According to the left HONK HONK now stands for heil hitler. It also means that it stands for violence against clowns and is an alt right nazi symbol.

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Well the alt right are niggers but ok weird jerno fags…

When will the mainstream realize that natsoc's hate the alt-right?Legit all the alt right is fat fucking niggers that have no values just muh race but their fat fuckers at the same time real natsocs workout and train not sit on their ass and say muh race best while they fucking fat ass nigger lovers.

this clown shit is a forced meme for Biden to call Trump a clown and make right look ludicrous. "Alt-right" is also a forced meme. I suspect it's sometimes a living strawman who is a nazi just so he can get punched in the face.

Never post here again.

(((Alt-Right))) is controlled opposition and if you fall for it you deserve to be hanged, in minecraft

It always stood for that. You are a retard for not figuring it out yourself.

Leave the thread up, I want to know where the mental gymnastics go.

This will not stand. This will not stand, this aggression against Clowns.

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Honk honk for best honk mascot.

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Why would I want to kill clowns? Clowns are based.

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People should make milkshakes a hate symbol.


That’s it — I really gotta swear off honking.

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milk is already a hate symbol

(((they)))) cant stop the ==HONKENING==

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It has to do with Insane Clown Posse's upcoming album called ClownWorld. First track is Honk Honk.

Zig Forums and the tumblerati fell for viral marketing again. Pass the Faygo.

I call it aut-kike, because it redirects you from the JQ to autistic kikes like Ben Shapiro or Peterson.

These people are so brainwashed, the mechanics of their disconnected brainwashing directives become projected onto how they observe the world.
They arent even able to deduce that the JWO is the circus and we are all involuntary clowns forced to perform

I do support Trump. I could be wrong about the shit being a conspiracy theory but the it was spammed very hard. It didn't just spring up slowly. It came from a shitload of threads on 4chan. This isn't out of the question. danger donald was a forced meme. The shit with the donald duck costume was a forced meme. "Dark" and "chaos" were forced memes. The new one is "tantrum" and "man baby."

Marketing is real. There was a concerted effort for the usual suspects to all start using dark. and then Hillary comes out with a white suit and all the congress ladies with the white suits.

It just looks like "clown vs serious" is the frame now. It's not bad.

How does it feel to be mentally retarded

The alternate way to spell honk honk is now ##.


Clown world has been a rightwing meme for ages. It existed in common right parlance at least four years ago.

So they're marketing wigger rap to ethnonationalists now? That makes precisely 0 sense.

I hate when people take credit for shit and name-fag.
But 'clown-world is the final redpill' is my proudest achievement.
We need not despair, for this world only appears to be a tragedy.
It is a divine comedy. Our greatest power, our greatest victories have always been in harnessing laughter.
Our enemies are completely ridiculous, they rule through a fear that is unearned. They're bumbling idiots and have only conquered us by deceiving us into being afraid.

These are called "talking points" and they are really noticeable if you watch cable jews for a while.

We're marketing ethnonationalism to wiggers.

So much stormcringe in one thread

I am incessantly reminded the majority of people are even more retarded than I believe them to be. "Fucking retards!" I exclaim to myself alone in my abode after I arrive home from work. Then I have dinner and hop online to find my world even more solitary. 8pol isn't worth visiting anymore.

Yeah , the honk honk thing really goes back to the guy from joy division that killed himself. He had the idea first and it was so powerful- even then! That idea of a nazi clown is more than some can handle. Sexy clowns are an underground way to tell the Jews that the goyim know and it's almost shower time.

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Trump is a performer for jewish world theocratic government. his actions alone should be enough to see which way the wind blows. His opposition is a play, his support is a play. He wasn't the "populist" candidate, HRC wasn't the Democratic candidate, trump was the guy that was supposed to win, the establishment candidate. HRC was never meant to win. Her support was dramatized by the media in tight coordination. His continued media coverage of opposition is a part of the play. The people caught up in it, scramble for dollars, unaware they are being clued along, fed lines. How could they know? They are alone as an individual in a sea of individuals. Their history has been erased, their families socialized, their paychecks dependent on them picking up their lines and performing. Id imagine if we ever get to the other side of this, history will show that every dual party structure in all 50 states was corrupt.

So much bot in one sentence.

Let's keep Ian out of this. Besides, there's also The Crow.

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Also it was Jerry Lewis, not Ian Curtis.

someone tell this faggot it actually means "Hang Hillary" and therefore every instance of "honk honk" on the internet is actually a terroristic threat and felony

We might as well be writing their own culture for them

They keep giving us ammo #MAGAconDACA

what do you call it when you believe in something and your unwillingness to not believe in it causes you to create an increasingly paranoid delusion in order to keep believing in it?

And they say the luft cunt meem.
What the shit.
It works with anything.

Truly hilarious. To think that anyone give two fucks about clowns. They just can't bear to say that we think the world is so fucked up and degenerate that it's easier to think that the left is full of clowns, which it truly is. If men cross dressing and reading books to children isn't clown tier shit, I don't know what is.

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whats this mean? sry i dont understand ur lefty slang
is that like misojynist?

also, spot the mistake lol

The clownworld meme is a really good meme dumb fuck.It's truth shall spread like National Socialism.

I only said that because they do nothing to impove them selfs some do but still all they say is muh race and don't do shit.

Lol I already know that

Lol are you retarded?It means journalist faggot moron.

Legit they have values just not the kkk retarded niggers and some other ones too.

Im tired af

Is anyone in these threads reminding them how retarded they are? This is like fanfiction but instead of liking it you dislike it. Whatever that would be called.

Why does reddit read so far into things that they just get everything wrong?