The Kosher Tax

Why do I never see anyone talk about it here?

To sum up:

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Did my thread get boycotted now?

It's alarming the number and range of products subject to the kosher excise tax. It's a nice redpill to get people to try to find non-kosher products in their homes and they'll at least marvel of the sheer ratio. Did you know shit like aluminum foil is also kosherized by some snaggle toothed rabbi and you had to pay extra for it goyim?

Losing battle there op, Rockwell tried the same thing with his party but they started starving. The only way around it is self sufficiency like a white man should.

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We do talk about it, usually about once a month.

You can practically avoid financing kikes by doing the following, assuming you cook your own food:

1) Only buy raw milk. Basically all milk has the hescher on it. Find a supplier, and get it on the regular.
2) Buy artisinal cheeses. Artisinal cheese can't be made kosher, because the process can't be changed.
3) Buy fresh fruits and vegetables. They're automatically kosher for the kikes, so they don't get heschered. Be sure to avoid fruits that are typically grown in Israel though (pomegranates, for example).
4) Eat pork and catfish. Check other meats to make sure they're not heschered.
5) Eggs are great, and are very rarely kosher.
6) If you want starches, go for potatoes or asian noodles. Flour is invariably kiked. The cost of flour is just low, so you might decide to ignore this if you bake your own bread.
7) Buy imported butter, or make it on your own from the raw milk you should be buying.

This should get you all of the "food groups". You can eat most of what you wanted to eat before, with the notable exception of anything flour-based.

You posted it when most people were asleep.

There's lots of ways to get around it without being self-sufficient. The only real difficulties are wheat and milk, and there's plenty of people who will sell you raw milk nowadays.

In leafland it's illegal to sell raw milk.

You don't see anyone talking about it because it has been talked to fucking death already.

So trade or get it gifted to you.

Have you considered moving away from the shithole that you call leafland?

I've been meaning to do this for ages, but I'll make a simple "for idiots" guide on how to avoid supporting the kikes. I'll try to even include suggestions for meals, cross-referenced with some wisdom from /fit/ and /ck/.

I'll probably post it the next time this thread comes up, it'll take some time.

I'm not a leaf. I just remember it being mentioned in previous threads on this subject.

The advice to only buy raw milk is because in the U.S., basically all commercially available milk is heschered. I don't know the situation in Canada, it may be that you don't have this problem because you have such a small number of kikes.

We have something way worse.

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Strive for the complete removal of (((industrial farming))) from your life. The White Man grows his own or personally knows the guy who did. Reconnect with the soil.

I'm a Euro. I've only seen it on American products.

What kind of rootless faggot are you?

That's some deep shit you have there.

The retards need kikefree food too.

Have you considered moving to the U.S. and pushing for us to annex Canada? We'll treat you better than that.

That's because nearly half the world's population of kikes lives in the USA.

Because everyone already knows about it.
Because there's nothing to say.
Because nothing will ever be done about it, anywhere, in any form.
Because we're not on reddit.

Take your pick.

Funny that you think it's not on yours.

Jews aren't as prolific in the majority of countries as they are in Northern America. As such, most of the world's companies don't give a fuck about their kike stamp.

Wrong. Most Goys don't know.
There's a lot to say.
Avoiding the plague? Getting public attention?

But it isn't. At least on the items I checked.

It is talked about nearly every week moshe. I know it's shabbat coming up but damn, dump folders feeling light?

that's not a simple viable long term plan either. if you have the land for this then do it, especially if you can have some pigs or even a cow, but we can't all just go innawoods and expect everything to work itself out. in order to have the power to compete with other world military forces we need control of the cities.

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Isn't there an app for that?

Because it doesn't work. People don't read the labels on their food. You can literally feed them poison and they wont care. They aren't going to look for the "Kosher" symbols or do anything about them. Good info though.

I would buy kosher food trying NOT to get poisoned. Since most food companies are owned by kikes and they are literally poisoning us.

Isn’t kosher approved products a way of letting Jews know which products are free from poisons that are intended for the goyim to consume?

You are not allowed to trade or gift it either. The only way to get a hold of raw milk in Canada is go to the u.s and brink it over or get your own cow or goat.

It's been a while since I've seen this around here. Have a bump.

Everything is kosher, including foods that clearly aren't good for you.