Takes like 5 min

I am doing a study on Zig Forums for school. Need some people to take a survey. A bunch of people from leftypol have taken it, help me balance the data.


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lol op is gonna fail his project

I hope not

lol you're gonna fail

Is the survey in Stormbonics?

Literally laughing at you? Why would people on a NatSoc forum for mass murderers give you their personal data, retard? O dear! This is just too funny. Just fuck off, Moshe.

I actually come here to learn about bee keeping.

If bees are a metaphor for bulllets, then I concur!

No, I am trying to stock up on honey for the winter. Unfortunately, I found this forum to of little help.

A metaphor for blood, huh? Too edgy for me, psycho!

Which bees produce the most honey?

50 calibre ones.

you seem to have mistaken this board for /cuteboys/

No, I mean literal honey from bees.

I am under the impression that hungarians bees produce the most honey, but my research is still under development.

Why bees? Hornets and wasps are a far better investment, they produce honey and can be used as disruption tools.

I'm 12 and what is this?

Why not use them as weapons by throwing live nests into busy Synagogues?

Interesting, I had no idea that hornets and wasps produced honey! I am glad to have visited this board of peace to learn about the variety of methods to be used in bee keeping and alternative methods in obtaining honey!

It's not a Natsoc forum scumbag. Go down the hall to your stormfag board.

Correct, it's a forum for uncensored discussion of politics in general and it is inhabited mostly by natsocs and ethnonationalists.

Who; OP
What; Is a Fag
Where; Everywhere
When; All the Time
Why; Because OP Chose to Be.
To What Purpose; To Die of AIDS.

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/cuteboys/ is a notorious terrorist board that encourages the users that post there to post CP and terrorist plots. /cuteboys/ should be shut down as it's a threat to national security.

might be because hungarian bees are extra hungry

Kikes killed JFK, Jack The Jew Rubenstein killed oswald.

It's because the hungaryan bees have the largest dicks. And the bigger the dick, the more honey you get.

That’s fantastic. I’m doing some research on gender dysphoria. Could you please chop off your penis and send me photos, possibly the penis itself as well?

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And ethnoglobalists

Paid shill thread allowed to remain up.

OP, I hope you are hit by a meteor.

I'll do it OP, fuck the shills here

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We don't give info to data miners.

Hi OP. Did you think IP hopping would fool us???

If you are looking for hiney is someones asshole, you are doing it wrong

Yes, OP actually thought that.

OP you are like Internet Explorer asking for beeing default browser.

external link suggests honeypot to collect IPs…

It's like you never studied bee-ology in university. Any seasoned bee-ologist can tell you that honey is produced by the male bee's phallus which is called a pinicli. Yes, honey is bee cum.

I'm not taking your fucking survey you nigger but if you email me I will answer up to 88 questions inline.
faggotop [at] loves.dicksinhisan.us

mfw Zig Forums can't tell the difference between vomit and cum.

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Your fat mexican GF can't, obviously.

My squatmalen knows honey…

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It's produced by regurgitation of nectar as a foodstore for winter months, user. I am sure there is some bee shit and piss and jiz in it though. Especially the unfiltered stuff I make steal from the bee jews at home.

quality thread

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Keep telling yourself that as you shove litres of cum into your mouth, faggot.

are you a vegan?

To answer seriously, no – I do the carnivore diet.

you're a vegan aren't you?

Idk but I have mason bees because they are cool and don't sting.

Never in a million years. I'm not retarded like that.

you are though

Perhaps, I mean, I don't eat cocks like you or OP … nah mean?

>vejan is the proper pronunciation
I am not a faggot jew, no. I eat mostly red meats and sometimes turkeys I shoot on my land. I also eat eggs every morning from my chickens. And then I eat them when they die or attack my cats. I also eat a salad every day from lettuce and carrots I grow in my garden. Sometimes I fuck my German wife in the garden at sunsetafter a litre or three of Germans bier. Good times.

Ignore me. The hyperlink took me to the wrong post.

Took it, good luck OP

i want to be an internet explorer when i grow up, do you think /cuteboys/ can help?

Who won the cocksucking contest to become leftypol mod?

Do they wear little pyramid hats?

Probably OP

Eh, I'm behind 7 boxxies, I did my part. There's a free-form comment field at the end.

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Lel, no.
Like Carpenter and Leafcutter bees, Mason do not force the lesser bees into labor, thus, there is no honey. I use them to pollenate my berries and tomatoes and such.