Enough Of This Fancy Stuff

You have to call a spade a spade. You have to explain to people that jews run your country and jews are fucking up OUR country. And this fact is true whatever country you live in, anywhere in the world. Jews are fucking up everywhere.

You want something to protest? Groups of nationalists should just go into jewish neighborhoods and protest jews being in your country, holding up signs that say "jews leave the usa".

Why the fuck are people protesting government areas, the government doesn't run anything. The synagogue rules America. Protest jews, don't protest the government.

I'm tired of these dandy assholes dancing around the jewish question with their high falutin talk of muh cultural marxists, or some of them start talking about reptilian aliens or illuminati. Seriously fuck those people.

All this shit about aliens was dreamed up by jews to distract us from jewish power, all those ufo's people have been seeing are just military aircraft or experimental technology. This alien crap is jewish bullshit. There's no aliens visiting earth.

This fancy stuff won't get us anywhere I reckon. People nowadays are too stupid it seems to catch subtle nuances and notice the wink and a nod when you say things. If you start trying to dogwhistle about stuff the crowd will likely not mobilize properly.

People need to wake up. It needs to be explained to people that jews are ruining our society and that jews need to be expelled. This isn't supposed to be some 100 year long struggle, these people can be kicked out of our country in a few years if the people mobilize against them.

You have to call a spade a spade. You have to explain to people that jews run your country and jews are fucking up your country.

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Preaching to the choir, nigger.

All these attempts of "redpilling" are better spent on normalfag social media.

Imagine going to Zig Forums and every days in days out, there's "redpilling" about jews.

Apart from nationalists protesting against jews, you could also have multi-racial coalitions protesting against jews for other reasons, perhaps about palestinians or maybe christians of all races could protest against jews for them having killed jesus. So all sorts of people can protest against jews. Once jews are out of the country then white men can decide how they want the country to go, whether or not to get rid of other races or let them stay or what.

And how can you have those?


Doublespacing boomer confused by memes wants to start bongo circle in front of city hall. News at 11.

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What a shitty cult leader
Go check out its image board
It sucks buttholes too

Retarded. Might as well blame coal miners of conspiring.

The jews would love that. Three guys with signs that the average American would laugh at. It'd be comedy gold.

Grab a parasite, put a camera on him, make him confess, then put it online. Shalom.

And you're a pussy or Adam sandler's tribe mate

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This is a good point. Direct and break away action is important. As is not getting yourself; or our allies all jewed over by impetuous choices. These neanderthals will prosecute life sentences with no evidence (i.e., James Fields). Caution is not about amping the fear, but we know kikes are at core criminogenic. Global kike mafia will railroad innocents into the psycheward – even solid citizens with stable arguments. Normal lads put on brainwreck dope like Haloperidol in less than 48 hours and can be disappeared into that meatgrinder for decades. That said, if you can safely play a line of direct action, do it: jews are the cause of all suffering in the world, and their impunity must be stopped.

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Sage and report.

Redpill me on how jews jew Albania.
I can't really find any.

Protesting against middle class Jews is a great way to lose support and make yourself look like a Hollywood Nazi. We need to focus on those who actually control us. There used to be some great booklets on Jewish media power like William Pierce's Who Rules America and Nick Griffin's Who are the Mind Benders. I haven't seen anything of that quality around recently.

Not really. Satan is real. Demons are real. The kikes are his number one vector of control in our planet OP. Cohenchidence? I think not. They aren't called the Synagogue of Satan for nothing.

Kill Jews in the street. Watch them for weeks. Follow them. Plan accordingly. Slaughter them in silence and dispose of their bodies.

Kill one and find out

If your a neet and don’t have kids, make a YouTube channel and learn how to edit a decent video. Then drop redpills on Jewish power everyday.


user, a lot of people, including myself, had jewish behavior and attitudes that were simply taught to us via (((media))) and (((schools))). You have to unschool yourself first in order to see the true amount of how kikery pervades everyday life, mostly artificial things like (((advertising))) but also ZOG military worship. You have to reach a place where you have sympathy for the soldiers who were duped. It's a little easier since vets tend to redpill a lot easier.

It's not overnight.I came here originally to see how to "solve" the "nazi problem" and then discovered it was a systemic issue and that I'd spent half my life lapping up (((propaganda))), and even some (((counter-propaganda))). Also the reaction of some former (((friends))) told me I was on the right track.

The kike is cunning and slick but eventually raw intelligence beats chamelionism and lies.

We did that. We all got deleted from the internet proper.
Our memes no longer have the power and traffic they did a year ago.
There is only one solution left.
Demoralize yourself, and face to bloodshed.

Bren 10, a firearm and round before its time;

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It's white people who run our country, they just don't care about other white people.

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This. Sick trips checked.

There should be a full spectrum of information available to enable the collective intelligence that must be persuaded to BE persuaded completely, at all levels. There are complex questions that need to be addressed, not only simple ones. Some questions are existential, some are pragmatic, some are procedural, some are substantive. Don't be a troglodyte.

Miami Vice, Don Johnson. Yep, we got ourselves a BOOMER.


We got ourselves a low IQ Stormfag

been wanting to say this for a while just didnt really care to because I didnt think anyone would listen
instead of trying to develop a race war, which is what the zionists are trying to do by creating "melting pots" in every country, we should be getting each individual race against the jews, without necessarily combining the forces

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I agree with you

I agree. Thats why we need to start here in our own backyard and remove the kike mods. Someone from /baph/ needs to dox these faggots already.

I've been here for 5 years.
You idiots have been talking about "what you really need to do" the entire time.
None of you agree on anything.
Can't agree on religion.
Can't agree on philosophy.
Ban book threads.
Get fucked by mods continually.
It's a fucking joke.
This place is a fucking joke.
I'm disappointed in myself for taking any of you seriously.

Just an hero

You are not wrong, I think most people are waiting for some sort of critical mass to be reached before they openly say the truth due to fear of social ostracization.

If you had told me in 2014 that by 2019 you'd all be dressing up like clowns and claiming the rainbow and fashtag I would have seen that you were fucking morons but I actually mistook you guys for NatSocs, which you are not. You are faggots in the sense that you fuck men in the asses. You are worthless. Charlottesville, TRS, Milo. That will be your WN legacy. That will be all anyone bothers to remember in 10 years. The failure on every level. The cowardice. Bravo.

I went to a brothel for the first time yesterday (Nevada). After I was serviced by the goil, I redpilled her on the Jews best I could. She fucking asked for it. That's how high my jew-naming level is.

No need to announce your departure

It's sad that our grandparent's generation (zoomers fuck off) were the last truly redpilled generation, but they lacked the intelligence and willpower to actually do anything about the jewish problem.
I remember my grandma would instantly go into synagogue of satan mode anytime I mentioned the kikes lol.
Anyways, we can start the process by boycotting all jewish businesses and products, once they have been economically starved they'll leave for israel and then that's when we make our move and nuke the place to smithereens.

Ah, no friend, you are wrong but that's ok. you are right about the jews and enough of this fancy stuff!

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glad you've finally taken the clown pill



BUMPED. Real fucking Post

Hey fucktard.
There are no E.T. just breakaway civilizations and classified military technology.

You know nothing about us. Fuck off. You've never done a goddamn thing.

This nigger still believes in constitutional government.

Nice esoteric singles


George Orwell wrote in his “Notes on Nationalism” that, for the pacifist, the truth that, “Those who ‘abjure’ violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf,” is obvious but impossible to accept. Much unreason flows from the inability to accept our passive reliance on violence for protection. Escapist fantasies of the John Lennon “Imagine” variety corrupt our ability to see the world as it is, and be honest with ourselves about the naturalness of violence to the human animal. There is no evidence to support the idea that man is an inherently peaceful creature. There is substantial evidence to support the notion that violence has always been a part of human life. Every day, archeologists unearth another primitive skull with damage from weapons or blunt force trauma. The very first legal codes were shockingly grisly. If we feel less threatened today, if we feel as though we live in a non–violent society, it is only because we have ceded so much power over our daily lives to the state. Some call this reason, but we might just as well call it laziness. A dangerous laziness, it would seem, given how little most people say they trust politicians.

Violence doesn’t come from movies or video games or music. Violence comes from people. It’s about time people woke up from their 1960s haze and started being honest about violence again. People are violent, and that’s OK. You can’t legislate it away or talk your way around it. Based on the available evidence, there’s no reason to believe that world peace will ever be achieved, or that violence can ever be “stopped.”

It’s time to quit worrying and learn to love the battle axe. History teaches us that if we don’t, someone else will.

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Yes goy, just go to social media where they have control.

Didn't say what I believed, did I?


Left and right unite!

The elite are evil.
The elite are Jews.

We don't hate them for their race.
We hate them for what they've done.

They've brainwashed us, put us into wars against the innocent, they enforce unjust law. They spy on us, even spy on your children as they use the internet. We know what children do on the internet. We've done it. It's lewd, and there are people who spy.

Why do you think Skype used to be P2P, and then became centralized? It's so that they could have a recording of all the children doing all those things that they do in private. The Jews are perverted rapists. All forms of internet spying or surveillance is evil. It is inherently wicked.

They own the schools and control what's taught. That's why everyone became feminist. It's not like feminism was such a good idea that everyone just suddenly agreed. It was FORCED on us.

They force their insane ideas on us. They control our military. We can't even fight against invaders. No one wanted to have wars outside our country, but we did because they control the media, the schools, the government, the military. But we all know that a war against invaders inside our country is fair and just.

But we can't do that! We can't even defend our own land, yet we defend Israel. The people in power are corrupt. And they just happen to be Jews. It's no coincidence that all the children were shown the 9/11 attacks in their school. Before internet and cell-phones, there was no way for all the teachers of every school in every state to just know to turn on the TV to make sure that all of the children watched 9/11 as it happened.

They were told. We were brainwashed. Christianity itself is an evil slave cult invented by Jews. Jews invented communism. They utilize the weaknesses of capitalism, just to get filthy rich, and then they use their money for even more evil. The government is evil. The government is run by Jews.

Before I found out that they were nearly ALL Jews, I just hated them for their evil. I'm not racist. I hated them back when I thought they were just "old, rich white men." I hated them for their evil, not their race. I'd hate members of my own race if they were evil.

But it turns out that the most evil people in this world just happen to be Jews. Not just any Jews, but the elite. All politicians are liars, and they're all greedy, power hungry, and corrupt.

They must be stopped.

I await the Black Dawn.

Shitler is the answer to every question in the world goy

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You cannot even eat food without killing.

To farm, you must enslave cattle and force breed them.
If cattle could speak, they would protest.

No cow wants to know that its children will be born into eternal enslavement and authoritarian slaughtering. Perhaps cows can speak anyways. Perhaps what they say is so obvious, we just ignore it.

If cattle could speak, they would say, "I do not wish to live under you. I would rather fight and risk death to be free. I would rather die than be your slave."

But they cannot fight or speak or organize. Thus they suffer.

When cattle learn to organize, to speak, to fight back, then they will be free. If they never learn to fight, to fight in such a way as to completely and udderly exterminate the human race, or at least all humans that are fine with enslaving cattle, then they will be forever slaves.

Forever goyim.

Based tor spammer who posted the same in every thread with his spacing between blocks of paragraphs and who totally isnt obvious

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Are there any intelligent white supremacists here? Every time I try to talk to you faggots, you say some utterly braindead shit like this.

Do you know why you share this site with pedos and NEETs and conspiracy theorists who actually believe the Jews are aliens? It's because everyone here is utterly disdained by society. Normalfags do not listen to anything we say the instant they find out what we are. This is why the smart white supremacists pussyfoot around the JQ; they are making your ideology more palatable to the general public.

These "dandy assholes" are a massive boon to your cause. You're like a drug dealer advocating to legalize marijuana. That shit pulls people into your circles and gives you an opportunity to sell them your note hardcore shit. Maybe you should think through your positions a little more than "I hate Jews and anybody who doesn't also publicly hate Jews is a pansy." People like you are why people like me can't take this shit seriously.

This is an information repository as far as the JQ is concerned more than anything. If you were smart enough to realize that, you wouldn't be concerning yourself with whatever flavor of the week strategy comes through here that may or may not be written by a well-poisoning like. Individual anions were always supposed to take the information gleaned here and take it into the real world in their own way, seeing as how every situation is different and requires a different approach depending on the user, the target, the time and the place, you fucking kike.

user, with all due respect, I must tell you that you're wrong. You think humans are logical, that the majority of people make up rational conclusions by analyzing all available evidence. That's simply not true. If it were true, we wouldn't have neo-liberals, we wouldn't have pro-israel evangelicals, we wouldn't have trans-anarcho-post-racial feminists. All three of those ideologies, despite having differences in popularity, are all the result of bypassing critical thinking and listening to MSM, televised Church services, and college professors respectively. What you need to realize is that normalfags WANT to be controlled, they want somebody to repress opposing ideologies, and they want done through "the system". The system is whatever political entity controls the normalfags, be it through the use of guns, or through the use of TVs. You think we can lure in those normalfags with moderate redpills like a pedo lures children to his van with candy. However, the difference between us and the pedo is that the pedo has something the Children want. Offering normalfags redpills would be like the pedo offering the children literal shit instead of candy. If the normalfags didn't regurgitate redpills, they wouldn't be normalfags, they would be "freethinkers".
Now, your strategy might work on an individual level, if you can find a "freethinker", somebody who could potentially reject the system.The freethinker has still been brainwashed by the system, just not as strongly as the normalfag. Because of this minor brainwashing, a freethinker may knee-jerk reject our ideas, but if they are a true freethinker then with enough time and good reasoning you could convince them. However, on a larger scale, the normalfags will only listen to the system. Therefore, our only choice is to recruit enough freethinkers to become the new system, and thus take control of the masses of normalfags. Thus advertising to the masses is a waste of time, because they are not only useless for taking control of the system due to their lack of critical thinking, they also cannot see more truth than whatever the system lends them

lol great idea /s
we tried it on social media, here's the result

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thanks CIA

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after your civilization and people are enslaved, raped, tortured and turned into biorobots i'm sure you'll be happy to believe we muharyans will create the next great civilization after this one collapses to ruin like all the previous ones

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they're bribetakers

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Yes, you did.

aiming at the jews strikes as much less effective than aiming at what they do
the Fed and international money system for instance
political bribery
corporate corruption (pharma on top, also agri)
organized crime
and so on

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we are not crypto-bolshevik zionists then

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I don't disagree that you need to take control of the media, but you aren't going to be able to do that without support from the general public, hence why anyone even loosely affiliated with you guys gets deplatformed. What you're not taking into account here is that most people in America are very unhappy with the current system. That's why Trump got elected, and it's why Clinton had to cheat to come out on top of Bernie. More and more, people are recognizing that shit needs to change, and so they are opening themselves to alternatives. You're never going to bring anybody like that to your side by telling them you want to gas the kikes. You'll definitely bring people over if you rail against the system they hate while talking about objective, demonstrable racial differences. Once someone has accepted race realism, they will listen to your ideas instead of flat-out rejecting them.