Waiting out the jew world order

Here is my idea inspired by pic related.

We build, in the appalachian mountains, an underground city. With impenetrable metal walls. Within we will have a nature preserve for herd animals with sunlight being fed into the area. We will also grow plants for food. Several of which we will use for vitamin D replacements. We would also have a seed vault for other types of esible or fruit bearing plants.
A solid hydroponics and strict recycling system.
We would have some sort of large energy supply.

We would have a fully functioning self reliant city underground with whites only. We would start with 2 to 10k of us but the places maximum occupancy would be 200k.

Should a political upheaval take place we would also have an arena. This would also be there for people to challenge. Either to first blood or till death.

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No need to go that far the US is likely going to collapse in ~20 years and then there will be opportunity for actual balkinization


We will establish a narritive in union with the truth to teach to our descendants of how our ancestors were slowly poisoned with foolish ideas and sold us out for delusions incepted into their minds through the culture. That they sold their inheritance to foreigners and repeatedly allowed their officials to be bribed amd work with our enemy the jew. We will run the city on National Socialism ofc. We will have scienitific labs for researching physics etc as well as a clinic with small samples of weakened diseases so that we can ensure our immune systems will not devolve.

We will also keep various plants throughout the halls that way we will not develop severe allergies either.

You want to go galt.

The problems with it are primarily cost related. Founding such a city would be very difficult, the infrastructure would be hard to figure out, and keeping everything secret would be nearly impossible due to the scale.

I would also question the wisdom of making the city literally physically underground, as carving working infrastructure into mountains is tough. That said, you could figure out something similar reasonably well. You can achieve a lot of the desired things by simply having a network of people wherever who are "just ready" to take over.

The system will not collapse. It has too much power and too many powwrful parties relying on its existence.
It will do its job to meld us all into 50000 mixed race blobs ruled by a small jewish elite.


Good approach. The first and foremost would be to ban Christianity and judaism.

Also christian names would have to change, jewish christian names include adam ben, daniel, david, isaac, jacob, john, jordan, matthew michael, nathan, sam, toby.

Although this is only a small list. A team of administrators in the underground city could screen everyones name, if they have a jewish christian name changed it on the registry.

Then with non jewish non christian culture the underground city can advance.

It wont collapse, unless you cause it to collapse. Perhaps an apparent collapse, but it will only be a feigned one to cause a public relinquishment of the constitution.


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Fuck you I will not live in a cuck tunnel. We're not the parasites here, let's chase or the enemy and make THEM burrow into the goddamn ground.


We can have a runic alphabet and make english more anglo germanic. Have traditional european festivals

Its not a cuck tunnel it is a Fortress to let the enemy which embodies chaos reduce itself to zero or near zero as chaos is destined to do whilst the Aryans, those with the creative essence, endure and thrive so we can renew the planet.

You do it, faggot.

Why not just crowd fund the purchase of a private island???

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how about fuck you OP!
cower in the ground like mole rat person!
you're a coward!

The stupid is strong with you.

Get out, subhuman.


fuck off kike, no matter how hard you scream the entire world does not belong to you

Lets call it Arx.

good luck with that. they said that about the balkans in the 90's when clinton was bombing whites and they didn't balkanize. serbia is stronger than ever today. how did they do it?

Not to mention ~20 years would only mean more immigration, more kikery, and the government won't allow secession. As in they will bomb your neighborhood, mountain, compound, hermitage, etc if you go off grid and you've got so much as a bb gun. If you want to fight, fight now. If you want to watch, watch but quit daydreaming.

Reported. There is no land on Earth not owned by jews. Stop running away like a little subhuman bitch.

Fuk yu
We gook nao

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It would be easier to violently overthrow the government than build a cuckhill undrground.

Hey guys I have an idea!!! Why cant we just kill all the jews??? We could build giant tanks and guns and shoot them! That wilk save the white race!!!
… Cumskins are retarded. You think you have more capability than you really do. This idea presented in the OP is the gayest and most implausible thing I have seen this week.

I like how the nigger drowned and one's running toward a punji trap.

He's right, you know.
All those shitty little resource-poor islands have a price listed. If the bank is involved, then it is owned.
Do you really think all of the Central Banks that rule the world aren't all connected?
Even Antarctica is part of an (((International Treaty))). Ever heard of the Rockefeller Bay?

Really makes you appreciate what a piece of shit the Anglo is, he watched Turks slaughter Christian civilians but did absolutely nothing in order "not to strengthen Russia". I hope Anglos fucking croak, white unity my ass.

160 million for 110 acres?

So out of curiosity when some federal government comes after you Waco/Ruby Ridge style, what then? Do you think they'll respect your lolbergturdian defenses when they tell the rest of the world you're training terrorists? Running away doesn't work. How can you be so fucking stupid and cowardly to believe that?

costing money does not imply the bank is involved let alone owns it.

do you see the price tags? you're literally proving his point

I love how the Viet Cong are whiter than the Americans

Naw man ant hives are not the way. an ethnostate can exist online in any town, city or district, Look at the Christian splinter cults or the chinees communitys. Neal stephenson called em "claves' in his book 'The diamond age"

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