Witness says there is Instagram Live Video showing Isaac Kappy was not alone in drive to his death



Backup thread in case this gets Shoahed

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Why do you keep pushing Jews and Judeophiles here?


Kiked first post every time.


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Nienchan is destroying islam.

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Hire more shills…

Sounds like a kike. Why would I care what happens to a kike? I am hoping for their complete extermination.

Because he sold out other kikes and was spilling beans about their pedo shit. He was a wannabe hollywood actor, and jewish so there's no surprise how he got involved with these types in the first place. Then at some point even he couldn't bring himself to join and comply with their disgusting rituals involving children and blood, so he did what an sane person would do; snitch. There's no fucking way the masons were going to let him walk in-and-out a (((TV station))) after he spills the beans. So no official way to snitch, the next best thing? Uploading a video to the webz. In the video he talked about how HE WOULDN'T KILL HIMSELF, and how he has a death-switch if anything happens (due to him leaving the masons). 2 days later he "jumped" of a bridge, clinton style completely alone suicide lel. Then vid related gets uploaded, the chamber doesn't have typical turkish bathhouse traits (as claimed by shills), non-regular bathing outfits that seem "odd" to say the least, typical masonic building symbolism in the room, why is there an elevated platform in middle of the room with masonic mosaic tiles? Who's filming this? Isaac? That'd be weird considering this would be the female bathing area in normal bathhouses. Why was this the dead-mans switch? How is this connected with his alleged "suicide" that doesn't make sense, why hasn't there been a funeral in the whole 2 weeks, why doesn't anybody know where his body is (not even housemates), why did anybody care in the first place, (((who))) did this to a fellow jew ,why did they want to hurt him, why did he make a video detailing explicitly how he wouldn't kill himself and then die 2 days later and upload a video that technically is random unless you connect it to the kike pedos running the show?
How fucking bizarre and inconstant is this whole chain of events? How weird is it that he uploaded the video with the pizzagate context after he died?
Look into it, seriously, it's fucked and fucking weird. Do your own research and decide for yourself if it's a meme. Don't listen to what I type or a other user posts; LOOK AT IT YOURSELF AND THINK.
Remember somebody died and was forced to commit suicide over this;spilling the beans. His last video is him fessing up as being a addict (gambling) and saying he got involved with masonic pedo fags without it being said too clearly for petty greed, saw he turned into a monster and decided to shine some light on this dark underground pedo society.

Now that being said, rabbi,
No, just no, Q is a larp psy-op meant to drain away from pizzagate attention, pizzagate is the only reason the retard got any traction in the first place. If (((Q))) is as we expect it's literally kikes re-directing attention to fantasies instead of the pedo reality.

Oh did I mention the (((mods))) here deleted the first Isaac thread after like 300 replies, deleted the second one, anchored the 3rd, deleted threads all the way until the 7th,
un-anchoring the 3rd, effectively deleting any interesting and good effort-posts cause ya'know (((mods))), so this topic lost all it's steam and is probably hoped to be memory-holed. Nope no coincidences, never on (((Zig Forums)))

Is that enough reason to care about a kike selling out other pedokikes due to his morals in a attempt to redeem his soul? Nah bet's it's not, better spam the board with nigger porn that mods won't delete.

oh and for the ultimate lazy nigger youtube.com/watch?v=w943Xv58FP8

bump cause fuck you and fuck the mods

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nice get

This video implies that he was admitting running a scam and lied about everything for youtube shekels. Convince me otherwise. Also, was he drug user? That could explain the suicide. Although that’s such a shifty and painful way to commit suicide, that could raise some suspicions, I guess.


What are you on about? literally? THAT's what (((you))) got out of it? Where the fuck does he mention ANYTHING about youtube shekels in that videoclip? He's talking about how he got involved with kike masons, getting the quick buck, and then finding out he's way in above his head, so instead of trying to struggle out of it; he attempts to sink the whole sham along with him as in the hopes he can find forgiveness. He mentions how he wouldn't hurt children. How we betrayed himself by getting involved with these people and doing the things he did. How he was (((induced))) into it, and how it turned him into a monster. He exposed other pedo kike's , this is his exposure/confession
"Don't give in to (((darkness)))"
"Avoiding the (((big stuff))) is easy, it's (((the little things)))
"Struggle against (((darkness))"

"Children deserve to live in a world where they are treated well."
"Did I hurt a child? No I did not hurt a child"
"I was not treated well" (as often happens to young jewish boys the rabbi likes)
Yup sureeee sounds like he's talking about a scam lol.

>convince (((me))) otherwise.
sounds like

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And he died the symbolic death of the traitor in judaism - he suffered the Fate of Jezebel and was defenestrated.

A kike drug user died and nothing of value was lost.

Looks like the shills found this one.

Aye, I'd drink to that

I think it was more that he ran a disinformation scam for a group of Hollywood and DC politicos that wanted to discredit the YouTube conspiracy/pedogate community. Isn’t there a pic of him and David Brock together? The moment he came out with his accusations, the MSM did a coordinated hit job on YouTube conspiracy/truth channels. This video is him saying that. He might have been killed for double crossing his paymasters or his guilt combined with drug use pushed him to suicide.

To add: classic poisoning the well operation. The Brock pic was a wink to all the duped followers of Kappy that the Hollywood and DC Jews and homos got their revenge. Kappy felt bad for some reason and decided to sort of come clean in a vague way. I don’t doubt that he could have been killed for that.

You're really keen on the idea that someone exposing jewlywood pedophilia and got (((suicided))) for it is somehow a disinfo agent shill.

He didn’t expose Hollywood. He made wild accusations with no proof in an erratic and crazy eyed way. If you couldn’t tell that he was doing a performance, then you are a subhuman retard.




LOL check the embed of 7 months ago. Talking about just this, now let me save (((you))) some time and boil it down; it's fucking condemning to be photographed with that kike, so if it wasn't a LARP why would he do it? right? Why would the guy trying to expose pedos be photographed with a pedo?
So isaac was a shill trying to disinfo people by actually exposing people and generating massive energy around exposing hollykike filth and getting people interested into finding out because this is a jewish masterplan to attract attention so you can then go "oy vey the persecution" right? Then he posts 1 of the 2 pictures on his instagram, where he is posed David Brock as "u got trolled", right? and then 7 months later he felt so bad about trolling people he killed himself cause debts (to whom) lol, right? Except that doesn't fucking work if the accusations are true in which case the possibility is that like I said: he was a gud boi kike, got cold feet, got told he couldn't get out, tried to turn the table and got fucked in the end. Occam's razor and reality is stranger than fiction.
Even the condemning embed doesn't change the fact that people are still talking about it, is getting bigger and drawing attention. now see youtube.com/watch?v=x9TXgD9wwk0 Lift the veil guy , people are still talking about it, and ask that phoenix nigger where the body is, he won't have an answer. check image, it's from the comments, even they have more of a clue and they are literally flat earth retarded. Why didn't you post anything of at first, since you already seemingly had the information? why not at ? Seems like to me you had that post already prepared.

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Fuck off jew.

Actually retarded.

dumbass. read my post again. This is why we there's no fuckin traction around anything.

dude takes 20 min to say "Theres a video showing Kappy wasn't alone" "5 or 6 people told me" "Don't trust your friends" "I have been woke since 9/11"

Saved you a lot of your life. You're welcome, frens.

what mods? i thought we were at the behest of the faggot globals after kikey was beleted…

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hey satan, what the hell is this?

There is no such thing as kike morality. I could give one fuck what happens to any of them or who they 'sell' out they are going to Hell (of a greater Hell than this one). Thank you for the explanation I can't imagine anything more DROLL than talking about kike morality as it is a farce and an oxymoron. One more dead one is pleasing though, no matter how he died.

Those are temple prostitutes, dumbass. :)

I want to believe in all this shit (including DJT) but after the whole Parkourdude91 fiasco one thing I learned is that no one on the net is telling you the truth.

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ok satan, thats the first time ive seen someone post the video instead of just 3 or 4 screenshots lmao

This kike had mental issues and was a chronic drug user. He is your classic babbling crazy homeless person and he was obviously making this shit up for attention and money.

I'm not saying pedo shit and weird rituals don't go on I'm Hollywood, they do. But this dude was a shyster and you're falling for it

It’s really weird how these (((anons))) have supposed knowledge of kappy’s personal life and use that to de-value the whole event instead of attacking the matter at hand: the video and certain claims.
It’s not about how kooky (((you))) think he was while alive; it’s the suspicous circumstances around his death. This video/ the comment section makes a easy timeline of events, and goes to talk about your claims exactly: “he was just drugged up bro, he lied for drug money” sounds like solid evidence shlomo, bet you did your research from your prepared A4 paper. And EVEN if he was a junkie it still does NOT explain anything about the suspicous shit around his death and very VERY un-jewish cremation after 2 weeks of nobody knowing where his body is. And to fall back on some shitty ad hominem attack instead of attacking the ACTUAL content shows their lack of ammo.

Now let’s try this again without the muslim meme spammer shitting up the board

that's some nice capital j's you've got there kike

I checked this guys video list he has a video claiming that the moon buggies were just willies jeeps in a movie lot…….because the vehicle follows similar designb concepts
this seriously makes me question his analytic ability

Great job addressing the video and content of this thread instead of a ad hominem

(1) Shekel has been deposited in your account.

No I see the suspious characteristics but I'd rather use a more reliable source than this guy. it's not ad hominem to analyse the accuracy of his past.
it suggests he might be an unreliable witness.
it does not inherently weaken his arguments.

It appears I'm an idiot I was referring to the lift the veil guy not the RNM guy

Thanks, satan.
Can anyone make out the design on the pedestal top? There's a hexigon in the center, surrounded by squares with triangles to fill the gaps. Then there is a second ring of squares and triangles. The third ring is comprized of trapazoids.

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The Jew fears the dodecahedron.

there is a (((cube))) in the video if i am not mistaken.

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Trump is probably actually legitimately smarter and more grounded in perceiving a long term mental standing and methodology of retaining the country than literally this entire Board combined with a fucking oracle. And I'll fucking VPN spam this comment. because its Literally true. Fuck yourselves. This literally has fuck all do with sided anything, but to do with the sheer fact that this board remains cohesively bankrupt for 20 hours out of the day. running around in fucking circles. You fucking CatShit mounting mess

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first day huh aaron?

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absolutely ḥammām
Could be from iran, if you are US military zogbot you will soon get to see it IRL

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The base pattern is he same as the floor; rhombitrihexagonal tiling. It is just truncated by a circle on the outer edge instead of continuing. The center hexagon is divided into a smaller hexagon surrounded by squares and right kites. I have no idea if this geometric figure has a name.

I did a quick cut and paste job to replicate the pattern and merged a few frames to make a clean comparison. Both are a bit wonky but it's good enough.

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