Hitler: The Greatest Military Genius of All Time

Many like to dismiss The Führer's prowess in commanding Germany's armies in the second World War. Hitler was disregarded as a General by the German officer corps. He had not gone through officer school, he had not been a cadet, he had not been promoted to a staff position and done staff work, and he had not played any kriegsspiel (realistic board games the Germans used to play through potential battles at all levels).

This is utter bullshit. The German high command were set in their says and too proud to see the genius of Hitler. They wrote memoirs after the war blaming him for the defeat.

Hitler was the greatest military mind of the modern era. He was prepared to side-step seniority and adapt a good and innovative plan when it was required. See for example Manstein's Fall Sißelschnitt plan for the invasion of France.

He was a risk-taker and would bet hard on small chances and narrow margins. Especially early war this paid off quite a bit. He bet that the French would take more than two months to assemble a serious offensive to relieve Poland, and defended the west with a motley collection of second and third line divisions that lacked much of their equipment. The campaign in Norway was also a prime example of this.

This book, "Hitler and His Generals: Military Conferences 1942-1945". It is a complete stenographic record of his military conferences in this time period. It is nearly 1200 pages long. It shows how The Führer was knowledgable and adept in ALL aspects of commanding his forces, from division level strategy to squad level tactics and even materials and logistics. It also shows how often many of the German generals would doubt or second guess his decisions only to be overruled as they should have been.

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a digital version and bought this physical copy used online for 5 dollars. It is HIGHLY recommended.

TL;DR Hitler was a military genius and this book proves it. Read it.

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Actually it was 50/50 with him… specially during the first half he was good, but during the second half of the war his orders tended to be bad.

I would argue that his decisions did not get worse but that German high command more and more undermined and disobeyed his wishes which made the war situation more and more dire until it was eventually unrecoverable

If that were so, he wouldn't have lost.

So close, user.

Dude I am sorry, believe me - I looked for weeks trying to find one. All I could find were research papers citing it and shit. That is why I finally caved and bought it. If I had the means I would absolutely scan it for you guys but I don't. It was only 5 bucks. If someone else could prove how retarded I am and find one and post it then that would be awesome but I haven't been able to and I looked. Alot.

Not true at all. You can be the greatest military mind of all time but if your orders are not expressly carried out it will amount to fuck all. Sadly that is what happened to Hitler. He also had the entire world bearing down on him with the Jews orchestrating the whole thing. And he still lasted 5 years before succumbing

He refused to even try to invade England leaving an enemy alive behind him as turned to attack an even larger one.

Do you anons believe Barbarossa was the way to go? Should Hitler of tried a potentially costly "Operation Sea Lion", that if successful could of potentially ended the war with the Allies right there?

The numbers are there, the Bolsheviks had tens of thousands of tanks, planes and 2 million men at the border, perhaps they were waiting for Hitler to focus his forces elsewhere and then invade.

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Personally, I'm a Alexander the Great fan

Damn, a lot of dubs in this thread.

It just became more and more unlikely to succeed in the face of Goerings failures to secure the air over the channel. If they didn't have air superiority then their men would have been strafed to bits and sunk to the bottom of the channel before they even got close.

Also you must remember that The Führer admired England and Anglo culture in general. He didn't want to fight them. He wanted peace. He offered over and over only to have them spit in his fucking face every time. They started World War 2, not Hitler.

I mostly agree.

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Literally the US Southern border as we speak. Donald Trump better arm that Rhineland if he wants America to stay around for at least a decade.

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I am disappoint.

Invading Russia without the west secured was not favorable but The Führer had no choice. According to Viktor Suvorov's "Icebreaker" (another book I fully recommend and that IS readily available online), Stalin was planning to invade at any time. He wanted to wait until Sea Lion was in progress and then strike and take all of Europe. Once it stalled, he said fuck it and was going to strike as soon as possible. Hitler knew this and struck first in a window of likely only weeks before Stalin did

Killing over 80.000 with very low losses is always nice

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Firstly, blaming underlings all the time is a lame excuse. All generals and kings must deal with underlings and oftentimes they must deal with more infighting than Hitler did. At least he had the benefit of generals who were more loyal than most. They never tried to overthrow him. Few leaders can claim to have such loyal followers these days.
Furthermore, most of Hitler's orders were carried out. So that's hardly an excuse.
Secondly, Many of Hitler's disadvantages were self inflicted. He didn't need to declare war on America but he did anyway.
Yeah yeah. Heard it all before and BTFO'd it many times yet each time they come back as if yesterday's argument never took place.
So once again;
FACT; It is a strategically inferior decision to be the aggressor against a country that you cannot reach or harm in any way. Furthermore it is better to lose one sub every now and again than to lose ten every month, have your cities flattened, and face 500 thousand enemy soldiers on your coastline backed by a country that you cannot even bomb with nearly unlimited resources.

Fake and gay. If he wanted peace he should not have guaranteed war. The Anglos Hitler admired so much explained very clearly that if Hitler attacked Poland, they'd attack him.
Here's a tip; If you want to be friends with someone, don't break all your agreements with them and then go attacking their allied states.
And while Hitler offered them a conqueror's peace that no one in their right mind would accept, the British actually offered Hitler peace on the terms that everything went back to normal teh day after he invaded Poland without declaring war. And it was Hitler that spit in their faces.
You can scream, you can cry, you can moan, and you can even lie but that's the truth and anyone can factcheck this.

Also, as for trying to blame Goering for failing to achieve air superiority, you know what kind of fucked with Goering's air battle? The shift from attacking British aircraft to attacking British civilians.
And who's decision was that?


We were clearly talking about the generals. Not lower level officers and random kikes and leftists.

Yeah ok

You say blaming underlings is lame, but who else is to blame when your high command, responsible for carrying out your orders, looks down on you telling them what to do in military matters and therefore halfheartedly does them or even outright disobey or twist the intent of said orders? Its THEIR fault, not Hitlers. Not all the high command was like this but the majority were. The fact The Führer was aware for their contempt and the things said behind his back (they would dismissively call him "The little Corporal) and would frequently take the opportunity to tear them down to their faces in front of others didn't help. They were proud and arrogant.

The Führer DID want peace with Great Britian. It was a great blunder on the part of Chamberlain to declare war on Germany in 1939 and that it was an even greater blunder on the part of Churchill to refuse Hitler's peace offer of 1940.
The peace offer made by Joachim von Ribbentrop to the British Ambassador Sir Nevile Henderson on the night of August 30, 1939 was not a ploy, as many (((historians))) argue, but a genuine German offer to avoid the war. The Second World War was NOT Hitler's doing… It was Chamberlain and Churchills doing. The responsibility is on THEM, not Hitler.

Hitler only lost because he simply didn't have the numbers, not due to tactical fault.

Furthermore, the Treaty of Versailles was bullshit - it was Britains fault for enforcing such a laughably unfair treaty instead of revising it, which directly led to the rise of the NSDAP.

In addition, Britain should NEVER have made an agreement to defend Poland when they had no realistic way to even do so.

Hitler did not want a war with Britain and that Britain should not have declared war in 1939 on a known Anglophile Hitler who wanted to ally the Reich with Britain against their common enemy the Soviet Union

The British "guarantee" of Polish independence in March 1939 was a deliberate ploy on the part of its Foreign Minister, Lord Halifax, to cause a war with Germany in 1939. Chamberlain's "guarantee" of Poland was rash and the fatal blunder that caused World War 2.

The Führer didn't even want war with Poland itself either. Hitler's public demands on Poland in 1938 and 1939, namely the return of the Free City of Danzig to the Reich, "extra-territorial" roads across the Polish Corridor, and Poland's adhesion to the Anti-Comintern Pact were a genuine attempt to build an anti-Soviet German-Polish alliance.

Hitler knew Germany and Poland shared a common enemy, the Soviet Union. Hitler wanted Poland as an ally against the Soviet Union, not an enemy. But what did they do? Refused his meager demands, spit in his face and went about encouraging their people to torture and murder ethnic Germans. Fuck Poland.

list three things Brits enforced from the treaty

AFTER Poland fucked him. He allied with them only to get materials out of them and insure hostilies would not break out before Germany was ready at the Eastern Polish borders. Ultimately Hitler realized Stalin was going to attack any time, so the aim of alliance of delaying until Germany was ready was ultimately not accomplished.

They were part of the allied powers you dolt, they were involved in all of it!

Furthermore, in the occupation of the Rhineland, the British Second Army, with some 275,000 veteran soldiers. This force, with varying sizes, stayed for years. They also did not adhere to all obligated territorial withdrawals as dictated by Versailles.

Yes, leave the 6th Army (most powerful German army formation) behind in Stalingrad, even though it is cut off and surrounded.

It was completely annihilated. An entire army (that's like what, 150k men?) and half a Panzer army.

What a dumbass.

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Look into that July 20th plot. It's all lower level officers. As I stated earlier.

Sure maybe but Napoleon suffered from the same problems of being a newcomer and he still kicked ass until he didn't (and he deserves criticism for these failures). And his generals were outright traitors! People management is an important quality in a leader. If you think that being a Fuhrer means dealing with angelic politicians with 100% loyalty than you have no business anywhere near the levers of power.

Yeah well that's Prussian nobility for you. Ironically, we're actually in agreement on some levels. Personally I think you're somewhat right that Hitler's underlings left a lot to be desired. Maybe Hitler should have cleaned house just to show the arrogant Prussian Nobility who was boss. But then that's a whole different can of worms that would take up the entire thread.

Sure obviously. But that was only so he could attack the USSR. Everyone in London knew that. And no sane leader would just allow a man who has openly betrayed your trust once to grow stronger. Besides, Hitler wanted to impose his own peace upon them. This peace would leave Britain effectively at the mercy of Germany. No one would accept that.

That's a funny little reverse you did. It is clear who really made the blunder.

Then they shouldn't have dismissed the British and Polish ambassadors and gone to war two days later.

I agree. However teh British leadership allowed him revoke it and only declared war when Hitler demonstrated that he was just going to keep antagonizing everyone until someone stopped him.

Maybe Hitler shouldn't have broken their agreement. That alliance was a direct result of Hitler demonstrating he was untrustworthy and would keep trying to take everyone elses' land until Germany was much stronger than Britain. Obviously Britain had no intention of defending Poland. But if Hitler didn't want a war, he shouldn't have invaded.

Wow and Hitler took teh bait hook, line, and sinker. Genius.
He could always have avoided it but nope. He wanted war and got it.

Bullshit. If he wanted an alliance, he shouldn't have dismissed every Polish diplomat that offered to negotiate.

True. Had he not antagonized everyone wo tried to negotiate with him, they probably would have ended up working together and we'd live in a much less jewish world. Always think ahead.

And he could have had it. He could have had everything. But he spit in the face of everyone who tried to negotiate.

Hitler is basically a modern Alexander, both lost in the end but really rekt the shit out the enemy to the point where they feared them so much. Of course retards now like this cuck

All say "dur hur but he was so shit!" because we know the facts, but he was really a genius otherwise the Allies wouldn't have begged the United States to come help

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Admiral Canaris
Major General Graf zu Dohna-Schlobitten (Chief of the Acting General Command)
General Von Falkenhausen (Military Commander of Belgium and Northern France)
Colonel General Fromm
Major General Gehlen (Chief of Intelligence-Gathering on the Eastern Front)
Major General Von Gersdorff (Chief of Intelligence for Field Marshal Von Kluge)
Field Marshal Von Kluge himself
Lieutenant General Hase (Commander of 56. Infantry Division and Commander of Berlin)
Field Marshal Rommel

…Just to name a few. I can keep going if you like?

Hilter's "Standfast" policy, toward preventing the total collapse of the German Eastern Front in 1941 you absolute fucking nonce

(((Doug's Darkworld)))
Fuck off

I was not aware that Field Marshal Von Kluge was involved in the plot and I'm pretty sure that Rommel was not either. However, I agree with you that Hitler's Standfast order was intelligent. My position is not that Hitler was a dumbass or even a poor commander but simply that he was not the greatest ever. Some of his decisions were great. However he leaves a lot to be desired.

Hitler was a military retard. He was an amazing orator and the blitzkrieg initially worked wonders, but that's about it. He started a war on multiple fronts and made enemies out of most of Europe. He had the opportunity to secure the channel, but threw that away when the Bismark sank. He also must have loved the British enough to bomb civilians for eight months. If he was really focused on the USSR, he should have done that instead of starting a war with the rest of Europe. There's a reason Napoleon was hated in Europe and Hitler must have forgotten that putting your own people in the meat-grinder for nothing does not make you popular with anyone, but the retarded and ignorant.

Yes it was, its not a matter of opinion.


This. He basically won WW2 by himself. Oh wait no, he lost, lol.

Fuck you mods for removing my posts

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You can stop lying now. Under Codemonkey everything and anything is allowed on this board

The war was not winnable in any realistic way.
Germany came close to achieving the impossible, but it was still impossible.
The great defeat was because of a total failure in diplomacy.

Bullshit, the Jews are now removing posts that critique Nazitards. Same old shit back again.

Your incorrect opinions are allowed here. Read the rules.

There are battles that can't be won… like having 3 superpowers and world Jewry as enemy. And not fighting the battle at all is even worse as you loose without even trying, without naming the Jew, and without open the eyes of generations to come.

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Self inflicted wounds. It was perfectly possible to name the jew and not start a three front war with every major power.
Just because you can invade a neighboring country doesn't mean you should.

How do you think Rommel died? He was given the option to take cyanide and his treason would not be revealed, they would say he died of an infection and his family would receive his full pension. Or he could stand trial. He chose to take cyanide. He was aware of the plot and chose not to act to stop it. That is treason. The same also goes for Von Kluge, he was aware from his staff officers involvement and did nothing.

That's TWO treasonous Field Marshals. I would say that yes, Hitler's high command were absolutely against him as well.

That blog post is emotional drivel, desperate trying to make their "armchair general" point while being full of holes.

False and you know this. We know today russia was already planning to overrun germany by '42 after '39
there is no excuse for you to say the soviet jews where a peace-loving people after all the europeans they exterminated.

A clueless armchair general tapping on "his" keyboard.

Based as fuck.

But what is this exactly, user? Is this a literally transcript of The Führer's own words? A recollection of a conversation he had with someone? A dramatization of his motives?

you are a retard

The book isn't by Yeager, its a co-production of a translation and publishing between her and Wilhelm Kriessmann. Read the last page of it.

Something i always wondered. Why didn't japan attack Russia from behind?
I've ran through this scenario and it seems to work out. either have japan amass troops near the Russian border with Manchuria, drawing as much of the red army as possible, and then do Barbarossa. This would leave a good portion of troops to defend moscow who will get steamrolled again, but their reinforcements couldn't come fast enough and many would be stuck in the middle of the journey east causing confusion with any going back west.
Alternatively if they don't take the bait, japan can just steamroll the east netting them many resources while the red army waits for the German offensive, or maybe Barbarossa proceeded as planned and now they have to split between repelling the wehrmacht and the Japs.
It seems like baiting the Japs to get America into the war was the worst thing that could of happened.

then have them killed and replace them

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Japs were unconcerned with Europe. The nips were fighting a Pacific War which just so happened to be running concurrently with some European battles that the UK were undertaking.

He was good at understanding and prioritizing some logistical needs, such as oil, over the goals his general wanted to pursue which where less vital. But his grasp of tactical utility was poor, for example his desire to give the troops optical systems and semiauto snipers rather than the intermediate cartridge system which ultimately proved to effective that he had to admit he was wrong and agree to adopt it. He also probably shouldn't have pushed so much for uparmoring and big guns for the tanks, oddly enough a Tank Destroyer Doctrine like the one the US developed would have been far more useful to the Germans while of the USA it was a worthless pile of shit because they had so many vehicles that there really was no point in forming a reserve and instead they were better served by simply applying overwhelming force of artillery and close support which is what happened in the field in spite of established doctrine. For the Germans with their lack of resources a more frugal doctrine with Panther's supported by tank destroyers would have been better and though they did partially do that too much effort was spent on heavy tanks. That is the one thing Hitler does deserve to be chided for because he never changed his stance even when the limitation of the approach became clear and his advocacy of it did hamper the war effort though it wasn't a deciding factor and thus ultimately irrelevant to Germany's defeat. If they had thrown it all in to get the oil fields maybe they could have forced and armistice with Russia and then negotiated a settlement. His other singular mistake was not dragging his feet on engaging the USA when it was obvious that the Japs had no interest in fucking with the Soviets.

Yes but is this Gieslers recollections years after the fact? I just wonder how reliable such exact "quotes" like this are.

didn't he have sex and break is celibacy some time during the war and that is what caused his lapse?

If you would have read what I provided, even before the book, you'd know. If you are unsure, then ignore it all. The answer to your question is yes.

That much is true. I never said otherwise. However Germany did not need to wage a conflict on all fronts. All Hitler needed to do to triumph over the next conflict was not start a war on all fronts. Simply wait while Germany increased in strength (in 1939 Germany still lacked the reserves of trained soldiers due to the restrictions of Versailles) and actually built a mechanized army for real blitzkrieg (in 1939, Germany's mechanized army was woefully undermanned and her tanks were small and underpowered. Usually, the Germans needed to use horses to move supplies around)
In fact the above reason is one reason why the Halt order was issued at Dunkirk. Sure, Hitler gave the order and he deserves criticism but ironically, I maintain that Hitler may have made the right decision here.
Remember that the small and comparatively weak Panzer divisions had already outrun their supply lines and they were operating on fumes. Had the Allies launched a counterattack they would have been helpless. Sure, the Allies couldn't but Hitler didn't know that. So he ordered an Halt to consolidate operations and prepare for a counter-attack. And when he realized that this was a mistake, he ordered the attack to resume. Hitler actually didn't do that much wrong at Dunkirk. It would have been great to annihilate the British but mistakes like this happen in the fog of war.

I believe that Rommel and Kluge were falsely accused. Their behavior, especially Rommel's before their deaths do not seem like the behavior of traitors.


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The Axis powers' coordination of efforts during the war was atrocious. Frequently, one power would take a major step without even informing the other powers.
One big reason the Japs stabbed Hitler in the back and didn't attack the U.S.S.R. is the Battle(s) of Khalkyn-Gol in 1939. This was a border dispute between the Soviets and the Japanese puppet state in Manchuria, named Manchuokuo. The fighting was heavy, but the Japanese armor had a tough time as it was outranged by the Soviet 45mm guns. It went back and forth, with several failed Japanese offensives, until the classic Soviet trait of continuing to pile up men and materiel and heaving it at the enemy allowed Zhukov to maneuver a double encirclement and slap down the Japanese hard.
Beyond that, the Kwantung Army in Manchuria was basically a sovereign power, little more than nominally taking orders from Tokyo, and sometimes not even that. Most of the best IJA divisions were already tied up in fighting in China (a massive conflict that gets completely overlooked as being part of WWII, somehow).
Finally, the Japs simply played Hitler. They knew war with America was inevitable due to FDR's embargo, as they were being strangled of the resources necessary to complete their extant war in China. That being the case, they might more easily defeat the U.S. with a quick strike combined with the weight of Germany's declaration. Yamamoto disagreed with this assessment, the typical "Americans are dumb and weak and will avoid a serious engagement" thinking, because he'd actually studied in the U.S. The hawks prevailed, however, and what seemed to be masterful Japanese realpolitik to extricate itself from the duel problem of the Sino-Japanese War and the U.S. embargo only ended up backfiring on them. It also fucked Hitler because a great number of troops that ended up fucking the Germans at Stalingrad came directly from the Siberian reserves, withdrawn to the west after the Soviets realized the Japs were never going to attack in the east.

notice they were all failed attempts
makes you wonder if they weren't just false flags to give him greater control or to reinforce the belief in his enemies?

eeee Stalingrad?

What is this trend of praising brilliant fuck ups? Hitler, Napoleon, Robert E Lee, Hannibal, etc. These are considered some of the greatest military geniuses of all time but why does it matter when they still fucked up in the end with their Waterloos?

This and the attempts at peace treaties all because he "respected" the eternal anglo. Hitler could have at least won the western front easily had he not been such a goody goody he's villianised even though objectively he was the nicest guy in the entire war, not that that's much of an accomplishment given the others.

Definetly not.
That's more like it.

You can just read Hitler's war and come to the same conclusion.

Hannibal, Frederick the great, Napoleon


He was not in the plot. It's a really sad story actually. Both for Rommel himself and germany as a whole.

It was. But for some reason Churchill decided to give up their entire empire to fight a pointless war with germany that in the end costed the white race its dominance over the world. No sane statesman would bet that another statesman would do that.

hitler was a kike puppet who
1. didn't take the critical straights of Gibraltar, even though he was allies with Spain.
2. Spent vast amounts of resources pointlessly in the Libyan desert
3. Stationed his army to die in the Russian winter. Twice.

you couldn't be a shiter military commander if u tried. He was a kike puppet plain and simple. These pro-hitler threads are a textbook case of derailment of the pro-white movement. Every minute u spend worshiping this kike puppet is a minute u are not spending helping yourself, your family, your community.
He's also an icon of sin for normys. Why do u think kikes spend so much time promoting hitler on the chans. why was there enough resources to make the hitler documentary "greatest story never told"? because kikes want to pigeon hole their enemies as hitler ( satan ) worshipers. And the dumb sheep on the chans swallow this bait.

but you don't fool the 2% of humans that can actually think. OP is a kike shill or a misguided fool.

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Must be hard being this bluepilled

Hitler likely invaded Poland with the Soviets as a deterrent much like pic related descibes. I think we can agree that his ultimate goal was the USSR, but Britain and France would not support that endeavor and might even invade Germany or work to undermine it even if the Soviets invaded first. After all, these countries all funded the anarchists, republicans, and communists in the Spanish Civil War. And although he working to neuter these threats in his backyard, Hitler still offered peace agreement after peace agreement, and his occupying force conducted themselves well while in France Just or unjust invasion, I think that still speaks to Hitler's character.

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He also should have focused more on the Uboats than a surface fleet as his goal was to isolate and capture England.

He couldn't leave the soviets there with that Army amassing on his boarders though. Stalin couldn't even be trusted to uphold his part of the Warsaw pact.


The propaganda say's hitler was one of the most idiotic military strategic people.

Fine I'll read it. It looks interesting and I am familiar with the book, I am always just a little wary when people give long exact quotes or conversations years after the fact (see Speers Rise and Fall, etc)

I like this dudes content quite a bit but he does seem to overly critical of the Germans (probably because he himself is Austian or whatever)

Also he is legit Autistic. Just watch any of his real world interactions with people on his video. Awkward as fuck

I have the same book. Thing is over three inches thick.

Look up Hitler's 16-Point-Plan. He offered Poland some major cities in exchange for the railroad connecting the mainland with Prussia. The Poles did not even bother looking at Hitler's offering. So who spat at whose face again?

I agree. But he has good simple points why just can't just invade britain or just break out of the stalingrad pocket like some armchair generals believes.

Okay, here we go:
1. Spain wasnt really allied with germany and would have been crushed and invaded by the british in a week after the country was laying in ruins after the civil war.
2. Actually had Hitler focused more on north africa and the middle east he could have won the war by taking straits and the oil fields in Iran and attack the Soviet Baku oil fields from the south.
3. The troops in Russia didnt freeze to death: Their supplies got stuck in the spring mud.

In 1941 the nips were divided over who to attack.
The army wanted to attack Russia. The Navy wanted to attack the USA and the European colonies in Asia.
President Roosevelt then decided to embargo all US oil and petroleum exports to Japan over their occupation of Manchuria in China.
Japan had very little natural resources.
90% of their oil was imported, and most of that was imported from the USA.
The oil embargo basically meant the Japanese Navy would run out of oil in 6 months. So this action from President Roosevelt caused the Japanese to get their way and attack the US, and saved the communist regime in the Soviet Union.

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Yes Corporal Adolf was quite the military genius for the Jews. Just look at Europe today.

The spamming "SHITLER KILLED 10 GORILLION WHITES FOR THE JEWS GOYIM!" slavnigger rears his ugly head again.

I'm getting real sick of you shitting up every NatSoc, Hitler or even White Nationalism related threads with this shit.

So you're anti-White Nationalism. You're anti-Hitler. You're Anti-National Socialism. Are you even pro-White at all? If all of these things are "destroying whites for the Jews", then what exactly do you suggest? I have never seen you offer any other alternatives, just spam this redtext kikery.

So are you just a shill here to divide and conquer and drive others away from NS or do you really have a better plan?

its fucking retarded to suggest that there's been such careful and detailed analysis of all wars in history that someone who failed in a war can be declared the "greatest military genius of all time" - hitler worship is awash with kikery, which is characterized by rapid escuation of person to perfect demi-god, hitler , perfect miltary strategist, greatest military genius of all time, man of the greatest story never told, most perfect national leader of all time, greatest humanitarian of all time.
When u are lost in the delusion, hypnotized by the kikery, then your icon of worship is a god to you, and no praise is beyound him - hitler the greatest perfect ultimate god of this universe and all universes in all infinite timelines. nothing would make u notice that you've lost the plot and are just a penniless vagrant chasing a illusion on the end of a stick and line with a grinning kike just behind youm encouraging you to continue in your pointless worship.

Obviously, so how did they enforce the treaty? Hint: they did not

i haven't been on Zig Forums for a while , but I'm banned on halfchan for a month so i've come back. when i left Zig Forums/pol/ was utterly owned destroyed by kikes, gutted to the core.
Now that they have complete control, it seems the kikes have decided to use Zig Forums as a containment board for higher intellect of alt-right anons. here the strategy is more towards creating false icons of worship.
I can't tell if u are a mindless follower or a pied piper, but your excuses for hitlers strategic military fails are braindead, and immediately tell me u haven't a clue about military geo-strategy or history.

HOW? How about rebuffing every single peace offer he made? How about not even READING the 16-point plan he submitted to them? How about encouraging and assisting their citizens in raping/torturing/murdering ethnic Germans living in Poland? What are you a Polenigger yourself?

And they kept German colonial territories even though they were supposed to be returned according to Versaille>>13319166

That was Hitler's plan, but it weren't gonna happen since the british had decrypted their code so almost all supplies were sunk. Still Rommel almost manages to almost pull of the impossible.

Heres an example of what the book has. There are cucked notes wrote in the margins by whoever owned this before me so ignore that.

This is Hitler discussing the use and effectiveness of Flame Throwers. He knows his shit and the books full of this on every aspect of war you could imagine

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Based and NatSocpilled.

I also believe Rommel wasn't involved either actively or even aware.>>13318428

A quite large portion of the book is available as an amazon 'look inside'. So there's obviously a pdf version somewhere on the internet.

They also sell a kindle version I believe so you're right, it MUST be out there in pdf or epub or whatever but fuck if I can find it and I looked for ages. Sorta wish I had bought the digital version so I could share it but Ill be goddamned if I am gonna spend money on a digitsl version, if I am gonna spend money I will just buy a physical copy, which I did

Definitely. The whole story is quite the mess and it's all based on misunderstandings from all parties. You should definitely watch the vid and part 2.

I might be retarded but i cant find it.

Also you should definitely look into Hitler's table talk. It's very similar but about basically every topic that isnt military.

It's not a bad plan but one must call into question its sincerity considering the Germans invaded the very next day and whilst delivering the ultimatum, the British diplomats asked for a copy to be sent to the Polish diplomats and Ribbentrop refused. How the hell are you supposed to achieve peace if you refuse to even show the diplomats of the other side what you demand? And then invade the next day? That's nuts.

I wish Hitler had tried that rout. he might have gotten what he wanted (assuming he wanted to avoid war anyway)

I agree. Obviously the USSR was his main objective. And Hitler was not a bad leader, nor even a bad military leader as I said earlier. He had good instincts and his occupation of France was pretty civilized compared to how the Soviets acted. However, as I have also said before, it is far better to fight only one enemy at a time. Sure, Britain and France could try to invade Germany while she was engaged with the USSR. And they would instantly look like monsters to most of even their own population. It would be a propaganda victory for the Reich and I doubt that the American population would sympathize with such behavior. But we must always remember that such a thing is entirely unprecedented in British and French behavior and completely disconnected from the political situation at the time. Britain has never been a land power and the worst they could do to Germany would be to blockade her. And France was a political powderkeg on the verge of civil war. They would be completely unlikely to just go to war against Germany if the USSR invaded Poland and Germany allied to them to fight the USSR.

alexander was (((poisoned))) right as he was about to make contact with the civilizations of india.

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What about the Battle of Hydaspes where he fought and defeated a larger Indian army? The only thing that stopped Alexander from pressing further was his soldiers threatening to mutiny if he didn't return home.

there's a community of battlefags on 8/pol/. ok.
do u or any of your frens ever write anything politically incorrect?


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Man, actually I don't see the kindle or ebook option now. I could have sworn I did when looking for it. Maybe I am remembering wrong. There was also another version of this book published decades earlier I believe but obviously by different people and perhaps missing some of the transcripts. Maybe that was the one that had an ebook version? I'd look into more details on that for you but like I said at work. I'll look into it later when I get home though.

Oh I own a physical copy of Table Talk as well. I am a huge proponent of it being essential reading for all National Socialists… I think I would agree with Irving that it is perhaps even more important than Mein Kampf or Zweits Buch. It's pure and raw Hitler. I am actually the user who started the recent thread about putting the meme that it is fake to death once and for all. Absolutely fantastic book (and easily available online if any anons haven't read it)

Inb4 Table Talk is fake! Genoud is a lying kike! Etc.. Irving saw Bormann's originals and talked to his adjutant Heim who took the actual notes for Table Talk. That's enough for me.

Yeah, land war isn't really the eternal Anglo's style, though I wouldn't put it past the French even with an unstable home front. But like I said, there are other ways to oppose or undermine other than direct invasion.