Gen Z Absolutely GAS Jews With New Edgy Meme Pose

Gen Z have begun literally holocausting all jews through their internet hate speech, reported kike fake journalist (((Eva Marie Blanc))) on Wednesday.

The writer kvetched.
Oy vey!

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Go zoomers go!

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Can't wait til someone gasses Jared Kushner and Donald Trump for their treason.

Gen Z best generation.

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I was born in '98, so I'm literally at the start of the generation z birth year. I've gotta say, the people around my age are usually either somewhat centrist and redpilled but blackpilled as fuck, or full on 4th Reich. Now with "Zoomers" (2000-), they're either full on tranny-mentally ill-gender-niggers, or they're 14/88 redpilled to the core. Hell, even non-white Gen Z/Zoomers are getting redpilled and at the very LEAST respect their beliefs (if not also holding the same beliefs for their race).

Are they somehow thinking that attacking the next generation won’t affect them negatively in the future? Millennials pretty much fell for it all, Zoomers are way to edgy to let go of their memes.
They are a weird mix of counterculture and conformism, there’s no way that gen xers and early millennials will understand them (boomers are out of the question) so the next years will be fun in the west.


Keep an eye out for random old memes popping up out of the blue in such organic ways and the follow-up story the next day or two. Once you notice the patterns you can start nailing the cunts before they even go to post their super sekret nazi findings.

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Seems legit

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They make better swatikas than those jews draw


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I’m a ‘98 fag but most people I know are either full on radlibs or somewhat based Republicans who aren’t in on the JQ or race (at least openly) but are in favor of euthanizing retards so it’s a somewhat mixed bag

Indeed, looks like Gen Z will finally solve the JQ.

See? This is why you should redpill Zoomers harder, Zig Forums.

Seize the youth.


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All those (((people))) that say "STOP MAKING HOLOHOAX THREADS, EVERYONE KNOWS!!" or "STOP ARGUING WITH SHILLS AND WINNING, IT TAKES UP THREAD SPACE" are WRONG. Keep arguing, keep making threads about the holohoax, Hitler, and jewish tricks. GEN Z IS LISTENING AND LEARNING

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I'm also '98 and I have to say I really just think this is the result of confusion. Some people say that schooling is brainwashing for example, but in reality, it just fails to teach students anything. It is far easier to redpill a person younger than me simply for the fact that they don't have any knowledge to push back against it. Compared to Boomers and Gen X which were successfully inoculated against the JQ and race, Zoomers don't know enough to have an opinion one way or another.

It reminds me of the quote of a CIA director regarding their mission being the dissemination of so much disinfo that people won't be able to tell fact from fiction anymore. The jokes on them though, because if we are given the chance to argue our case, I think most rational men would be swayed towards us.

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literally anyone can write whatever shit they want and post it there

Take the arguments to Gen Z strongholds like Instagram, Ifunny, funnyjunk and more. Stop letting communists gain ground there because they're "teeny-bopping newfags" or whatever faggot grudge you hold.

Accelerationism cannot and will not fucking work unless if you have the populace redpilled - you can't light a fire without gasoline and matches.

I agree. I just dont think people should shut down arguments here based on the false pretense of people knowing already or the "newfag" being a shill. Post information everywhere, argue everywhere.

They won't be stopped

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I feel, but Zig Forums's IQ took a massive hit as they cry shill at every misguided newfag. Shills have successfully psyop'd us into thought terminating cliches instead of answering.

These fuckers already shoah'd the article.

The only mistake being made, is not following up with legitimate responses to the topic at hand. The shills, and /fags can be acknowledged, and shamed, and must be to maintain order, but the discussion at hand must remain of paramount importance, and not allowed to be so easily derailed.
The solution, as always, is up to us, and the answer, as always, is diligent dedication, and unity. Apathy has set in. Evolution of the board is inevitable. The impact of the meme will again run the narrative. Have some fun, user. We win. We always win.

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Stormtards helping the Jews again

I knew I could always count on you lads. Just be sure to bring the kids in on it so they may know and learn better.

It's as though they have completely rejected the hyperherzleohirschfeldian global spider. World of tomorrow, astonishing!

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what treason has Trump committed, mr shekelbergfeingold?

Gen X made Gen Z.
Where do you think a lifetime of these Redpills came from? The investigative work has been ongoing or decades. The psychological understanding of the (((propaganda))) has been shredded to pieces, slowly, over decades of observation. The transition from pre Tech, and Police State Surveillance to the Orwellian nightmare that exists now was only experienced by one, small generation.
Everything marked. Everything 'membered by Gen X.
The millennials dismissed everything we provided as "Conspiracy theory" as they were trained. Now they're told we were all "racist White supremacists Nazis", and fall in line. Most of the Boomers are still asleep, and their egos too inflated to ever reflect with any self awareness on the causality of their decadent ignorance, and hollywood "reality", and the shit in which they've stranded us. They still don't even see it.
Gen Z has been raised in the midst of this rapid clamp down of what assholes like me have been warning about for 30 years. They see it. They know they've been lied to. They just don't know how, exactly. Those of us in the trenches of this shit still barely have a grasp on these slimy fucking pedophiles.
Long story short…
Currently called "jews". An ancient bloodline of demented mother fuckers that truly need eradication if humanity is every going to experience any kind of escape from this enslaving, dehumanizing anguish.
We truly need a raid on all the ancient libraries, and museums of our world. Vatican, Smithsonian, etc.
Respect your Elders.
We're in this together.

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Blow leaves, street dog.

Financial crime, warmongering, outsourcing, etc.

Imagine defending someone who has leeched billions of your people's wealth (and doesn't even own any of it unlike his masters).

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You faggots realise they are just being ironically racist for le memes right? This is just another counter culture phase like edgyfags and their tenchcoats back in the 2000s

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Look, there's even a fan fiction. The only thing Gen Z means is its the very last generation of white children whose childhoods will be spent in a majority white, Western world.

.. if everything goes to the plan of the jewish overlords, without any resistance.
That's where we come in.

This isn't a bad thing in itself. When I first came to Zig Forums I was here for memes and satire, but within a year I was reading Mein Kampf, agreeing with nearly everything, and self-improving. "Jokes" can quickly be realized as truth

Born ‘97, just graduated college.
130 guys during fraternity elections Heil’d Our new president.
Anyone younger than I, that has the money, should join a fraternity with the goal of red pilling their pledge brothers.

By the time you are a senior, the freshmen and sophomores will repeat your information and epic Hitler May mays. And the zealots among them will approach you about how they support your views.

Trips of truth

In a lot if places, ie California, or basically any major metro city the white kids of gen z are already a minority in their age bracket, which means they are experiencing the unvarnished truth of what it means to grow up with and around shitskins. That right there is waking up a lot of them. Combined with sjw shit being pushed hardcore in every medium if media, education, government, etc. the backlash of the rebellious youth who want to be edgy and go against the grain is going to be huge. These retarded marxists dont realize they are creating generation zyklon by pushing too much too fast. In short, their accelerationism is creating equal but opposite accelerationism

Every good joke is an absurd version of the truth.

Edgy memes are often the beginning, the "gateway". That's how it went for me, I enjoyed edgy jokes and found my way to some redpills and from there it just went on. I initially came to cuckchan for the memes, then found my way to other boards and the truth.

That's exactly how it starts user. It's like how little kids are taught to say "please" and "thank you" before they even truly know the significance, or like how little schoolchildren say the pledge of allegiance without really knowing what it means yet. Start them off and it will come naturally

That's why I still come here.

Dump your redpills in Gen Z gathering areas like IFunny or Instagram and teach them so our race can be preserved.

Nice desu-ne

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Doubleposting, but by junior year we were singing along to Johnny Rebel.

This. Within a year of returning to the Chans, I had read Mein Kampf, and tried to disprove Jewish global control via ZOG. It is impossible.

The red pill that has never been truer

This is a bad thing, it really undermines the whole point of hating niggers when every youngfag stands up and says
You are whats wrong with the world, your place is secure in the camps.

edgy memes are never the gateway, they completely misrepresent ideas, make a joke out of beliefs thus anyone who holds those beliefs is just probably joking right?
there is no difference between your types and Qfags

This is never how it starts, if you think it does then you were only born this decade

Tell me what you belive, about race, jews or anything really. I want to see what being a faggot on the internet takes you, I can just see the "niggers are bad but black people are BASED"

Whites have been outnumbered in cities since the Johnson years. Gen Z doesn't refer to local, but to national population. They are the LAST generation of whites, to comprise a majority population, in their own homelands. Just as designed. Nothing can change this, short of lifting the shield we've placed over inferior species of hominids, or maybe Kim Jong Un nuking our cities and capitols, but that is a fantasy.

Then how does it start?

You fucking shills truly try too hard. Are you even aware of how bright you glow?

Hello rabbi

You seem subversive with the "based non-whites" now, you better give some examples.

books, documentaries, learning about jews and their various roles and by not being a cuck that only changed his views because of edgy twitter memes

fuck off JIDF

Tell me what you believe about race and who should be exterminated

It starts like this.

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Notice, anons, how the kike assumes the authority, and poses subjective, rhetorical questions designed solely to put you on the defensive, and waste your fucking energy.
Kike wizardry.
Identify, shame, and ignore.

How many people turned natsoc over these again?


Yes we are.

You miss the crucial importance of humour in the redpilling process.

Every generation after my generation is cringe.
There was a goth kid at my school that LITERALLY killed someone.

Gen Z ? The Gen raised on Obongo's commiecore?
The Gen that had praise of faggots shoehorned into every subject with 24/7 (((propaganda)))? The Gen delieberately educated in a manner to be dumbed down to the lowest commmon denominator of most brain dead niggers?

turns out they hate it

I can, I'm a bush crafter.

Oh I'm sorry, did you want intellectual migrants squatting on national socialism to shitpost le edgy memes on a mongolian basketweaving board, or did you want people to start killing sandniggers and government families?

GenX, on board since fucking /news/ here.
So what?
Yeah, we revived a lot of good ideas and did a lot to get them out. But the real fight hasn't even begun yet.
Stop patting yourself on the back. Everyone will have to fight. Drawing a map with targets helps but isn't an excuse for not being in the trenches.

Its REAL simple, if you are one of us, tell us what you believe in, its not that hard
And what makes you think this orwellian dystopian nightmare has only been happening now? its been going on for a hundred years with the weimar republic, I can tell you faggots from a mile away,

There is nothing funny about it, this isnt a game, its a life or death situation, that doesnt just affect you or me but the entire white race, our survival is dependant on taking this seriously and by using violence to remove the jews from their throne, there was no faggy edgy memes years ago, so being humourous has nothing to do with the process at all

I'm calling it now- the next Hitler will be a zoomer, and will probably be an American.


What's bush crafting, again?

Hello Jared.

Just shut the fuck up. You look like a little bug to me. Stop. And propaganda has ALWAYS used humor and derision to fuck with the opposition. You're a lying shill, or fucking retarded. Stop assuming authority, you fucking speck.

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You at least needed something flammable to start a fire, the proverbial "gasoline".

There is a clear difference between PROPOGANDA and EDGY MEMES ON THE INTERNET, and the poster you posted isnt humourous, it is equating the jewish controll over the world like a web of lies, they use metaphors and visuals that are easy to understand the clear and concise message, now tell me, do these posters look funny to you?

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No interest in arguing your Red Herring nonsense, yid. Search it up yourself, faggot. Plenty of humor, and edgy shitlore from the past.
You're just a shilling nigger, and it's fucking obvious.
Where do you think we learned it?

Stop worshipping these demonization operations, subhuman



Gen Z are cucks and This shit is all because of Gen X and their nigger loving faggotry

Zoomers are alright in my book

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High caste poos and Sheikhs.

We love ourselves and desire survival, great…lets organize with the other unkiked peoples

Do your absolute best to force into their heads to not use any WWII symbolism or lingo. The only thing everyone should take away from Hitler are the 14 words, and these you keep locked in your head. Also don't let them participate in any political movements, especially the ones that aim to establish their own identity. These are all traps and put endless innocent fools into prison or to death.

You have zero chance of any political representation, only to throw wrenches into their system. What you need to do is building family, friends, neighbors etc. into clans. Get tight, support each other financially, get self sufficient, help the ones in need in your community. If you have a big house, take people in and share the costs. The good times will soon be over and you all need to learn how to be closer, and more importantly…how to be a race again. This is not a militia or a political group. It's the natural defense of race and it's crucial for survival, so get every last one of your neighbors into the same state of mind.

Sorry, user. You are 'Generation Y'.
But you do share an intermediary cohort with the first decade of Zoomers; you are a 'Millennial'. It is an intermediary cohort that spans the dates 1990-2010, centering on the millennium. Another intermediary cohort is 'Gamer'. It spans the dates 1970-1990, centering on the release of 'Pac Man' in 1980.

Lost Generation: 1880-1900
Greatest Generation: 1900-1920
Silent Generation: 1920-1940
Baby Boomers: 1940-1960
Generation X: 1960-1980
Generation Y: 1980-2000
Generation Z: 2000-2020

We have ~6 more months of GenZ babies to come.

Sounds challenging to me.

No, you are promoting division. These people are our ancestors and families, engage with them, learn from them.

drink your prune juice

Gives me the runs. I thankfully decline.

If all the information that started you on the jews and their lies came from ironic memes or shitty satire then you will never be able to escape from the grasp of reality

Not at all. It is cultural study. My research has focused on observing and then establishing an "identity" (referential label) for 'Intermediary Cohorts' so that generational study of culture doesn't have hard "ends" or "cut-offs" but flows from one generation to the next, as the actual flow on information or "cultural knowledge" does, so as to unite the sons and daughters of Europe accross all age groups like it once was in Odin times.

We did this.
We're gonna be the ones that they try and hunt down 80 years from now. "He was a documented shitposter on 8ch, and also literally a guard at Auschwitz! He caused the second shoah hundim down!"

That’s stupid. Do you want national socialism to live and Hitler’s vision to come true or do you want to retreat into perceived safety and resign from the struggle, do you want honor or shame?

Calling himself smart is the typical excuse of a coward.

user that's exactly what these memes lead to, they are the gateway. Also very little of the population care about reading, information, facts, etc. most people just go with the flow of whatever they are around. If we can make that flow of 1488 and just get most of them to go with it that is sufficient. Only a tiny fraction of the population is even inclined to educate themselves regardless. We just have to keep pushing these kids in the right direction so that when the real shit comes they will already be prepped and on board

We are the best generation that will gas all kikes and the millennials, generation x, boomers, silent generation, the so-called greatest generation and the rest of the lost generation! Hail generation Zyklon!

This. Even though most of my relatives are classified as millenials, one of them is a Zoomer. His cynicism bothers me, but I can't blame him for that. I did my part. Even though he cultivates some bluepilled friendships(leftists), soon or later he'll see for himself. There is not enough warning for real life happenings. At least, I'm sure he picked everything up and as soon as it hits him, he'll know instantly what I was talking about.

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That link doesn't work OP

T pose line is funniest though, you can kvetch about a dab resembling the Roman salute (it doesn't but at least it DOES have an extended raised arm) but the line about the T pose being to resemble a burning KKK cross is just a straight up lie. I don't know why these things still shock and disgust me when I see it since it's so common today but goddamn

The one thing I used to have issue with was National Socialism was the rounding up and imprisonment of journalists… but I was so fucking wrong. I understand why The Führer did this now. These people are liars and a danger to society. Journalists deserve a bullet through the fucking brain

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and also redpilled

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Nigger, you're objectively wrong. Many, MANY, will come for memes, only ironically of course, then become redpilled and start spreading hope and truth that they came to believe in. Whatever leads them into National Socialistic beliefs is irrelevant though, the fact is they're learning, and finding out everything they learned was a bunch of lies.
Don't bother shilling shit like that, because as I, and other anons stated, these kids doing it ironically is irrelevant, the fact is that they're doing it, and are slowly easing into the beacons of truth on the internet, and in the real world (Mein Kampf for example).

I can confirm, but really only for the white and poor.

I am a Zoomer, mid Zoomer particularly. I recently moved and went from about a 65% white school, to a 2% white school. I was placed in the advanced classes due to marks (I didn't ask for this, by the way.) and I am literally the only white kid in my class. I'm not kidding. Only white in a sea of poos. It's partly terrifying; thinking that your race is dying, then seeing evidence to your point that screams in your face. The only escape from nihilism and depression is remembering that Napalm and Bullets are a thing.
Zoomers usually do indulge in debauchery; with Trap Music and Vaping and the like. However, all of these acts are placed over a subtle hint of Neo-Fascism. Particularly the Wignat movement; where we've boiled away all conventional morals into only the ones that end up insulting the Jews. Sure we consume (((Rap Music))) but we sing the lyrics properly, to every damn last use of "Nigger." Every white kid that's lower class knows a couple of "Whats the difference between __ and __?" with a mildly racist punchline. (Examples include "What's the difference between a black person and a bucket of shit? The bucket.") Most of us start out Alt-Lite, with a demand for the return of free speech. Then later we start realizing the Wiemar-tier degeneracy in society. At the final point of awakening, we raise our arm to salute the man who tried to stop (((them.))) First we do it ironically, as a joke. Then later we start being serious. Sooner or later, the first bullet will be fired. It will be upon our hands, not (((theirs.)))
This only really applies to poor, white Zoomers however, they're the ones who must look at all the things (((they))) have taken away from us, and realize that (((they))) fucked us over.
I was the first one to awake, and inevitably when I lead like 3 other peers on a political assassination ironically for god's sake. i don't seriously want to kill people lol i guess you can compare the knowledge of what's going on to Richtofen from that one video game to the other three.

recruiting future soldiers using memes on the internet is a terrible idea, if something as simple as a joke can make you rethink everything you knew, then you arent cut out for the undying loyalty required of a natsoc soldier. Especially if its about something thats basic information, like the blood sacrafice of children by jews, niggers being subhuman, the fact that the major allied leaders in WW2 were all freemasons and that freemasonry is directly influenced by judaism.

Those many who crave memes are worth nothing compared to the few men of action
except the source of your information can be your greatest downfall, they can mislead you, spread disinfo, make you rethink and revert back to the status quo. the most critical point in any knowledge based journey is who you are getting your information from, do you really think it to be a good idea to get information on national socialism in the same books, articles, papers,etc as ones that say the holocost was real?
What matters is that if they do SOMETHING, just knowing about the jews and their lies isnt going to cut it for the future of our race, there needs to be more soldiers, not these faggots that think they're hot shit because they learned that the entire vietnam war was just a way of the US to test their experimental weapons and that the two attacks that started the whole war didnt happen.
Youngfags wont be usefull untill they pick up a rifle, because it doesnt matter how many of them learn about the truth as long as the jews still hold all the power, and no supreme king overlord emperor has ever let go of their power because the people dont like them they have always been executed