Operation its not ok to be white will be even better than Its okay to be white because it will bait leftists and anti-whites into agreeing with it and it will awaken whites to the blatant anti-white hatred that is currently occurring on a global scale.

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Faze too you say?

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It's not okay to falseflag.

you're a special kind of stupid

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It's ok to be antisemitic

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Piece of white paper psyop part 2. Come up with something new at least.

Zionism is white supremacy

She passed the test.

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Begone, shillberg.

Fuck off moshe.


Bump this thread

IOTBW was incredible, this is retarded OP. Sage because OP isn't even trying.


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There is no phase 2 faggot.

Are you gay and 12 years old?

This is like hitler setting up pro jew posters and flaying all the people who agree with them

Different person who just happens to post the EXACT same shit in red text? Yeah right.

So even if you are a different person the question still stands: What is the alternative? You are great at shutting on methods but do you have an alternative answer?


There is no phase two. No hay fase dos. Es gibt keine zweite phase. Там нет второй фазы.

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But what if people start actually thinking its not ok to be white? Considering how far transgenderism has gotten, what makes you think white people will push back against anything??


remember guys anyone who changes the wording is a shill do not fall for their dirty jewish tricks.



sage negated

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Damn you are autistic. And everything you do is a cringy failure.

I'm not going to disseminate an obvious false flag. I'll have no part in this trash.

The problem with false flags is that when some leftists do some type of pure insanity that makes them look terrible, which happens constantly now, the parts of the left who are a little embarrassed by it will claim that it is some kind of rightwing troll.

Here is a perfect example of this. During the first wave of violent antifa protests after Trump was inaugurated, The Young Turks pretended they had never heard of antifa, then acted as if the protestors were likely crazy right-wingers who were trying to make the left look bad, and discredit the peaceful protestors at Berkeley. The link below covers the relevant part where Cenk speculates that antifa was really right-wingers from 4chan.


These types of trolls like "End Father's Day" were fun a few years ago, but we're in full clownworld mode now.

You don't need to do stuff like this, just focus on things the left actually does.

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there's no phase two
the best proposal i saw though is the blank white page

lol dumbass

I already know this, it's the invader faggots you have to remind.

i'l n'y a pas de phase deux


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Given the current state of leftists, who needs false flags?

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Which girl? you?

Is this the best you kikes can do now? This is sad!

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Mon Guide, je peux marcher!

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Are you convincing White people to say that it is not okay to be White? >You're doing their work for them…

Memes are dangerous.
Do not meme this kind of crap.


Will also push / accelerate their agenda which is horse shit

You got em now!


I have a more subtle idea.

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Boomer detected.

Cops here in this town are apparently raising faggots.

Colorado you're fucked up.

hang yourself with your shoelaces you asshole.

iwebcam dotcom /lordz2112

no phase two
and even if there was, it should be
to invite the mutants' scrawls

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This was in our newspaper today. Bakersfield, CA.

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Peter ( ( (Eliasberg) ) )
Every fuckin time man

Stickers from anonymous group bring up issues of free speech, vandalism at BC


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>Ema Sasic can be reached at 661-395-7392. Follow her on Twitter: @ema_sasic.

archive.fo/WCAqC - wouldn't let me save it


Kill yourself kike.

read this in Eminem's coffee pot voice

That's actually very good

Will you cringe Stormfags kill yourselves already


The brownpill evolves


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this is a good idea that has been around for years, but no one ever does it

There is no Phase 2.
But if there was it would have been this one we never used back then. It is like the "This page is blank" in seated papers of exams. It could cause snowflake melting if posted on campus during the examination period triggering^2

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archive doesn't work because it is in europoor land

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How (((organic)))

best post

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Nice, just like "operation spread BBC porn everywhere," which just made a bunch of cuckolds instead of pissing white guys off.

Will be revealed as hoax on the first day bacause they already watch this site.

BUT if you go through with it make twitter accs and promote anti white hatred to bait others out. Be sure to put out some hashtags and shit, usual stuff.

We don't need to resort to such low grade Jewish subversive tactics, because we're morally and factually right.

I see nothing wrong with OP’s meme. It’s the same statement, but now reversed because the other statement proved it wasn’t ok to be white. It forces the media to talk about the issue and white people to realize that they’re under attack.

This would be an example of shills changing the wording.

Libertardian/neocuck muh pwinciples cuckoldry has no place here, shill-san.

There is no phase two, shill.

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You don't believe in truth and justice?