US and Poland promote the UNSC resolution on reparations from Germany

If the UNSC adopts the resolution, many lawyers practicing international law will become millionaires in a single stroke.

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That's just to destroy the middle class in Germany, rob them out of all their remaining wealth and drive them out of the country.

Won't happen. Legally speaking Poland has ceased from demanding reparations in 1953, the only way they could possibly get any kind of money for war would be if Germans would be willing to pay.
Which they are not because their white guilt makes them believe that other whites are not worthy of compassion, niggers on the other hand can take their land,women and money as they please.

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The judges already decide that that wasn't a legitimate cease of claim because muh commie government

Unite the EU.
Enjoy the kvetching when Germany isn't a country anymore and no more reparations can be squeezed out.

JK. But the thought is funny.

Generally its an attack on Germany. Poland is used by USrael to attack the EU, Merkel was right - its an competitor. Just like they make a division between EU and Russian natural resources, to weaken both economies.

it can't happen for many reasons. the only way they can get any money is for the german government to agree. fun fact: not even israel could legally get reparations out of germany because it is not a legitimate successor to nazi germany, it is just a post war puppet government. The germans pay the reparations willingly and out of guilt.

Most Germans are not even aware that their zog is still paying or that so far about 80 billion euro have been pissed away as consolation for crimes Germany never committed. This does not include free shit like submarines and other weapons technology that was gifted to israel.
Germans who know nowadays tend to say that it has to end and that they shouldn't have to pay for their (great)grandparents shit. But nobody advocates open against it out of fear of being prosecuted for antisemitism.
Fun fact: According to international law a peace treaty is required before reparations can be demanded and paid.
Such a peace treaty does not exist.

PiS is a kiked ZOG-friendly party, just like Zion Don.
Vote for Konfederacja.

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So this initial political tool to keep those German cucks in check is now actually turning reality?
Now to only hope that that money won't end up in Israel

It's an attack on Germanistan, not Germany. Merkel is a huge kike and is one of the main players in destroying Europe to the point of no return. Might as well take their money if they keep screeching about rule of law in Poland.

I don't think that there was an actual decision, but that would be correct, Poland only gained independence in 1989, due to being sold out to the Russians.

I feel like this thread is actually a whole lot of nothing

Germany constantly smears Poland and uses EU as a cudgel against it. Only when the shitty Polish government devises a way to fuck the German one back does Zig Forums care. I'm honestly tired of you fucks.

And since Poland never got a dime of reparations as a dependent sattelite state I'd say it has a pretty good argument for invalidating something a puppet regime agreed to. Soviets could make Eastern Germany agree to a national death pact back then, state autonomy was illusory, I doubt Zig Forums would consider THAT valid.


Yes, Poland should be forced to give money to Israel.

then why didn't the Soviets invade us when we voted out communism? They did it to Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc

You didn't vote out shit most likely, depending on what you're referring to.

The eternal pole.

1989 Polish legislative election
even tho Lech was a ZOG puppet the fact that the elections were allowed goes to show

Poles on Zig Forums constantly spew out hate and bile against National Socialism and Hitler, regurgitate jewish propaganda, and then wonder why people here take a disliking to Poland. You are willing mouthpieces for jewry. The difference between you and Germany is that Germany's government supports jewry while the general population does not, whereas with you it's the individual Pole who willingly embraces jewish lies of his own free will.

Eternal German, can find Katyń mass graves, can't find a single pre-war German corpse. Not that it stops you from making shit up, mythomaniacs. Hitler was perfectly willing adapt reality to his political needs. More centered on state than race fanatic so throwing related peoples under the bus was easy for him and his gaggle of angry toadies.

What? By 89 the USSR was ready to shit itself and all that happened is post-communists coopting the opposition through secret police and then for the most part continuing to rule through media nad party oligopolies.

Case in point, here you are acting exactly as I described the typical Pole: echoing jewish lies designed to discredit National Socialism and dissuade white men from organizing against jewry.

Krauts wanted to pretty much kill or work to death all of my family, I don't care for your lala land reinterpretation of blatant facts with millions of witnesses. They were going to wipe us out and leave a tiny vestige population in some Russian marsh because we didn't agree to believe they'd win an unwinnable war. Guess what, they lost and delivered European power to USA and Russia. Great job.

That is literal jewish propaganda you're spouting there, kike-loving piece of shit.

You killed all of our intelligentsia, you promoted abortions, you stole our children, you depopulated whole swaths of land for colonization and brought in Germans to inhabit Polish homes, you banned higher education, you made us do slave labor. Yeah, nothing happened, just a Jew fatamorgana.

No propaganda, faggot. People from ww2 are still alive here.

Why don't you add lampshades and human soap to that, Shlomowycz, since you're echoing all the other hilarious jewish bullshit.

Keep being retarded, witless meme nazi.

Both sides of my family were shipped off to slave labor, my grandfather first almost starved then got trampled by a Kraut solider for begging (then got persecuted by commie yids for being in Germany and therefore a collaborator, because why not). One great grandfather got shot fleeing from a train to one of ze camps zat I bet were meant exclusively for tourism and where half a million Polish PoWs, combat age young conscripts, "vanished" fast enough to make room for kikes. This is all propaganda tho.

PS oh yeah, he was 5 while the kraut thug was breaking his bones.

Kek, I kind of hope they do force reparations on Germany again. It would just piss more Germans off, hopefully turning more to the right.

Did your family try to remove the kike infestation in Poland before Hitler invaded?

Does your family try to actively kill kikes now? No? I guess they deserve to wholesale slowly die with their nation, being worked to death.

My family was focusing on keeping roofs over their heads and feeding their kids in the countryside, you fat retarded fuck.

not going to happen. In fact, Japan, Italy and Germany are still listed as enemies of the UN in the UN Charter (i think the japanese even have some kind of peace deal with the us).
So the german occupational government is a member of an organization that is in essence still at war with with Germany. This is the reason switzerland was so cautious and didn't want to join the UN.
As Poland's government isn't exactly brimming with intellectuals, this latest move isn't surprising.

such a sad story. you know there are a lot of websites where you can post these accounts lest they be forgotten. have you tried contacting the Simon Wiesenthal center?

wake up german brother

Oy vey!

muh 6 gorillion ded germonz doe, Poland wuz totes killing Germans n' shiet, guys, believe me, it sez that rite here in der Sturmer. Meanwhile Hitler was too busy fellating the Polish regime in hopes of coopting it for his war with everyone at once since he managed to get himself alienated in the West and at the mercy of Stalin who was very comfortable about Germans becoming oil access-dependent (Adolph sure was a strategic genius).

Not a peep from that guy about all those hypothetical Germans until the pact and invasion plans were drawn out between him and the Soviets. Peculiar. Even more so since UN was heavily injected into Poland and scrutinized anything that even remotely looked like oppressing minorities. We'd get thrashed on the world stage and embargoed pretty much immediately… Oh, but I guess the Jews would somehow interject or something. Something for sure must've obscured the invisible German genocide. Maybe ayyylmaos. They also probably vaporised the bodies. Das rite.

Then a sudden sucker punch to the Commies starting that unwinnable war to secure the damned oil fields and whoops, guess Europe's fucked now.

But hey, video footage of Germans rounding Polish civilians up for shipment to Germany? German documents? Literally tens of thousands of personal accounts? Erika Steinbach literally a child of short time colonists on Polish soil? Must've been a weather balloon.

Meanwhile on deutsch/pol/, semi-routinely:

but lets all play along for the mame's sake since most of you New World brainlets can't formulate postulates of your own. I just have to spit on my family's graves, is all.

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this is what it sounds like when the dutch cry.

If this happens this makes the "2 plus 4" treaty and similar ones put on germany null and void since the allies arent holding up their part of the deal. This would allow germany to demand pomerania back from poland and to unify with austria again.

Polen hat heute Nacht zum ersten Mal auf unserem eigenen Territorium auch mit bereits regulären Soldaten geschossen. Seit 5:45 Uhr wird jetzt zurückgeschossen! Und von jetzt ab wird Bombe mit Bombe vergolten! Wer mit Gift kämpft, wird mit Giftgas bekämpft!

Fuck Poland. You probably stole enough shit in Germany since the fall of the UdSSR to make up twice for those reparations.

go tongue kiss some /leftytard/ tankie to commemorate your joint action

dutchman, listen up: less projecting more crying please.

Poland should be rangebanned.

You are delusional. Germans are totally cucked, applauding as rapefugees flood into their country and begging Jews for forgiveness for the crimes of their forefathers. Poles, on the other hand, are a proud white nation standing up to Jewish blood libel and migrants. I hope they get as much money as possible from the Germans so they can use it to develop their proud white nation.

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I would say current germans still have more backbones than americans to say the least.

When was the last time you were in Germany? Full of coal burners and rapefugees with German men doing nothing, unfortunately.

The race mixing in Germany is much, much less than America.

The boomers in America have that weird "based niggers, based spics" and that "hurr I'm not a racist" mentality.

Last time I was in Germany every nigger was with a white whore. I don't know what it's like in America but it can't be any worse.

You are naive. We just changed one socialist union (warsaw pact) to other (EU).

i was there recently and it has this south african feel. a strange hierarchy all the ethnic groups running around in groups and separate. This is the reason there are so many rapes.
Most of the mixing was southeastern europeans and africans.

Who could be behind such a deal?


Yeah man, and there aren't any British people in Paris, the cucks!
Dream harder, pedro.

Only the lowest of the low ranks of German society would associate with shitskins.

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Kikes never learn do they?

Then why is it coming from all the ZOG strongholds?

gib free moneys for something that happened in the dark ages

get a grip polan, have some god damn pride and stop acting as a simple begging kike. we're not like them, we have honor, we have pride

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Awesome thread, nigger.

(can't embed due to click "yes I want to procede" shit token required)

also regarding poland.

can some of you answer me this? In scandinavia we do not call poland po-land, but instead po-len

a len is like a land that is .. how do I explain this. well take ie normandie. Normandie was never considered a land(sovereign), but it was len instead. More precicely it was given as a len to rollo who became an earl there for the french king.

I do not understand why we have given Poland this title in our language that still sticks to this day, where it obviously is not a len but a soverign country answering to nobo… well the eu and germany technically.. still anyone of you know why this is? what the history behind this is?

Explain me this then:
The current Polish government somewhat does what its people want. Also tries to prevent Leftists from destroying everything.
Meanwhile the German government acts against the interests of its people, while also trying to turn the entirety of Europe into an African shithole.

Stop embarrassing yourself.

Half of them are slavsluts and the rest are bottom of the barrel fatties, druggies and used up leftist catladies

Here's proof that a nation occupied by ZOG for centuries takes on the characteristics of its occupiers. Years of fellating ZOGmerica and Pissrael, while shitting on the only country that nearly succeding in removing your kikes, won't save you from being fucked by Schlomo in the end. In a bizarre sense, it's funny Plumpf and Satanyahu demanding billions of dollars worth of property after willingly going along with the holohoax and claiming that you too were somehow victims from at the hands of the Germans. All the while being one of the countries to have the least amount of kikes in modern Europe thanks to said evil Nazis. Hope you enjoy going through what the Germans have through these last few decades lol

Alright cry some moar.
You should've stuck with the previous angle but that one didn't work.

Polacken raffen es einfach nicht.
Schon wieder zeigt sich das sie Werkzeuge der (((Feinde))) Deutschlands sind.

I wouldn't necessarily say that. The EU is basically a handout to the French, Italians, and the rest of Europe, tbh. If not for the EU, the German economy and Deutsch Mark would be in Europe what the USD is in most of the world… complete economic domination




Has the night shift started in Tel Aviv?

The German economy benefits from an artificially weak currency, which is why it is one of the few countries with a trade surplus with China.

Not gutting their domestic industrial capacity to bribe foreign vassals with jobs and attack their own people [despite the crushing demands of ZOGnigger occupation] has a lot more to do with it.

Still funny how it is always the jews except for the euro or when it comes to reparations. Then it's suddenly the German nazis.
It is a shame what eu and the euro did to Greece. But poles have proven time and time again they're scum. Fuck them.

Nah. It's that same Red Text faggot spic that spams every thread with her OCD "Kill White Nationalists" schizophrenia.
Fuck this leaf blowing street dog.

Keep on dickriding actual race traitors who targeted Europeans and would do it again while nursing every tiny grudge that hit closer home.

Sounds like you just took the word from German.

I never changed the "angle", your pea brain just ran out of RAM.

Good luck w/o securing easy export markets to absorb shit and keep the ridiculously structured German economy afloat. The amount of people that are actually productive in Germany is something like 20% of the populace and the significant value comes almost completely from exporting high surplus shit made from halfproducts taken in from abroad.

EU pretty much broke Southern Europe's growth, only Western countries profiting from it are Netherlands and Germany.

You're just Kraut worshipers, you have zero credibility. Your approval means fuck all, cuck.

I haven't been in Germany but when I traveled I often encountered a lot of Germans and to a man they were passionate liberal cucks. I was once discussing WW2 with a Russian friend and a German who was with us interrupted and started shitting all over Hitler and how stupid he was for everything. He passionately explained how evil it was to try to create a homeland for only one people.
I turned to him and said, "Oh you mean like what the jews did in Israel?"
That shut the German up like I hit him with a crowbar.
What a conundrum he was in. He had to hate Hitler for wanting a state for "only one people" but he had to love the jews for everything they do.
I may have broken his brain since he never spoke up for the rest of the international event we were participating in.


Give it a rest. If you all had self-respect, you would be demanding NATO and the US State Department leave. Stop being a dumpster pump for Chaim with these tales of woe.

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Serbia tried that and look what happened to them.

And? I'm not seeing your point there. Poland is trying to play a double game: We are Catholic nationalists… and gibs me dat NATO Fort Trump so our women can get BLACKED. We stand for family… and pls USA, don't worry, we will comply and have the BIGGEST homosex parade in Europe. We are strong and the center of the West… ECB yuo going to keep sending those Euros, r-right?

Sorry buddy, I have white knighted for Poland all month and instead of standing up, they pussy out. "Reparations, Rabbi? S-sure Germany owes us too!"

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Any responsible government has to make alliances or they'll end up getting bombed into submission like Serbia so you can't really blame Poland for siding with NATO. They're taking in fewer shitskins than other European countries so I can't see why anyone would single out Poland for criticism unless they were an NSDAP larper.





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your supposed to cry not cope dutchman, are we witnessing a transformation into the coping dutchman? doesn't quite have same ring to it

why can't you guys actually send someone good for a change?

On a side note, polish scum is still squatting on German territory. Can we have it back if we give you those shekels?
18 days
18 days
18 days
18 days
18 days
18 days

The real tragedy is that they didn't finish the job.

Once german scum cease squatting on rightful French land.

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Poland is referred to as the 51st state because they NEVER say no to the US about anything. Maximum CUCKED for DECADES.

There's plenty of land for us all in the non-white world.

Hitler was wrong.
Poles are Untermenschen.

god shut the FUCK up with your fucking whining PoleNIGGER. fuck, the jews learned their kvetch skills from you dipshits.

100% correct. remember, jews flooded into america FROM POLAND in the late 1800's and it's all been fucked since. Fuck every fucking poleNIGGER. funny thing is, israel has them slated for destruction, and the dumbass pollacks don't even see it coming. serves them right, they enabled the jews.

well maybe you shouldn't have started WWII


around 30% of the polish population qualify for Aliyah, even though most of them are roman catholic and blissfully unaware.

That's right fellow trump voter!

lol I'm laughing at your family

What a lame holohoax fanfic

Why is Poland such a bitch?

Thank G-d /ourguy/ Trump is finally correcting the record!
As a fellow goy I stand on Polands and Americas side with this.
Germany started WW2 for no reason and they have to pay up. Nazis always made us right wingers look bad.