Call Saint Tarrant! HAPPENING! Parcel and Part! Bicycle of Peace Attack in France

Seven people have been injured in an explosion believed to be a "parcel bomb" in Lyon, France.

No deaths have been reported, but the bomb caused minor injuries according to a report. A young girl was among those injured.

The explosion went off on the pedestrian street Rue Victor-Hugo outside the bakery chain store Brioche Dorée.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the bomb was an “attack" and sent "a thought for the injured and their families."

Le Progrès, a French newspaper based in Lyon, said the parcel bomb was filled with nuts, bolts, and screws.

Reports say a man riding a bicycle dropped the "parcel" off in front of the bakery minutes before it went off.

BFMTV on France explosion: Man in bicycle left a suitcase in front of a bakery around 5:30pm. Suitcase exploded. Man now wanted.
— Steve Lookner (@lookner) May 24, 2019

Soldiers have blocked off streets as an investigation has started.

Explosion à #Lyon angle rue Victor Hugo et rue Sala. Périmètre de sécurité mis en place. Pour votre sécurité éviter le secteur.
— Préfet de région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et du Rhône (@prefetrhone) May 24, 2019

Better thread than the previous version.

This shit in France doesn't even surprise me anymore. France is literally an extension of Africa at this point, just like Hitler said in Mein Kampf. How Muslim are they now? 10%?


The "wanted" photo doesn't help shit either, guy had his face completely covered up.

I googled Ramadan to check the date, sometimes I forget how regular this is.

That's an Antifa member.


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Vive les macaques!

The bombing of normies is the only thing that breaks the tedium of clown world and makes things somewhat real. Barely.

Funny how a completely masked guy can just walk around like that in public.

Oh wait, here we go!

To publicly wear anything face-covering will be forbidden soon, as these things will make it impossible to identify you.

They already imposed such a law in Gerrmany, btw.

Not that I would care too much about the subject itself, but it's a step further into the totalitarian direction that most Western governments are heading for.

you mean shabbat rabbi

Many black and I assume Muslim ghettos in Lyon.
It's safe to assume that the bakery was white-staffed. The only other race into baking whatsoever is Asians. Sandniggers and niggers aren't into bakery-style pastries.
No mention of Nazis.
Subhumans strike again.
The only question is, when will they French Brenton rise up? Don't let us down, frogcucks.

Obviously a lefty.

Many new academic papers have come out recently showing that diversity is the number one cause of violent conflict and war. We already knew that and, in fact, we can prove it a priori because war and conflict by its very nature requires two different sides. The elites know this and thus their only hope of stopping chaos tearing apart their NWO global multi-culti utopia is to construct absolute totalitarian police states that control every single aspect of daily life. Fingers crossed it falls apart because the hell that it will be is simply unimaginable. Living in a Gulag would be better.

So White families were attacked then?

Most likely Muslims attacking a resisting white business for not paying their jizya tax or whatever it's called. Terrorism for those subhumans is simply an everyday way of life, a way to get at people who have wronged you, which is why their counties are perpetual war zones.

jizzy tax…that sounds interesting. I can tell when Marcon doesn't give a fuck because he blows off the victims (natives) like they were trash.

Fuck off retard, shitskins can't help themselves.

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Oh you where blown up?! I'll send my thoughts.
Oh, you were shot by Saint Brenton?! HOLD MY BEER!!!!

Is there no more 'French' newscasters anymore…or couldn't you find a French newscaster? Why am I looking at a fucking poo telling me the news in France? Not even sure listening to a poo is worth the information from KikeVision.

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Saint Brenton is the ideal Zig Forumsak. He quit shitposting to defend his people and did what most of us have dreamed of doing, and he did it in absolute style. To deny him is to admit to being a pseudo intellectual because only the unthinking and uneducated believe there is a peaceful salvation at this stage.

but he lurked less than two years before posting…

who are these post directed at? take this shit back to a 2012 9/11 thread

Saint Brenton is the ideal Zig Forumsak. He quit shitposting to defend his people and did what most of us have dreamed of doing, and he did it in absolute style. To deny him is to admit to being a pseudo intellectual because only the unthinking and uneducated believe there is a peaceful salvation at this stage.>>13316510
He trained two years before effortposting.

In during jewish false flag accusation.


It's already the case in France (for a decade).
Not that anyone gives a fuck.
French aren't German/Anglo sheeple, they largely pick which laws they follow on a case by case basis and are notoriously dismissive of the police.

Tell a french guy that he must do something "or else" and he's just gonna smirk and ignore you and do what the fuck he wants… if he's not gonna do the exact opposite just to piss people off.
There is a reason why they're the "free" people of Europe.

Sounds about right considering that French proles slaughtered what remained of their betters in 1789. Louis XIV replaced the blood nobles with nobodies who were easily controlled, turning France into the prototype for soul-killing, war-mongering, bureaucratic nightmares and, a bit further on, the stupid plebs started putting on airs and were tricked into murdering all of the people who were competent to run a sovereign state. Combine the later action of Napoleon running around fighting stupid battles driven by insecurity (he was a low-tier pleb and he knew it) and a significant amount of the quality blood has probably been lost to the dirt.

Serves the pastry shop right for using White bread.

Next time they'll only bake mixed grain.

religion of piece

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rabbi is butthurt

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Except that's absolutely not what happened.
A shitload of nobles, especially the old houses were PRO-REVOLUTIONARY. Hell Robespierre himself is Maximilien de Robespierre
Look up all the french officers that basically won all the revolutionary wars up to the final defeat of Napoleon and realize nearly ALL of them were from the nobility and some of the oldest nobility at that.

What really happened is that in France (like everywhere else), along the 17/18th centuries MERCHANTS from cities (bourgeois) bought their way in the nobility either buying directly titles from the king or by buying daughters of impoverished nobles and became magistrates and the first techocrats that had warehouses in Rotterdam, a banker in Venice a house in Paris and some ships in Liverpool, they didn't gave two fucks about France, let alone it's people.
The actual nobility, the guys managing their lands, peoples and fighting wars quickly became a minority and quickly lost their authority.
Those guys finally rebelled against the Regency when Louis XIV was a child (La Fronde) but were subdued (largely by their own blind loyalty to the king which in France was always something else compared to the average European monarch. French kings ruled by divine right, it wasn't a concept but a fact. AFAIK there never was a revolt in France actually aimed at the authority of the king. Before 1791 that is).
Came the Revolution, they were of course against killing the king (but then almost everyone was, Louis XVI killed himself by being a complete retard) but they were definitely on the side of the revolution as they had been the ones systematically targeted by the new nobles influences and quite often robbed of their ancestral lands by royal decree.
They didn't care about "losing their privileges"… they had already lost almost all of them and sacralizing private property for what little remained didn't sound like a bad deal at that point.
And as they were men bred and educated for war they truly didn't give a shit about meritocracy, since their sons would undoubtedly prove themselves on the battlefields as their ancestors had done for centuries, as doing anything else would only bring shame to their houses. And they knew that all the pencil pusher would hate it because NO, it doesn't requires any skill to do it (that's one of their greatest tricks, they make you believe you need special skills "to manage" anything… you don't).

And when the neighboring kings declared war unto France, they're the ones that quickly raised their armies and their people and started to hand down the beat down of the century.
And said old nobility, largely survived in it's original role (as officers of the french armies) basically until WWI (were most of them just died). You still have a considerable amount of french officers that are from old nobility today.

The ones that were beheaded in packs were the thechnocrats pseudo-nobles and outright traitors that were ready to sold the people of France to foreigners.

And said technocrats always won, they systematically restored their power each and every time it was actively fought against, be it by that old nobility element (allied with the people) or by extreme leftists agitators with the thermidorian reaction (1794), with the July Revolution (1830), the May 1877 crisis, (de Gaulle first eviction from power in 1946), etc…
They never went away and they're the one ruining France and have metastasized themselves into their ultimate form that is the EU.

Nice one, Aryan brother! #MAGAconDACA