You men are worthless degenerates, here's why

>The (((pick up artist movement))) is sweeping the nation
>But you retards are all (((pick up artists))) now so refuse relationships

TL;DR men have ruined this nation while trying to be (((pick up artists))) Get your head out of rooshes ass and go to Church.

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What percent of fertile men are pick up artists?
What percent of fertile women are debt free virgins without tattoos?

LOL chicks have holding out for the bigger better deal since long before the 2000s. Gold digging whores gonna dig for gold

you are liars. you dont want debt free virgins without tattooes, you want to pump and dump roasties while getting drunk at the bar bc men are all worthless degenerates hell bent on destroying the country.

Enlighten me. What 3 characteristics must men have to be marriage material who should get fewer than 10 rejections before a woman accepts a marriage proposal after the third date? The characteristics should be objective and different native speakers should always have the same yes/no answer when asked to judges, similar to how being a virgin, being debt free, and having no tattoos are objective criteria.

…Said the jew-brainwashed, single, childless, degenerate

Why? The current year Church hates White Men, or at the very least doesn't reach them like they do to niggers, gooks, and spics. Have fun, tootsie.

D&C earns a nice SAGE

Go make a sammich, bitch.


No you aren't.

waiting on the three

Behold the brain of a female

I wish.

Whoring is bad for everyone
Dont reward bad behavior with re-affirming sex, that is a standard for everyone

checks out

I don't think these kinds of "conservative white girls" exists.
I bet you are an false flag tranny.

Sage and report.

Nigga what?

Funny, since Roosh went back to the Church apparently.

Is that where you find the loli pill ?

You don't even mention the current state of 'marriage', which means you don't understand shit. Marriage died with no fault divorce, what you wanted, was a fairy tale, and fairy tales are not real

Kek, I don't even drink alcohol. Trying to be a bit more like Hitler.
I don't fuck random sluts. No relationship, no sex
Where's the problem? I'm still young.
t. kike's first try at subversion

campaign to change the divorce laws

The bar is not that goddamn high
Have a job, doesn't have to be a fancy job, blue collar is fine. Love God. Love your country. Don't be a (((pick up artist)))

Most of the people on here weren't born in the early 2000s lad.

I don't "love" god for I'm no faggot but I pray to Odin every evening and don't give money to kike preachers.

Off yourself

Sounds like a jew

OP is retarted (and definitley not a woman)

SHAME on you.

God the lord will be angry about this in heaven.burn .


Conservative white girls don't believe in no fault divorce, dumb dumb.

Good. But anyone that has that won't date a female that is over 20.

Men want females in their prime not roast beef sandwiches.

Who broke your poor little black heart? Tell me so I can go have a good laugh with him.

You speak well but are way off base. I'm no prize and I have more women, as you describe them, pick me up. Not the other way around. Both of my marriages ended due to the female wanting more. One is single and living with an abusive girlfriend after not being able to find a better man. The other is shacked up with a spic that took her license, her car, and beats her mercilessly. He also will not allow her phone access or to see her family. All the while I'm trying to have a relationship with a clean white girl with no tats or any of that other nonsense. Problem is, I'm in my early 40's. All women have wrecked their lives and have kids. My kids are grown and gone. There's no one to build a life with unless I try to get a younger girl fresh out of high school, but they are all over grown children that are full of shit and don't have a clue about life or what they want. Once a man is out of his mid 20's, he's pretty much fucked if he can't the right girl as you describe. Also, I refuse to put up with religious lunacy. I tried that with my two marriages.

checked. and its a guilt shill. psyops are becoming next level

The ones you passed over for not being as pretty as you, those are the ones who would have treated you better.
The chads treated you like all the other women that threw themselves at him. Just another stupid whore.

Lying big today, aren't we?

Sage for trannyposting OP

Good work on this one. It's objective. A man could have a part-time minimum wage job or a full time professional job and there would be a definite answer to the criterion.

These need some work. They are still subjective. Please rephrase them to be objective yes/no criteria that any outside judge could easily designate without variation from another different judge asked the same question about the same person.

They still use it over and over again. Them especially actually. They can afford lawyers

Guaranteed 750 replies


You do not know what the pick-up artists represent, miss.

They are the forefront of the anti-soyboy movement. They teach the bare-basics of the "game", and teach men how to do things the way their father was supposed to teach them, but didn't, because boomers can't teach anything but consumerism. They are not here in this world to teach you how to raise a family, how to live a happy marriage, how to feed and sustain people who depend on you. They are here so hedonists can be at their peak. What happens when you peak? There's nowhere else to go. Contrary to women, who try so hard their entire lives to live in their youthful eras forever, men move on. They try new things, learn new things and guess what, they master new things.

What is the next step of the man who has fucked all the women he wanted to and does not see any benefit in poking used or semi-used holes? They want to settle. They already see through the mask of whores and golddiggers. Their radar improves so much the moment a bitch slips they go right to the heart and ditches them as fast as you can say "cock carousel". The pick-up artists are not here to show you the goal, but to train you to go through the initial pathways; usually the most ardous and perilous of all.

You and your friends are looking at the wrong places for suitable pairs. Men who went through all this are also looking at the wrong places, because they can't find you. Or they see right through your bullshit of "conservatism" and see you bitches as trad-thots riding the Zio-Trump wave of counter-culture to look edgy. If you really are what you say you are, you will survive the hazings, the perils and you'll find a suitable husband to give you a good life away from hedonism, sterilization and consumerism, but into building a stable foundation of a legacy that will be so strong your great-grandchildren will look in awe at what you built; a conservative family during the heights of clownworld.


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Liar. We were all in our prime and nobody wanted us bc you men were all trying to be (((pick up artists))) no time for nice girls when there are 'roasties' to be pumped and dumped, and alcohol to be drunk.

"Not believing" in something doesn't make it not exist. Also, most women's political beliefs are whatever is most advantagous to her at the time, because 99.9% of women don't give a shit about principles.

Doesn't this imply you had sex before those years? Otherwise you can't "go without sex for 5 years".

Stopped reading. Your whole post is a lie from this point on.