraft actions by filing a lawsuit against the present draft registry. Also, as the "US interests in the region" is the jewish state of isnotreal, a religious establishment, it is also unconstitutional to make laws, declare war, etc, on their behalf or for their direct benefit.

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Do it yourself yids.

This is why we don't want you niggers in our country.

Exactly this. This guy gets how the system works. With that said, I suspect that Trump will get another term as Biden will essentially throw the election while appealing to no one under 35. Trump's job is to attack Iran in his second term after "a US ship is attacked by the evil Iranians." Everyone from Rachel Maddow to Alex Jones will support the war. When ground casualties mount, the Right Wing will catch the blame. The Tribe will slither away and let us take the blame as they go back to the neo-liberal Left. Then, they unveil the next phase of their plan for a 'multipolar world order' involving a Chinese led quasi crypti currency. Israel functions as the crossroads and the US is left to disintegrate into an open border strip of land now without the world reserve currency.

At least this is the plan. Assad is tangibly frustrating this from unfolding.

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You first moishe.

If that's what they're planning, they are going to be sorely mistaken.

Killing politicians is fine and all, but most of them are old and physically weak. It is the soldiers, national guardsmen, federal officers, and police who enforce their policies and the media that advertises and propagandizes. Who is Mitch McConnell or Clare McCaskill or Ben Cardin without military/police backing?

Kill the troops. Kill the media.

Well then they'll get it too.

He might be alluding to what might happen to the homeland if a female military is tasked with defending it.

if you care about any islamic country, you're a faggot.

Who /draft dodge/

Trump and his inner circle

I already served niggers. You can't get me twice.

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Prior service? First in line son. Welcome back, glad to have you!

Only if you did 8 or more years

Iran is an anti-Jewish regional power, they have my full support. The destruction of Iran would mean the growth of Jewish power, potentially Greater Israel and thousands of dead white American soldiers. The war must be avoided at all costs

Oh, Japan!

It leaves the realm of handwaging when it is cause for giving billions of your country's taxdollars

Fucking mutiny right now, if you're in the military. I'm not even joking, if you've taken the oath to protect your country from enemies foreign and domestic, you hop in a jet and nuke Jerusalem right now, or you pick up a rifle and blast the shit out of any cunt, who tells you to fight for jews in turdistan. There is 0 honor in fighting banker wars.

Yes, kill the ZOGbots, ignore the puppeteers.

High testosterone right wing military men are prime candidates for redpilling, if you want to play the long con.

I'm shocked

War with Iran will never happen. We will bleed them economically until a point in which they have a change of 'leadership', they will then likely play ball. The war-mongering is simply justification for continued support of Israel - the eternal victim.

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Idiot doesn't know how to inna war do you.

I tried enlisting out of school for exactly that purpose, but that was 2009 when they weren't taking anyone, and I'm over 30 now. Most conscript-aged Americans are 4F, but those who aren't are gonna get their hands on exsplosives and guns, and I doubt they'll fight well. We're in Russian Army 1917 levels of demoralization.

persians are legit aryans
inb4 kys faggot

Is this true?

we shall see. most of the world really doesn't get the problems brewing in the US I think. They really don't seem to understand we are a powder-keg juggling flaming torches while careening down a hill into an fuel depot. Seems most of the world actually believes what the US .gov media spews about the US.

30% of what's left is Southern White males who actually make up combat arms and are the real killers.
America still wins because of them.

What exactly is it about scat that kikes love so much?


America hasn't won a war since WWII, when the Russians did all the heavy lifting.

The people you are mentioning don't have any real power without ZOGbots acting for them. That is the point I am trying to make. Do you think you'd get fierce resistance if your squad had Jamie Dimon pinned down inside his mansion?

What was the Gulf War? Kosovo?

The time of the draft is over. It happened in the 40's in europe and in the 70's in America. If there is a war, it'll be between proxy militias, mercenaries and the small professional forces like special forces etc.

how much territory did we gain in those wars?

This. The only reason the Western front went well was Patton. He was the last leader worth a damn, and then after him we've been lead by kikes.

They were imperial wars. It isn't about territory but prestige and power projection

Threadly reminder that nobody here is getting drafted because they would never allow any of us access to big guns in any sort of proximity to Is*ael…

You mean when the US massed troops for invasion, got cold feet and stalled for months to gather even more soldiers, only advanced on Kuwait once the Iraqi army started to withdraw, and then declined to pursue them? Really great helicopter video of those bombed supply convoys, though.

I hope they do draft me so I can drive a hummer full of plastique directly into a pack of kikes.

They want to kill off the last fighting age, conservative white men faster. On the other hand, that'll leave the Hitler Youth with all the conservative girls, because their boyfriends will die for Israel.


Ok lads, here is the redpill.

Iran is distraction

It's just a way for the right wingers and rabbinical Jews in/near the Israeli government to increase the settlements land theft from Palestine & borders #GolanHeights.

If you think otherwise, you haven't read the Clinton emails.

Remember news is a lie, it's there to program you.

However you react, is exactly how (((they))) want you to react.

A draft works more than one way. It would also draft all the potential St. Tarrants, bringing the plan into full swing.

Unfortunately this is pretty much it. Attacking Iran wouldn't necessitate a draft, and they know it would be too unpopular, but it would severely rock the boat and fuck up life for everyone on the planet. I maintain there will be no Iran war, just political fearmongering to sell more weapons and push anti white totalitarianism at home

They will let Israel blow up a large number of US personnel and blame it on Iran. They don't care if any real people buy it or not - they will just have the media propaganda machine on overdrive and pretend that the war has massive support.

they are all on drugs, and they are faggot deviants. they are less that a 3/5th nigger. not even people. homeless in the ovens.


This, Iranian leadership is fishy. The top mullah was literally flown to Iran by "The Great Satan", with the argument that if they didn't he would be a martyr, all thanks to BBC media shitstorm about him being broadcasted to Iran from FRANCE, HE WAS SITTING IN FRANCE FOR YEARS. Extreme red flag. RT was caught even saying he attended the Peoples Friendship University. Allies with Russia who killed Muslim Chechens yet gets angsty about Palestinians? All the while Presstv spews leftist shit when they could just expose the Kalergi plan and give every Western nation a Holocaust boner.

They never do this, all the while the Shah knew that Jews ran America and the same intelligence service is the one in the "Islamic Republic".

The delusions of "we" still runs through you huh? You think the wars have anything for "you"?

99,99% of them are mixed blood

If you could kick people out of the army for failing to meet standards, couldn't you just "fail" to do the required amount of pushups and linger in a basic training limbo?

Ahmadinajad was the last decent one
Brendan O'connel says the curent crop all went to the same swiss schools as the other globalists

enjoy having to argue your way out of a dishonorable discharge and finding a job afterwards. The only way to get out of duty would be through if you signed up in the first place, then argued with loads of proof that the recruiter lied to you or some shit, but it won't always work, even if you have the evidence for it. If anything, this country will collapse and fall into civil war and then we can finally rid ourselves of the jews.


As the US moves more troops into Western Iraq, pro-Iran militias are targeted with VBIED attacks:


Do it.

The result will be civil war in the United States and the beginning of the end for non whites, globally. Iran is quite capable of defending herself. Her MIC is efficient, her topography hard and dense, her sons fit and confident, her vitality thriving. On these points, America is nearly or completely opposite- half white and degenerated with a horribly inefficient MIC and aging weapons systems across the board from bottom up.

If a draft is levied, one can certainly argue that the war is lost as it will indicate with it high casualties, low morale/organization for the military and an utter lack of support from the citizens. Further, both right and left 'factions' are themselves internally divided on war and intervention in general, that division further widening when specific to Iran. When push comes to shove, the young men who are white and fit for combat, (draftable) will be faced with an easy option:

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The tech guy at my work is a Sunni Muslim from Saudi Arabia, and we often talk about Israel when we are the only two in the break room. He says that all the top leadership of Iran are jews who basically do Israel's bidding in putting on a puppet show for the populace. I highly doubt we're going to have a war with Iran, it's a setup for something else. Israel will probably be grabbing more land while the leaders of the goyim kvetch at each other but never have a serious conflict.

Your Saudi friend is projecting. Everything he told you is true about the Saudis. You won't find a photo of the Iranian leadership sword dancing for Trump, nor will you find Zognald running interference for the Iranians, while he already did for the Saudis.

The Russians haven't been trying to Holocaust them since the Book of Esther, can you blame them for allying with people who they share a common enemy with?

Are you one of those "muh miniskirts" faggots?