Muslims accidentally redpill Canucks about Islam


Maybe we should help our muslim neighbors and put up our own flyers?

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Dags? Mickey, what have they got against dags?!

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You could turn so many white women against muslims so fast…


Great idea. Help spread the word so muslims feel more welcome. I'm sure whites will give up their prescious dogs for the sake of diversity

White women already hate muslims. And niggers too if we're going by real life.

Dogs can smell evil intent.

oh the irony

Nah, we can do even better. Any anons who live in the area should replace the flyers with this:

Then watch the media and leftists fall all over themselves to accomdate these mudslimes by literally not going to parks or public places

You just need to add the line

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Shitskins fear the Aryan/Canine alliance.

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muslim chink war incoming. no whites live in vancouver.

Fuk yuo muslim, you no tell me where my food go! Fuk yuo.

Taking all bets.
I got .0025 BTC on the Ant people.

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it's obviously underground reptiles, makes way more sense

Non-Jewish people, please understand that there are Jews who live in this area and you gentiles (goyim) are considered to be filthy and less than human according to Judaism.
Please keep away from us at all times and away from public places unless absolutely necessary.

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Non-jews, please understand there are jews who live in this area and non-jews are considered to be subhuman beasts in judaism.
Please keep away from jews at all times and away from public places.

So many larping turk roaches, remind Turks that they're Arab rape objects and watch them scream in agony

"If you want to make a turks head explode, call him an Arab. The turks see themselves as not arab, and not muslim, despite Islam being followed by 97% of the population. After conquering the middle east, the turks thought they were done, raping and genociding to their hearts content. However the greeks, who the arabs tried and failed to conquer, were now sadly gone. The Arabs, seeing the new arrivals the turks were niggers like them, and missing their old greek neighbours, decided to rape the turks with the most evil cancer of all time, Islam. While people normally feel sorry for the people arabs rape, in this case it was justified and strangely amusing seeing how the turks react to being completely lobotomised, and their culture raped burned and annihilated. The Arabs did their usual brain rape and now watched as turks own converted people kill non Muslim's for them so Arab's don't have to. Turks are jealous Arab's are better at rape than them, and conquered the Middle East before them. They are also jealous Arab's seem to be unaffected by Turkey's rape, and constantly suicide bomb them and make their lives hell. Thus the Arabs are now the the most hated country in Turkey, whilst constantly being suicide bombed by arabs. The arabs get away with it because Islam, and the rest of the world doesn't care, making the Turks scream in rage. A strange irony that one of the worst races in the middle east is able to be contained by one of the most shittest."

Didn't the exact same happen a few years ago in bongistan?

They do it themselves. Just bring attention to it as much as you can.

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Literally this.
Muslims require deception to succeed in their goals and if a muslim enters your house or you have your dog with you when you meet a muslim, the dog will sense if he secretly wishes you harm via a combination of body language and pheromones.
Dogs can detect cancer cells with their sense of smell, spotting that a dirty muslim is being dishonest and probably plotting to stab you, his beloved master, in the back is easy for them.
muslims hate dogs because muslims hate truth.

"Maimuna reported that one morning Allah’s Messenger was silent with grief. Maimuna said: Allah’s Messenger, I find a change in your mood today. Allah’s Messenger said: Gabriel had promised me that he would meet me tonight, but he did not meet me. By Allah, he never broke his promises, and Allah’s Messenger spent the day in this sad mood. Then it occurred to him that there had been a puppy under their cot. He commanded and it was turned out. He then took some water in his hand and sprinkled it at that place. When it was evening Gabriel met him and he said to him: You promised me that you would meet me the previous night. He said: Yes, but we do not enter a house in which there is a dog or a picture. Then on that very morning he commanded the killing of the dogs until he announced that the dog kept for the orchards should also be killed, but he spared the dog meant for the protection of extensive fields or big gardens."

Ill take 0.050 BTC on the bugmen

Islam confirmed for most retarded religion ever, which is quite an accomplishment considering some of the other candidates out there.

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this is actually not a bad idea

Damn, those Muslims are such a lucky bunch.

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Nigger-tier logic.

Mudshits fear dogs.
It's hilarious. Even if they have the numbers that could easily snackbar my dog they won't do anything but run their mouth.
And my dog is liberal as fuck.
They lack empathy thus lacking the ability to read his intentions.

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I like how there's a thing to "report a hate crime" below, like they know that anyone who opposes this can be considered "racist".

Oh this is exactly what the (((government))) wants.

They built a mosque just a block from the Sikh temple and they hate each other's guts…

The government can paint this turd any color they want, it's still shit.

Go for a more "orderly" or "emergency" font to highlight its importance, because font matters in delivery.

the multicultural equivalent of an anti-graffiti mural - no matter how good the image looks, you know it's there because it has to be

how exploitable…

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Help them spread it.

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too late, it's on the internet forever
it will be copied on twatter and in lieberal media in no time
it might cause quite a stir

I love you guys. Never change.


Believe it or not that's the genesis of "hate" laws in leafland. Some Rockwell type was having meetings and the (((locals))) kvetched and law was passed… this was in the 60s though when the war was still fresh and there were many good goy vets who shed blood for ZOG around.

LOL. Alcohol is haram, hashish isn't.

Now we need someone to print this shit.

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If you're going to add this it needs to be more professional. For example

Looks like shlomo has lost control of his pet. Can't wait for them to start turning jew temples into mosques. Oh vey!


Made it look a bit more legit.

Photoshop file for future editing:

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Also going to shill for
The best ded board out there.

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Dogs should hate kikes too



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You should make one about jews. "Attention non-jews: please touch only the bottles of wine purchased. Jews in this community are not allowed to use wine after its been touched by gentiles."

Misspelled tolerance.

Also neighborhoods.

Does this fucken guy not have spell check or something?

no spell check in photoshop damn it. Give me a minute.

Fixed, thanks for the advice. Also centered the text, looked better that way.

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Photoshop file:

Yea sorry about this. In my local Zig Forums group they actually make sure to spell check everything before anything gets printed kek. Still the only decent poster designer out here.

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Cry havoc and let slip the DOGS of war. Push them buttons you syrup sucking lovers of hockey and Liberty. The bigger the dog+ mean is good. Let them run and when the camel jockies get loud they might get bit in the face😎. If they attack you and your dog first you are golden.

i think it would be better without the last line. a mussie would never say thank you

Yet more evidence that Saint Brenton Harrison Tarrant the Mudslime Remover did nothing wrong whatsoever.

Remove the two instances of "please" also, so the whole poster reads like a fatwa.

Jews are pretty weird with dogs, I've seen some obvious Jew boys (wearing those stupid Jew caps but with full ugly color splashes instead of being a solid white or black) try to approach a dog but then immediately spaz out like a retard and hurry to a corner when the dog comes to check them out. Only to go back and try to approach the dog again when he goes back to lie down, rinse wash and repeat. I'd like to think the race mixing has created a sort of desire to bond with dogs but the primal fear overcomes that desire.

Well, they learned from the best.

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Why do shitskins hate dogs so much? Even king nigger obama ate dog and in africa they boil dogs alive worse than chinks do.

Well the big rabbit get's fucked?

Proper fucked???

Yes Tommy, proper fucked!!

Pig walk now!

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Fuck dog owners. Dogs are fucking useless animals that millennials raise instead of children. At best, they shit every where and bark for hours on end for no fucking reason and at worse they rip appendages off of small children. If you live in the city of Vancouver, you have zero need for a dog.


Flyers should be aggressive warnings with pics of dog abuse on for maximum normie reaction.

It's interesting that dogs actually have a mention in the mythology of WeWuz. The niggers who believe that White people were created by Yakub always mention the White man's domestication of the wolf as some kind of great evil.


We tamed the wolf, and they're afraid they're next to be domesticated. What they don't understand is that the wolf is a usefull animal, while the abhuman is not.

Which is ironic, because tons of American blacks love dogs (not the niggers who only get pitbulls). It’s their one redeeming quality.

what always got me is how they justify the big ass golden statues while having donate to us to save a monastery in Tibet signs.

Shitskins have no souls, of course they would hate man's best friend.

Kek no maybe pitbulls but they're genuinly afraid of dogs especially ones like German Shepards, Bloodhounds, or big dogs like Newfoundlands or St.Bernards. I remember whenever I took my dogs walking at the beach I would get many White women that would fall over heels for my dogs whereas Niggers especially the males are reluctant too get close and that one of them said do they bite too my mom and she said "well not if I used the safe word" as a joke. The look on the Niggers face was priceless, his eyes were wide as dinner plates.

Can confirm.

Options abound.

Conversationally cited the 70's shitlib movie "White Dogs" to an Obama era Mozlin darkie whom globohomo had set up as a shopkeep. He was rustled that dags could learn to recognize and react to them as unique problem targets.

I have this deep-hearted desire that just because you slap a NS logo on any random object or animal, you are still big gay.

If you're going to propagandize a post with our logo, don't put it on a fucking pig you loser. I assume you're trying to make Muslims look like retarded goat fuckers (which they are) but try harder. You literally just threw a Swastika in the fire to piss off 0.5 Muslim. You suck. Grow up and be smarter, pigpen faggot.

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Looks like Ol' Uncle Adolf wouldn't be quite so supportive of Islam after all.

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Fucking everyone should be made aware of what mudslimes do to dogs. The fucking sandniggers want to wipe them out.

user, dogs originated from a different species of canine than the wolf, though have interbred to an extent. Compare european dogs to eskimo dogs, they don't even recognize each other as the same species, much like comparing humans to niggers.

dogs eat their anus periodically therefore they're filthy

toll yet to pay, you mean?

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Still cleaner than mudslimes

the typos are a nice touch, extra fucking irritating

no keep the typos, that adds insult to injury

The kikes made him but the message he spread was truth so.

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it's not a government threat it's a communal psa

If people there don't kill the mudslimes, anything else is useless.

This YT vid about a Hasidic Jew who walks dogs, he mentions at start how most of them are scared of dogs.

Obviously because most jews are evil. If you're some kinda down syndrome jew who wants to do nothing but walk dogs you're basically the exception to this I guess.
above is a rabbi ranting about how dogs have no souls according to Judaism

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