OPERATION: Red Pill Boomers

We need anti-Jewish boomers. We need to work to make boomers hate Jews. We don't know how much longer boomers will be alive for, and we know boomers of done a lot of stupid stuff, but boomers are still very powerful. So we need to work to make them hate Jews. We have to work very hard at this.

It's also important to work on creating a climate of anti-semitism in your local community. Spreading anti-semitic ideas to people at bars etc. You can even work in teams on this.

For instance you can say something at a bar about jews, the person you say it to is like " I don't know if I believe that", then another person says how you're right and that "jews really do suck". But the person who does that pretends they don't know you.

So its like applying pickup artist stuff except spreading anti-semitism.

And you could even have groups spread anti-semitism at different places in your community simultaneously, like teams of 10 people.

But on the boomer issue, boomers seriously need an intervention and need to be taught that jews are not their friends. They really need to get over the "muh jews, their my greatest ally" bullshit. Its so sad and pathetic.

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We don’t need anti-jewish anything, you slavish people. Get some pride and stop being “The Weather”.

This is difficult. You're trying to convince people that they're suckers and not heros. It almost impossible no matter what facts you have. The people willing to do that are extremely exceptionally humble people. I accept boomers who repent of their boomerism (wtf could they do with total legacy media saturation really) but it's kind of pissing in the wind.

A better strategy would be to just adopt their already retarded would view in service of our goals. I'll give you an example. Rather than say "destroy CNN they're run by the jews who tricked you into fighting for nothing, robbing your children's future and making you the most pathetic and contemptible generation for all of the remaining world history" try "Qanon says stop watching CNN. many experts agree." (and make a fake infographic or something.)

i agree. it's not worth it. this is a really bad thread. The only way boomers would ever be redpilled is if they new about these things beforehand, which although possible, isn't common and the ones who are bluepilled are happy being so. Yuri Bezmenov stated that it's a waste of time to try and influence people who are either completely for you and those who are completely against you. The only people you should be redpilling are the people who are on the fence, because they're the easiest, first of all, and they often become the most fanatic when they find out that they've been lied to. sage because this is a shit cuckchan-tier thread.

Impossible. Boomers are a lost cause. You can't teach that which is incapable and unwilling to learn.The boomer is incapable of knowing where the search bar in a program is after having just ten seconds prior typed in it and performed a search.

Agree. Do not attempt to convince boomer of anything. They are gone. Your time and energy will be wasted. Worst generation since the 7thC. What user says: redirect their scorched earth narcissism in directions that serve our ends. That or leave them out entirely.

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Boomers, like most (actual) millennials, are golems born & raised
To undo the kikery that has them so bewitched is a worthless effort, seeing as even just being nationalist in any way is immediately met with stammering & unease
The boomers are soon to kick the bucket anyways, so with their thoughts of death, they're really not gonna want to have any "risks" to their ideals
They already (hypocritically) subscribe to the "we don't need to make another enemy" fashion of politics
They're also quite worthless, even if they wern't to die soon, they're traitors & a half, their embossed mortality only makes it worse

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Boomers are the hardest to redpill. They are the first generation to spend a lifetime watching television and thus have no defense against its power. Boomers will only listen to the news. Honestly, good luck trying to get through to them. I consider myself an expert at redpilling those around me, but Boomers are just a bunch of drunk hedonists who might agree with you in the moment, but forget it all the next week like some retard version of a jew. Even older Gen Xers are hard to redpill and need constant reinforcement to not fall back on neocon propaganda they grew up with, but it is doable.

Their brains are so crystallized from age I'm not sure such an undertaking is even possible.

Also as an aside anons, you need to strive to physically exercise, abandon processed sugars and artificial sweeteners, avoid msg, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. Strive to challenge your brains every day to keep your brain plastic throughout your life- experience and learn new things frequently.
Neurons and the axons between them grow and multiply with use making them faster and more efficient like a muscle. This gets harder for them to do as your body ages so chase the brain gains while you can.

There do exist however. Michael Scheuer (to the greatest extent possible, because he does believe the holocaust fantasy) is a boomer yet he was one of the first to openly criticise US foreign policy an how it kowtows to the israeli-firsters. Being in his position, I don't think he'd could get away with outright saying that it's the jews.

He has, though. And it was only his position that awoke him to this problem. He last had his personal blog banned from whatever hosting service it was because he openly said, "Now is the time for people to grab their guns and start killing everyone in the government."

This. The mass is extremely, beyond all doubt completely retarded. Attention span of a month tops. There's a reason zionist jews consider these people as goyim, or subhuman. They're not completely wrong, if you grasp the total and utter stupidity of the masses.

In the mass lies power, but it can not be harnessed by logical and nuanced reasoning, for the basis of this reasoning requires huge amounts of knowledge on alot of topics. It is very easy to fake information and suit it to an agenda. Instead you have to rely on simplicity, emotional impact and repetition on key points (e.g. degeneracy is the work of the devil, as a crude example).

It is best we help plunge the west into an economical crisis whereby people starve by the hundreds of thousands. Only then, when people have almost nothing to lose, will we regain the natural order of racial awareness, and purge our lands accordingly. Our enemy has learnt from the past, and will try to prevent such a crisis from happening until after immigration ratios have outnumbered, or at least pose a significant threat to us white people. This is to prevent a white uprising.

I do agree with OP's strategy of using social reinforcement to spread these ideas. Along with it should go the knowing and full confidence in the truth that the white race has its own best interests at heart. We just collectively face globohomo's censorship and twisting apparatus and probably artificial intelligence against whites. If you believe whites care not about their own (only weaklings ready to be culled by nature don't), you will spread this energy through your mere presence unto others. You need not even speak. Stand firm kameraden, interesting times ahead

Lol look at this kike kvetch.

He was banned from go-daddy. But I recall that he expressed remorse that America meddled in the affairs of Apartheid South Africa which led to so many White Christian people being persecuted and murdered or rejected from employment. So in reality, it could be any number of those posts. He's suggested violence against the tyrannical government before, but thinking about it, I suppose it was the fact that he said that the time was nearing which suggested that it was going to happen rather than a mere hypothetical situation. Either way, He's back at non-intervention2()com

I dunno man. He's a MAGApede through and through, though.
I used to like to read him before ZOGnald got elected until the early stages of the presidency and it was quite funny to read all his honestly very good advice, addressed as though he was speaking to Trump directly (pretty boomer, tbh). And time and time again Trump doing the opposite of what would have been the rational thing to do, but Scheuer doesn't see it as the president's fault. I believe this guy is a good old republicuck boomer, where everything a democrat does is automatically wrong, and everything a republican does is automatically right.
I also believe that even if he arrives at the right conclusion, he gets there from the wrong position. So, he certainly is no ally.

Boomers as a whole must be boomercausted on the day of the pillow without mercy for their crimes against us and nation.

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No. He's not a magapede and he's criticised Trump numerous times for essentially acting like an israeli-firster. QuickQuestion, did you read any of his writings, if so, how many; before and after he got shut down?

You need to fuck off back to reddit.

As I said, I stopped reading sometime in 2016, I browsed his blog a bit before posting, to see if anything had changed.
I know he's been critical of Israel, but only in the most modest sense. You see, he rejects the US kowtowing to Israel because he believes in complete isolationism, not because he dislikes the jews and their schemes. You see what I mean.

Also, why are you the president of his fanclub? Why do we need boomers anyway, especially ones that have been de facto silenced and pushed to the side. Let's be real: nobody ready these blogs. They aren't very well written and always have the tone of somebody in a position of authority speaking directly to people in higher positions, as though he was still at glownigger central giving a report.
It's kind of pathetic. Which brings me to my next point:
He really is the best boomer we have, but what's that actually worth? It means that this whole generation is useless.

PS: if it took Scheuer to redpill you on the JQ, you must have been a mighty good goy yourself. Idolatry will not help you. Scheuer should not be anybody's hero. I mean, he was a glownigger, for Christ's sake.

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just sit down with your meemaw and say, "nanna, why can't you be a cool, woke af grandma like this old lady?"

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Send medium strength redpill memes to police departments over Facebook DMs. Memes that prove Jewish crimes.
What if we all did this?

No, he believes in Non-interventionism and has quoted Jefferson in stating that isolationism is detrimental to US economic interests but asserted that this does not mean that the Americans would get embroiled in other country's problems. There's a difference. You not continuing to read, and seemingly not doing a good job at it for that matter.

correct, which means that as a boomer, he's in a position to have way more credibility than an average boomer or a millenial, or really any one for that matter. Secondly, He was head of the bin Laden unit, not just some GS-level goon.

Furthermore, you trying to assert that Michael Scheuer was the entrance to the JQ is irrelevant, but i can see why you're not a fan of his, especially since you're posting from tel-aviv

you anons, if you are anons and not useful idiots or shills, do realize that the plan is to hold off the revolution until the boomer die-off? That the kikes in power want us rudderless and without our elders before they pull the curtain? take a look at this link, watch the video, then read the comments: twitter.com/jackiesvibes/status/1131271915522314240?s=19
they want us dead, but they also know they need to weaken our numbers first. boomers hate millennials hate boomers hate millennials is just the jews making you waste your time and buy into ">not the jews"

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Lurk more faggot. We dont need to use pick up moves (which work on weak minded women and fags) to recruit. We just need to spread truth and spark more anons to search for themselves. Basically the opposite of what this trash post does.


New solution: Redpill the Boomers alike by reviving the "christ killer" talking points and highlight the jew's aggression against christianity and christian america, all the way to their teenhoods, while redpilling zoomers on how they're also doing the same thing to them.

Fuck off, kike.

Then you should be telling your fellow Jews to stop being Jewish and kys.

Doesn't say why.

OP really just wants to find the nigger who fucked his mom.

Plenty of anti Jew boomers. Most boomers know what Jews do. They have for decades.

What you mean is why isn't anyone killing Jews and putting us Stormtards in charge.

You're not fooling a single person.

Q predicted this.

The only reason we see acceleration tactics from (((them))) is because it's evident the Internet has redpilled Millennials and Zoomers, and the young frogs are aware that the water is starting to boil. I don't usually support intra-race D&C, but in this case, boomers really ARE the enemy (statistically…). Our main objectives are survive any impending purge and to recruit and prepare our young ranks to sieze the levers of power as they continue to avail themselves in increasing numbers…

Why the fuck would you asshole mods remove this post?

Boomers know about the Jews. Boomers have know for decades about the Jews. Stormtards want someone else to kill the Jews for them.

Go fuck yourself

Fuck off asshole stormtard and your muh boomers

booms and general golem are only understood and reasoned as a mass, similar to cattle farming. They behave roughly under specific guidelines. Maximum ease and comfort, impression of choice while limiting or eliminating choices, aversion to stressor stimuli. All those are principles of industrial cattle processing. Golem are no different. Feed/bait only motivates if the barriers to access the feed are drastically less than reward. They become easily distracted and stressed (offended) by unfamiliar visual and psychological stimulation. To get them to accept something that is a stress stimulation, it requires a secondary contrasting stressor that is less stressful than the primary stressor. They need to feel like they are making their own choice, just like using continuous radius hallways for cattle going to the stun box.

Kek. Boomer support for israel dropped to fucking 57% already so I suppose it's doable but every single other generation from X to Z has a majority negative opinion of kikes. The boomers really are the problem, either they take their pills or they will get the day of the pillow.

good luck OP I've tried red pilling my parents on the JQ and all they do is get angry and yell 'STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS'. Mind control is a hell of a drug.

I thought pictured was jewish.

The small children who watched terminator as children are children of the boomers. Do you realize that?

This is really curious everyanon. It appears to be that there are a generation of filth attacking boomers and their children, but who are the cause of all these problems instead.

The only generations that can fit is one in between boomers and their offspring and this generations own children who must be millenials. Or some Y???

We can see this generation of filth that have used this meme which is not their meme, but the boomer childen's meme, attempting to use it to attack the boomers and their children.

Either a metakike or …….?

Here's you redpill boomers: just quote the bible, and remind them the jews are the pharisees. Boomers respond to bible talk

OPERATION: Wait for Boomers to die

oh sweetie, go back to mowing your lawn

I've been redpilling tons of boomers, planting seeds with bible quotes for a while. So much that the jews noticed and heckled the pope to do something about it. Gold mine

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i want reddit to leave

Trying to redpill your parents is a waste of fucking time. That generation has been mindfucked by the electric Jew beyond remedy. They can't grasp the fact that America is fucking up the world and the American government is the diametric opposite of what it was designed to be. And say you did get a bunch of 65 year olds on your side… so what? The best that senior citizens can do politically is to go out and vote, and who would they vote for? Trump? Big help that did. There are no counter-jew candidates.

Old people are worthless for anything except wisdom, and boomers have no useful political wisdom.

I miss when popes condemned the heresies and blasphemies against humanity and Jesus Christ in the Talmud.

Each generation has a different dynamic. With Generation X, for example, you have to put more emphasis in fighting blackpills and show that there is a chance to improve things.

With Boomers, you have to show them that they are fucked. They are an extremely narcissistic generation who would rather not think about these issues so long as they don't think they'll affect them directly. Some boomers will pass before things get bad, but it seems very likely that we will have a full societal breakdown in the next 6-8 years. Tens of millions of boomers will be alive to experience it, and be pretty helpless to do shit.

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The Boomer Question was a perennial topic of conversation in the Third Reich.

–Heinrich Himmler

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Boomers have nothing but free time until they die.
Who else has time to sit around and Blog, Protest, Stand around with a Sign by a scary statue, March, etc. for a cause?
People on Gibs.
The Left hates Boomers; More Flies with Shit.
Embrace the Boomers; More Ants with Sugar.

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even if you can get the boomer to realize his generation sat back and watched as the world caught fire he will immediately step into a strong denial and pretend like he did it on purpose. he will point to his current well-being and the fact that "i'll be dead before any of that happens" as evidence of his supposed genius.
just build capital for yourself and your local militia and focus on generation z who is now entering the work force

I'm made to agree, but will add that there are a very small number of Boomers out there who are worthwhile as mentors.

The boomers should just sort of be left to die, and we should probably do whatever we're going to do without worrying about them.

1) There's no reason to wait for the boomers to die to start making progress, user.

2) Those "elders" are the ones who failed to pick up the fight, choosing instead to indulge in TV, drugs, and casual sex. The value of our elders is in their wisdom - the boomers are a generation that generally has none, and as such they are worthless.

pic is reaction to you btw

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Yeah, Boomers get more hate as a group than they deserve, and a lot of this is of course tongue-in-cheek. At the same time, it's very hard not to watch some old Boomer parasite like this have an orgasm over military jets and wars for Israel and not feel some fucking anger.

b52 bombed the shit out of poor farmers in Vietnam as well! Good work yanks!