Today is #RedNose Day on Mainstream TV!!

Today is RedNoseDay on NBC.
Viral Takeover Twitter campaign in progress.


Campaign Central Command:

Discord - 8STsq9f

Website –
Official Github –
Official BTC ANN –

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Just Smile

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2 hours and 31 minutes and counting.

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can anyone make a honkler meme of ghostbusters with rainbow streams catching a jew?

We'res this army, then?

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Proof the kikes are behind the clown cringe.

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Go away cuckchan zoomer faggots

I just thought you should know 'We're all fucked!' So why be a dick?

Nobody cares less about your stupid honk honk shit you keep pushing

Lol, but they do.




You all are so gullible.

honk honk

honk honkill all whites

You missed the point. Personally I don't give a shit about red noses and red nose day. It's a scam.
Yep, you missed he point.

Lol, no they don't that's why this thread has had so little interest other than you thsts tried to keep it going.
You're a pathetic Slactivist, in fact I would to even call what you do Slactivism, it's lower than that.

Hahaha troll much?
Regardless of your answer thanks for the bump, though it's not going to achieve shit now, much like you.

I like how they changed clown emoji to red white and blue due to the honk honk meme