Soph / SewerNugget / LtCorbis on InfoWars May 15

Alex Jones interviews teen girl
Unfortunately can't do an MP4 due to length (57 minutes). There were some questions about her following scripts, so a long live interview would give us a better sense of how she talks with less prep.

inb4 jews gushing in to literally plan to kill the girl

inb4 the girl is a boy

That this little jewish boy would soon be doing the rounds of interviews with the controlled opposition e-celebs, was predicted in the first thread.
An orchestrated meteoric rise to prominence.
Couldn't be more obvious.

What is more degenerate obese reporter guys: a guy who looks at tranny porn interviewing her on a public video show or a lesbian who tweets about drowning in sperm (Talia Lavin) trying to mail her privately?

If Jonestein interviewed her, that's certainly possible.

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Everyone that represents a symbol of Zig Forums in some form is a trannyfaggot if the shills could dictate it.

How Talmudic.

Holy fuck jews are exceptionally stupid.

does this mean trump is actually FtM?

Too late, fucknut.
Now what does it suggest, when stooges are rushing in and posting
Without even reading the thread.
Also look at OP "interviews teen girl", why not just "Interviews teen"? are his controllers now so paranoid about his real sex being noticed, that they have to throw in various combinations of she, her, girl wherever a sentence permits it?
Nasty little jewish tranny boy on puberty blockers, groomed by jew parents and the media to be controlled opposition.

No it's because most of us here are heterosexual males who are attracted to teen girls, so it grabs the eye better because we want to read about cute girls. Degenerate shills can't understand that.

Obviously I mean its insertion on the "right", not in whatever sick and degenerate, jew-centric polemic its channel was built.

idiot you don't understand how new media works. some of us actually do which is why so many Zig Forumslacks have got youtube accounts with thousands of subscribers pushing out subversive content that's so esoteric the censors don't understand what it's saying. of course, you don't know any of these people exist because you don't have the capacity to pay attention.

Sure, it couldn't be that if they don't specify "girl" then without that priming, the viewer's mind will tend to say "who is this creepy and ugly little jewish boy on puberty blockers?"

Oh boy here we go.

no they would just think it's an awkward looking girl who is kinda homely and you have to like her for her memes and not her aesthetics

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(((new media)))
I understand perfectly how it works, kike.
Legitimate dissidents who try to do what you claim, are banned almost immediately.
All established "new media" channels are globalist approved and controlled, affiliate partners of a network which is probably administered by Vice or Rebel media.

And the help call has gone out.

Just another globalist tranny.

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This is the kind of shit that plagues modern Zig Forums.

female pattern baldness is a thing

Shills seem to want to derail about the DNA of Soph. I mean fuck, as disappointed as I would be if it was proven, it's still good memes. Milo was degenerate as fuck and he was still saying the right memes.


Bill Hicks interviewing a kid? Is he running out of ideas for the AJ act?

Seriously, the girl's obviously just a tomboy, I knew plenty when I was young that looked like her (mostly) and even sounded similar. Some girls are just like that, tomboys are the best anyway.

I don't think tomboy has long flowing hair.

It's just the tranny kike calling everyone a tranny in order to muddy the water.

This, often tsundere.

Plenty of female cage fighters have long hair they braid and shit, just like there are buzzcut dykes who are unathletic.

Oh hi you fucking retard. How are you?

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Both of them are CIA assets.

I have to say, Alex Jones is one hell of a journalist.
He's interviewed Trump, he hired Milo, he inspired millions of people to rebel against Goberment, and now he interviewed that girl… WOW!

He is a self made business man who puts himself in danger routinely.

Most of you make fun of Alex, but you know that deep down inside… You want to be Alex.

Maybe in your neck of the woods, but we don't sexualize children where I'm from, so that wouldn't be my first thought. If Sophia is a little jewish boy on pube blockers, then I laugh bigly at him though.

Jesus Christ, Denton. Sage for doublepost.

Yeah, tomboys can have long hair, all the ones I knew did except for one. But that I do not doubt, this thread started getting shilled like crazy, so it's obviously pissing off some kikes and faggots. She's pretty funny, she's still young so she's a bit ignorant to some things, but she's doing well despite that.

Alex is a jew-owned conman whose lies have gotten so bad that even the boomer retards who believe the Q LARP can see through him.

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You should be fact-checking anything you listen to. Wasn't Q also known for peppering in fake statements?

god this fucking little brat is ugly, looks like a disgusting little troll. Visually repulsing.

What, nigger? Q is a total sham that only retarded boomers believe, but even they can see through Shabbos Jones now.

If you actually did that, you'd know that nearly everything Alex says these days is a lie, and never listen to him.

Please tell me you guys don't actually believe this tranny controlled ops is genuine or based or whatever the fuck you are looking for.

This is literally Alt-lite cuck "U DA REAL NAZI" type shit. Such pointless debate and arguments all coming from some shady tranny who popped out of nowhere.

Yup. He's just basic controlled ops. The amount of people who don't understand the concept of controlled opposition is astounding.

she's a little puggish / downsyndromey but she grows on you

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Why are jews so disgusting bro?

It's a boy you idiot. Use your brain and look at all the prenatal characteristics available to you. Even your retarded anime pictures highlight the masculine structure of his face

Really not. Not very nice to call a lil kid ugly but hey, its the truth.

Anyway jewtube's algorithm autodetects thought criminals now, and this little kiddo still hasn't been shoahed for some reason for (((wrongthink))).

This bearing in mind, when even little channels or 100k sub channels who casually sometimes speak out get totally destroyed and buried for basically no fucking reason in comparison.

Basically this little pug not being banned yet is very suspect. Google is pushing and allowing it for whatever reason.

Yeah he's controlled opps. Wouldn't be on all the alt-lite shows otherwise. Talking points all are moot or useless to ponder, just meant to generate rapport

I've seen these characteristics on actual girls growing up. I've seen much manlier girls growing up than this. My own fucking female cousins who I know have been pregnant and borne children look more masculine than this.

I only mean ugly in the traditional sense, I personally think she's cute but I have much more inclusive sense of aesthetics. I'm sure she isn't popular in her school, but mature guys can appreciate her strength.

also even if she had a dick I would still want to plow that anus

Now I see why you're a Jonestein fan.

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Your mind is clouded by your lustful degeneracy. What exactly do you expect or wish in an ideal society. I question your principles, with how easily they are swayed just by sex appeal.

Not only that, but this little boy looks awful, and yet you still have sexual urges towards him? What the hell is wrong with your brain?

Do you define yourself as gay? I suspect you let porn wrack your dopamine system with such intensity and frequency that you forced it to like such perversions.

Nofap should be mandatory to browse Zig Forums and I think you make a good case for it.

She did an 1 hour long interview with red ice already.

No way, is this a real product?


fag&pedo detected, go away

Exactly, becaues they shut down channels for literally nothing, fuck with the views, fuck with the channel. Just over simple remarks. But yet this little shitter is promoted.

Wouldn't surprise me if this little shit comes out as a tranny in a while so the heebs can go "haha goyim, it was a tranny all along lol so remember we're all equal and shit stop with the hate(disagreeing) goyim."

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Holy shit Soph looks like the average white girl for her age. I think most of you want her to be a boy sheesh

Very creepy that the usual psudeo-altright rounds are being given to this child who steals her political opinions from her older brother (who stole them from Reddit) just because she's an okay speaker.

Yeah, no. Butt ugly isn't "average" maybe where you're from lol.

I would intellectually plow the shit out of that little girl. Any fucking deletion, distortion, or generalizations, I'd fucking hammer the shit out of her.
Not really. I'm pretty sure she's a fuckton smarter than I am.
Also, that's Bill Hicks playing the character of Alex Jones. History is a lie.

Uh huh. She’s not wearing makeup either. You must be used to pornosluts or something

My admiration for a woman with a sound mine directs my lust towards her to produce white babies together.

Awful is subjective.

Hi Jew

Hi Jew

You need to familiarize yourself with how the average American looks. Keep in mind nobody said "average for white girls". The average is dragged down by niggers/spics/jews

indeed, we need to moderate our standards here

She has the appearance of a girl much younger than 14. You've already exposed yourself as a sodomite, why even try to hide your pedophilic tendencies?

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This is what animu does to your brain faggots: makes you unable to distinguish reality. Look at him and laugh.
It's like saying sweet 6'5" nurse Olga doesn't exist, you mental defect

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Not really, she resembles how I remember several girls looked in 1st year of high school. I think you're confused because she isn't prematurely getting DDs from milk hormones or has chiseled supermodel tranny cheekbones.

and Jared Kushner is based ammirite Moshe?


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yup, this is what happens when the permavirgins from the animu board discovers Zig Forums



Your creepy virtual youtube kid rape pedo fantasy is fucking troll-like butt ugly, so are you. Kill yourselves scum.

Wherever you people come from is a genetic sewer.

pretty sure permavirgins from /a/ founded Zig Forums or have you forgotten your roots?

Moyshe I realize you only want teen girls to be impregnated by dindus but we're waking up to the necessity to nab them as soon as they are fertile to guarantee a future for white children.

soph will probably go full bull dyke in her teen years

Originally from /new/ circa 2014 or so.

go back to cuckchan, dumb spic

what are the chances that Soph is aware on Brenton Tarrant and is secretly plugging here but is wise enough to realize that plugging him directly would give them too much ammo to deplatform her so instead she mentions how she subscribed to PewDiePie?

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you need to be 18 to post here kiddo

Shut the fuck up turd worlder, our countries were never some semitic shithole like pakistan/india/afghanistan where little 14 yr old kids die from childbirth when their sick pedo captor culture that allows molesting, because they just cannot wait a few more years because of their subhuman ape instinct/street shitter culture.

If i ever got my hands on your ugly fucking pedo creature of a being i wouldn't hesitate hanging you or beating you to death. Scum like you need to die.

I'm 33 Mr. Scheer.

What countries are you talking about? The primary reason 14 year olds would die from childbirth would be a sedentary lifestyle. If they are constantly squatting to pull radishes out of the garden they won't have any problems. Pedophilia is guys who prefer to fuck girls who haven't started puberty, that's single-digits rabbi.

t. future leo frank

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"little girl" is a dude you dumb fucks

I think she might've lost me hear, condemning foot fetishism, who the fuck do you think you are?

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Soph is a tomboy you autist.


1488 confirms that Soph might lurk here and made a reference to that footfag thread you made about her. If she condemns it though, it might just turn people on which is probably the opposite of the intended effect.

speaking of 1488, Jones cleverly worked that in at this point

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Alex Jones wants dat teen pussy

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She's obviously a girl but to the shills any white girl is either a whore or a tranny.

Degenerates like you should be sticking to your own platforms. Get the fuck out.

Kikes have tried on Zig Forums.

asses and le elbows everything is fucked nothing can be done XDDDD

But seriously its amazing how much of a shitshow this board is now filled with demoralized brainlets who don't even think a woman with a REAL vagina exists at this point, you are exactly what the kikes want to create you mindfucked fools.

This Board is Victimized Autist Derange Degradation Retard Garbage.


Not a single molecular particle of physical matter related to this channel will ever achieve or coordinate anything meaningful whatsoever period. The Donald gets more done than you. they attempt to be cohesive. Acid bathing wrench porn this site is

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Welcome to nu/pol/ where the shills outnumber real posters.

Messed-up hair, looks like she don't have good hygiene.

Just imagine the smell, the sheer amount of dandruff and old sweat her hair has, how disgusting and badly washed her feet is, the rancid odor of her unshaved parts.

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The sad people who call her a boy are actually trannies who get triggered by even the idea of biological females.

she's already admitted she browses Zig Forums. If you're reading soph, do your fucking hair properly.

Soph is a psyop. There is an ongoing globohomo psyop to demoralize millennials from the meme warfare. They found one meme that works "The boomer meme" and now they use it as a hammer on comment they see that they think is too far right. Prove me wrong

You didn't actually make a point though. You just shilled like an IDF in diapers.

Thank God you clarified this one, tranny.

You're the idiot taking points from a tweeny girl who looks like a boy dressing as a girl.

Actually, we are encouraging the next generation.

It's our generation.

Thats a dude who has been given puberty blockers or growth stunting shit.

its a dude pretending to be a girl

You have been repeating that shit for a whole thread, yid.


alex jones sucks jew cock, but soph makes high quality content even being a little grill. Hopefully she makes a jew video with the spike in viewers/subscribers as a middle finger to the "democratic press"

You can call it e-celeb trash all day long, but it's people that have the skills to create any kind of a following that get people to come to places like here and read books and learn.

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Low IQ user spotted

nice girl
but too old

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This happened over a week ago. Why the fuck are you posting this now?

You shills don't even try. Nobody's buying this but the lowest of the low schizos that wouldn't even be here if we had anything resembling real moderation.

Pick one, femikike.
>following biology instead of ideology introduced in the 1900s by (((feminists))) is semitic, goy
You'd support an AOC of 30+ you disgusting pansy.

Qtards are against Jones because he called Q a LARP and a lie and infought with Jewrome Corsi, who was pushing Q as "true" super hard because he was selling books about it.

Foot fetish is one of the worst fetishes out there, and is highly correlated to low functioning autism.

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